Will Things Get Better For Me? Jobs, Money, Love


Hi Robin, Will things get better for me? Everything is so uncertain right now. Wondering about Jobs, Money, Love? Thanks!!

YES! Of course things can get better for you!

Your problem isn’t what you think it is…

It’s not about finding love or getting a job or earning more money.

Your biggest challenge at this point is to shift your thoughts about where you’re at right now.

Did you know that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking? Think about it 🙂

What you place your focus on grows.

What are you aware of right now? What kinds of thoughts are you focusing on?

Do you think it’s hopeless? Do you think you’re exempt from the goodness in life? Do you think you’re a failure?

Every time you spin the story that you can’t find a job, you affirm the belief that you cannot find a job.

When you allow the thought: My life is in constant turmoil you create the belief that your life is in constant turmoil.

When you believe that things usually fall apart for you, guess what happens?

You might tell me that there’s all this evidence in your life that it is true: Right now, you don’t have a job, you don’t have any money, and you aren’t lucky in love.

I will counter that you’ve been holding this “reality” so close to your heart that it is all you can see.

For the next week or so, I challenge you to practice letting go of thoughts that make you unhappy. Just ask yourself as they come up: Can I let this go?

In their place, let’s plant some new seeds. When you catch the fearful money thoughts, try saying this: I welcome my abundance. Or, better yet I AM abundance.

In your subconscious mind you are sowing the “seeds” that will become full-grown “plants” later on.

So plant the seeds that you really really really want to grow 🙂

Sending a hug, and seeing you with believing eyes!!

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10 thoughts on “Will Things Get Better For Me? Jobs, Money, Love

  1. Dear Robin. I have to say, “WOW!” on this posting. It was like a 50 carat diamond falling into my inbox. First of all, the picture at the top made me S-M-I-L-E. Soooo cute and fun and inspiring! I’d like a copy of this to keep on the fridge.
    I was just having one of those moments — oh yes, I have LOTS of those moments — of feeling a bit hopeless and helpless about MONEY (I’m happy to report I’m excellent in the LOVE department). Then your message really hit home. Reading your post was like a cup of strong, sweet coffee with whipped cream on top, and a cookie on the side. You reminded me . . . I’m neither hopeless nor helpless!
    In the two minutes it took to read your words I went from crappy to happy! Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!
    PS: Now I’m going to go find a nice cup of coffee and a cookie. Wheeeeeeee!

    1. Thanks for your post. What, no whipped cream?
      How can you go from crappy to happy without a little whipped cream?

      Seriously, I totally get what you’re saying. And, throughout my day I too have to practice what I am preaching. It’s about identifying what I don’t want to be thinking so I can consciously focus on what I do want!!

      Thanks Jeff, I am glad you are fine in the LOVE department! xox

  2. This is an amazing post. I deal so much with these kind of thoughts, but i never really thought of it like this. I struggle in a hostile work place and feel like giving up everyday. Maybe if I change my attitude it will help me get through this.

    1. HI Tiffany, Even when the workplace IS truly hostile, there is a part of our suffering that comes from our own interpretation of what the situation means. By changing our thoughts about the situation, some great shifts are possible. In fact it’s the only way it will be possible to achieve change.
      Good luck Tiffany,

  3. I love this mindset. I’ve been thinking a lot about planting and harvesting and the time in between those two things this week. It’s important not to grow weary in sowing the right seeds and tending to them. They eventually grow (even if I can’t always tell that they’re growing).

    1. What do they say about birds of a feather? I agree with not growing weary. It’s more like the coolest experiment everrrrr. Especially the times when I picked the wrong place to plant… I got so much more than I was expecting! Such a valuable lesson in the end.

      1. I think, in a way, coming off the high of SXSW has me wondering if I’ve chosen the right place to plant. I may just be tired, though, and I know not to uproot things or to quit when I’m like that.

        1. Yeah, I get it. What a high that must have been and it shines a light onto other goings on in our lives… I like your curiosity – so I invite you to wonder and ponder and stay open because MORE might be coming 🙂

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