You Are a Good Person

Hello sweet Friend! Today’s meditation offering is this: I am a good person. This is such an important meditation for us all, isn’t it? So often we are going around affirming the contrary. Or we worry worry worry that we’re not! Or we defend ourselves inside our own mind to the people in our lives (who aren’t even with us when this is happening).

Let’s practice together today. It’s good for your heart and spirit, guaranteed to bring you joy.

You are a good person! You are totally deserving of the good in your life. Totally deserving of joy and peace and delight. The truth is, you ARE a good person Even though there are people who don’t believe it. Or there are people you really really need and want to know that you are.

What happens when you hold the mantra, I am a good person, do you notice a tightness or some fear? Are you disbelieving of the statement? Does pain show up? Does worry show up?

Would you be willing to soften some of this today?

The truth is, you ARE a good person and you deserve to take up space in your own life.

But when we believe the negative stories and we go around apologizing (even unconsciously) for our presence, we are not able to receive the light that is always shining in our own hearts affirming our goodness.

Today’s practice:

I am a good person.

I am willing to love myself exactly as I am.

You may notice there are parts of your body which become tight as you practice this. Allow your breath to soften the tightness. Go inside and take a nice breath, and soften the muscles which can be softened – in particular, the thighs and pelvis since this tends to be a first chakra issue.

Relax, deep breath in: I am a good person. loving yoursef enough to leave the surface

I am a good person.

And if someone comes to mind right now, because you want them to know you are a person – sometimes we defend ourselves to other people inside our own minds – just affirm again: I am a good person, and you can even say: you are a good person, this practice is powerful and it can shift everything.

Deep breath in, as if you are inhaling sunshine, and affirm it again: I am a good person.

My life is good.

Soften those shoulders.

All is Well.

I am a good person, all is well. I am safe and loved and all is well. I am a good person.

Will you practice today? You don’t have to do this alone. You can receive this video healing again and again!

Sending peace and love from my heart to yours. You are a good person!


You are a good person by Intuitive Healer Robin Hallett

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