Aiming Low: The Secret Superpower

Aiming Low: The Secret Superpower

What if most of our ideas about “reaching for the stars” are wrong?

What if of our over-the-top hopes, dreams and visions for our lives cause most of the stress and anxiety we carry?

Do you sometimes catch yourself worrying about whether or not you’re doing good enough? Or fear you don’t measure up to certain standards?

If that’s you then I have a special and amazing superpower to share with you.

It has the power to set you free.

And release the ‘shoulds’ right out of your life.

It can create ease and joy where stress and panic once lived.

The results are pretty much guaranteed.

And woot-woot, you don’t have to buy anything!

There is a catch however…the catch is that most of the world shuns this superpower…

Do you still want to know what it is? Are you ready?

The secret superpower you may never have heard of is called: Aiming Low.

Yes, I said aiming low and it’s high time we begin celebrating its super powers instead of just shunning the negative connotations. I know all about the shame and judgment surrounding aiming low as a practice: It’s just for the underachievers. Only lazy people practice it. Aiming low seems to suggest you aren’t trying hard enough, you are not meeting expectations, you could have done so much better.

But you know what?

That’s not right at all. Aiming low is a superpower. It has the ability to help you over the hurdle of failure. There is magic in its under-promising and bare minimums. It breezes through the stuff we normally make way too hard. Aiming low guarantees results where often reaching for the stars can only guarantee failure.

Aiming low gives you every chance to win. It practically guarantees you will over-deliver on your goals.

A side benefit to aiming low is that it lets you be who you truly are while giving you plenty of time and space to enjoy your life as you’d like to. It sets the dial to easy mode. It gives you permission to define success on your own terms.

With aiming low as your superpower, there is no need to hurl yourself through outer-space at warp speed, trying to get there the fastest in the biggest and best rocket ship!


Aiming low is about allowing the predominant vibe of all is well to be your set-point vs. the old and familiar worry, panic and failure.

Aiming low lets you stop analyzing your strategy and assessing your productivity.

Aiming low lets you appreciate what is here now.

It allows the natural flow of gratitude and ease versus the fearful vibes of not-enoughness and worry.

It’s a lot like winning–you are the one who creates the rules and defines how you win.

Aiming low gives you more time for fun and play, so you get to enjoy your life and still get things done!

You see how this works?

You get to decide what aiming low looks like for you.

Aiming low gets the closets cleaned out instead of fretting about that mess for another year.

Aiming low gets the savings account started instead of freaking out about becoming a homeless vagabond.

Aiming low helps you to offer your services rather than waiting until you’ve refined your plan, your products, your prices, your website.

I can keep giving you examples but I can’t tell you what aiming low should look like for you exactly…I can tell you that aiming low keeps me happy and free while at the same time knowing in my bones that I did just fine today.

We all have ways we make life way too hard. But if you can find the places where this philosophy might work for you, start there and see if the joy and ease you will inevitably feel can inspire you in other areas of your life.

Instead of reaching for the stars and falling short, why not just aim low and be a success!

Instead of figuring out how to break the sound barrier, why not just get sh*t done and then go have a dance party with Winston the Wonder Dog. Oh wait, that’s my Wonder Dog. Do you have a Wonder Dog you can dance with later? How about a Wonder Kitty?  Winston the Wonder Dog

I know you can’t really assign a monetary value to dancing around with your Wonder-dog… and you certainly won’t win any worldly awards for doing it either…all I know is that I feel a constant sense of pinch-me-this-is-my-life, I am winning and I have all of the space in the world to do what I love while I work and get things done too.

What would you love to do today, as soon as you’re done getting the sh*t you normally resist doing done?

Yes, go ahead and let yourself feel excited about being average and mediocre!

There’s so much hype about go-go-going and achieve-achieve-achieving and of course, let’s not forget about the shenanigans of you needing to retire with fifty-gazillion dollars in the bank. But really, are those stars worth reaching for? Is that how you want to feel good and happy in your life? What if you could allow your metric to be what truly lights you up–even if it flies in the face of what most of the world believes.

You do not have to be the first person to hurl yourself through space without an environmental suit on.

Instead, why not give aiming low a try?

Make some reasonable goals and then get sh*t done. Be proud and happy with your version of success.

Aiming low looks a lot like honoring the trickle, celebrating the small wins as well as examining what is really important to you, what your true metric really is.


Aim low and lower still.

Lower your expectations and demands and you’ll really see how beautiful life can be.

How would it change things for you to realize right here and right now that your life is amazing and perfect and there is nothing you need to do other than to see with grateful eyes and heart that all is well? Sure, to follow this philosophy you might have to tune out most of the chatter you normally allow…but then aiming low also means you don’t care about the opinions of others over your own.

Aiming Low may seem like a radical idea, I can certainly understand our collective resistance to it (heck, all of my report cards K-6 accused me of it!) but give it a try and let me know what you think!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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