Release Stress and Anxiety by Inviting the Light. A Guided Meditation with Love.

release stress and anxiety invite the light

Sometimes when there’s a lot going on in my life or in a friend’s or I’m noticing what’s going on out in the world, I find there’s a part of me carrying the stress about it on my insides too.

And the stress I’m feeling leads to a tightness in my body which usually means I’m holding my breath. And then the brain is like, Aaargh! I am so stressed out!

Well, guess what comes next? The ego-mind hears that so stressed out and it gets so excited! This is the moment its been waiting to flood you with stories of fear, worry, and upset.

What a weird cycle to find ourselves in. More of the time I see what’s happening to me. But there are plenty where I find myself believing the stress I’m feeling is real and so are its stories.

So that is why I practice. I sit quietly and breathe deeply. I take walks. Take baths. Make art. Listen to music.

This is the way I clear my stress and anxiety.

I invite the light. Not because I am so super spiritual but because I’ve been carrying stress all my life and am prone to anxiety and this is how I’ve learned to help myself. I do it so I can get back to my center.

I’m guessing we don’t always realize the way we absorb energies.

What gets absorbed needs to be released.

So this is my gentle reminder for us all to take some time to exhale. Take time for you. Time when you’re not on for everyone else. Time to exhale and unwind.

Please make space for you. You matter. And no matter what, you are more in service to the entire world from your center than you might appreciate. So time for you is not really frivolous or selfish.

This meditation is a quick practice we can do to invite the light in as we exhale the stressy out. May it serve you well.

I’ll put the transcript below.


Hi, beloved, it’s me Robin, and I’m checking in with a little guided meditation for you from my heart to yours. So we could call this a gorgeous light sparkler meditation. You know, so many times we suffer because we forget who we truly are. And that is, we are light sparklers sparks of the Divine. We are powerful beyond measure and OMG, do we ever have moments where we forget that and believe we’re these teeny tiny little peons in these teeny tiny little worlds. With these teeny tiny little stories and these teeny tiny little dramas that feel so big. So, this meditation is for you to recall and reclaim your abundance, your sense of power and purpose and passion and joy.

So many friends say to me, Robin, I don’t have time for that because I’m worried about earning money or getting these things done or following up on my leads or you what you do when you’re worried and how closed you can get.

So, I want to invite you into this little space with me where we can enjoy, we can delight, we can play again.

If it feels right to center yourself in your chair, put your feet on the ground. Really touch the ground, even if you’re on the second floor like I am, you’re still touching the ground beneath you. And you can imagine, sending a light out from your body from the soles of your feet all the way down to the center of the earth. Think about that for a moment. Connect your light with the core of the Earth, just like birds do when they navigate. You know the molten core that creates gravity and guides us to align?

Whoa. So just take a moment.

Take a breath in and exhale it again. And as you do that let the light beam, go down or maybe it’s a line you know fishing line you’re dropping a fishing line or a really long swizzle stick down to the core. And why not imagine a noise as you make the connection.

We’re hooked up. Now we’re connected.

So in the next set of breaths you do, just give yourself space to be connected and held in this deep flow of gravity and being held and connected. And go ahead and release on your exhale anything that doesn’t feel good in the heart. Anything that doesn’t feel healthy or supportive of your true essence, any worry you’re carrying any fear or, you know the stories you tell when you’re afraid

Send that out on the exhale. The earth will cleanse it for you. It will replenish you with fresh energy. Just the same way the heart and lungs do that same thing for the body.

Inhale, and come up into your body with this energy. On the inhale, let this light flow up and into this power and this powerful magnetic energy come up into your body. We’re letting running this energy fill you up and make sure it attends to every single spot in your body
where there might be fear, or a story of smallness. Maybe you’ve got an illness happening. Let that energy rise and fill in those gaps right there.

Come a little higher, up to the crown of your head.

In the crown of your head for a moment and imagine a moonroof that opens your chakra there the seventh chakra, little moonroof opening up and receiving the divine essence, the divine sparkles. You know, sun, moon, stars beloved planets galaxy galaxies, this is all energy of this Divine Creative Collective allow this to come down and into your gorgeous body.

At this moment, I’m always like, WOW. I am a divine spark. I’m an individualized essence of abundance flow and my only job is to remember this principle, and allow the flow.

So in this place. You can stay here as long as you like, beloved. Come back and receive this with me anytime you’re afraid, anytime you worry anytime you feel that tension. Again, about that one problem or that one issue, because, hey, let’s not be confused about this life will certainly hand us a fair amount of things, and we can just keep practicing, remembering.

Anytime I can help you leave me a comment here, drop me a line. And please feel free to stick around, browse the website for more delicious yum yum sparkle magic.

Sending you so much love, please do not forget who you are, who you truly are, spend a little time identifying with the puny story of your teeny tiny mind okay so much love and get out and make some art or do what you want to be doing. Do something that brings joy and light to your heart for change. The big U (that’s universe!) has your back. All right, love. It’s Robin, signing off. Ciao.

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