Rock it Like You Mean it: The Self-Care Manifesto

If you are serious about getting to where you want to be, you’ve gotta have focus and clarity.

So today, I am sharing my own super-duper self-care manifesto with you.

This is how I personally rock it like I mean it in life, and I want you to do the same. Enjoy!


self care manifesto1.  You are the #1 priority in your life.

Your needs come first. I’m serious. You are the priority. Your needs should not be put on the back burner. What can you do every single day to take care of yourself first? Healthy diet. Exercise. Meditation. Setting your intention. These are all things you should be doing every single day.


2. Make space for a Fun Factor.

Play, play, play is your new mantra! Find something fun to do each and every day. It can be anything you want. Small or large… just do it. Have a little fun every day. You SO definitely DO have time for this!

Over the years, I have tried all kinds of fun things like ice skating lessons (I was the only 40 year old in my class of mostly 5-year-olds), video games, gardening, painting, mosaicing, jewelry making… you name it I have done it. Every single day, do something fun! And the best part? You determine what is fun for you, nobody else 🙂

3. Time to get some thick(er) skin

No matter what you do, somebody somewhere will not be happy with you. Count on it. Be okay with that.

Besides, it’s not your objective in life to go around getting everyone to like you and join your fan club. Practice the thought: It’s not personal.

Your one true objective in life is to find joy and peace for yourself first and then go out and share what you know about this with the world.


4. Surround yourself with positive people.

The people you are with the most rub off on you. So, it’s imperative that your inner circle is made up of those who uplift you, and can celebrate your authentic sparkle. These peeps aren’t threatened by your success. And, they aren’t afraid to hold your hand when the chips are down.

They know a little something about having fun and will make you laugh often. When you go away after having spent time together, you feel uplifted and inspired.


5. Toxic peeps make for toxic vibes, so clean house if you need to!

The people in your life who are draining, downers, complainers, whiners, gripers, and the generally not motivated… um, time to say goodbye. I cannot stress enough how completely sapping these people are to your energy field!

Whoever it is, if they leave you feeling drained and exhausted (or if they tend to really piss you off) you know what to do!

Remember, it’s not personal. If you’re around people who bring you down, just imagine what happens to your good juju… it leaves!


6. Stop owning other people’s problems.

When peeps around you are upset, it’s only natural that you want to help. And it’s fine to help. But sometimes, that wanting to help is a completely unproductive and not helpful use of your time. When you feel obligated it’s a different story. When you feel guilty, it’s a problem.

My fail safe approach: Send your love, not your worries. Trust that they can figure it out. If they cannot, trust them to ask you for help. Let them do it before you jump in. You do not need to put out every fire that springs up around you. If you’ve been doing this, you already know how much time you are wasting every single day. Stop it!



7. Be in alignment with your passion and what you stand for every single day.

So what do you stand for? What do you believe? You need to be in alignment with that which you are passionate about every day. It’s more than just practicing what you’re preaching. I am talking about embodiment. You need to BE that.

Stay in alignment with your authentic self. Honor this. And then, be in service of what you love. Share your light with the world, not your empty batteries!


8. Practice your worthiness

Worthiness is a practice. Most of us are struggling with balancing our old wounds and confidence issues. This is a balancing act that will continue throughout our life as we enter new and bigger arenas. It’s completely natural.

So, it’s good to make feeling worthy a practice. Over time, you’ll learn that you deserve the good in your life. Make a habit of saying YES, THANK YOU and MORE PLEASE when the good stuff happens. Make it a daily practice to notice the cool things that are happening for you.


9. Welcome your fear but don’t buy into it.

There’s an old saying: Fear knocked on the door and love answered, but nobody was there. When you’re afraid, sit with your fear, take a few moments and breathe with it. Find out what it’s trying to tell you.

Then, remember that you are a spark of the Divine. You did not come here to play small. You are here to shine bright like a diamond!

self care manifesto

10. Find something to be happy about.

You do not have to suffer in order to feel joy. You don’t have to work really really hard in order to get somewhere good. I mean it. Just practice your excitement. Find something to be happy about. There is peace to be had in every moment. Yes, even the sucky ones. That’s why it’s a practice. When you get a little pissy, stop and ask yourself, “is this worth it?” And if that doesn’t work, you might need a little visit from the Love Sheriff.


So, beautiful, how does my self-care manifesto sit with you? Are you already doing some of these things? I believe in you already 🙂

Go get ’em, Tiger!


robin hallett intuitive healer and spiritual teacher

Rock it like you mean it the self care manifesto by robin hallett

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