When Is It Gonna Happen for Me and Other Listener Questions I Get // Tea With Robin Episode 108

In this week’s episode, I’ll speak to the common patterns I see us falling into – and by patterns, I mean how are we living in ways that are unconsciously repeating an unawakened behavior that may be serving as a defense mechanism?

I’ll talk about some common ones, all of which I can relate to as well!

When is it gonna happen for me, how much longer do I need to wait? How can I trust that I am on track?

Being afraid to say what you really think and feel because you believe you cause harm with your truth.

Controlling every little detail because you’re afraid to let go.

Yelling, screaming, crying about things that we feel didn’t always warrant the reaction.

Ways we overwhelm ourselves with our stories and thoughts.

May this serve your heart in the best way. Listen to this episode here or read the transcript (with timestamps) below.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, I’m answering some listener questions and shining a light on what really matters in this time now. Hopefully we’ll share some giggles and my new favorite film, all this anymore, come grab a cup of, yum, yum, and meet me here.

Well, hello, beautiful friend, guess who it is. Yes, it’s me Robin. Your friend on the journey. You’re on this path. I don’t know why I’m laughing, except I totally do because sometimes on this path, you just want to say WTF. Am I right, it’s so true. So, yes, I’m already cracking myself up. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin. This is Episode 100 and 811 a way to deal with the sacred number, not feeling any pressure or anything but let’s see what happens. Friends if it’s your first time here. Let me introduce you to myself me because I’m never sure which way to say that it’s me Robin. Welcome.

I hope you enjoy listening, and thank you so much for being here. So beautiful friends. How is the weather in your heart today? I hope that you are being kind and gentle and allowing yourself room to be YOU, exactly as you are. room to rest, room to read, if that’s your room to play to fiddle with things. Room for you, room for you to matter room for you to do what you want. I hope you are.

Over here it’s a beautiful day. I’m recording on a Saturday. I was just outside exploring. It’s definitely no denying it follows on the way. But there are still so many flowers blooming in my garden at the same time and it’s kind of this. I don’t know it just feels like they’re magical and mysterious in between, and, even this morning I got up at like it wasn’t even that early it was six, but it was already very dark were normally already very dark. No, let’s say that again. It was still very dark and earlier in the summer it’s already very light, you know, so I could look out the kitchen window and see one star straight ahead. And it was that kind of sky, where the sky was really dark but the clouds had a lot of light in them still and it just looked mystical, it looked magical just so beautiful. And I really felt it, and I hope that this day could be filled with wonderment with ease and flow, and permission, you know, just to be just to do as we please. It is the weekend, you know. So whether I’m the hottest guy. Number one, and I visited our, the beach. The rather than beach that I often talk about here. I hope it’s not for the last time but you know it’s already too cold to swim in the water and, but I could, I did get to my ankles and stood for a long time, and thanks, the water. For all the adventures this summer, all the beautiful times this summer and it felt so good to just be myself and actually do the things I do, and not even in my own mind. Resist the urge to seem weird. Does that make sense, you know like, this is really how I am. What if I just lived here instead of always worrying, is this weird. Am I weird, you know, and if I am. Maybe I should be proud of that because that’s frickin awesome, somebody, who has a ritual in their heart and celebrates. That’s amazing. You know what I want her for my friend who except Hi, it’s me, and I am my own brand. So a nice time at the beach collecting rocks and walking around and. We even went out to our first restaurant meal together. Since the pandemic. And that was a nice experience, I felt a little bit like a wild animal, um, honestly inside. On the inside, that I had gone for Margarita, once with number one kiddo but that was just drinks. So, I don’t know, it was fine. I thought it was cool some of the changes they’ve made. Like, no more paper menus, you can scan the thing, and pull up the menu on your phone. I mean, you know, if he unless you’re annoyed by technology, but I thought, wow, that’s kind of neat less paper. And we had a nice I had fajitas. And he had some Lake, perch. And it was nice. And I said nice like 29 times Yeah, well we better have some tea. Before I keep going with nice this nice. I have two cups of tea on here. I’m lifting my lug

of Earl Grey, and

sea salt and stevia to you. I happen to know. You are amazing and I must say, I love knowing that you’re there. And we’re riding together. And we’re showing up. and we’re daring to be us in this world, you know in some ways you could almost say it’s post-apocalyptic, it’s post-apocalyptic in a lot of ways. No, we’re on the other side of many things. we’re still going through many things. It bolsters me to know you’re there, and I hope you feel the same about me over here. Cheers.

Yum yum yum yum yum. Before I begin, I want to tell you there’s a healing circle happening with me. On October, 9, if you’re listening in real time. You can sign up. Wherever you’re listening to this there should be a link back to my website you can sign up under classes and retreats are always, you can message me and I’ll send you the link on instagram or facebook. 2pm Chicago time is perfect if you’re wanting to do some healing around anything going on, if you just feel like oh my god I need an hour, and sometimes I need a chunk of time to myself to honor, what’s going on for me, and to be with like-minded hearts and make space for my experience, I would highly recommend it, small small circle. And the other thing I wanted to say is I’m interested in having some conversations with you here on the podcast. If there’s a topic you’d like some support with if there’s an issue in your life, you’d like some support with, and you’re okay with coming on the air and talking with me. I mean I’m, I want to say it not to scare you off but, like, okay, it’s going on iTunes, it’s going on Spotify, and you’re okay with that. Get in touch with me. And we will set up some time, I think it would be a beautiful thing to have a conversation with you. Who wants to do some work in a powerful way, some healing work in a powerful way. And it’s not so you can come and sell your handmade paperclip collection, it’s so we can do healing, so just know

that it’s not an

advertising opportunity. Okay. So today, I thought it would be fun just to switch things up a little bit. If I were to spend the episode, answering your questions. I’ve been collecting them. Wondering if it might be interesting so let’s try a few listener questions. And if you have a listener question, email me at hello at Robin Hallett calm, and all the information is here in the episode show notes. So the first question was, you know, how do I know I’m on point. I’m okay. I’m doing it right. My journey, my life, my pandemic experience. How do I know I’ve done all the things I shouldn’t be doing. How do I know I’m okay, how do I know this is turning out right. How do I know I’m okay. It’s gonna be okay. So, my, my thought on that, and how do you know


You are always on point. You are always on point on track on making progress. You are always in a state of perfection. And you are always becoming more fully yourself. Even in crummy times, even in times where you feel like you’re just sitting there doing nothing. You are still in a state of being and becoming. So, it really for me comes down to a, you need to know who you are. And I feel if you struggle with deep thoughts like that, you know, like am I okay Am I doing life. The right way Is this working out Am I on point. Am I a good parent Am I a good citizen of the world. Am I making a difference and that, you know, a. You probably are somebody who needs to be reminded of God, every single day in your heart, your way of reminding yourself about what God is in your heart, some kind of a philosophy and a practice that you study that keeps helping you know, I am not just this one here. You know, for me, I’m not just a 51 year old


who’s the stepmom to two amazing kids, and the wife to number one husband, and, you know, broadcasts, a podcast in the upper quadrant of her home at this very moment, You know, I made chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. I’m not just that. I’m a spark of the Divine. I come from somewhere else, my energy, where, whatever that is. It didn’t just spring up out of the ground like a weed in the spring, you know, with no intelligence

behind me. Something else is moving.

Something else is here in the mix. And, You know, even in my bouts of depression or self confidence wobbles which, you know, it comes and goes like the weather, honestly. I remember who I am. I know who I am. So I would really recommend that to you as a daily practice of touching in icon touching him with God in your own way. And, you know,

it’s fine.

Whatever God is for you is the right way for you. You know, could be nature. It could be whatever. But, do what you can to go beyond the small self, the personality self in your day. Often, because that’s the trap for all of us. If you can’t do that then you are identified with your job, your address, your credit card information, you know the stuff you’d fill out on the application to get a credit card. You’re that. So you got to go beyond that, for yourself. And the other thing is, you know, just because you don’t see the evidence of your evolving of your evolution of your beauty of your life of your progress. It doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. You know, I was just out in the yard. And I was thinking about all the things underground right now.

They’re seeds I plant in the fall, I’m going to I’m going to be planting the seeds in the fall, I should say that well, I won’t see them. I won’t see them till the spring and in the spring, they’ll just be tiny little sprouts. I won’t know for sure. We haven’t,

you know.

Was it really. This wildflower or these hollyhocks or these oriental poppies. I won’t know until spring. And even in spring, I won’t know until just before summer when some of those things begin to bloom. And even then, I won’t know if they’re guaranteed to stay that way forever. Over the years, my akinesia my coneflowers have begun to blend with each other and they’re now this really beautiful soft pink. And they were one sec Deep Purple and orange.


you know, just because you don’t see the evidence, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. How do you keep the faith. How do you keep the faith. Even now, in this pandemic whatever’s happening. And so many of us are struggling, and it seems like we need a code word because I noticed that, even my friends, they don’t want to write me and say I feel like crap today Robin, please send a hug. I wish they would, though. I wish they would I do that. Sometimes I do do that. But the point is, life is happening there is light happening through the life and that is our job to remember. We need to stay excited about anything and everything we’re excited about, by the way, anything and everything. Not just making money, not just where our kid is going to go to college, not just, you know, the right, I’m trying to air quotes for a year the right things, we think we’re supposed to be focused on what is lighting you up right now. Is it learning a new recipe, you know, is it rearranging your summary home into fall vibes. What is lighting you up right now. rearranging your art space.

Light yourself be excited about what’s exciting you be open to possibilities and wonder.


You know, ask for what you want with clear intention. I think that sometimes. Let’s go back to if somebody is worried about money. And the job right now, and security, what you really want is to feel safe and held. Correct. You want to feel safe and held, not necessarily want to be a computer programmer, and a company or a substitute teacher or data processor. Is it. It’s about feeling safe and secure. So make that the clear intention. I tell people this all the time that I have had to learn during the pandemic especially but way before that. I don’t have to worry about where things come from my job is to show up and stay in my space of shining, whatever that looks like for me stay in my space of excitement and joy, whatever that looks like for me. And so long as I’m serving in a way, I’m showing up in a way that is unique to me. I do feel. We stay in this natural flow.

So stay in the space of natural flow, and you know when you find yourself worrying, or stressing or straining. That’s you’ve pulled over to the side. So recognize that tend to your knees, and then come back, come back into the state of flow. And if you realize you can’t control things, just like I can’t control the weather. Snow. I’d like to, I’d like to swim in the lake somewhere but the water is too cold now, I can’t control the weather, but I can control how do I decide to flow with that stuff. And that’s what you can control. You can decide to keep the faith, stay in a place of trust and allow yourself to explore the day your time, your choices, your fun.


that’s beautiful. I approve this message.


It’s funny, I approve this message. Makes me think of politics and time, you know about politics. There’s politics happening

in the US

of ba. What about you, across the pond. You got some politics happening. Also, as well. Well,

it’s funny

because we don’t really watch commercials anymore We don’t really watch TV, I mean, ever. Everybody watches something but I mean we’re watching amazon prime and Netflix, and there are no adverts there. But I remember the days where you can’t get through anything without, add the political ads, and then at the end, I approve this message. Well, I don’t miss that one bit. Nope.

So the other question I wanted to answer this week is. What are some of the common patterns. I see us falling into people I help people I know my knee, including me. And by patterns. What I hear when somebody asked me that is either, how are we living in a way that’s unconscious. How are we repeating something that is not really an awakened part of ourselves, we’re not really doing it intentionally. And it’s also serving as a defense mechanism, it’s a way that we’re living in a wounded state or our defended state or, you know, I never used to want to answer stuff like this because I always worried it would make us feel bad about ourselves if we would recognize ourselves in these examples, you know, I mean, and I, I know I remember going when I was studying in healing school or other kinds of the advanced psychology program advanced, I didn’t call it advanced it’s what it was called the programs I studied in, when the teacher would make fun of things I would always feel so tender hearted. I didn’t like it. I think sometimes I’m too sensitive and worried for my own good. So that’s the first pattern. I would suggest we talk about is one I’m very familiar with. Maybe you are to being afraid, walking on eggshells caring more about the opinion of other people than our own believing a story of our badness. That’s one. So, instead of taking these risks of blowing through that and saying what you want to say, just say what you want to say to say how it is for you, and trust that if people can’t hack it, that’s their deal, man. You gotta get through that. So that’s my, that’s the first pattern is the way we stay protected, is we believe we cause harm. With our words, and we have lots of evidence to back it up. And so, as long as we believe in that story we don’t have to risk, speaking, our truth, and we end up making things so much harder than it has to be, it adds enormous amounts of mental energy and strength to the day. So, that’s mine right there. I wonder if you have some of that too. We’ll probably all the ones I want to talk about today, I, I would guess we can recognize these each of them in some, to some degree. So, um, I you know I think sometimes that can get in the way where you’re like so afraid to hurt people’s feelings that you end up doing it anyway because that’s like the hit you got to get this, you got to rip the band aid off at some point and I’ve got to say this week has been a ripping the band aid off kind of a week in so many ways. I don’t even know how I could catch you completely up but like I can’t worry about it anymore. I’ve already had people think I was upset with them or talking about them, but these patterns I’m talking about they’re really defense mechanisms, though, they’re things we do to keep ourselves defended. Do you know what it means to be defended when you’re when you have your hackles up when you don’t feel safe, and you cannot relax, and you don’t feel able to be rested in your body. Because you’re on high alert. Think about how this might happen for you. You know, it’s probably a common one that people assume when you’re being confronted and you get defensive I do not. And when you say things. And when you say things like, I never say that, you know, defensive, but let’s talk about defenses in another way. Because I do love the idea of helping us grow and learn together. So I made some notes here. Controlling. Oh and I should have said this at the top but you know they’re building a house next door I call it the mountain is ginormous. I can hear the hammer calling it’s like came up here on the quiet of a Saturday, but of course, your comes to the noise. So usually I never hear it on the playback, but. This covers my, you know what, in case it’s noisy.

Now I won’t have to worry, as I’m talking. And did I tell you his, his name is a Seuss one of the carpenters there. This is going back a few months so haces might not be working there, but I do like the image of Jesus next door with a hammer. Do you know that song. If I had a hammer. I’d hammer in the morning. Yeah. So,

there we go.

The defenses, I think are really fascinating are ways we defend ourselves from living life ways we prevent ourselves from actually being here. Now, in this moment. So I think this is a very interesting conversation to have with you and the three I wrote down are controlling being so used to controlling everything in your experience controlling your life controlling other people, controlling the plan controlling the day, controlling your healing controlling, you know, your hands are out in front of you, I definitely have this. All right, I’m not going to raise my hand, I have probably have all of these and so do you. So there’s a defense, I called the controlling defense. The other defense is the confusion defense. Just where you just don’t understand. You don’t get it. And you also believe that about yourself like you’re too dumb to function in the world somehow you’re too messed up YouTube views, you’re too slow, you’re too. So, you spend a lot of your time being confused. And if I say you. Please don’t take it personally. I sometimes these words are such a pain in the arse. Right, you or I, or we or certain people have this thing where I’m just gonna say you. Some of us learn how to survive. By staying confused. That’s why it’s a defense mechanism. If I don’t understand. If I don’t know if I don’t see what’s going on. If it doesn’t compute their safety in that. Right,

confusion, and then the other one is collapse. These are the three that came to mind, I like that they’re all C’s


like life is just one more thing. One more thing every day, every minute is just one more thing of an already overwhelming horrible experience overwhelming tiring exhausting debilitating experience collapse. I think for me, if I’m looking at this list. Hang on, I have to open the window. I, at different times, I do all of these, and maybe you find already you related to them too. Um, so it’s not really that big of a deal. it’s one of your living in that place permanently. And you’re not really clear, and it’s hard to relax. I think that can be a challenge you know when it’s just a constant happening, and you might not know, it’s going on for you, but the people in your life. Oh, they’re sure it’s going on for you, so you may be hearing you know other. I mean that’s a lot of times what happens for me in Healing Sessions is, I hear complaints about other people doing these things. Do you know I’m saying. So, if you recognize any of these in yourself. I think the one for me the most is controlling, I can become a tight button. In fact, this morning I was making a joke on morning magic because actually I have a tight but on one side only on the left side right now like the upper, lower back. Upper butt cheek is really tight it has been for days. And, You know, they’re sure there are Epsom salt baths, you can take, there are I’m using the 10s machine a lot. If you know what that is you can order one or the electrodes on Amazon or wherever you got it, to help with the muscles. And, you know, stretching and stuff but at some point. The whole problem is because we’re doing too many things. So with the controlling thing, it’s about. Relax learn to relax on the inside, and let things be let things be Let it be, let it be. And, like, it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect.

I’m talking about this in the siren startup. You know, not everything is an emergency or a high level


But there’s a way that we can be so controlling that everything feels like that and we don’t even know.


from the inside. Spend some time if this relates for you from the inside. Spend some time relaxing yourself. It could be as simple as when you get up in the morning, before you get out of bed that you tune into your spinal column that you tune in, and you really practice softening and relaxing. I know number one has been talks about this sometimes where he does this practice of unplugging it reminds me of. Do you remember in the movie The Matrix where Neo first is unplugged from the matrix when he realizes he’s in a little

bubble of go inside

this thing with all these other people in their bubbles of go hooked up to the machinery, and then the machine. All the hoses unplugged from his unplugging from the matrix, and they release his body. Yeah. There’s an visual you can relax your way like that where you’re unplugging from things that have you very stressed. And have you feeling controlling that have you feeling tight.

To keep softening to let your shoulder soften. To let yourself breathe. To let yourself relax. And if you really relate to that. Then work on it,

work on it.

The confusion defense is very interesting because it’s like I’m confused. And as long as I’m confused. I don’t get it. And if I don’t get it. I’m confused. And

it’s just this

swirl that happens, and there’s a lot in there. That continues to affirm the confusion in your mind.

I’m confused. I don’t get it. I’m confused I don’t get it.

You know, actually. It’s a defense


All of these are actually to keep you safe to protect you to stay inside a certain kind of bubble and avoid having to experience any kind of failure, as long as we can be confused. People can keep explaining things to us and trying to help us along and we don’t have to experience certain things like resiliency, pushing through to the other side, on our own. And it’s important to allow ourselves to experience some of the things the scary things of. I was talking about this a few weeks ago when people say, I don’t do social media. And it’s really because it’s too overwhelming. To learn how it all works, which I so get

having been somebody who

had to learn how to do WordPress by yourself. And I would put my head on the desk and cry

when nobody was home. That is because

showing up, figuring out how to be here in life, in a body in your day in your world, it is overwhelming. It can be it can be confusing. But there are no mistakes. And you can’t get it wrong, maybe you have been criticized or called called names. And so this is the way you’ve learned to kind of do it to yourself before anyone can call you dumb again, you know what I mean. But how do you want to show up in the world. I think it’s really a good question because you are in charge of yourself, how do you want to show up in the world, ask yourself that and know you know know how you mean talk yourself know that because you do do that if this is something you relate to you definitely mean doc yourself. You know, I see this one a lot and it’s just easy for us to kind of dial down or dumb ourselves down in order to claim a certain level of safety, but it’s not safety is it. So if you

kind of act

like you’re, you’re confused or you’re you yeah you’re implying you’re kind of dumb. And there’s some weird safety to that but it’s not safe. You know like the safety vise being one with your yourself, your true self the divine one in you, who is all wise and knowing knows his or her stuff like you can’t even believe how smart you are. So ask yourself, because some people with this condition defense they stay confused forever. You know, talk sweetly to yourself and encourage yourself that you can think of some of the things you’ve accomplished in your life, you know, I mean, if you have kids, you first an entire human being. If you’ve raised a pet. You are capable my friend, you know just things like that, just amazing. So encourage yourself. Kind of yourself, and the other one I mentioned, is called collapse, where things are just too hard. The world is too hard. I mean Hi, we’re in a pandemic I think a lot of us have this collapse defense going on right now, where it’s, we just don’t have it enough to do one more thing really mean to, to experience one more thing. So everything. You know, one more thing and you’re going to explode I mean collapse can be a lot of things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you lay down and cry, I mean you could be an explosive person. I know a lot of moms. Talk to me about swearing and yelling and screaming and if that’s you to listen, I already said it like 10 minutes in your perfection right now, even this as a screamer. You are you still, perfect. And clearly, it’s not optimal for you to live this way, you know, that’s all there is to it. It’s like making things much harder on yourself than it has to be, you know, so we really want to sit with, why am I doing this. Why am I doing this.

Why am I doing this.

Not in a mean judgey harsh way like you’re going over and over your behavior and that’s the only thing that matters is what you look like on the outside, for any of these. Why am I doing this. Why am I so controlling. Why am I so confused why does the world seem so hard. You know, I know people for years who can’t manage to figure out how to get on to the Zune call for years, and now even with the pandemic, they still can’t do it. That’s a confusion defense if you’re asked me, I’m not trying to be rude or judgy here I’m just saying you know there’s probably something, a story overlaying this thing. I mean if you’re not 193, years old, and your technology has never been part of your experience or something. There’s probably another thing going on there and would you be open to gently inquiring what’s going on for you and how can I help you to yourself. Be kind, be sweet. Um, you know, one other really interesting thing about this is that if you have a lot of friction in your real life where you have friends or family where there’s friction where they seem to push back against you a lot. You might be having something that you do that you don’t even realize you’re doing. There might be something you do. You know, like some people are very controlling, and they don’t know that they’re controlling and so the people around them are very.

Now they can push back. They can push back at you. I mean when I get controlling when I get overwhelmed or scared. It’s 333 on the clock right now. When I get overwhelmed or scared, I can get controlling, I can be snappy and controlling tight. And just one luck. It’s all it took you know that time, I’ll look at Jeff and I know exactly what I’m doing, then it’s like looking in the mirror, I see it. I see it so clearly what I’m doing. And that’s all it takes. And thank goodness he doesn’t hold a grudge for 893 hours, the way I I sometimes can,

you know, pay attention to your behavior. Your comes to the buzzer. I wonder if you can hear that, pay attention to what other people are doing around you in response to you. If it’s a common thing you’re hearing feedback. You know, there might be something to what you need to do. There might be something to what you need to do. And really, you’re the one who can sit with them and know. And, you know, you’re never, bad, or wrong.

You’re always beautiful in your heart, in your soul in your spirit in your life. And how do you want to roll in your day. I really. Speaking of the overwhelmed, defense, I think for me, some of my anxiety and depression that I talked about. Were just went on for an entire almost four months straight to the point where I was really beginning to wonder,

you know, what is going on.

I think what what I learned about that time was, I was overwhelming myself with my stories and my thoughts and overwhelming myself with the deductions I kept making about who I am and really really difficult time, which I continue to make worse for myself. By focusing on it and continuing to dialogue about it in my heart like you’re not okay. Not doing good. You know this isn’t good. This isn’t right. So eventually, when I started practicing realizing like hey I don’t want to feel this way. and I believe it’s possible for me to do this without getting diagnosed or getting another prescription. You know I knew that I wanted to work on it on my own, it just thought that was my way. Everybody has to find their own way with this, so I’m not here to make any distinctions about that I’m just saying, I really felt in my heart. This is something I can work on. And it was huge was just stop telling yourself all the time that you’re depressed and anxious and overwhelmed, that life was too much, and I was a disappointment and I didn’t get anywhere and I could not believe how much things turned around. Once I stopped doing. And I really started practicing. Again, my course in miracles studies, you know, the things that bring me joy and remembrance, and also just let yourself play. No,

I wasn’t having much fun. I feel like now may have been more fun, and I really really like that. So, if you find yourself. Relating to any of that stuff I said today, you know whether you’re like, Ah, you know, I don’t know. When is it going to happen for me When is it going to happen for me. Or you ret relate to the differences, you know, take some slack here, my friend, take a lot of slack for yourself. I mean, am I saying that right, take a lot of extra space for you. And let yourself have a ponder about what it is you really feel fulfilled doing benefited by and. Do you need some time for yourself, just to unwind just to relax Do you need some more spacious permission to just be the average person and our average life. You know, I do feel sometimes a lot of us have this superhero complex in secret like we need to really make a lot of things happen in meaningful ways. And, you know, you serve the world best by being yourself. So, the idea that you have to be a superhero. And it’s all about your successes and your wins and the people you help and all of that it’s really going to be a tiring. Toxic slump. One that I know all too well. And I live for you, you got to have your joy for you I need to know that how you serve in the world is by being yourself. Each of us as our own sliver of this universe, I think I talked about this last week in the, in the healthy mirroring Episode 107. Each of us has a sliver of the universe we are controlling we’re in charge, where we are living in, and it’s from there that we shine as ourselves, and we are God’s in bodies shining as us expressing as us through this body in all of our ways. And, you know, the ego never likes it when I say this, right you’re expressing through the way your hair looks you’re expressing through the color of your hair the color of your eyes, the color of your skin. The way you speak. The way Your smile is the way you like to make chicken. I wanted to say chicken holidaying gone, but I don’t think the dish is it, but okay chicken Allah ding dong. You know, these are ways to serve the way you check in with your friends, the way you move in your world. The things you like to do. The way your hands wrapped around a little rock on the beach and you see the whole universe there. That’s me. That’s you serving. That’s you showing up to shining light in the world. He said the ego doesn’t like to hear this, because the ego wants to serve with a big ass metal bar on a pin to its lapel. And it also wants to serve by being the biggest horriblest wreck on the planet too. That’s why I called those things defenses, you know, controlling confused or collapse. That’s your ego. That’s not your true self. So, you know, my advice, no matter where we are. Let’s spend a little time out in nature. Let’s use our bodies in natural ways, you don’t have to run a marathon today to be healthy. In natural ways and find the rhythm, where we’re just in life, enjoying free, and being so pressure filled about everything we do. Okay. So May this serve you today. We’re not going to read a letter this week. I said I’m trying to mix things up a little bit here just to keep myself excited and keep

playing with this feeling of let it be easy so I hope you are enjoying and rolling with me. But I did want to tell you something cool that I saw today and yesterday and the day before.

And that is

a movie on Netflix a documentary on Netflix called my octopus teacher. And if you haven’t seen it yet. If you have seen it. Yeah. If you haven’t seen it, whatever.

And you related to everything I said today, and you’re somebody who’s looking for meaning, and you’re looking for a spark and a connection, see if you could make a time to watch this movie. And let yourself be in your wonder like delight, if you have small children. If you have kids, I think it’s fine to watch as a family. Make it a special occasion, and play as the octopus, and the diver, that’s on the say be all the characters in the movie. In the documentary, and see if you can find the hidden parts in yourself. It is so beautiful and lovely. And, yeah, that’s my recommendation this week, enjoy that let yourself. Get lost. Under the sea. And, you know, see how that does for you I would love to know. See how that does for you.

I’m excited to see you there.

And if you see me post about this summer, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are and share it with me on Instagram or Facebook.

Yeah, so beautiful.

So friends. I think I’ll end it here, you know, it is the weekend. I’m gonna go. I’m actually in the middle of watching it again, it’s been so good. I, when you find something you love you love it with all your heart, because that is the moment to love it. Not later once you get everything done. Not later once you did all earned your permission to watch TV. Now, now is all we’ve got. So, yeah, I hope something in here really resonated for you today. And if it did, would you please share it on, give it a like, wherever you are finding this consider supporting the podcast, by making a donation, or, you know, share this on with a friend. And always, Always remember that you making the connection is you shining a light in the world. And that is for real. Nobody can twist your arm until you understand that, you know, it’s just one of those things we have to keep practicing. We’ve been so conditioned to think that it’s money over miracles that its success over the sacred. But it is not true. And I hope I’m one person in your life who keeps challenging you to practice that. So thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you riding with me and showing up here every week. I’m sending you my love. And I’m gonna see you here next week, or in a few minutes. It’s me, Robin. Bye bye.

Life is very short. Make the very most of you are a precious gem. doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright, you Our

life is precious response. So shine like you know rocket like you mean you really really mean and name it and name it and name it.

q r u r u r. Unfortunately.


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