Toot Your Own Horn: How to Embrace Your Gifts

Toot your own horn: how to embrace your gifts by robin hallettIs it hard for you to embrace your gifts?

Do you have an aversion to tooting your own horn?

I am going to tell you a secret: There’s an absolute wonderfulness about you and it’s time to celebrate. 🙂

When you identify what makes you juicy and unique, life becomes magical.

Are you interested in a magical life?

Then, it’s time to acknowledge your gifts. Go ahead, toot your own horn.

There’s something wonderful you are here to do, and you can’t get there if you’re humbly denying who you truly are.

You get there by loving what you love about yourself, and enjoying the stuff that comes naturally to you.

Think I’m nuts? Actually, that’s a sign you’ve got a horn-tooting aversion.

There were probably times when you tooted your own horn, and instead of being appreciated or admired, you were teased or criticized or hushed. You were laughed at. You were yelled at. You were sent away. And all of this made you feel very small.

You learned: It must be bad to toot my horn. This part of me is not welcome here.

Who hasn’t heard at least once, “It’s not nice to toot your own horn… we don’t do that, it’s not polite.”

It’s a confusing message. As kids, we come away with a knowing that it must be wrong to love ourselves, it must be bad to appreciate our super powers, and it isn’t nice to celebrate what we can do.

Being proud of my gifts rocked the boat. So I learned to hide my gifts away.

I learned to hide my gifts away at an early age. I don’t think I made the decision consciously, it was more like my fear of being teased and ridiculed prevented me from expressing my gifts.

I came to believe that it was wrong to be proud of myself. Wrong to admire myself. Celebrating my super powers made other people upset, and so I had to stop.

And after a lifetime of shunning my good things–believing my good stuff wasn’t welcome, believing somehow I was making other people feel bad–I no longer knew what my gifts were.

Worse, if I ever received a compliment, yikes, I was weird and awkward about it. I couldn’t receive the reflection of who I truly was.

I am telling you this because I know how similar we are. 

You were created exactly as you are – and it’s okay to shine.

Each of us is here to embrace ourselves. Self-love must come from the self.

It is time to love yourself AS IS! You are not a mistake. No part of you was an accident. All of your parts are holy.

The parts of you that have somehow been inconvenient for other people absolutely need to be celebrated.

Toot them to yourself. Acknowledge these truths in the core of your being.

You are serving your purpose when you let yourself shine.

What if you decided right now that what I am saying is the Truth?

What would be different if you could allow yourself to believe that there are unique and beautiful things about you that need to be embraced?

It’s time to stop identifying with your wounding. It’s time to embrace your gifts.

Today is the day to feel it in your bones! Let your gifts shine. Woo hoo!

And, if you need a gentle reminder of who you truly are, write to me here.

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