Rock It like You Mean It: You’ve Always Had the Power.

your way is the right way

Most of you here in the Love Posse are creatives of some kind. You’re in business for yourself–or hope to be one day–performing a service to the world. I’ve had the pleasure of not only offering healing to many of you but what I like to call Businessy Love as well and today I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up about things related to business and you shining.

And I wanted to mention that I wrote this post originally in 2015 but wow, now more than ever, we can use this kind of encouragement! So here we go 🙂

I want to speak to the part in you that gets a little hung up in the cobwebby-waste-of-time-energy-sucks each of us faces on the entrepreneurial path every day.

I can see across the wide spectrum of people I help–from healers to intuitives to painters and teachers, french horn and harp players, singers, actors, stunt-women, make up artists, coaches, consultants, therapists, naval captains, sea goddesses, and even coffee bean roasters–that we’ve collectively spent more than our share of hours banging our heads on the desk (or wanting to sometimes hit people with the stapler!).

We’ve felt discouraged more than we’d like to admit, but also lost and afraid.

People sometimes ask me, why is it so hard to be successful?

I often reply, it isn’t…not really, it isn’t.

Having a career, a practice, an offering that you love and feel good about isn’t hard… not really, it isn’t.

What is hard is all the crap that manages to get in our way on a daily basis. The swirly mind stories and the petty annoyances are in the way. The fear-based thinking that hooks us is in the way. There are people we absolutely should be saying NO to but don’t. There is the help we should be receiving but don’t. Intuitive knowing we ourselves have but choose to not follow. Rabbit holes we get lost in rather than working. There are clients who are SO not the right fit for us and so consume big globs of our mental energies yet we continue to be sucked in because we’re scared about money…

These are just a handful of things that make things harder than they have to be.

That is what’s in the way.

That is what makes it all hard.

We make it hard.

We make it harder than it has to be.

Pursuing your goal isn’t what is hard. We just make it harder than it has to be.

Rock It Like You Mean It: You've Always Had the Power.

Sometimes people say, I want to do what you do.

I have a feeling they’re recognizing an inner light that comes from being happy and free, from offering good things, living my life how I want to live it. Trusting my gut and my truth and honoring it to the best of my ability even when it feels scary. Honoring my free-time and my little inner child playtime. Loving my clients, and choosing them intentionally.

I work less than 40 hours a week.

I am intentional with my schedule, I am intentional with my free time, I am intentional with my behind the scenes business ‘paperwork stuff.’ Not all the time! But most of the time, yes I am. 93.25% of the time, yes I am. The other 6.75% of the time I can be found watching reruns of Lost or Downton Abby, okay the truth is, Star Trek Voyager probably while eating bonbons.

Success is an inside job.

When I speak of success, I am not talking about money or any other rainbow you might chase outside yourself. I am talking about you feeling proud of the life you’re in, you feeling good in your bones about the offerings and the people you help. You feeling clear about the path you are on. You honoring yourself, your boundaries, and giving yourself plenty of permission to do the things you want to do. You trusting that your way is the right way, even when the others seem to be going in another direction. All of this, the essence of this, is my definition of success.

Speaking of money, I have shared a lot of my money story here on the blog already. I have learned that abundance can be created in many ways. And while you certainly can earn money, it does take a while at first for that money to become a steady stream. Some of my most powerful abundance has come from learning to go under the mountain and learning to honor my nut. Being an excellent Steward of Abundance and learning to live within your means can create such a sense of freedom. You may realize you don’t need to work 60 hours per week if you would become honoring of the money you do have and chose to spend it wisely.

Super Corni by robin hallett

Simply put, your success journey professionally speaking all comes down to you getting clear on what you’re wanting to offer to the world and then trusting in this and showing up. Every day you are rocking it like you mean it. It means trusting and having faith and holding the line no matter what. You honoring the trickle flowing in rather than complaining about it or worrying about it.

Panic and upset are not states of being which are aligned with your purpose. Yet so many of us are in these modes throughout the day.

When we feel panic about the money, we are not speaking an empowering story, we are greeting things with a scarcity mindset. When we feel envious, jealous, angry about the success of others, or the ease with which they seem to be prancing about in the world, we are in scarcity mode too.

Trust and believe that what is meant for you is always meant for you.

Trusting in the cosmic escrow bank of the Universe is always a good thing, and so is you learning to wish others well with their success. When we feel stressed or annoyed with people, it is important to recognize what is happening and make a new choice as soon as you possibly can. It is never ever about a perfect track record. It’s all about the practice. So practice 🙂

Rock It Like You Mean It: You've Always Had the Power.

Self-care is a must. Every day. Your way is the right way.

I won’t preach about the one right way to do self-care. Your way is the right way. Again, if you’re getting hung up on the method or the minutes of your practices, you are creating more cobwebby-waste-of-time-energy-sucks for yourself. A self-care practice corrals the energy, it harnesses it and then you can direct the flow into the things which you choose. Things that will further your path or earn you money. With good self-care, there is less time spinning wheels, there is less sabotage and way more joy. Your unicorn power is so much more concentrated… there is less effort needed when you become intentional with your actions.

I have a philosophy about putting ourselves out there, sharing our services and staying aligned with our purpose and it all comes down to these three things:

One: You are a unique spark in the Universe, nobody else can do what you’re here to do.

Two: You must commit to honoring your spark. People are counting on you doing so.

Three: What’s meant for you is always meant for you, so stay in alignment, and abundance will flow to you.

The Businessy way of saying that is like this:

One: Align your mission, strategy, and content.

Two: Align your gifts with your actions and be consistent.

Three: Your audience, opportunities, and the material goodies will come.

Do all that you need to do in order to honor who you are and stay committed to this, and trust that your abundance will flow to you. That’s it in a nutshell.

Rock It Like You Mean It: You've Always Had the Power.

Going after our business is important… it’s what we want to do!

And still, on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, there are places where we just are not rocking it as we could be. One of the most important things you can do is: be intentional and take responsibility for all of it. If we allow ourselves to blame our unhappiness or lack of success on others or even on things, we remain powerless. Remaining powerless makes us more in line with victim mode, which we most certainly are not.

What if you could trust that you’ve always had the power?

Your Unicorn Powers have been here all along.

And unicorn powers are not to be taken lightly.

There is a code we must follow or the magic dries up.

There is so much love and respect and even reverence that’s necessary for yourself on this journey.

Treat yourself like you are sacred because you are.


Rock It Like You Mean It: You've Always Had the Power

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