Make Sure You Are

Hi, beautiful friend,

Hello hello 🙂 happy new day. This is a NEW day. It can be whatever we want it to be. Sometimes it’s good to remember that… sometimes I need reminding by the hour 😉

How is the weather in your heart today? I hope you are being gentle and kind with your heart.

Here’s what I am thinking about as I sit down to write to you. It’s so easy to assume we need to be like everybody else, following the leader, listening to the experts, making the appropriate moves. Except we are not everybody else, are we? You are YOU and I am ME. And one size does not fit all.

Learning to honor our uniqueness is an act of humility. Honoring who we are is like saying thank you to God: Thank you for all of me, thank you for my life and my experiences and for the way I express myself. Thank you for the gift of being me.

You were made YOU on purpose, Robin. All the parts of you are intentional and essential. You are necessary and you matter. Right now. As yourself. Right there in that body. Right here in this life. With all of your stories and objections. Exactly as you are.

You being yourself–being at peace with who you are, living as you do, and enjoying your life helps the world to heal. And that is something we need now, big time. We need friends like us to be shining as ourselves, knowing in our hearts that we are HERE and all is well. Just consider some of the news stories that may have caught your attention this week… lots of folks far from their inner knowing. You and I are adding some centeredness back into the mix. This is HUGE. It matters.

There is nothing wrong with living your life exactly as you want to. But make sure you are actually living exactly as you want to! Judging yourself, picking at the edges, feeling afraid, not having your own back? We need to be vigilant. The inner booger loves to trip us up. The part of us interested in never finding peace will always try to grab our attention. Get to know that voice so you can go beyond it.

Today I encourage you to show up as YOU. Love YOU. Be proud of YOU. Honor how hard you’ve been trying. Let some of the stuff go. Let’s be honest, some of it is crap you don’t need to hang onto anyway, am I right? 😉 You are so beautiful, inside and outside. You are loved exactly as you are.


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