When It’s Time to Stop Doing and Start Being

stop doing start being

There are days when it finally hits you.

All this doing isn’t helping.

The thing you were pushing forward so hard on is not working out. But despite all the evidence, you’re still standing there with the hammer in your hand, insisting you can make it work.

Your stubborn streak is a gift, there is no one who can hang on quite like you (except maybe me!) but in this case the stubborn streak isn’t helping.

Step away from the hammer.

Life will not give up on you. It will continue to deliver its little messages inviting you to stop doing and start being. Sometimes you’ll hear the voice right in the middle of all your pushing saying, “Oh my god why do I put myself through this? This is a lot of busywork for very little gain.”

Would it be so bad to stop and listen? Really?

Sometimes it’s helpful to ask yourself what you think you’ll lose by quitting. It’s also helpful to ask what you think you’ll gain by persisting.

Yesterday I spoke with a client who told me she wasn’t liking me very much just then… I had been telling her exactly this: Sometimes there is nothing to do but stop what you’re doing and just BE. There are no fixes. Let it be. Listen.

Stop and be very still. Get quiet and listen. What is your heart asking for?

when it's time to stop doing and start being

It will take some fearlessness on your part but you’re the brave sort and this will turn out okay for you. Something new and better will come from this and you want that.

I know you want something deeper for yourself (even if you’re scared). Something more sustaining than the pleasure you get from ticking things off the list, or getting that leg behind your neck, or swearing off chocolate forever.

Trust the small voice. Listen. Take the advice. Make the change.

Life is short and you are not meant to suffer in order to have joy.


when it's time to stop doing and start being


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