How are You Feathering Your Nest? (Healing Insights)

How are you at feathering your nest?

Have you ever watched a bird building its nest?

Each item is carefully chosen for its ability to cushion those little baby birdies that will one day hatch inside.

A nest is the perfect metaphor for the container of your dreams.

What materials are you using to build your nest?

Your thoughts, choices, and actions are the ‘objects’ which line your nest.

 So, how are you doing with feathering your nest?

Do you love, support, and encourage yourself?

Do you shame yourself for your so-called shortcomings?

Do you listen to your fearful thoughts?

A nest is a sacred container for the treasure it holds.

If you truly want to nurture your dreams, line your nest with sacred objects.

Flimsy nesting material will not be able to hold the weight of your dream.

Remember, what you give your attention to becomes part of the nest for your dreams.

If you’re seriously interested in taking your life to the next level, place your birdie wing over your heart and repeat after me:

Starting NOW I choose to line my nest with sacred objects.

Now is your time to begin again.

This is your chance to consciously create what you really really long to create.

I absolutely believe in you, I know you can do this!

How can I help you?

Remember, I am here for you–to cheer you on, and lift you up. Sometimes, you need someone to loan you their flashlight when it’s dark out. 🙂

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