There’s No Such Thing as a Silly Need // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 44

There's no such thing as a silly need by Robin Hallett

Do you ever judge the needs you have?

Are there some needs you respect and honor but others that seem silly or stupid?

You matter. ALL of your needs matter. When you tell yourself a need you have is dumb, you are devaluing your entire being.

In this episode of Tea with Robin, we’re talking about why it’s important to honor personal self-care needs and how that gives us the confidence to boldly go where we’ve never gone before. I share ideas on how you can create a self-care kit and read a letter from a friend who’s going through a difficult period in her marriage. All this and more. Grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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There's no such thing as a silly need by Robin Hallett

My notes from this show: 

I’ve been thinking about all the things which matter to us and how sometimes we ignore some of those things because it seems silly or trivial or not the point of life.

Personal needs. We have them. Why do we act like they don’t matter?

I was saying the last episode, care and rest are needs we need to honor. But today I wanna talk about the ones seeming so puny and minuscule and you should be embarrassed to say it out loud because it seems self-involved.

Example, going to the hairdresser. I want to feel beautiful. I don’t want to talk about the need to feel good and beautiful and confident via great hair seems silly and self-involved, right?

I had a bad experience at a hairdresser and I realized, You know, this is the thing… none of your needs are silly but some of your needs you don’t treat as importantly as others.

There are some things you do in your life you treat like they really really matter and you take care and time and put thought into it, set an intention, ask for guidance, pull cards. You do something to help the divination process to get some support.

But then there’s this other stuff that for whatever reason you treat like it’s silly or trivial but it is never the case.

So the hairdresser thing for me is that we have a crown on your head and we should feel good about how we look.

People say to me all the time, I don’t know how you can be so public and do youtube and Vimeo and livestreams I would be afraid to put my face on the internet! And I always say it’s important to feel confident. Put yourself together so you feel empowered and confident to share from your heart what you know.

It’s important that you feel comfortable. So that you feel confident. There’s a way you can put yourself together so you feel empowered and confident to share from your heart.

All of your needs matter. And they are never ever silly or trivial.
And if you never allow yourself to tend to your needs you know what happens?

We invest a lot of energy in the resistance that just doesn’t need to be. You end up in your head playing tug of war. And so you don’t get anywhere. That creates so much extra energy.

Why not just give yourself what you’re wanting? It doesn’t matter why we are resisting… the point is we want what we want.

At some point, you have to answer the voice in your head with WHO CARES and GO AWAY. Take it seriously, treat it like it matters because it does.

Make a list, make a prayer, make a wish.

It’s that one bit of resistance you feel that holds you back, and if you don’t feel good about what you’re looking like, you won’t be able to get on with things you need to do.

Help me. Guide me. Direct me.

Your needs are never silly by robin hallett

It’s a trust thing, we aren’t used to operating this way, we rely heavily on intellect which is not the same as intuition.

Spirit will not get mad at you if you don’t take the first guidance that comes the first time. Spirit loves you and will be patient and help you get the message.

You can always say — help me know if this was the answer…

What you might not see is learning to honor your needs is a healing balm some of us have been waiting to receive since we were little girls and boys.
To treat ourselves like we matter and nothing we want or need is stupid, ridiculous, frivolous is so important!

I can completely understand why it is a challenge to make ourselves matter. Think of the history you’ve had with people who didn’t reinforce that you mattered.

I talk with people all the time who are reporting to me, “I’m kicking ass and taking names! Here’s ALLLLLL the accomplishments from the week. I went to the gym I wrote 20 kazillion words, I recorded all these videos, I cleaned out my garage!”

And while I totally get how good it feels to accomplish stuff, get things done, they sound like they’ve been kicking their ass down the hallway all week.

Where’s the joy? They sound so pinched off from their hearts.

We’re supposed to be enjoying our one wild and precious life and where is the encouragement for that?

You are here to live a beautiful full rich exciting enriched life and passing that energy on in the world is your purpose. And if you only care about things you think matter in the world to the world like statistics and you may also think it’s stupid to care or have any concern about looking beautiful feeling beautiful, it’s a mistake.

All of it counts.

Some of us need to learn to stop and say I do matter I actually want to look nice and feel good and confident and put together and when I feel like I look nice there is more flow to my day because there’s no resistance around entering spaces where other people are or if you have a desire to be a bit more public in your offerings or social media this will help you feel confident

And it’s our job now as adults to give ourselves what we need and make time for yourself.

Your needs matter by robin hallett

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

Excerpt from Workbook lesson 5

There are no small upsets.
They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.

Healer’s Prayer

Excerpt from A Course in Miracles, Chapter 2 Special Principles of Miracle Workers 

I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,
because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

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🎧 Episode 44: Honoring your personal needs and self-care. None of our needs are silly or trivial. Still, we have a habit of allowing for some of them and ignoring others. We sometimes give zero thought to things that really really matter, like going to the hairdresser! I have some stories for you today 😉 This week’s inspo is something I highly recommend: a self-care kit. Wouldn’t it be nice to pamper YOU? And why I sometimes end up putting lotion on my client’s hands and feet when they’re on the healing table. Our letter this week is from a friend who wonders if her marriage is the problem… but I have some surprising advice for her. It’s really about self-realization, we can blame everyone else as much as we like but, when we’re not in our center, it wreaks havoc on everything else. All this and more. Grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here. ❤️ Listen to episode 44: Personal Needs, Self-Care Kit, #selfrealization Link in bio for full episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listening Always, thank you so much for supporting the podcast! I appreciate your awesome reviews, and you sharing these episodes with friends who can benefit. Want me to read your letter on the show? DM me here or email hello @ and make sure you mention the podcast in the subject. #teawithrobin @robinhallett

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