Monday Meditation: What I Resist Persists

What I resist persists

Hello Friends! This is a quick meditation on releasing resistance and loving ourselves more fully.

We don’t always see that our resistance to taking the next steps on our journey hurts us. Once we do, it becomes easier to let go and allow a gentle opening to inquire within: Is there something I can do to love myself more fully?

From this place of peace and ease and love, we can gently ask our inner resistant, defiant one what it is needing.

We believe we will suffer if we have to give up some things… when in reality the exact opposite is true, only a greater sense of ease and freedom is waiting for you.

Ease and joy wait for you on the other side of resistance.

What we resist persists. So if you’re ready to make peace, you can let go.

Let yourself receive this meditation again and again this week. It’s okay to pause the video and allow yourself more time too.

So glad we travel in the spirit bubble together!


What I resist persists

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