There Is Another Way

the wheel of suffering
Hello, sweet friend.

Love and hugs I send to you on this day. It’s a gift to have friends to share the heart space with, don’t you think? Thank you for being here.

I’ve been thinking about the way we carry people who’ve upset us.

We can feel disappointed, or let down, unseen, not supported. It can be a regular thing to think about the situation on a repeating loop and the effects of this on the body and general mood are quite difficult to bear.

There is another way to see this though.

It requires a strength I know we’ve got, and it’s one we continue to cultivate in our studies too.

Whenever you catch the cycle of your upset happening, you can choose to let this be your practice point. See these people and situations as your teachers and tell yourself that the practice has begun.

The question is, what are they here to teach you? Take a look at what they’re showing you about yourself and you may get some answers.

If you look at your own side of the dance, you may begin to see that there is something you experience that’s familiar and repeating in various situations. Find it and allow yourself to become aware of this. Instead of doing the tango in your mind, stay off the dance floor and observe how you are the common denominator in these scenarios.

Creating just a little space before the reaction kicks in is everything. I am doing this in my relationships. And I am seeing my own dance so clearly and it’s getting easier and easier to not honor the painful parts anymore. My relationships are changing. Healing sessions are deepening. I am seeing the light more revealed in everyone and everything. This is the truth.

In spiritual circles, we often talk about letting go. But that’s easier said than done when you’re in the grips of upset on repeat, you know? If you relate today, just start with your dance. What happens to you when you start to think about those stories?

All of this is alright, by the way. Don’t let yourself get stressed or disappointed in your progress. You are doing amazing and I am so glad you’re here.

Sending love and remembrance of who you truly are. And I am always here to walk with you in session, anytime.

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