How to Focus Your Mind in This Time // Tea with Robin Episode 110

How do we intentionally choose where to place our focus when we experience fear and worry?

Worry is only natural in these times but there are ways we can work with it to stay focused and grounded as we make our way through.

In this episode, I share a powerful healing tool to help you focus your mind on what feels helpful and healing to you now rather than be afraid and adrift in these times.

Our inspiration is a ritual and ceremony for cleansing your energy field.

This week’s letter comes from a favorite listener who shares some happy news.

Listen to this episode here or read the transcript (with timestamps) below.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin on today’s episode. How do you focus your mind? How do we choose where we want to place our focus even if we have fear and worry at this time, our inspiration is a ritual and ceremony I sometimes offer friends on journey. And we have a beautiful letter from a favorite listener. Hashtag love posse. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. Well, hello, gorgeous friend. It’s me, Robin. And Hi. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 110 110. It’s your first time here. Thanks for being here. However you came to be here. May it be a blessing. May you receive something beautiful for yourself and welcome. Friends returning. How have you been? asked the weather in your heart. Have you been hanging in there with yourself? Have you been riding the ride? In a conscious way? Staying present with yourself? loving yourself no matter what. That’s what I want to talk about today. By the way, loving yourself no matter what. No matter what you are feeling or how the day is going or how you feel your journey is choosing to have your own back and love yourself no matter what. So yeah, I hope I hope that is the practice. If not stay tuned. Over here the weather in my heart is good it’s been a sweet week I’ve been really practicing if you heard last week’s episode I said it’s been a little up and down I’ve been really practicing with some stories and thoughts I have caught up making new choices new decisions around them it’s been it’s been

a beautiful thing so

whether my arts good in getting out of it more enjoying nature trying to walk every day walk in a new direction just leaves my house not complicated are getting in the car and driving places though. I guess that’s just my mode right now not into that so I leave the house and walk in a new direction and it really does a new VISTA you know a new experience really does add a little something to the day so it’s been good been talking to some of you in Healing Sessions and on morning magic. Instagram Live every day 9am Chicago time Miss central Daylight Time. Daylight Time until November 1 I think my goodness but it could change any time now please because it is dark. It is getting dark. It’s you know at night. I mean I know when we change our clocks it’ll be like 4pm in Chicago at some point in November it’ll be pitch black. But even now it’s so dark so early and then when you get up I usually wake up around 530 or six it’s so it’s dark. Anyway that was a long lot enough and right there my friend before I get off track Did you bring a cup of yum yum with you? I have this morning’s delicious coffee made by number one husband the amazing and lovely partner of my partner Let’s cheers to the now Let’s cheers to being here now in this moment now. Cheers.

So before I dive in, I remind us all again the mountain the house next door called The mountain is being built. It is ginormous, my friend that’s why the mountain you’re doing some kind of coat. I think they’re going to either put brick on it or stucco I’m not sure. But right now they are drywalling the entire outside. It’s so fascinating the process and now they’re in the middle of joining the edges together. So If I’m really quiet, I can hear the sanding. I wonder if you can hear it too. But you know, like I say, if I wait for them to be done, it’s 5pm 6pm. It’s too late to record. So I’m here super early in there. So are they, there’s just no. Sometimes there’s just no way around it. So I’m going to light some mining some incense. I know you can’t smell it. This is Palo Santo, from ethically sourced wood, it’s fallen in nature. And it’s a holy wood, sacred mud, but it smells divine. So just imagine I’m smiling the microphone actually just lighting the smoke and waving my hand to you in a blessing. And in a clearing. And if you have some at home like some, because this time, it feels like we are moving into a new important phase of this journey. Now, I’ve been talking to friends this week, lots of different conversations, emails, messages, and you know, lots of different things moving, I always say to you, if I give examples, I’ll be here out the when Wang Wang with examples. And then I may never hit the one that happened for you. So just really sit with what happened for you this week. And it’s really important, no matter what is happening out there, what no matter what is happening in the world, if you’re losing hope, or deeply concerned, or you’re upset about stuff. Yeah, whatever it is, whatever it is, the thing is just focusing there is not going to help us. Just staying there and going around and around and around is not going to help us. At some point, we need to pause and relax. And come into the now and just be here now. Breathe with the energy that’s here now. And give ourselves some space to have contact with ourselves. Right here. Right now. A lot of you tell me it’s a you can’t stop your mind. From racing. You can’t stop the problem from plaque problems from blog blogging. And I get it. And guess what? That’s right. Because you know your mind if your mind is completely still guess what you are? That’s right. l detto. Our mind is always going to be talking our mind is always going to be noticing who What a relief. You know, anybody else out there thinking, Hey, I got to work on my spiritual awareness. And that means I have to quiet all the chatter in my mind. Well, we can’t. But imagine we were standing in a forest in the grove of trees. And we were looking at the entire orchard. And one tree the one we were standing there, we were looking at that tree. We were looking up through the leaves we were standing under and it was that tall. We were looking on from underneath up into the canopy and we were able to focus on the individual leaves the colors the way the light was capturing and highlighting those colors. Here we have some oranges and yellows and reds going on now in the still the beautiful chartreuse green is here. All the things you would notice right here under this tree with me.

And awareness presence is what I’m talking about. So you got your standing inside this whole orchard of course. But you’re here at this one tree. You know you’re not at the entrance with those trees at the entrance of this forest. You’re here with me under this one tree. So you’re Life, your experience your day, your week, we’re under this one tree now, if you want to be present this is where we need to focus

and train our minds to be here now we can do it a lot of us have nervous system takes tics and twitches who I say for anxiety and stuff, emotional stuff. We can’t handle things intense. Some of us love alone time other of us can’t handle together time, you know, we have preferences, and nervous system does its thing. And if we’re always obeying what the nervous system is doing, like the anxiety, or the restlessness or the and we’re just constantly moving in the avoidance of what the nervous system is putting out, you know, it’s at some point, maybe you realize I am the entire orchard here. I am the entire orchard here in one body. And there’s no way to run away from the entire orchard. But I can possibly learn to isolate the energy. Focus on the energy of what’s here now.

And be

present witness be a gentle gardener. Isn’t that a thing? I haven’t really read anything on there. But it’s coming to my mind now. Be a gentle gardener. Stay here in the present moment. With this one thing I’m focusing on what lights your fancy in this moment. You know? What are you grateful for right now? What do you love right


Don’t make it hard. Don’t make it so big. Play. Enjoy. delight. When I’m out walking in nature. Right now the leaves are turning. You stand under a tree that is changing colors in these ways that you just Whoa, you just didn’t know Whoa, for a minute there. It kind of breaks up the thought process the stories, it is a pattern interrupt. It changes something. And now maybe there’s a possibility for you to give a ponder to or bring your gaze to the next tree. Right next to this one. And just in case I lost anyone with my super awesome analogy. What I’m talking about here is we get upset, we get lost. We get worried.

Palo Santo rolled off its little holder maintains a song on top of old meatball. Was it old meatball. I don’t think it was old. on top. All right. stay on track girl. Okay. So as I was saying, you can redirect yourself, you might not be able to stop all the thoughts. You might not be able to stop all the navel gazing temptations, you know, where am I going? What’s happening? Will I still have a job? What is COVID gonna do to the world? What are we? You know, you may not However, you can choose to be under one tree in the entire orchard. And then gently Direct your gaze to the next tree you intentionally choose to be with the next thing. Something you choose you intend you wish you want you’re interested in, you know. So I’d like you to encourage yourself to focus on is what’s next. Not the big, big, big, just what’s next today. What would you love to be doing with your time in the next hour in the next two hours in the next afternoon so I wonder what in Your mind you’re focused on in your heart you’re focused on that’s actually exciting. That’s actually fun. That’s actually things you’ve been longing to do but never get to. I wonder if those are some things you can pull closer in the orchard of the tree where you’re standing now, you know, you could pull something closer in, in terms of what you want to be focused on. Because lots of us can fill our time with annoyances and frittering, you know, and laundry and chores and bills and living vicariously through our children or just living through our children or, you know, just, yeah, spending the out from one hour to the next. Not doing anything we intend to do with our excited hearts. Does that makes sense? Yeah. And you might be like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Robin, okay. Okay. Okay, let me go find my unicorn rainbow. Let me go find my, you know, whatever. I’m not talking about woowoo stuff. I’m not talking about ridiculous things in the face of you know, you’re in a family of four, and you have kids and you’re trying to figure things out. And so many friends I have right now, like one of my closest friends is on quarantine now, because their kiddo came home from school. Because somebody else was on quarantine, you know how it is? And then everybody’s on quarantine. And there, they have these other plans? And, you know, it’s like, that’s what I’m talking about? How do you stay in a place of alignment and presence, despite What’s going on? So I’m not talking about ridiculous expectations, in the way our minds can conundrum. But I’m talking about how can I stay focused on the beauty and the goodness, that’s here now, you know, anyway? And what would I love? Within these parameters of what I’m doing today? How can I lift my heart? How can I lift my energy into a place where I’m not just focusing on the two or three trees in the orchard that are browning with the broken limb? And you know, what are we going to do about those things? Let’s stay present with all of what’s here, not just the one or two problems, does that make sense? Sometimes we really let our guilt run not run the show, we let our guilty feelings run the show. We make decisions to take action. Just so the guilt we feel will go away. And I hear stories about guilt,

that there is no remedy that will actually make that guilt go away. Other than the practice of witnessing it. Calling it what it is guilt. From my small self guilt, from my words of guilt from my history, my ego, mind.


It’s over and done and I can’t do anything about it. Except in this moment. Now. I release you. In this moment. Now, we have a choice to make and it is to free ourselves from ruminating on guilt. Imagine this a few episodes back that guilt is usually a sign that you’re in territory. That’s very important, to the south to the higher self to your journey and also to the small self. Something here as being triggered for you that needs to be looked at in a new way with new fresh energy with a new fresh light. Guilt is such a powerful blanket.

It’s like a cloak

of darkness. And the only thing you want to do is make it go away. Make the feeling stop but how the feeling will really stop is by acknowledging, hey, this is a nervous system vibe, I am free, I am free. I am free. And if you like that, this comes from the work of Paul Selig and the guides, where they’re always talking about elevating your conscious awareness, to a higher place within yourself in your awareness, coming up and out of the story that you feel guilty because you can’t do this, and you can’t do that, or even guilty that you don’t want to talk to people today. There are so many things we fall into guilty that you didn’t make more of your life guilty. People who make us feel guilty, you know, I could go on forever. The thing is, with practice coming under standing in the big orchard of your life, standing under one tree making the choice making the choice, I am free, I am free, I am free. I’d rather be honest than guilty. You know, I’d rather be honest than guilty. I don’t want to be led around by my unconscious on this not on gorgeous, it’s my unchecked thoughts, which becomes feelings which rule my nervous system and then lead me down certain rabbit holes that just because I didn’t I didn’t practice and in give my focus where I really wanted it to be no, now I’m struggling. Does that make sense? You know, these are things that all of us, I bet experience from time to time. And as we’re in our awakening process, it’s important to start to see these patterns and recognize, like, this is not what I want to be about. One of my own tiniest examples, I give a tiny one, because, you know, I’m talking about things like everyday things. I call it a tiny one. But maybe you’ll see why I’m out in the driveway, tending my plants and a neighbor walks by I don’t particularly want to have a conversation in that moment. I don’t particularly want to stop and be friendly and jovial in that moment. And so what do I do? The guilt is already coming for me before the neighbor even hits the driveway. And in that moment, the practice is you know, to stay awake, because otherwise you’re already feeling guilty. You’re already feeling nervous. Sometimes my body is already turning towards the house again. And it’s a long driveway. So I’m still, you know, there’s still a big chance they’re gonna see me walking away. It’s so funny how these things happen. Sometimes we could be playful with their energy, could we not? We could giggle about ourselves couldn’t wait. And so in that moment, sometimes I’m like, Hi. Hi, this is where we are right now. And the only thing that matters is right now here, here comes the neighbor, big deal. Say hello to another spark of the Divine another opportunity to practice seeing the light in me and you and nobody said you have to stand for 800 hours talking to her or him or whatever. You know, like, make it easy on yourself. At least give away save. Because the aftermath. And my right? Have you ever done something like that? Where you’re just like, Oh, I don’t want to talk to them, then you go away? How’s that Aftermath working out for you? Sometimes it’s like, I could feel bad for an hour in my own awakened places, you know. So, you know, in this moment, we’re only with this one tree. I hope my orchard analogy is making sense. We’re only standing in front of this one tree witnessing this beauty and this wonderment and you don’t need to be focused on all the other energies on the entire 40 acres of our life in our world. What’s your now what’s fresh now? What’s calling you now? How can you help yourself now? No. And even if this little bit of guilt or this little worry or this

angsty anxiety comes you’re still here under this tree under this, you know, in this beautiful light, you’re still here. alive and beautiful and awake. full of possibilities and your job, and it is a job, it is a practice, it’s a choice is to not let the one Brownlee falling down as you’re looking up. Take over your entire conscious awareness in this moment. And that is the practice now. Whatever is happening for you, whatever your monkey mind has been, you know that saying monkey mind when you can’t stay focused and things are threatening to overtake you, in your own mind, the guilt, the upset, the worry, the upset, the worry, the fear, way, the fear, whatever the disappointment, anger, I don’t know, you know, it’s your it’s your life. It’s your experience. And I, it changes all the time. But also out in the world, as you’re listening to things in the politics arena, is you’re watching news, how would it be to have the energy of no big deal, it’s just a choice. And everybody has a choice, everybody gets a choice. If somebody chooses different from me, it doesn’t mean I’m bad around. And it doesn’t mean they’re bad or wrong. It’s just we’re making choices. I guess I am really talking about non dual healing here, the idea that we are one. And you never get it wrong, there is no such thing as wrong or a mistake or the wrong side of things. The ego wants to argue for that. I know. But in the spirit realm, you can’t get it wrong. Even the choices we make that make things extra difficult for us. And I’m sure you’ve done things in your life that have made things extra difficult for you. They were not mistakes. They were not bad or wrong things they weren’t. So let’s free ourselves up. What is and I’ll give you a moment here. What is your common thing that you struggle with?

What is the big thing that has come to your mind right now? What is it for you? Is it hard to prioritize yourself? Is your guilt? Is your anger? Is your upset? Is it hard for you to not be charged up about politics and the state of the world? Can you bless this thing that you keep coming back to and I have I’m raising my hand I have things I keep coming back to and if I don’t help myself, if I don’t do what I’m about to tell you. I’m at the mercy of the upset all day, all night and sometimes it keeps revisiting me. So the practice is identify that tree in your orchard. The tangible tip here, give it some context and texture and you know give your imagination to this issue. visualize this tree in your orchard. Maybe you’ll draw this tree. This is not a tree you burn down and trash. This is a tree. You figure out it’s a portal almost you figured you have to figure out it’s what it’s here to show you and help you. This is a tree in my mind. I had a dream once about a tree. And it was so magnificent. It was everything you know that if you’ve ever seen a drawing of the tree of life, it was that kind of a tree. The way they represent that in a drawing. What if you made it that kind of tree or if you created an altar? You spread a blanket out underneath that you gave yourself this visualization this out


what if I come to this tree and bow to myself here because these repetitive places I know for me Do it. It does. So yeah, come under the one tree and give it a visual so that the next time your mind goes there, you can practice. Sometimes I really see how we use things as defenses. couple episodes ago, I was talking about the way we defend ourselves defenses, we do control. overwhelmed.

I think it was Episode

108. Another defense we do is to be overwhelmed by world events, overwhelmed by the news, the state of things. So consider where you are at. This is not about giving yourself a bad report card. This is about loving yourself fiercely, and saying, What’s next? What do I really want? So what’s next for you? What do you want to be excited about? Some of us who are struggling, tearing ourselves away from the news or our anxiety or the stress of the day to day or just the length of this fricking pandemic, you know, our intense fears? Some of us need a new place to give our energy to we do. So I’m going to encourage you to think about that for this week. Okay. And before I finish our essay today, I mentioned Paul Selleck in the guides. And one thing that is a very powerful thing, we do it a lot at morning magic is this practice of affirmation to elevate our conscious awareness.

And, you know,

I don’t care if it’s backed by science or not, you know what I mean? If you’re willing to give it a try, give it a try. That’s me right now.

I’ll say the statement twice,

you can see how it feels for you. I know who I am. In truth. I know what I am in truth. And I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free.

I am free.

When I try it again, I know

who I am in truth. I know what I am in truth. And I know how I serve in truth. I am free. I am free. I am free. And so it is all saligan the guides. His first book is called I Am the word. They’re all on Audible. I think the first three you can get on hoopla to you know the free light or your free library app for listening. So may that serve you today Beloved, I hope it truly really actually does


so inspiration today. Um, you know everything we’re just talking about here, I could really see the how a ceremony would support you. If you’re relating to what I’m saying. The ceremony led by you for you. I’m getting ready to later today I’ll be doing a healing circle with some friends and I always love the so much for the ceremony. Yeah, yeah, identify things that need to be released. Now. You identify things that are heavy and intense. Now, you may have listened along to the essay today and realize that, you know, I do have this one real big tendency, you know the guilt thing to feel like a bad person. Or you notice that you can’t stop your mind from revving constantly commentary and bragging about what everybody else is doing. And you you don’t know how to put the focus on yourself, you know? Well, something beautiful is to offer a ceremony for yourself in the name of your, your healing and your journey. And I’ll give an example of what I would do but I will first say your way is always the right way because you know how to do it. You know thing that works for you. And part of why things don’t work for us is that we buy the book or we subscribe to the thing or we attend the thing and we hear somebody else’s way. And right away or not so right away the ego bristles, because it feels it’s being told what to do by some external authority. And so, if this really is going to work, you know, you have to take the ideas and the recipes and make them your own, you know, make them your own. So for this ritual, I will no gather these things right while we’re sitting here, I’ve got a candle. I’ve got a little incense burner,

well, just a little plate.

I’m going to get the Palo Santo sticks, little box of goodies here. Different things I make my altar within different days, I always like to make a fresh altar for friends who come to see me for healings. Now that’s virtual, but I have a little altar carrot where I record all the time. It’s important. Now these rituals, these ceremonies, they matter. Just adding a few more cards to my desk here. When I was in Assisi I bought some we went to so many places and we bought some beautiful things for our for back at home again when we were home again. So that’s that and maybe you want a piece of paper or something you know some something to journal something to write on. That’s what I think a candle something like incense or Palo Santo stick and maybe something to write Burn. gather these things around you and offer yourself a ceremony. I’ll just do one and you can listen along. Better than explaining it right. So I’m gonna light a candle With the match

Like the stick from the burning candle,

these if you get

the Palo Santo it takes a while to like, has such a beautiful fragrance like sage. But it smells like wacky tabacky to you in the house. Try some Palo Santo, as they called it, did they call it that in the 50s? Yeah, so now that’s burning nicely.

If you want to receive this as a blessing for you right now, I just ask you to center yourself.

Take a breath,

close your eyes, and on your high heart. In this moment now, I call on the guides and the angels who ride with me, stand with me.

Hold me,

out me to see. I asked you to witness as I affirm that I am ready.

I release now, any

intention I hold any decision or commitment I have made to keep my life life waiting.

And I recall

and reclaim and reintegrate. Now, the Pirates of my essence, my life force my soul that had been waiting in the wings. Because I’ve been other focused on other parts of my orchard, so to speak, in more worried and consumed by things that I’m ready to let rest now. I welcome you in beautiful spirit, I welcome you in parts of myself.

I’m ready to live

from a new place, new, new new right here in my life. Even when there’s boredom, even when there’s worldly freak outs, I’m ready to live with you and in the live awakened place.

Thank you, for this ride, thank you for this journey.

And so it is Amen. And the whole. And boy,

thank you blow out

your candle, or burn your piece of paper, you’ve written the song and recited it from you know, move

wherever that is for you.

I said Whoo. Because every now and then I get a audible bit of guidance that comes to me. It was like a beautiful dragon fly it just bust my head. I love that just clearing their messengers of freedom and new and renewal to me. So when I hear that, and I hear that in my ears. I know it’s been done. You know we are so loved. And so supported. That if we choose to do a ceremony like that, what however you want to do it if you go to the lake, or you burn a piece of paper with the writing on it and you say it is done. It will be done. You will be done. It’s so good to decide that you’re worthy of supporting yourself, my friend. That’s the deal. How are you going to get through this time, noticing that you matter recognizing and acknowledging that you come first. That’s how that your soul is here for its own joy and they you’re here to live beautifully. So this is the part of the podcast where I like to ask you to support the podcast, if you’ve been listening and loving today are liking it. If it was good, or if you’ve been like some friends should hear it, please share it. If you see me share it online. It’s so easy to hit the share button again, on Facebook or Instagram or share it to your stories. You can always make a post and tell your friends I think it’s so good to help continue to share our beautiful light to help other people find stuff like this where there is light in love. offered support real support, like talking about real issues in a new way. So he’ll always welcome a review. On the podcast, where you listen, I just read the latest one super sweet and I thank you so much. They’re really beautiful. I love knowing in your own words out is for you. Thank you.

So this week’s letter.

And friends, I could use some more letters, I am lining up some friends who might want to come on the podcast and talk to me. So far, it seems like everybody wants to do it. But they’re waiting to be brave enough. Let me say to you this. I don’t think we’ll ever be brave enough. I don’t even think I feel brave enough today. So maybe we could just decide that it’s not about that. It’s about stepping in and remembering that we’re all walking together. We’re all making our way. And each of us has something to contribute to contribute. We’re working together. And there’s something in this thing about helping each other as we help ourselves. So I’ll just say that and also, I could use some more letters. Hello at Robin Hallett calm. This week’s letter, a little check in, in celebration of the milestone of Episode 100. And more. And this goes out to you, Vicki, who we featured in Episode 31. Back in 2019, Episode 31. So here’s Vicki slider. Hey, lovely Robin. I have been catching up over the last week on your last five episodes since 100. Wow, what a roller coaster they are, especially as I listened to 104 before 103. So I heard the pushback before the struggle. Everyone wanted to message you to send you some love as I’ve listened to every single one of your podcasts over the last two years. Wow. How is it that long? And I have to thank you, because you have supported me through some serious changes in my life. Although you have not known it, I was working with my husband two years ago and feeling stuck and resentful. The business wasn’t going well. And he seemed unable to move on and unable to let go of me. Well, that all came to a head in May last year when I finally said you can’t afford me anymore. It was hard. And there were tears. And he had to let go of his driver and supporter who has worked with them for 18 years as well as me and go it alone. And me, I have found a pretty good job with people that I like and have been there over a year now. It has meant that we have survived through COVID as I wasn’t furloughed and he has managed to get through on his own. It’s been a hell of a learning curve. But I have loved feeling relevant again. I have learned to let go a bit of my husband’s struggles and not try to fix them so that he can find his own way through. And some of that is down to you, Robin. The podcast can hit just the right button at the right moment and help me to see things differently. To let go of how I thought it was supposed to be and to embrace what is oh and we are getting a puppy in two weeks to add to the excitement. I finally said to the universe that I would really like a dog and two weeks later, some very good friends and asset their dog has had puppies. I saw it as a sign one that I did not want to say no At this time because they’ll never be a perfect time for anything. So now is as good as time as any. Please keep going, dear Robin, just as you are. And can you thank Jeff to please. I have listened twice to what he said after his Hamlet quote, and it is so relevant. I have spent too many years hung up and angry about how I thought my life should be. But nothing changed until I decided to let go. The universe is amazing. in it. Have a gorgeous week. Love Vicki. Wow wow wow Wow

that’s What a beautiful letter. Vicki you sent this in a month. The go I bet you Have the dog by now. wonder whether Same is I so celebrate hearing from you and all the beautiful shifts. All the courage and bravery you didn’t think you had but you had and look at how many beautiful things nzf turned out Wow. You know, it’s amazing some times how I was just talking In the Jeff above this Last night, you can Sit down in front of that roadblock. And I said Damn, sometimes I’m guilty of just trying to make myself comfortable behind the roadblock. Instead of Deciding I need to go through it or over it or You know what I’m saying? I gotta go. I gotta go and thank you so much for sharing your experience and also witnessing mine It has been pretty wild that we’re on Episode 110 now and I remember that one was at one of your Where I was crying on the podcast Good God, y’all. It’s amazing how things shift and I suppose that is our message here right? Never give up. Have you ever surrender and let’s not decide we know what the hell is going on because we don’t The universe is China armas The miracles are Always coming It helps me to know That what I do Here is making a Difference


thank you so much for that. No matter what in my heart, I know that I am here to help us. I am here to help us remember what’s what You know at the end to be show up In our lives is best We can and to be a help for One another you Now I can only imagine what a courageous huge deal that was to tell your husband Hey

you can’t afford

me anymore and I need to Go and it’s like we can keep trying to plug a sinking ship in a way, and we know it’s not and I mean, no disrespect, I’m just saying like, I think we all could raise our hand to knowing what it’s like to keep trying to bail. something out there really needs to think this system As it is needs to be. Let go. Have something new can come forward And no. Going back to my orchard analogy sometimes when a tree comes down all kinds of new beautiful life can happen in its place. So we have to every regeneration and renewal, bless you Vicki I hope you’re really enjoying your new puppy dog and So proud of you Love and thank you So much for you. Listening all these These last two years, and for your kindness and love and I’m so happy to know that the decision you made carried you through COVID It’s amazing, isn’t it? Just wow wow Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and bless you. You So friends You know, like I say Always happy to read a letter Doesn’t have to be proud You could just share your good news with the rest of us. I think we all love to hear stuff like this.



I suppose Their apps and other apps Beautiful episode you Sunday afternoon over here and number one and I are going to cook a yummy warm meal together. I am thinking about spareribs and mashed sweet potatoes And if you don’t eat meat, sometimes I just love fava beans with sweet potatoes are garbanzo beans and sweet potatoes. It’s equally lovely to me. So Football Day here. You Going out the window. definitely gonna take a walk in a bit and when I’m done editing to see all the beautiful colors, changing Thanks as always for being here. Thanks for your light for your love and for listening and even if you never write in or we never have contact and I just want to say I know you’re there. It makes all the difference in the world

to know. We’re both making

our way makes this world seem a little less scary in times like these. So thank you again. This has been me Robin. I’ll see you here next time. Next week or in if you minutes

Bye bye

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