Are you an Awkwardpreneur? Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs

self care tips for entrepreneurs

The love sheriff’s guide to rocking entrepreneurship like you mean it.

I help a lot of people who are in business for themselves. Because of this, I’d love to share my healing insights into the world of entrepreneurship with you. So let me say right from the start, this is going to be a series.

Sometimes I meet Awkwardpreneurs in my healing room.

That’s my affectionate term for entrepreneurs who are out of alignment in one way or another. To be sure–they’re some of the coolest creative people I know. And, they’re out of balance.

We self employed love to run our own show, spending many many (many) hours each day climbing that mountain. We know what it’s like to feel stressed over a looming deadline while wondering where the next clients will come from, while being concerned about staying relevant, having good stats, analytics, and likes.

We’re so freaking exhilarated by it all too 🙂

But sometimes, we know what it’s like to feel completely worn out and maybe just a little crispy around the edges.

The laundry piles up (I am famous for ordering more underwear on Amazon!), the dustbunnies roam. We sacrifice important self care practices like exercise, meditation, and healthy eating.

self care tips for entrepreneurs
Rocking it in my hammock

We’re so focused on our passion (um that’s work to a lot of people), it’s challenging to make space for downtime.

Crazy things like reading a book in the middle of the day while lazing in a hammock, or meeting friends for lunch or taking a walk in the park are nice ideas, but they rarely happen.

Maybe that’s your status quo. Maybe you’re used to spending most of your days feeling this way. I’m not okay with that. I know you are here to have a life that is joyful, fun and easy. Yes, easy. It does not have to be a struggle to do what you love AND go at a pace that can sustain you.

Don’t just be an Awkwardpreneur, be an Awesomepreneur 🙂

Let’s talk self care tips for entrepreneurs…

First of all, we usually have this dream of wild abundance. If that’s you, listen up!

If you really want to rock it like you mean it, you’ve got to learn to take a break. Stop what you’re doing, stand still and breathe. Sit down and breathe. Lay down on the floor and breathe. Get still. Hold still and breathe.

You can even put a little smile on your face. Try it. So what if it makes you feel silly, do it anyway.

We’ve become masters at ignoring what matters most. Important things like feelings, and the physical needs of our very own bodies. We blow ourselves off usually because we feel stressed and pressed. Because there are Really Important Things you need to do and you don’t have time… I know. I hear this a lot from the people I help. And it makes me feel sad because your body is the only container you’ve got for all that creative juice.

self care tips for entrepreneurs
Taking a break to pick some strawberries in the garden!

My philosophy: Taking breaks for meditation, exercise, and proper diet aren’t options, they’re musts.

These practices make up the fuel that help us rock our work like we really mean it.

I don’t like to preach. It’s not my style. I do like to share my philosophy with people who come to me for help.

Not everyone gets it though. 

“Yeah, yeah”, they tell me, “I know I should do that, but I am trying to figure this really big thing out and I don’t have time to relax! I’m too busy!”

You’ll get to your needs in a minute.

This is the time when I could tell you one of those death bed stories I’ve heard from someone wishing they could have another chance to do it differently. But I won’t.

Before you grab anything to soothe or distract yourself, and before you just blow it off and ‘get back to work’, just take a little breather. In and out. Deep breath. I know you think you have more important things to do. But, you don’t. Really. You don’t.

You are the #1 priority in your life.

You must make yourself a priority. Your needs should not be put on the back burner.

You need to take a breather. Just give yourself a moment. Do it at least 5 times in the day.

Find something pretty to look at. Or, listen to the birdies chirping outside. Find the smile on your face.

self care tips for entrepreneurs
Jeff taking a quick Yoga break with Winston the Wonder Dog!

Do a little yoga. Try some pushups. Take a dance break. Walk to Starbuck’s for a (decaf) latte. Do something fun! Stand up. Get off your booty.

Don’t just hop on facebook, or gmail, or twitter. This is not a break.

Every hour or so, stop and give yourself your full attention. Everything else can wait for a little while.

There is no fire here. Nothing bad is gonna happen. Just take a break.

self care tips for entrepreneurs

So, what say you? Are you an Awkwardpreneur or are you an Awesome one?

Self care is my #1 tip for Entrepreneurs who want to rock it like they mean it 🙂 In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more tips for you, so make sure you join my list – don’t miss out!


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