We Are So Much More Than This One Little Person in This One Little Life // Tea With Robin Episode 112

There are many ways we attempt to affirm who we are by our actions but do we realize those actions are dictated by the story we tell?

When we decide who we are based upon the stories and struggles we experience, we often make things worse. Having free will means we can choose to make it harder on ourselves, but it also means we can move beyond the suffering.

In this episode:

We’re free to choose how we wanna live, be, and groove. But if we’re suffering about any of it- no matter what the story is, we can learn to choose again. You are not your suffering.  You are not the story. You are the freedom and the light. You are love.

Our inspiration this week is to practice gratitude for what is and what was so you can go beyond where you usually end up.

Our letter is from #presentlife who asks about past lives and wonders how they fit into the one we’re living now.

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

Workbook lesson 1: Nothing I see means anything

Workbook lesson 2:  I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.

Text Chapter 14.VII: Light cannot enter darkness when a mind believes in darkness and will not let it go. Truth does not struggle against ignorance, and love does not attack fear.

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A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello, beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer, and Light Sparkler. At Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, you are always free to choose how you want to live, how you want to be how you want to groove. But if you’re suffering, I’m encouraging you no matter what the story is to do the work on that because that’s not who you are. The suffering is not you. The story is not you.

Our inspiration, practice gratitude for what is and what was so that you can go beyond where you usually end up. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag present lives. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here.


Hello, hello. Hello. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 112 112. Welcome. Welcome. And if it’s your first time here, thank you so much for giving this a world this is a place for healing and expansion beyond who you think you are. This is a place for us to come together and practice remembering there is a spark in you that is of the Divine. Carl Sagan called us star stuff. We are something so much more than this one person in this one life. The sure is a time of awakening. And I hope that this is a place we can gather and remember together and you know, buoy each other. So welcome. Welcome. Welcome and friends returning Hello. Hello. Hello. How is your week? Have you been? I hope you’re having a nice day. I hope you’re doing the good things for you. That brings you joy. Bring your pleasure. Over here. It’s a beautiful day. I have been so freaking inspired all day. I am tempted to say what is wrong with me. You know what I’m saying? Like I’m in such a good space today. You know how we do that. It is a beautiful day. You know, the fall leaves they are I wonder if in a week they’ll still be here but they are getting really colorful and beautiful and the sun is shining. But the weather’s crisp, it’s just perfect, perfect. And I’m just off of one of the best morning magics ever. I do this thing called morning magic every day 9 am Chicago time 10 am Eastern. If you’re Pacific or mountain, I am sorry, it is 7 am I know that it’s early. It’s early. For some of you It’s late. for others of you. I have a friend in Tokyo who is

who connects from bed in the night. So

just came off of that. And we were talking about how we believe we are the small self and the ways that we suffer and the ways that we fester in our minds about things to recognize that and dis and realize it’s something you can practice putting down. And so today I’m super duper excited to continue that conversation with you. But first, you know what comes next. Don’t you? Did you bring some tea with us or some coffee? I have two cups going I have coffee and tea. Let’s see which one which one? Coffee? No tea. Okay, tea. I have Irish breakfast tea and to date, nobody has written to tell me the difference between English breakfast and Irish breakfast. So the mystery continues. Here’s to the day. Here’s to the beauty to the light to our choice to our memory of what’s what. And you know, choosing the practice to ride together. Cheers. Hmm, so good. I made myself a beautiful little breakfast tray today. poached eggs, toast, butter, and then a cup of coffee and a cup of tea. It’s so nice sometimes to treat yourself like the queen or the king in your life. And really high you should be doing that. But isn’t it amazing how many ways we do not allow ourselves permission to have the things we want to eat what we want to eat, to drink what we want to drink to wear what we want to wear to you know if you don’t want to take a shower? Sometimes you don’t want to wash your hair. I can hear some of you already saying you do this, you let yourself do this here, fine. Good. Here’s your award hold on here, here comes the great, you do that? How are how good? Are you at not judging it though? How good are you at sticking with it, honoring what you chose to do for the day? How good are you at that? allowing yourself to decide and stick there without the judgment? Without the stories? There are so many ways we attempt to affirm who we are through our actions. Did you hear that? So many ways we attempt to affirm who we are through our actions. You know, we can spend a lot of mental energy in the stories, judging ourselves critiquing our behavior, overthinking our choices, know what I’m saying, your higher self, the god-self, the star stuff and you could care less about, it doesn’t matter. There’s one in you who is totally unfazed by whether or not you ate Twizzlers for breakfast, or whether you had a green smoothie, or you ate a cheeseburger, you know, there’s one in you who is completely untouched by any of that, of course, it’s raining along with you enjoying all of the experience, whether you are having fun with it is another story, you know, let us break free in our minds, let us allow love to be here. Love is who we really are. Love is our truest selves. We come from love, we are love, that’s it. And when you suffer, and when you struggle, this is not loving. You know, and if I just sounded like a total weirdo person I really want to help us get through this time. I feel like it’s hard enough as it is, without the additional hardness we place on ourselves, to get it all together. And so you know, my reference points are always Course in Miracles. Love from God, the spark of the Divine that we truly are. And it’s not about suffering. It’s about choosing, it’s about practicing, it’s about remembering that we don’t have to suffer. And though also, and we are responsible for what we see and what we choose, there comes a psychic ding.

We’re responsible.

So if we’re interested in waking up, the long and short of it is it’s always us look in the mirror, it’s always us. We have to do the work on us. And we have to own that. There’s a part of us seeing things a certain way that’s creating hardship for us. The course miracle says, Yeah, love created me like itself. We are love. Love is where we come from. When I have the opportunity to talk to you live, whenever we’re doing morning magic or in a healing session, or sometimes I do healing circles, wherever. I’ll say How is the weather in your heart? How are you today? What’s going on? Can I help? What can you, what would you like to work on what is here for you now? And I am so grateful, thankful, amazed blown away, inspired by the friends who ride with me. And that’s probably you too. You’re here on the podcast listening. You’re the same right? You’ve raised your hand. You’re in this posse. You know, what I learned from you is it’s not that we don’t suffer. It’s not that we won’t suffer. The difference is are you willing to be free? Are you willing to explore your own inner workings, your own stories versus continuing on in the thing that isn’t working for you? versus continuing on blaming somebody else for your lot in life, etc? You know, are you willing and so these friends, they blow my mind you blow my mind because you’re willing. So I just want to say thank you for that. And, you know, it’s again, not that we’re not going to suffer, because we do. But also, how would it be if we knew recreated our own suffering? And I feel so tender-hearted saying, you know, I do. Because I, we, don’t have enough time in 10 lifetimes. For me to say how much I understand how hard it is, when you’re suffering when you’re struggling, and you don’t believe you have a choice. Yeah. So back to what I was saying, before that, these friends, you’ll come in a session or talk to me on morning magic or at a circle. And I’ll be like, what can we work on today? What’s here, what’s here now what’s coming up for you. And they are so interested in their freedom, that they’re willing to explore, willing to look at themselves, you know, willing to acknowledge that they will say things like, you know, I get fixated on stuff, I get scared about what this means if they’re dealing with illness, if they’re here on a healing journey, if they’re on a weight loss journey, if they’re trying to have a baby, if they have stories about things that happen at the office, things that happen in your relationships, I mean, and think about what it is for you. You know, consider your own story that creates suffering for you, as I’m talking today. I guess I should have said that sooner, hmm. But you probably already are. Think about your own stories. They create so much of your suffering. You know the thing I take away is we are all having

small self stories, ways we’re trying to affirm ourselves through our stories, how many ways we stay in our struggle about what we’re eating, about what somebody else said to us about a review, we may have gotten, I had some it’s funny like this, it doesn’t always happen. But this week, I saw a couple of poopy comments about me or my podcast, or whatever, online. And you know what, I’m amazed, I did not care. I even laughed about it. Because there was a time when I really cared. I was very hung up about it. And I said to myself, I look forward to the day that I if I happen to see a comment going by and I’m not trolling comments, by the way, I really don’t make it a policy to read. It’s just sometimes if somebody shares in the tag you, let’s say on Facebook, then other people comment, you, if you don’t turn off those notifications, you keep getting notifications. So that’s where I happen to see those this week. But I remember thinking I can’t wait until I get to the point where I can celebrate the victory of seeing something and not caring. I can’t wait to celebrate that. And so here it is, it’s happening. And I didn’t even want to celebrate it was just like no big deal period. Isn’t that cool? I and also, I guess what? I want to celebrate people’s freedom to think whatever they want because you know what that means I can do. They are free to not want to listen, they’re free to not care. They’re free to not like it. And I am free to love that means I’m free to Isn’t that beautiful? So think about because I think we all each do have little, little places, little Eddie’s little swirly places in the river of flow. Where we get hung up, we get caught. Like you get into the spin, you start to swirl. And where is that for you? Food, politics COVID religion, Black Lives Matter. Your spouse, your status, your relationship status, your work your age. Did I say your weight financial stuff? I don’t know. You know, I always tell you I could say it give these examples out the wing wang and not hit the one that’s right for you. So really do yourself a solid here and think about it. There are so many stories you can process and work through With me today, my friend, if you are willing, I was thinking it has been a minute since I’ve shared some Course of Miracles Awesomesauce with you, and I’ve been talking to some friends this week about.

Let me just get here.

I’ve been talking to some friends about the Course of Miracles, workbook lessons, the first view, bite, it is so good to have friends in my life practicing with me, and we can dialogue about this journey and bring in the practices and I tell you what your friends are out there. If you don’t feel like you have that connection, yet. Your friends are out there, you have to stay open. And say the prayer, I’m going to link up an episode on friendship that I did a while back with the prayer for receiving a friend that you really, really love in your life. And I hope that I can be their friend for you to this time together can be that friend that that helps you go beyond you know. So the first few lessons in the Course of Miracles. Lesson One, and I’m just going to shorten these to my liking. Nothing I see means anything. Nothing I see means anything. Nothing I see means anything. Unless I’m to I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me. These two practices in tandem, actually the first.

The first five lessons are so powerful in the Course in Miracles, I have a course available. It’s super reasonable you can I’ll link this all up in the show notes. You can download it and do the meditations with me. They are beautiful. So I give the meaning to everything I see. And when it talks about seeing, it’s not talking about your literal eyeballs looking at things, though, though, that’s where the practice has you started as you look around your room at all the things and understand that you apply the meaning to all the things you see, it’s really talking about the suffering one in you the ego in you the suffer, you know, the one who’s like interpreting, we could say instead of seeing we could use the word interpreting, interpreting things like a bad review, or somebody who doesn’t return your phone call, you’re interpreting it a certain way, or people who talk to you and they cut you off, they don’t seem interested in what you have to talk about. That’s a perfect place to practice. What if we began to call this out when it happens? Doesn’t matter if you’re upset for hours or days, if you come to a place where you remember? Oh my god, yes, I am the one who’s seeing it this way. I’m choosing the feelings. I’m choosing the thoughts. I’m choosing this story. And I can see how it’s putting me in the spin cycle. The spin cycle continues to deepen and deepen. And it becomes worse and worse and bigger and bigger at the same time till pretty soon I am the biggest Rama Lama ding dong loser on the planet, and I should just be come extinct, you know? No, but we need to practice and this is what an accountability practice does. This is what we’re doing together here. And you know, you are so invited to morning magic, or the replays are all on igtv you have to have an Instagram account. But you know, you could get one. And then you could watch and listen to these inspirational talks too. So I don’t understand anything I see. But at the same time I’ve given it all the meaning it has for me. Isn’t that the truth? What if I just relaxed my interpretation? What if I just chilled the EFF out about the story I’m making up? What else might happen for me?

How might My experience chain, how might my experience change? If I decide with God for a change, with spirit with the openness with the wonderment that of the creative cosmos, if I start to say anything is possible, instead of I know what this means paper?

Would that be so amazing?

I just open I’m looking for another prayer in my book. And you know, I write all over this book. This is my original book, and I just opened to a section. This is in chapter 14, again, all these will be in the show notes. Wherever you listen, you can just scroll down and see where the show notes, the link to the show notes. So you can find this stuff again. Light cannot enter darkness when the mind believes in darkness, and it will not and will not let it go. Truth does not struggle against ignorance. And love does not attack fear. What needs no protection does not defend itself. Defense is of your making. God knows it not. So what does that mean? When we are aligned? Let’s take take your example. What’s your example? I’m thinking of the other day, somebody was saying to me, it is not fair. It’s not fair, that these people should have all this money. And I work so hard and have so little, you know, it’s not fair. So that’s a great example, or take something that’s real for you. Light cannot enter darkness. When the mind believes in darkness, and will not let it go. Have you ever been so upset? So you’re like a dog with a bone. You’re so focused in on this thing that you cannot let go? The line is there. The awareness, the shift, the ease, the love, the change the abundance, the thing you’re you think you’re seeking, it’s still there. But it can’t enter into your mind because you’re aligned in a place that is not able. Now you can’t see you’ve made up your mind about what you’re looking at. You are so freaking sure what it all means. There is not even a millisecond Millom millimeter opening right now. There’s no opening there. And it’s not that light is going away from you, avoiding you giving you the stain guy punishing you. You’re not good enough. And that’s why the light doesn’t Bless you. It’s not that it’s not that I promise. It’s not that you know, a lot of us believe in punishment from God. The light doesn’t have the ability to punish you the light only is the light it’s not even deciding to do anything other than be how

it is.

It’s just being how it is. You’re not being punished. It’s just a your focus is so in the other direction. You’re the one that can’t recognize the right says here in the next line truth does not struggle against ignorance. It’s just like, truth. It’s just there. There’s no fight there’s again there’s no assertion of well, you are always free. There’s no struggling against it just is the truth is just the truth. You are love you are free. You’re telling yourself a lot of carp to that that’s also it just is you know, it just is and Love does not attack fear. Of course it doesn’t attack fear. First of all, fear is an illusion. So it’s not real. What’s there to attack? What’s there to grasp? It’s like vapor. What’s there to hold? What’s there to attack? Love does not attack. You know Wayne Dyer always quoted this thing. Fear knocked on the door. And love answered, but no one was there. Love does not attack fear. What needs no protection does not defend itself. So Here we are again. What could there possibly be to defend? What could you possibly, if you really are love and only love is real, and love is your major and love created you like itself? This stuff you are struggling with the stuff you are suffering over? How could that possibly be real? And why would you need to defend it? What could there be the defend? It’s not even there. It’s not even real. That’s what the course is saying to us. So the stories you carry this terror you have about whatever it is this upset this anger, this hurt this. Feeling like things aren’t fair life didn’t go the right way for you, you screwed things up. And now you’re stuck with your lot. What if it wasn’t real? What if it’s something you just keep holding up? But what if we could begin today? Maybe for the first time maybe? set it down? set it down? You don’t have to fight for these fight with these things or for these things anymore? If you don’t want to, and I’m not at all implying it’s going to be that easy. No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying it’s a possibility that you can practice. You know, we really suffer when we put ourselves in darkness when we the dark clouds roll in from our own stories. When we close the door on the light. You know, nothing can obscure the light.

Hi there.

It’s currently 12 o’clock.

With a current temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today’s low is 47 degrees

and the highest 57 degrees.

That’s pretty funny. The thunder, I like that thunder, storm. My phone, nothing can obscure the light unless we close the door. So you know, to the part. How do I make this back to the real for you. When you’re struggling? When you’re suffering when you’re fighting your way. about things when you’re pissed when you’re annoyed when you’re afraid when you’re lonely. Pay attention to the story you’re telling yourself there and pay attention to the ways it is moving you in the body. What’s it moving you to do? You know most of the time, it’s like burrow in further. Tighten into the swirl even more. Light cannot enter darkness when a mind believes in darkness and will not let it go when you believe you’re a hopeless loser. When you believe your tumor is not shrinking, when you believe you’re going to reject the transplant when you believe your job is on the chopping block when you believe. You know nobody could ever possibly love you look at you. I mean seriously. Right?

That I know it seems so true. I know it seems so real but also that is us believing in darkness and not letting go. So my tangible tips, I just encourage you to practice opening your hands and letting go. Opening your hands and letting go saying there’s a story I’m holding on to it feels so very real. I don’t know how this gets transformed. I only know that it does and I am free. And we keep remembering nothing can obscure the light. Let me not close the door for those of you who have this thing about fairness and why are some people have so much money and you don’t you know that’s one we fall into a lot. We we become willing and open to see the abundance in our lives now the freedom even if the only choice you can make right now is this your house is so small that it’s hardly Anything anytime to clean yourself, you know, that’s still a step in the right direction. That’s what I love to say. I say to myself, whether or not I clean is another story. But you know, I love so much not having a 80,000 square foot home. Because it’s cozy and beautiful and, and that’s the way we need to be practicing. You find your cozy and beautiful freedoms here. And you are made of love, we have to choose that. You are always free to choose how you want to live, how you want to be how you want to groove. But if you’re suffering, I’m encouraging you no matter what the story is to do the work around that, because that’s not who you are. Lesson number three in the workbook, I do not understand anything I see. And lesson two, I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me. Even if you’re understanding what I’m saying just a tiny bit, you’re feeling this pole, it’s making sense. It’s resonating, and it still feels kind of out of reach for you out of your grasp. You know, hard to hard to, but how you can feel that part of you yearning, to practice yearning to be free. And also, it’s still a little bit unclear, take out a post it note, a note card, take out your phone and put a little reminder there for yourself to practice. You know, this thought means nothing, Google those lessons and see what stands out for you and take those lines with you as you go today. I promise. You only need to be a sliver of a sliver of a sliver willing and not even all the time, I promise you that and you will be helped beyond measure you will receive support and aid in your request. That is true. So take the next move, you know, don’t just listen to this and then go right back in to the grind you allow your mind to do. Okay. I sound kind of tough, but, um, and it’s from love, I care, I care about you. And your and the progress you want to make you say you want to make I care about that. I care about supporting you there. So okay, so I made myself a note. So I wanted to tell you a story connected to this. One day, some of the guidance that came through from for morning magic, I always sit and ask for, you know, something to come through. And this one particular day it was today is a good day to die. And I was like I am not saying that. On the recording. I am not going on to morning magic and saying that to people, because there are people there who are actually living with the diagnosis that could imply they are dying. I am not going to say that I don’t want to be upsetting. I don’t want to be upsetting. But you know,

when I started to sit with, I don’t understand what anything is for. I don’t understand what it means. I have committed to bring my highest and my best to the circle, which means I’ll ride with God, I’ll speak for God, then yeah, you know what I am going to say that I am going to say and so I also shared that, that I was afraid to talk about these things because who wants to? Do you have stuff you don’t want to bring up because you don’t want to upset people? I bet you do. Uh huh. I bet you do. Well, me too. But as I began to talk about it, there was such a beautiful response. And not just from the friends who are in good health, but from the friends who are practicing healing their stories around their diagnosis. Those are the ones who were so moved by it. Today is a good day to die. I did some research later it comes it goes all the way back. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase but it goes all the way back to the 1880s to an interview in the newspaper between chief low dog and maybe the Philadelphia newspaper somewhere about When they’re going into battle, it’s not just a way to pump yourself up because you know that you’re going to be creamed. You could be creamed, you might not be coming home. That’s, that’s sort of like riding in the darkness again, you know, that sort of like expecting bad things to happen. His perspective was, we want, because it could happen. Because we don’t know. Because there are no guarantees, because we’re in the moment we’re riding in the flow of life. Let us bring the fullness of who we truly are, to this moment, let’s be alive. Let’s be in our life. And yes, then as you go into things that are difficult, you could free yourself up with that statement. You know, if today was the last day, am I loving this experience I’m having. So I, I love that so much. And I wrote a post a couple years ago called

I have to look it up.

Here is lectricity yourself off the hook, do whatever you want. Let go. And again, I’ll link this up in the show notes. And it talks about how one of the things about life is it’s always changing. And I understand how much we don’t like that things are always changing. And it can be such a challenge to practice, along with the disappointments and the heaviness that we sometimes feel. But the thing is, the story we tell is what really is always holding us back that that feeling of what if what if this happens? What if that happens? What if that doesn’t happen? What if or it’s not fair, it’s not fair, or whatever your story is, it’s I’m repeat.

thing is

it’s always easier to stay in that place of upset than it is to risk getting free. It’s easier to stay keep doing that. It’s easier to be tilted than it is to say, You know what? I keep showing up in my jilted energy. How am I creating these stories? These Eddie’s again and again? How am I recreating this thing where at work, they continually pick, pick me over? No, not pick me over? Wait a minute. They continually skip over me. I never get chosen for things that I’m How do I keep recreating that? How do I keep plugging away at the same old stuff? And continuing to get the same old results and continuing to do the same old dance? How do I keep doing that? So the funny art I drew? It’s a it’s a tombstone, and it says she stayed in the ship. She knew. You know what I mean? By shipped? Who wants to say but you know, who wants to have she stayed in the shipped? She knew I’m there to honor tombstone? I don’t. So one of the things we talked about this morning was let’s write our obituary. Let’s write an obituary. And this came right from a friend who actually is working on a terminal diagnosis right now. And that’s where we got the inspiration. That’s one of her fantasies is maybe I should write the obituary now. Maybe I should write it. And we said, Maybe we should. All right one. What do you want on your tombstone? Remember that pizza? And what do we want? Do we want more of this? I don’t. I want to be free. And you know, the stuff I want to be free of, I mean, it’s a big list. I want to be free of caring about the small stuff. If my house is clean or not, if my laundry is done or not. If my hair looks good or not, if my belly is too big for these jeans or not, because there is no but to speak of over here. I’m sorry. There is no buck going on over here. It’s all belly for me. You know, I want to be done with you know, whatever it is. I tell you what That’s the stuff I don’t want to stay in. That’s what I want to work on. It doesn’t matter. What if I have given this all the meaning it has? What is the story? Like? All those things I just said, I have to do all these things in order to be a good person. What if it’s not true? What if all I have to do is to remember my goodness and practice it? to choose? With joy? What I love, and get on with it? Can I practice welcoming the good? Can I wake up in the middle of my chanting? What’s all crap again? and practice welcoming the good. Can I look into my own eyes in the mirror and see the light there? Back when I was beginning this course in miracles part from chapter 14, it’s called teaching for truth. By the way, in Section v i that is seven and Roman numeral speak. Like cannot enter darkness when a mind believes in darkness and will not let it go. Can I be the one who says I want to let go? All of the darkness that I can notice. I mean, you don’t have to do this perfectly. But wherever I catch myself again. Can I let go? I want to let go because I want to be I want to be free. I want to be in my joy. Yes. That’s what I have to say there today, my friend. I hope you loved this talk. We’ve got some good inspiration, inspiration coming up. I’m not sure if we’re going to have a letter or not. But let’s see what there’s time for. May this serve you? And yeah, let’s have some more tea.

Okay, I switched coffee actually. So good. So inspiration today. Today, October 24. First, I can’t do anything serious today. Today, October 25. Is my mother’s birthday. My mom was born in 1941 4019 40 mm. Who cares people. She would have been 8200 years old today. She died in the 90s. And I wanted to share this inspiration because I know for a fact I am not the only one out there with a mom, they still can’t imagine hugging 20 years after their bath. I still you know what I still can’t picture us hugging. It was that cantankerous it was that narcissistic, abusive, whatever. And yet, she was a great lady. And I learned a lot from her. And I learned a lot because of her. You know. There’s a great book by David Rico, how to be an adult in relationships. And one of the things he talks about is the more effort we feel we are, the more skills we’ve acquired and an early age on how to be in relationship. Because we were wounded. We learn how to do things that other people didn’t. And if you choose to work your light instead of your darkness, you can be a profound person in the world, offering things in your family, to your friends, whatever. Because of what you’ve been through. It has changed you and shaped you. And that is how I feel about my mother. So on this day, the inspiration is to say thank you. I am grateful. Thank you. I am grateful to the people who you feel have harmed you the most to the ones who have created the most friction for you.

To the ones with the most venom to the ones with the hurt, who have left lingering scars, things you still struggle with today. Things you still can’t understand now. I’ve got some of those going on to about my mother. And you know, the more you come to the practice, the more you understand it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you choose to do with this time you’ve been given. If Today is our last day of today’s A Good Day to Die, I don’t want to spend it lamenting these things. I don’t want to spend it being sour and dour. So, I choose today to honor my mother today to say happy birthday to you.

You know what? I’m even gonna light a candle to say happy birthday to you to celebrate your light.

Apparently, the candle does not want me to light it because there’s only one little match in the in the box. And it is like it didn’t come out. Right. So okay, well, I do have a Bic lighter somewhere here. You know, I just like ritual need to order some more matches, I guess. Okay, here we go.


On this day, I say thank you. Thank you. I am grateful. Thank you for bringing me into this world. Thank you for giving me life for carrying me and keeping me alive. Thank you for the teachings. Thank you for the difficulties. Thank you for every night. You probably cried yourself to sleep. tired and frustrated and absolutely done. Thank you. Thank you for trying your best to make it what it was. And thank you for showing me so many things.

Wherever you are, I wish you wherever you are, I’m sending you light. And my gratitude, thank you for signing up with me for riding with me in this lifetime. And I appreciate the continued practice all these decades, right? 20 years later, plus, I’m here adding in my head 24 years later. Wow. Thank you for this practice. Happy birthday. And, and so it is Amen. You know, Friends, we can go free, we can go free, we can go free. takes such courage to choose gratitude instead of and I know it took me a long time. So please don’t feel like I’m telling you what to do. Just showing you another way. I still remember the day I saw Danielle Laporte post, and she said at some point you need to stop blaming your parents, and I really pissed me off. Because I was in the middle of blaming my parents, but you know, the more you journey and the more you work on things, you come to a place where you understand, I have to carry the poison in me if I keep giving it to you. I have to keep seeing myself as broken. If I keep insisting you broke me. I have to keep saying I’m ruined. If I keep saying You ruined my life. I have to keep saying I am damaged. If I say you damaged me, you see. And that’s the part I don’t want to agree with anymore. I’m not damaged. I’m not broken. I am free. I’m free. And may we all be free. Right. So So Beautiful thank you to my mama. Wherever you are, the work continues. Let’s have some more tea.


This is the part of the podcast where I like to ask you to support the podcast, I had such a beautiful experience this week, Heather, are you listening? My friend Heather wrote such a beautiful post on Facebook and about last week’s episode, shared it on. You know, do it when you’re inspired, if you’re inspired to share this love on if you’ve received something powerful, share it on. But because of Heather sharing that I have been in touch with a few people who really, really

were moved by this offering as well. And it’s down to you, when you share these things. You’re the one who I bank for that. When you share something on, you know, the people who are already praying for help, help me help me see this differently helped me know this differently. You’re the one that can bring this light to them. And you know, it’s not my light, it’s everyone’s light, it’s in all of us. And boy, do I know the place where I just need to access it. And I don’t know how. So if you feel moved to share this on, I so I thank you in advance, I appreciate it, you can always write a review, that helps to when the reviews are there. You know how it is the computer knows it’s not the computer, okay? But you know what I’m saying knows to serve these episodes up to people searching in iTunes, for example. So thank you, thank you, thank you in any way you want to support my work, I appreciate that. And I just say I’m still I still I don’t know why I keep saying still I’m offering Healing Sessions to one to one. And there’s always one monthly healing circle. November, we already had the October one but look for that in November chances to work with me and ride with me more in depth, and our free morning magic time. Every single day. Is there. So let’s read the letter. I have a short one here. This goes out to you Susie. And Susie writes Hello, Robin, may I ask how you feel about past lives. I once saw a very lovely gentle soul reader when I was having a difficult time with gossipy bitchy work colleagues. She said that I bring out the worst in people because they realize their faults when they’re with me. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet. So that was revealing. She also said that I had in the past been a china man with power and wealth. I hope I was kind. And an Indian girl, sadly, not the North American type I always want affinity with but from India. And that was where I got my sweetness from. So while this is exciting, I can only think of me as me and always was and always will be. But I’m open-minded and wonder if you have any experience or thoughts on this. It isn’t worrying me. But it is fun and interesting. Thank you for your time and consistent replies and constant love. warmest love to you and jeffy Susie. Well, thanks so much, Susie, for writing. I love this question. I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about this here past lives. So first of all, thank you, bless you. You know, I appreciate this letter. And also so many blessings to the lovely gentle soul reader who shared this information with you. As somebody in this work as well, but don’t really do past lives. Somebody who looks into the soul and energy and lifetime themes for people. I’ll say that all information that comes through no matter how clear the receiver, no matter how well intentioned, we still share through our own experiences, our own lens, so to speak. And so it’s always so important to carry these things with a grain of salt received. them, and then interpret according to your own template, you know what I mean? So just You were always free. If somebody tells us something in this capacity, we’re always free to consider how and if this information fits for us. And then the next thing is, you know, it’s a beautiful thing to think about past lives. If our soul is eternal, if it’s really true that we come from somewhere else, we come from the whole creator of this universe, this were part of this whole collective creative cosmos, then it makes a lot of sense that we would not just have this one life. If we’re here for all eternity, if we always have been, and always will be, you know, world without end, then of course, it makes sense that

we go somewhere else, when we leave this body, and we continue the journey on in some way.

There are many ways to see this journey, many ways to interpret how it works. And each of us is unique in the way we see and receive information. So for some of us, the past lives, it’s really helpful. It’s really, really helpful. So for me, past lives are a very important part of the journey. And also not important. What’s always relevant for me is, as you said, I am here in this life. And this is my right now, in this body, this is our biggest experience. So it’s like this is the perspective we see everything else from and receive information into this time frame. Now, this reality for us now. Where it’s really relevant is when you recognize your lifetime themes, that thing you regularly struggle with, let’s say self worth for you. Let’s say it’s knowing you’re worthy and deserving of a life you feel proud to claim for yourself, one that you enjoy and love them. Taking a look at these past life themes can be important to see how you’ve been and maybe know you’ve been making progress in these areas all along. But beyond that, for me, you know, sometimes when people say, well, in a past life, I was this and so in this life, you know, it can get anyway, it can get complicated. So, we’re here. We’re here now living this experience now. And the best information comes from being present in your life and paying attention to the common themes. And definitely, if there are overtones for you, from other times, or even through your culture, your religion, your family lineage, you know, these are all very important things to consider. But the most important time is here and now. So beyond that, I’ll say it’s always good to blow your own trumpet, my friend, it’s always good to love what you love about yourself, and to equally shine a light on the areas where we feel need improvement, you know? So it’s a beautiful thing, and I appreciate you asking and your open mindedness to explore. So I thank you very much, and friends listening. If I could ever really read the letter for you, It would be my pleasure. Got a topic you’re curious about or you want to hear a story from my experience? Or I can answer a question for you. Let me know Hello at Robin Hallett calm or the show notes has just go to Episode 112 on the website. Well brands, their apps another amazing episode. I’ve so enjoyed our time together today. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I’m sitting here taking in the rich colors out my window, the warmth in my heart now. The pleasure the comfort of knowing you and I ride together and no matter what this world seems to throw at us or no matter what doesn’t seem to change And we might feel a times unsure or afraid. I take a lot of comfort and solace knowing it’s us. We’re here. And we’re together. And I will be back again next week. To share a little more time with you share a cup of yum yum and some Heart, heart to heart time. So I’ll see you then. Or in a few minutes if you’re binge listening. This has been me Robin, your soul sister and friend on the journey. Bye bye

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