What’s Meant for You Is Always Meant for You // Tea With Robin Episode 87

What's Meant for You Is Always Meant for You // Tea With Robin Episode 87

What’s meant for you is always meant for you. You have not been forgotten, and that’s true now more than ever.

Maybe the message we all need right now is to trust in that and then practice allowing ourselves to rest and move gently through our days. What’s meant for you is always meant for you.

Ask for a miracle and be open to what comes.

Yes, even though there is a love apocalypse going on, this is still your time to prosper and thrive.

I talk about attending to what’s eating up the free space in our mental, emotional, or physical spaces… and how the practice of ‘blessing the mess’ rather than cursing it will be a powerful practice.

Our inspiration this week is on the Good Stuff we have. Using it, sharing it, giving it and what that brings back into your life too.

Our letter comes from #abrahamhicks who wonders, how does the Law of Attraction really work? And in these times of being scared and afraid are we jinxing ourselves?

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What's Meant for You Is Always Meant for You // Tea With Robin Episode 87
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A Course in Miracles Quotes:

I am entitled to Miracles — ACIM Workbook Lesson 77

“3 I am responsible for what I see.
4 I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve.
5 And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.” — ACIM Text Chapter 21

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Matthew 7:7-12 New International Version (NIV)
Ask, Seek, Knock
7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.


Books mentioned in this episode:

Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

You might enjoy the Course in Miracles practices I offer here.


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What's Meant for You Is Always Meant for You // Tea With Robin Episode 87

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler, and Robin Hallett calm, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, what’s meant for you is always meant for you. Even though there is a love apocalypse. This is still your time to prosper and thrive, our inspiration this week is the good stuff, sharing it, giving it. And what that brings back in terms of flow in your life, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag abraham hicks in times of being scared and afraid, or we jinxing ourselves, how does this whole law of attraction really work. All this and more come grab a cup of young young and meet me here. Well hello gorgeous friend, guess who it is. It’s me, your pal Robin. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin Episode 87. I’m so happy you’re here. And if it’s your first time, I welcome you. I love that you’re here. Thank you. And I’m glad to listen to your intuition. So my friend. How is the weather in your heart today. how are you doing. My prayer is that you continue to find your footing. You have been feeling more and more grounded in yourself, acclimating to this time finding ways that you’re even more grateful than you thought you would be, and ready to prosper and thrive. That’s really my prayers that you’re feeling alive and ready to go because we’ve got some fun things coming up and I, I feel that energy so much in our policy. Now that you know obviously Spring is here and worse. The energy feels like it’s starting to kick into gear that we are thinking about, and working with this time now and getting getting ourselves acclimated to this is how it is potentially long term, this is how whatever is now we’re going to be here. And how are we going to grok this time. So, I guess that was part. How are you, in part, this is what we’re talking about today, but you know, how are you, I am sending you a hug and so much love and sparkles and you know just just the biggest gentlest loving his message that there is so much love and blessings. All around you now, it’s so important to trust in how you feel when you hear me say that to you, because there is so much love and encouragement and healing and lush thriving energy around you now, and all you have to do is step into that. And I know you have, I know you have been doing that so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Anyway, over here, the weather in the heart has been very good. I am. I have to say, I’m healing. You know I feel like I’m feeling some major lifetime things now that maybe I didn’t even realize, were going on for me so much, because this time has brought new awarenesses to light and new, new happenings new things.

You know, and so I’m learning things about myself and this time and big the big one is how much I matter, and how much my choices affect my day. It comes in my choice of mind that you try them for yourself, my choices affect my day my thinking affects my choices, you know like that. So it’s been super good. And, you know, like feeling yourself through this as well. If you’ve been. If you’ve been receiving episodes. I hope you’re loving the letters I’m sending each week. Hope you’ve had a chance to stop in on our morning live Instagram. There’s so much love and support. Truly I hope it’s helping. Because I can tell you just hosting these things. It’s transforming me, and the friends that I hang out with. Normally, who are coming there, they’re saying the same so I hope you are enjoying that. Okay, big question of the day is did you bring up. Did you bring a cup of yum yum. Teacher Teacher, I have a couple things going on today, I have started my summer ritual of brewing tea. And then, when the tea has seeped enough I put the bags and my water, and just let them sit there for the rest of the day. It is delicious. So think of ice water with peppermint tea in it, and a little rose tea in there, or if you like the fruity teas like the orange spice or something. It is so good. I don’t know, my family like a weirdo yet. Oh god. And then I got my regular hot tea, black tea it’s so good with stevia and sea salt so I want to say cheers to you. Cheers to your beauty to your light to your can do attitude to your courage to your bravery and just wow, just wow, here we are today.

I got a few messages from you. During the week, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the episodes, dedicated to this time, I mean really, what we need to be talking about is helping ourselves through. So I appreciate knowing though that it’s, it’s helping you. It used to be with world events, you’d mentioned that once or twice and then we’d all kind of go on about our lives, and that’s, you know, that was the sad truth of busy, busy, busy, maybe perhaps I’m just curious that did we learn how to shorten our attention span for things that were really needed to pay attention to. And that’s one thing I’ve been very curious about staying present with what’s happening. So here we are in this time. No. First time I heard about coronavirus was mid January mentioned in the science article about it in China at the time and here we are. This is the last day of April, I’m recording so we’re learning how to stay present with things that are unpleasant in many ways that unpleasant thing. And I feel like it’s such a deep skill, we are developing, it’s a healing skill we’re developing learning how to adapt and stay, stay alive and thrive and heal and keep going, but also not need to, you know, run away from it, or pretend it’s not happening. And I think there’s value in that to me, I don’t know, do you feel like there’s value in there for you. Learning how to stay present. It feels important. But I was saying I got some letters, this week from friends and the policy here that’s you, saying, nature what my guides are wanting me to know no not sure what the spiritual purpose I have of this time now is, and we we overlook the most obvious things why time spirits who speaks to us in everyday ways, it’s the bird outside your window. It’s a gentle, quiet nudge you have all day long about like I should take now, or I should get down off the south, it’s something very very subtle. And, you know, if you follow that. The next piece comes maybe you have a dream, maybe you read a line in the book or something happens, that is sort of folding you back into the spirit bubble. Again, When I asked for friends are asked for my shelf I asked for all of us. Notice this time really about, it’s like. Know thyself. Know thyself, and know from where you actually come from, who Why am I talking like biblical from where were you coming from knowing where you come in from with my friend and, you know, you come from God, you are God incarnate. And you are a spark of the Divine and it’s it’s totally cool if you don’t like the word God. To me it’s just like you are nature of this creation in this time is about you really knowing it, and allowing yourself to be not just act the part but be the part, you know, that is what you’re meant to be doing in this time is knowing yourself more deeply and allowing yourself to wake up. Truly, there is no higher purpose than that. And when you do that, you find which way those those sparkles that you are want to manifest in the world, you know. So, first you need to allow yourself to gently know who you are. And this time is so good because we have a little more time so please. I hope you are spending time with teachers who inspire you. And I’m not just talking about me, though I know it’s true I’m very inspiring right.

Yes, I inspire myself to be really honest, I inspire myself, and it is so wonderful when you allow the light of Spirit through you, you get to live a beautiful day. Almost every day, unless you’re you kick yourself out of your own spirit bubble you know attempts to me to from time to time. But, find your teachers and study with them. This is that time. I have been receiving the teachings of people now that really mean a lot to me, who speak my language really helped me, people like Paul Selleck Caroline made the Course of Miracles, and things that keep my heart going, my heart sparkling things that really moves me like movies and books I love to read, taking care of my body, my Epsom salt bath, all these things can be a teacher for you in this time helping you learn the preciousness that you are the light you truly are helping you step in more fully. So to those of you who have been writing in saying, What is this time all about and I can’t get anything accomplished. You know it’s not about being productive, per se. I am thrilled for you if you are couple of my dear friends are really into creative mode right now and it is so inspiring and I love seeing that so inspiring, you know. And for me, all I want to do is come here and talk to you and be in my garden and take naps and read my books and relax and help friends in Healing Sessions. I don’t have any other productivity, desires, and there are times where I can read about that, but it’s really more my nature to be in the subtle energies every day just be out in nature and listen deeply and follow what I know and I tell you what, I feel something building, and I know a few of you are feeling that for yourselves as well we feel it coming, and we don’t quite know but that’s why today I wanted to share this, this message that was sent for you is always meant for you, and it will always be meant for you, it will never stop being meant for you. You don’t need to push yourself. You don’t need to shove yourself, you don’t need to assert yourself are panic right now. How would it be to trust and allow yourself to move through your days, and honor what you know to be true for you honor how you’re feeling and trust that what’s meant for you is always meant for you don’t have to panic about amounting to something. You don’t have to struggle or strive now. You have to trust. Trust in this time. You’re the only one like you in this universe. You’re the only one. Your dream, even if you’re not sure what your dream is has a resonance that comes from the light of the universe. It’s never too late for you. You have not been forgotten, you’ve not been forgotten. Sometimes I think the hardest thing is trusting that, but feel into if you’re really listening to me right now feel into how you are feeling as you listen to me say this, and trust how you feel. I can almost hear some of these saying yes, I get it. But how come it hasn’t happened yet. How come I still don’t know things are always being aligned for us that’s true. You haven’t been forgotten, but sometimes it’s it’s harder to hear the whispers hear those nudges from spirit, because maybe our space is full with too many things that actually aren’t helping us, this could be your energetic space, this could be your mental space. Of course, this could be your physical space. This is part of what gets in there and makes it crowded.

So there’s not a lot of space for you to hear the whispers of spirit to you about this time and what you need to be doing. And I don’t really think any of us is exempt from clutter, by the way, it’s just like is it physical, is it mental or is it emotional or is it energetic, as I’m saying this to you, I can totally see the mental clutter in my own head. So, I wonder, just gently, if we each have a process to evaluate here. Is it possible that I have some clutter, either energetic clutter or mental clutter old story clutter. Yes, the physical clutter and how can I clear some space and get myself a little what I call a little time, a little quiet time. So I can better sense. My path, my direction, the gentle nudges, you know, so I can trust more that there is something meant for me I haven’t been forgotten. It’s not that I’m not amounting to anything in my life. I want to quick in this process, I want to ascend on my journey. And so let me attend to watch, eating up this free space that maybe I could be. I could do away with them. Does that make sense. You have to let go of what you’ve been holding on to if you want to make the next moves. And sometimes that’s terrifying. But notice that the craving to know what you’re here to do the craving to be abundant and prosper. Now, the craving to come up with something to share to sell to teach to offer born out of this time, is because you have something you are unique. There is only one you, and there is something you’re here to bring through. I ran that. So it’s like you know, we have to quiet some of the noise some of the clutter needs to be attended to. And a friend of mine wrote and said, the clutter is really stressful the physical clutter. And I see it every day and it’s hard to breathe and it’s hard to. It’s hard to rest it’s hard to relax, you know things feel like a mess. And, again, I think. Each of us has our personal version of this clutter going on, somehow, even if it’s just a story about how you, you’re not going to be okay, that’s clutter too, you know. I hope this is making sense, but I wrote her back and I said start to go around and say bless this mess. I bless this mess. I bless business, I bless this clutter. Bless you. Bless you. There’s a way that you can speak life into places that you have currently up till now been speaking darkness into it, you’ve been speaking shame into it, you’ve been speaking chaos into it, you’ve been speaking fear into it, speak life into these areas, breathe life into these areas. Speak love into these areas. Speak the blessing into these areas. If I speak, God This place is a mess. I’m getting that energy right along with it. I’m getting it with me I’m including it with me it’s like folding a little bit of it into the mix of my own heart. Whatever a judge out there. I get back for me. Whenever I pronounced as bad or awful, or wrong, I get some of that energy in my own field, and this is such a challenging thing for people because, you know, even Mike. Look, is anybody stress eating out there right now, is anyone stress drinking out there right now, is anybody stopped exercising like they once did. Are you judging any of that. I’m hearing so many ways this is going on for people, bless it just bless it. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you, I bless this. I call upon the blessing. Even, thank you for being here for me pizza. Thank you, Netflix. You know,

anything you want to stop happening. You can’t. It’s like static and lint if you start to curse it, you will keep it with you, you will keep it with you. And I’m here to say, even if you’re judging, whatever it is you’re judging. you’re a good girl. You’re a good boy. No, no matter what you’re doing, it’s still true that you’re good, and loved your holiday loved, and you’ve never not been loved, and even this whatever it is you hold against your own heart, you know, Spirit says Nope, still love you is still amazing. And how do we lift you back up, because your own story is in the way here, you know. So, back to my original point, what’s meant for you is always been for you, you’re eligible for a shining purpose, you’re eligible for a beautiful thriving practice now you qualify for that book you want to write you, you have been accepted into the prosperity program of the arts, you’re eligible for abundance. You didn’t get that you’re included. You have not been forgotten. And the thing is, you have to let yourself rise to the star. You’ve always been able to let yourself ascend to that place in your own conscious awareness, by releasing things you that don’t serve you. Releasing conversations you continue to have with yourself from

others that are not bringing

you where you want to be turning in your upset is not helping you. Right. You have to work on what you’re holding yourself back with the Course in Miracles says, I am entitled to miracles. If you would like a miracle. That’s a shift in your awareness, a shift in the way you perceive things, then ask for one, and be open to what comes. Do you ever notice how it’s easier to cling to a fearful story, it’s easier to cling to a story about. I used to tell it all the time, I’m sure, I don’t know how many episodes. I tell this story Robin the loser. You know, I would tell that story and my life affirmed that so readily. And when I started practicing, honoring, I am a spark of the Divine. I do have something to share and I love sharing. And I learned how to receive that part of myself. And then I learned how to handle the energy of love and sparkles and be that being reflected to me I have to work on worthiness story after worthy this story and be able to take my place here without apologizing for shining there’s so many phases to this. So, I think I do feel sometimes we hang on to old stories as a protection mechanism. We keep grumbling about the same three people in our lives for like a decade now. You know, in a way, it’s like, wouldn’t it be so awesome if you could wake up and say you know I’ve been using these three people to shield me from my own prosperity consciousness. Are we ready to start doing that. Are we ready to stop saying I can’t get there because I’m a mess. That’s what it’s gonna take you are eligible, you know, it’s like, what do they say about you can’t win the lottery if you never buy a ticket. It’s kind of like that. Are you willing to have a shift. Are you willing to call it in it, because it begins by knowing you’re eligible. And the scarcity thinking we have, and who doesn’t have some scarcity thinking. But what I love about you and what I love about me is we’re still wanting to share, we’re still wanting to sign. We’re still wanting to encourage inspire help teach trust in this time, trust in this time, trusting your sparkle, what’s meant for you is always meant for you. And, you know, if it’s taken a while. If you feel a little stagnant, have a ponder on those clutter pieces, I was talking about. Take a ponder about where you might be hung up. Some of us, and I’m raising my hand. They’re both in the air. I can tell a story about how I am not doing enough, and that can hold me up and pretty soon I can feel there’s evidence everywhere of how I’m not doing enough, and that’s why something isn’t manifesting. For me, you know. So, again doubt any of us are really exempt from this message today and I truly hope, it serves you. My heart is back. She’s circling, and circling the big open space of my yard. I told you I thought maybe she was building an asset in my yard and here she is circling big big circles. Wow. If that isn’t ever a hallelujah to this message, I don’t know what is. Okay. But wait, what were we talking about again, you awesomesauce you might say what’s meant for you is always meant for you. What is it you really, really, really, really, really really really really want. What do you want to do. No, I’m telling you like your dream. Let it come to you let yourself dream. Let yourself ponder let yourself fantasize, you will find a certain kind of constancy to the dream. Even if the subject matter seems to change. See if you can find a common thread in all your wishes. And if you do that enough, you will see what i’m saying is true, that you’ve always been meant to be doing that thing,

just because I’m calling it abundance or, or teaching or writing a book, your dream could be about building a family, or starting a soup kitchen, you know, don’t just listen to me go inside and ask your heart what would make it smooth on the daily. You might be surprised. You know you can have it how you want it, Burger King was right when they saying, Have it your way you can have it your way. Because what’s meant for you is always meant for you. You are a spark of the Divine, and the divine wants to express itself through you. In the explicit ways you are made up, you know, that are you. So, you know, Everybody is different, and you owe it to yourself to know it to yourself, what it is that lights you up. So, my friend, that is the message for today, what’s meant for you, is always remember you, and you are a sparkle of the Divine never forgotten all these right on time, make space in your heart. For what really matters to you, or at the very least make some time so you can learn what matters to you. So, let’s have a little more tea. So good. So before I go on to share today’s inspiration and we have a beautiful letter. I’m wondering if you would support this love that I offer here that I’d love you to share this message on with another friend who could use it now. So many of us are in the spirit posse together and let’s help each other out and inspire each other, I know. It’s amazing to me the teachers that I love and adore and when I tell you about them, tosha silver is another one very recently, several of you thanked me and said I never heard of her before you know, many of us assume because we know who it is everybody must know. And it’s just not the case. So if you can think of a friend that would benefit from this, if you would share this on. Thank you for that, an act of service like that is really huge. Now, if you see me share it on Facebook or Instagram, give it a like, add a comment or share it to your own feed, no people love. I think it is a really fun act of service for me to share other people’s work. I’m not doing it to get something from my friends, I’m doing it because I want this world to be a better place, and there are so many amazing hearts that I’m connected to and that’s why I share. So I appreciate you sharing this on, you know, always a review is super helpful. And there’s even a way to make a donation to support my work or buy a course. All the links are below the podcast where you can go to Ravenel. COMM slash 8787. Wow, 87, that is so amazing. talk about sticking with stuff, showing up and staying with it. Such a good feeling. So I hope you know it’s totally okay to be proud of yourself. So, inspiration this week I talked about this, probably the first week, I recorded about this love Apocalypse, that may be Episode 81, where I was talking about use the good stuff. Take out your China. Open up the bars of soap. Open up the good, the nap, the special napkins you only keep for cocktail parties, you know, take out your favorite supplies that you’ve been shaving and use them, where the fancy clothes, put on a beautiful dress. Wear your lipstick today you know put some mascara on do the things that don’t on you do the things that don’t. Don’t you love that work, nope, nope, they don’t they don’t they don’t do the things that don’t on you. You know why because you matter, because you’re precious, because you’re beautiful because you’re worthy. Yes. Let’s use the special things for us. So, today, that’s my reminder to you crack a fresh journal, you know, open up a new sharpen a new pencil, make yourself some love notes, but let’s take it a step

further. Can you be generous with some of your things. How can you share your wealth. Share your abundance, share your prosperity. How can you share your generosity on. How can you take some time, like I said to dote on people. Share, share what you have. For some of us it’s easy to give money so great give money but if you have things that you’re not using. Can you send something on Can you share something on, if you have a special bar of soap or a special bag of tea, can you make a little care package and send it on to somebody. Does anyone come to mind now. There is a way that you can really receive prosperity vibes and energetic sparkles for your own heart, and that is to give things away, not just that crummy old pill the sweatshirt to the goodwill, you know, to me, I’m like throw that out, don’t donate the grimy old icky stuff or turn it into clean acts as I like to do cut up cut up your old sweatshirts and you got great eye makeup remover pads and things like that. Take something that’s new and valuable and gift it. There is power in that my friend, it’s like tithing you know a lot of us know this principle of tithing to offer a portion of our, our wealth and abundance onward, it returns. So much bag does. But like I have to say the other day, this is just a little story but I always love to keep special things here for friends on the journey who come to see me in Healing Sessions in person. Always have special things, and special tea once I learn what your favorite tea is I will always have it stocked here and I don’t tell everybody that I just like to make it special and be surprising. And the other thing I would like to do is buy the fancy Kleenex in the fancy travel couches, not just the plastic bags that they make like a much nicer Kleenex that’s very, it’s like special links to how stationery is to come. It folds in half and it has a little closure on it. It’s pretty. And if somebody’s been having a intention session, I like to give them my special Kleenex and I was down to one bag of Kleenex. The other day, and you know how this is, I’m not a hoarder by any means but you know in this time where you can’t find paper goods easily and you’re thinking about just how precious paper has become, you know, you think about some of that stuff but it was raining really hard and I heard the mailman his car out, and just the hit came to me. Give this last pack of Kleenex to your mailman. And this is in a big event, I have given diamond rings away by the way in exchanges, without ever. Things that I know I probably could have sold on jewelers row for a lot of money, I have gifted things of great value before, but this pack of Kleenex felt like a big deal. And also because I felt kind of goofy. So I put a sweet note with it. And I rubber banded the note to the Kleenex and put it in the mailbox and, you know, of course, She pulled up, as I was trying to run away, you know, get back to the house before she saw me, it’s like the Easter Bunny,

you know,

it’s good when your kids find the eggs but not if they see the person who’s in hiding them. So, but it was so cool because see shouted the hugest. Thank you. And I live on the corner so she drove around the corner, going back and her, her muffler is really loud on that mail delivery truck so it just, it stayed with me all day. And, you know, later that night, I got a donation in the mail in the mail. So, in the same mailbox I got a handwritten note with the check in the mail. got some beautiful seeds in the mail, and some tea in the mail and it’s just like, Let’s keep this thing in flow, whatever it is, these abundance prosperity sparkles that this great okayness. Each of us wants to be feeling and writing in. Let’s keep that energy circulating So what can you do today, share an act of love share an act of service, give something that’s precious to you know, put something together. And you know if you’ve already done this before you know what I’m talking about, see how this energy returns to you, and especially if you get the hit from spirit. Do not tell yourself, it’s too dumb to do. Do not make that mistake, because this is all like a pump word priming, you know, you get ahead, put the Kleenex in the mailbox, that that definitely did not come from my own mind, you know, I saw it and thought, oh I still have a packet Kleenex, and the next one was like, give it away. And you know, I can’t No, it wasn’t even our regular mail person that day that’s part of why I was laughing so hard because our, our mailman is kind of a grumpa dump. He really is, but it wasn’t him that day it was someone else who has a beautiful voice, and yell thank you all the way right corner. So good, so good, so good. Okay. Wow. All right. So let’s talk about this week’s letter. If there’s ever a time that teaches you. Time is of the essence. and I really want to make the moments count. It’s times like now. You know, we really want to be in a place of, don’t we, where we know what service, are we know we’re making a difference global proud of ourselves, where we’re in that flow of call and response universe, living a life of purpose.

So, a friend sent this letter in, and she would like to be anonymous so hello anonymous. Thank you for this letter. Hi, Robin. Wow. I am so confused about how to feel better in this time, how to feel fine, and how to not be so impacted by the fear of this time. How to not take it also personally, what my family’s doing what they’re not doing this whole thing feels like one constant treadmill of swirling energy, and I just want to feel better. And to make things worse. I am trying not to hear, Abraham say, I am attracting all of my problems. That is just so not helpful to me now. It only makes my thinking. And my feeling words. Thanks so much. And Abraham Hicks if you don’t know who that is, Esther Hicks, to teach us the law of attraction. Her first big book was asked, and it is given. So, anonymous. Well we do feel like we’re going to jinx ourselves you know we do feel confused about how to feel better, you do feel impacted, and we do take things personally so this is a time for calling kind, compassionate, empathy, peace, gentleness, quiet for yourself. We all know this place with you my friend about feeling confused, wanting to feel better I’m feeling confused about what to do. And all of us know this place. And so, for just a bit of time. the kind, loving suggestion from me, it’s just you feeling that way you’re feeling confused and swirly and impacted and taking things personally, I say to you, Just like you’re somehow a little. No when I get into that space that is my answer I go quiet. I go quiet and let myself. Lay down let myself, put music on. I make a tub. Treat yourself in that moment, like your very own Mama, a good, a good loving Mama, to a flipped out three year old love her old her caring for her help her. The other thing is, you know, just sitting with your energy here and you know for anyone who can relate this may speak to you as well. It feels like you’re really in your head is thinking about this, which is a very different thing. It’s like being split being out of body it’s not really being here. So there’s really not a lot of healing that can happen for you when you’re out. You’re thinking when you’re flailing when you’re panicking, you’re not really fear. So, what physical things, can you do to help yourself get here, again, you know, you don’t have to work on yourself. That’s the last thing you need to work on yourself. You don’t have to go run an errand. You don’t have to start a detox. All of that is more busy work, treating you like a problem, you can love yourself so what will make you feel more connected, more alive, more or less. You know, it’s a wide range of things for me. It could be playing, playing Nintendo. Yeah, Xbox, it could be taking a gentle walk in the neighborhood. It could be. I had such a nice nice Friday night last couple of weeks ago, listening to music and tidying my space and rearranging my room. As a kid, even when I would be stressed out. I loved to rearrange my room. I love to rearrange the furniture and hang up new posters. So think of the things that make you feel better, that have made you feel better, even as a young person, a young kid a little kid. What did you love to do. Most of us have sight, listen to music. Draw

take walks in nature, discover, explore play. I loved to wander in the woods. As a kid, I did love to go investigate flowers and look for violence and find no pretend I was some kind of adventure person and I am very much that person still no. So, how you can feel better, and feel fine and feel less impacted is get into your physical body in a way where you feel connected to yourself, and you don’t make other people your center. Do you know what I mean by that, like if you were to draw a circle and say this big circle represents me my energy field, you were to draw a.in the center of the circle, I would say that’s your center, my friend. It’s you in your center, but for some of us when we’re really upset. When we have stuff going down with family, draw your circle again and then draw like your brother’s circle and your mother’s circle and your husband’s circle and your, you know, whatever. And now you put your.in the middle of your mother’s circle or your mother in law’s. See, so you’re trying to find your grounding in the other person. And that’s why it’s you feel so you feel so susceptible you feel so at their mercy. I don’t know if you could hear it this is like 18 geese just flew by in the beat. Oh, very low honking at you, honking at me honking at us. Hello. Hello. Now it’s like we put ourselves in someone else’s center, and it’s No. No wonder we’re so unsettled. So you come back to your own center. You do the things they help you, and you know what those are. You’re the only authority that comes here. You’re the only voice that matters to me here. I don’t care what any expert says or any teacher says or any, Any, any. I care about what would make you feel good. Make some, you know, yesterday I made some jewelry for the first time in ages I sat and it took me a while to get the hang of it again but I really enjoyed listening to music, and sometimes I just read a book sometimes, you know just find your way. Help yourself. So that last piece you’re asking about Abraham Hicks saying you’re attracting everything to you. Okay, let’s flip this around a little bit because I know what you mean. And over the years. Boy between abraham hicks and Byron Katie people get really flustered. And actually, Caroline Mays to people get Barry and actually the Course of Miracles, I am responsible for what I see and everything that happens to me I’ve asked for, you know, that’s that’s in the course. Here’s let’s turn this around a little bit. I much prefer saying what I give my attention to gives its attention to me. Well you give your attention to gives its attention to you back. Once you cast your gaze upon gazes on you back. So, this is where you can practice blessing things that you’re getting caught in that you know you don’t want to be involved in, you know, you don’t want to be thinking about. And where the advices really good work, where it may really work for you from Abraham is follow your delight, you know, she’s always talking about that follow your excitement follow your, what makes you feel alive. What makes you feel lit up. What makes you feel invigorated what makes you feel excited to check out. No. So be very quiet in yourself and ask, How can I can I be excited about today, and do that. And don’t judge it, you know. Don’t judge it, if you’re if you have fun reusing last week I talked about judge your space, zozi your practice shows your art, you know, just something. And to see how good and excited and wonderful you feel after that. It changes your whole perspective. So why can you do. So, Now,

I really, there’s a fine line when people say you’re attracting all of these problems. When they say, you get what you think about when they say, in course miracles, you know, I am responsible for everything I see. Yeah, okay, I’m not going to argue that it’s not true. But I feel there’s another way to say it that helps us, flip, flip it a bit and then we can really step in and feel empowered and then it’s just when I give my attention to expands. It’s like I bless the things I see and they multiply right in front of my eyes so what do I want to engage upon, in my mind, in my heart. In my conversations in my posse family, or do I want to give my gaze to my energetic gaze, my mental gaze my heart space is my internet chain, because wherever I place my focus, it will expand. So if I focus on the problems that will expand. That’s all. Not because you’re a jerk. Not because you’re dumb, not because you’re doing it wrong, because you’re bad at a spiritual practice, none of that. It’s much less personal than that it’s just like what I observe observes me back. So let me be very mindful about what I’m observing today. By, and like that the best how I just said that. I just said that. And, you know, another friend wrote me this week and said one thing I’ve learned. Sometimes I ask people what are you learning in this time, and she said no more stupid busy. No more stupid busy. I have learned that now we were all into talking about her family, her. We were all stupid busy before, and for what, so no borrow that for your mind you’re so confused about how to feel better. Maybe that’s stupid busy in your head. I don’t know you know, but no more. Just, just to be so very gentle and loving, and remember you are precious cargo your precious 10 to cyclists saying every week on the song. You were a precious to him. And I love you. So, there you go. I hope that helps you and friends i hope they helped you too. And, you know, always need another letter. I’d love you to send me a letter. My email address is Hello, at Robin Hallett calm, or the shownotes have links on how you can submit a letter of website episode, just go to Robin. COMM slash Episode 86 always love to inspire and delight and offer guidance that supports your heart and our whole posse Thank you, everybody will say it is so relevant for them to every episode. I will hear from people that think that thank the person who sent the letter. And you guys don’t even know each other but what you step in and offer is of service to sell many. So thank you for that too. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Well beloved’s. That wraps Episode 87. I love this time with you so much. Thanks for being here. Thanks for opening your heart and your mind, and receiving. I appreciate your willingness to, you know, come up to the edges of your own comfort zone and practice floating over them with me, you’re going into bigger and more words and spaced together. Never forget that what’s meant for you is always meant for you. You haven’t been forgotten by the universe. The time it takes this is really up to us. Next, not a punishment. It’s just that life loves you and spirit loves you, and the energy is totally okay with the ways you choose to spend your time. That’s what free will is all about. So, choose your choices, may lead you faster to the place you’ve always said you wanted to be. So may that serve you today. Please keep in mind, love is also viral now share it. Spread it offer it.

See how you can serve and make someone else’s day, and I’m going to see you here again next week or in a few minutes. And think about coming to morning my morning magic was Robin 9am Chicago time, every single day on Instagram, and the replays go to YouTube. Every day, here come our geese again. It’s been me Robin, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

It You are a precious gem, doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright, you are.

Life is precious and you are. So shine like you know it really really been amazing, name it and name it and name it prints BP,

you are. It’s.

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