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Searching for Treasure – Staying the Course in Scary Times

Sometimes while searching for treasure it's hard to trust that you're actually on the right path.

Sometimes while searching for treasure it’s hard to trust that you’re actually on the right path.

It can get scary when it seems there are no recognizable landmarks.

You start second guessing yourself.

You feel tempted to turn back.

Sometimes you panic, and give up.

You burn the map, abandon ship.

That’s when you need a friend to say: Don’t give up. Trust there is treasure. Stay the course.

You are the compass – your joy, your truth, your sense of freedom will always show you the way.

Besides, a little fear, excitement, and adventure is just the ticket for us pirates who enjoy risking the high seas in search of our treasure!

Never forget who you truly are 🙂 if you need a reminder, I’m here for you.

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