Love is my Dharma, There is Nothing to Fear

how to overcome fear

Have you ever wondered how to overcome fear or, at the very least, make peace with it?

I’m no stranger to fear. It’s something I’ve lived with since I was very little. There are many stories I could tell you… here’s one that sticks out in particular.

When I was 5 and just starting kindergarten, my mom sent me to stay with the babysitter.

I don’t really know the circumstances around why my mom had to leave. I just remember she gave me some pocket money and a dress I was supposed to wear at school for picture day which would happen later in the week. After my mom left, I remember the sitter sat me down in front of the TV and headed to the kitchen to fix me a snack.

A black and white movie was on, featuring Dracula chasing a terrified woman in a stagecoach. I was terrified too. So much so, that I began protecting my neck from random vampire attacks.

When picture day came, the photographer captured the evidence. You could see an alarm in my eyes and the dark circles of not sleeping well. It was only made worse by the silly, frilly dress I was wearing, and my hair that was sticking out in all directions.

I spent the next 4 or 5 years sleeping with a blanket tucked around my neck so that Dracula couldn’t get me in the night.

Fear is a powerful thing.

It it discombobulates the nervous system and we will do anything to avoid it.

I don’t sleep with a blanket tucked around my neck anymore but I do still get scared. Today I understand it’s a is very normal thing to feel scared. My little self is just trying to do a good job of keeping Dracula away.

Fear is just false evidence appearing real.

There are no small upsets. Each event registers as a BIG DEAL on our insides. 

how to overcome fear

For years I handled my fear like this: F**k Everything And Run!

Whether it is a big fear or a little fear, I say my favorite mantra:

“Love is my Dharma, there is nothing to fear”

I say it out loud, speaking to the fear. I don’t care who hears me. It doesn’t matter if people don’t get it.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning “to uphold”. It refers to the evolving force of the Universe.

When I say Love is my Dharma, there is nothing to fear, I am consciously affirming to myself and the Universe that I am interested in evolving toward love, not fear.

Love is my way, my direction, my light. Adding that there is nothing to fear is a reminder to my small self, I’ve gotta get back on track!

When I say LOVE I am talking about the Source from which everything flows.

Love is my Dharma means I am committed to upholding the evolving force of love in the world too.

Fear isn’t real. Only love is.

But, you can’t ignore it. You can overcome fear. Or at least you can make peace with it.

So, let’s say it together! Love is my Dharma, there is nothing to fear.


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