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the only marketing plan you will ever need

Hello, sweet friend!

Most of us here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind, we’re heart-centered entrepreneurs offering a service to the world. This service we offer is built from our own hearts, inspired by our unique passion and sparkle, and that means when it comes to sharing what we do, we sometimes run into problems because it’s us we feel we’re selling on some level, and that means the gunk inside comes with.

I happen to think even your gunk is beautiful, and yet I know how it gets in the way and that’s why I’m writing to you. I am here to help you shine where you need it most.

I’ve been helping people just like you since the nineties with their business alignment among other things. One common theme I’ve found no matter the profession or earthly credentials is that each of us struggles with promoting ourselves and staying the course on some level.

Creating from the heart and then promoting what you’ve made can feel like yikes-a-roni at times, amiright? All that drama makes staying the course and knowing what you’re here to do really difficult.

I’ve got you covered! I absolutely know you’re here to shine. What you LOVE to do is what you probably need to be sharing with the world. So here’s a heart-centered, aligned-to-your-genius, businessy alignment LOVE plan for you. May it go to just the right hearts today. 💗


Here is the only marketing plan you will ever need to rock your business like you really mean it

…and you won’t have to do any icky, slimy, or sleazy things, promise.

I have a philosophy about putting ourselves out there and sharing our services and comes down to these three things:

One: You are a unique sparkle in the Universe, nobody else can do what you’re here to do.

Two: In all moments, you are being asked to honor your sparkle.

Three: What’s meant for you is always meant for you. Stay in alignment with steps one and two and abundance cannot help but flow towards you.

Was that too woo-woo? How about this:

One: You need to define your gifts. Know what you’re good at.

Two: Align your gifts with your actions and be consistent.

Three: If you honor 1 + 2, your audience, opportunities, and the material goodies you seek will come.

Woo-woo or not, it’s the same message:

Be yourself and share your sparkles.

And when you do this on the regular and without apology or question, abundance in the form of the right opportunities, love, and yes MONEY flow in your direction.

The deeper message for you is here:

Own your light, your creative spark, your shizzle. Anything you create and offer to the world must vibrate with that energetic stamp. Take up residence in the sliver of the Universe that is all yours and fearlessly and unapologetically shine brightly. As tempting as it is to soften your words so that you speak to the masses and risk offending few, this is the exact opposite of what you should be doing. The world needs your authentic voice, and that voice is always specific and precise… it is 100% you. Do not be afraid to use it.

Have a plan and honor it. Write out what it is you want to do and then stick to that. So simple, right? Write it out and stick to the plan. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the little river eddies where all you’ll do is spin in circles. It’s good enough to start with ONE offering. ONE product. Have your plan and honor that. Keep a dream list if you like, but stay on track for now.

Commit to your offering and be consistent. Focused, targeted efforts will always be better than the random, “Wheeeeeee! I am feeling like it in the moment” sprinkler campaigns. Give us out here in the audience a chance to get to know you and what you offer. It can be scary to show up boldly with regularity, but you need to do it because it takes time for your energy and offerings to occur to people. A consistent schedule for posts and newsletters and social media shares is a good thing, we get to know you better but YOU get comfortable showing up and shining.

Quit small-timing yourself. Stop apologizing or asking for permission. You are THAT. Embrace it. The end. You drain 80% of the juju available to you in the moment on completely worthless inner questioning and I propose this is really subterfuge from the inner Darth Birdie who tries to tire you out so you never make it and will instead stay stuck in the comfortable familiar territory (even though it sucks).

Forget target audiences right now. Don’t bonk me on the head until you hear me out on this next one! Most people I help get sucked down the “who the hell is my target audience” rabbit hole for way longer than necessary. And when I say way, I mean WAY. And this is not in service to your creative spark. For now, your target doesn’t matter because you need to hone the signal. You need to powerize your broadcast. When the signal you broadcast is clear, when you step into your offering, saying, YES, BABY I AM THAT, your right peeps are called to you.

Honor the trickle. It’s good to remember that your ego-mind has a crazy wild vision of what success should look like according to an insane timetable. This plan is usually blown out to epic proportions and is designed to fail. Ease your way along my friend, don’t rush it. Good things are in the works for you at all times. Trust it. Plan accordingly. Honor the trickle. Success doesn’t always mean hundreds of thousands of dollars or six-digit shares or even Facebook likes…focus on the return on investment you truly want and put your energy there.

Call on your allies. You will need some people to help you, to mastermind with you and sometimes even hold your hand. Form this alliance now if you don’t already have one. If you don’t know who yet, start here: Set your intention, then get quiet and listen. There are one or two people in your life right now you can start with. If you still feel you have no one, try Facebook groups,, LinkedIn. Your people are out there, trust it. You are not a lone wolf, you need to be supported. And seriously, if you’re not comfortable receiving help and allowing yourself to be vulnerable with someone, you need to get yourself comfortable. And, the mama in me wants to remind you: No dry wells, jealous peeps, or crazy underminers, OK? Being with people like that is NOT in service to your inner sparkle!

On the topic of fear…

the only marketing plan you will ever needYour growth spurts and leading edges are going to bring up fear. An expansion will carry a certain amount of fear with it. Do not mistake this as a sign that you’re doing something wrong. Transformation brings up fear. Growing edges are always accompanied by panic. It’s normal. This is why you have your support crew…because fear makes us all a little crazy and we make very poor choices when we are afraid. Get tough on that inner critic! Say to yourself, I am an artist. The end. I am a healer, the end. I am a powerful consultant, the end. I am a writer, the end. Put a stop to the negative self-talk before it really has a chance to get started.

Don’t just hatch another wild and crazy scheme for your next offering. You are the shizzle, my friend, trust, align, KNOW. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. Don’t do anything you don’t feel good about. No slimy tactics. No scarcity offerings.

No fire hosing! Treat your creations with the respect they deserve. Don’t shoot your messages at us so hard that we will be forced to close the door and walk away. Give us time to receive and reflect.

We can smell the stinky from miles away. Our spidey senses can tell what kind of energy went into your offerings. It’s a bad idea to make business when you’re feeling afraid. If the underlying reason is, “I NEED MONEY, PEOPLE! I am scared and I have been up all night freaking out!” you’re already sunk. Your energy goes into all that you do and people can feel it.

Stop throwing money at things you do not understand. Before you spend any money on advertising or any kind of business/strategy/marketing courses get very clear about why you’re doing that and make sure you really understand what you are paying for. I hear too many people say they signed up for a program only to find they were not getting what they’d hoped for, and before we go blaming the other people for the programs we ourselves decided to buy, let’s take full responsibility. Do the homework, put in the effort. There are quality programs out there by the boatload, but nothing works if you don’t work them.

The last few tidbits I want to tell you:

Other people don’t make your breakout success, YOU DO. Yes, certain gigs and influencers will get you a spike in traffic along with some sweet moments of fame but don’t be confused about who your real Source is. Stay aligned with your mission and keep shining. Remember the three things? Honor your sparkle and abundance is always the return.

Remember KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Have a plan, align and stay committed to your sparkle, remember to honor the trickle and stay the course.

Trust that right now, there are people searching for what you have to share. Your job is to say yes and show up. The Universe is your hookup, not you. There is no need to push or freak out. No pole dancing required in order to earn money. Just be you, stay aligned with your authentic self and you’ll be guided in the right direction, always.

I believe in you. You rock!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist



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