It’s Okay to Let It Be Good // Tea With Robin Episode 89

It’s okay if you’re finding joy in this time. If your practice is deepening, if you’re finding greater intimacy with family and friends, if you’re learning new things about yourself and your journey… this is all cause for celebration. Let it be good.

Honor how you feel and trust in the rightness of that for you.⁣

We can help ourselves over the hurdle of feeling guilty or apologetic for our experience by owning the truth of how it is for us.

Always, there is a cosmic YES ready to greet us… but if we’re listening to the guilt, the worries, the anxiety, we are not on the same wavelength. ⁣

Our inspiration this week is a wishing tree—something fun for the whole family. And our letter is from a friend discussing changes in plans now that Covid19 has altered the ones she had.⁣

Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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A Course in Miracles Quotes:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Lesson 5: “There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.”

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A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

You might enjoy the Course in Miracles practices I offer here.
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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s Robin, an intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hood, calm and this is Tea with Robin on today’s episode, let it be good for you Let it be good for you and helping ourselves over the hurdle of feeling guilty or apologetic about enjoying our time.

Our inspiration this week is a wishing tree something fun for everyone. And we’ll have a letter on the hashtag adventure awaits All this and more. come grab a cup of yum and meet me here.

Hello, It’s me Robin and welcome back to why am I already laughing? Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin Episode 8989 and I feel fine I’m so happy to be back with you again today. Hello, hello. Hello. If it’s your first time here, first of all you rock and you are in an amazing place. Hi, and welcome to our policy. Oh, it’s 555 right now I’m having this whole thing today with spirit numbers. It’s kind of freaky deaky in a good way, but every time I’ve looked at a clock today it was on those, the trio of numbers and love it. The veil is thin and our angels are always trying to say hi. Hello. So friend, How is the weather in your heart today? How are you doing? always hope you are being kind and gentle. practicing with your thoughts, working with your stories in loving I think the bird is answering for you I hope you can hear that. There’s so much chitter chatter going on. Yeah, I hope you’re being sweet and wonderful to yourself and finding your own right ways to thrive and be alive energetically speaking in this time. It’s so important. Over here, the weather in my heart is really good. This has been a beautiful day. This has been a beautiful week. Just so loving our time together and experiencing a deeper sense of connection to myself and with you and our love posse. My family and my friends and it just feels like this special time right now. I’m loving it. I’ve been doing a lot of gardening these days, watching some seeds blooming. So so it’s a good time. Come to Clarion bells. There’s a little church down the road from us and it seems like since this love apocalypse began, they really are ringing their bells a lot more. Of course I have not fact checked in, but it just seems like there’s a lot more ringing going on. So my friend did you bring a cup of yummy. I’m with you today. I hope so. Today I’ve got my favorite turquoise mug. I got a new mug for Mother’s Day by the way. So this is my new favorite turquoise mug, iridescent turquoise. The handle is white and iridescent as well. It doesn’t love a little sparkle in your day. I’ve got my Irish breakfast tea, little stevia, little sea salt. I love it that way. And I think we should cheers to you. If you like to tears to yourself, would you like to tears yourself today? What are you celebrating in the Heard about yourself today. Go on. I’ll give you a minute to pick something. What are you proud of yourself for today? What do you think he did? But what do you love about you today? Pick something and I’m going to cheer you on that. I second that. I see you. And I cheers to you. Cheers. Well, beloved, today is an interesting day. I’ve had a week of Healing Sessions and doing we’re still doing our morning magic live over on Instagram. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please come and join us. It’s such a it’s such a healing experience and such a beautiful group of souls gathering supportive and you just go to my Instagram account at Robin Hallett. 9am Chicago time, that’s 10am Eastern. We’re having a beautiful time together over there and I am so loving that, here’s what I want to report this week. I want to tell you that it’s okay. If you’re enjoying this time. If you’re feeling grateful for this time, if you’ve been having beautiful new discoveries about yourself in this time, you’ve been enjoying the slower pace of

time. It’s okay. I always want to bring this message of love and hope and inspiration to you. So I don’t like to name a bunch of negatives of for the sake of just making my point clear. I continue to write down in session that people are saying I feel guilty. You know, I feel bad. I feel guilty saying that. I don’t want this time to end. You know. I feel bad saying things are really good and we have it good things are going well. And we have it was So that’s some of what I want to talk about today, taking your experience and your energy right now into a more intentional place, owning it, owning what you know and scale and believe about your journey. Because that’s the only way we can go higher or expand more fully into what we’re creating what we’re wanting what we’re loving, you know, it’s the only way we can do it in. Of course, we don’t want to dance all over the planet right now saying, I love this time. I’m so happy. There’s a pandemic, you know, obviously, I mean, I get it. But I also feel that there’s a way that this experience is happening. For us on a global scale, to invite us in so much more deeply, to our journey of what we’ve always been working towards what we’ve always been wanting, and in a way, I guess I would say, I could say like, we got a little off track. We got a little out of touch, maybe, maybe you would say for you, that was your experience before this all began. You were praying for a certain kind of year for yourself, think about, you know, six months before this was going on, where were you at? What was going on for you? What was happening in your life? And if you’re somebody who journaled, who journals or does art journaling, or regularly praise or meditates or all of the above, just take a breath and sit within and say, Where was I going for? What was I hoping for? Well going on. And I wonder if you’ll connect some dots to the gift of this time for you. I know for me, you know what I wanted to do even more fully was give myself to my healing practice, both my personal one what I love to do for me as the person I take care of the most. And also what I do for us, I wanted to throw my heart and soul into this life and have a luscious experience. I know for me that there was always is stuff that was in the way of them. I think there’s a way that each of us had what I would call lesser priorities. above what was really sacred in our hearts. We we were honoring these lesson priorities. I’m thinking of my friend who would tell me a lot every day I walk to work past this little cafe and I envisioned myself sitting there leaving for work an extra half hour early and sitting there enjoying the paper, getting to know the the owner getting to know the people who work there. I would fantasize about this feeling of, you know, they know me. Like Cheers. Everybody knows your name doo doo doo doo. My friend who I talk about this have this great vision, this feeling the swelling sensation of this will be so much fun and never really did it. Never did it. What were the lesser priorities? What were we allowing to get in our way before? What were we allowing ourselves to distract us from doing the stuff we really really wanted to do. I know I am hearing and I’m hearing and see how this is for you that now is just time where we have an opportunity to do the things we wanted to do before. But other things were in the way. So today’s episode is really about allowing yourself

to step over the threshold that normally held you back, stepped over the stories you carried to recognize a lesser priority, and we prioritize your wish list so that that was sacred to you. What’s sacred to you, comes first. And one of the biggest things I noticed is that we didn’t get to the stuff before because we didn’t realize how much we made. We still had some wobbles around our own sense of worthiness and value Know that poem from Marianne Williamson Who am I to be beautiful, powerful, brilliant. Yes, who am I to go to a cafe in the mornings before? Her my the paint in the middle of the day? Who am I to build a garden or start a love affair or read three novels a week? Who am I to do that? Whatever your story is sit with your pre love apocalypse story, who am I to workout every day? Who am I to go to yoga five times a week? Who am I to buy the car I really really want. The blessing of being where I sit in the day is that I hear so many stories and then they serve I’m able to coagulate or aggregate the data and it does come down to a sense of worthiness, a sense of value, a sense of mattering a sense of knowing about ourselves.

So here we go, you know, now we have this more time on our hands, and they understand it’s not everybody. I really, really get it. My intention is not to be exclusive in one camp or another, but is to invite us all to be sitting with what were the lesser priorities pre Roman times that we allowed to get in the way. And now what I’m hearing is this story of guilt. I feel guilty and I can relax more I feel guilty that I I don’t want to open it at me anymore when we reopen. So here we go again, in a way it’s like this. Energy is revamping itself and trying to talk to you talk to you. And it’s your ego. You know, it’s trying to talk you into being stressed and depressed all over again, but in a different vein. So I, it feels very helpful to me to think this is the old story and the new story. This is the lesser priorities and here are the sacred priorities. Let yourself Call it what feels right for you.

And that was a big slurp I don’t there is no way. Oh my gosh, I am leaving that in friends. I hope you have one with me right there if you didn’t have one now. In fact, let’s do it again. Just be thinking about the lesser priorities you kept giving more focus To and what’s really was sacred to you. Another friend of mine moved into a gorgeous new apartment. Never hung up any of the photos. You know why? Why? For those of us who can relate to that, it’s not that we were too busy. It was that we were stupid busy. As another friend coined that phrase, this isn’t my idea. We didn’t understand our value and our preciousness. We didn’t understand, hey, I matter what I want matters. It’s okay to want a beautiful space for me that is not selfish. That is not extravagant that is not over the top. It is healthy and right for me to want them. It’s healthy and right for me to want. You it’s healthy and right for me to one What I want so much for all of us is to get to a place where we understand that our own self interest and our own self care and our own self love and our own self. Attention, self interest, you know, self focus is healthy, and it’s healing.

because it brings us joy, the things that we always said we wanted to do but didn’t prioritize. Because we were afraid we weren’t worthy, and we didn’t want people to think we were selfish jerks. doing them brings us so much joy. And we learn that we matter if we teach ourselves that we matter. We teach ourselves that we’re precious. We teach ourselves and we are we are vital by doing these things by facing the fear, facing the stories and saying no, no I do matter the feeling of joy, the feeling of excitement, excitement, the feeling of excitement, the feeling of happiness, the feeling of contentment. These are healers. And they’re not just for you, they heal the world. Do you remember last week I was saying, draw a circle with draw dots and then make a circle around them, another circle around them, and another circle around them and sort of follow your guilty story out. And you’ll start to connect some thoughts about the journey for you and how the world kind of did come out of balance because we weren’t listening to our hearts. You weren’t honoring. This is the same principle with if you make yourself happy today. If you prioritize what is sacred to you, and you actually do it. The energy you liberate in your own body, the energy you achieve in your own body, the vibration you raise in your own field ripples out the same way it ripples out and lets you be of service to your family, to the people connected to you, in your communities. In the world, it ripples out. manly, happy feeling proud of yourself wanting to get up in the morning and look at let’s say my friend finally does hang those photos, those pieces of art and does the you know unpacks the rug and rolls it out and sets it up. It’s the best feeling in the world. Morning to go look at the room all over again. Have you ever had that experience? You can’t wait to go look, again. I got a package in the mail this week that made my heart sing. It’s just so special. So, so special and I left it at where I have coffee every day. I left it there. So every morning I could get up and look at it again. It’s okay to receive things but receive what you want to do with so much joy and Glee in your heart to be excited about it. Some of you have started gardens and don’t you love that feeling of being excited going to see did something sprout? What’s here now we should be thinking about what we always wanted to do and then didn’t always make the time for for this worldwide here. event happened. Now is the time so please be thinking about what was sacred to you before. And let’s call it good. It’s so fun to be excited, isn’t it to be lit up and looking forward to hearing healer for you is to allow yourself to enjoy this time to not continue to reinfect yourself with scary news and upsetting messages. to not let yourself say I feel guilty. I feel embarrassed. I don’t want this time to end but I feel like a jerk saying that. You know, I even notice and I’m not gonna name names, but I even you know, I even noticed that there’s this appropriate response people give They say, Oh my god, it’s such a terrible time. It’s such a difficult time. But that’s not the truth of how they’re feeling. It’s not the truth of how they’re feeling. And my encouragement today is for you to really own how it feels for you and really step into the things you keep

praying for wanting to know that you let yourself love what you love. It’s a healer. And do not apologize for it. Especially not in your inner beam. Knows in the privacy of your own body, your own mind, your own thoughts, your own energy field, your own vibes. Don’t apologize for how it feels for you, if it’s feeling good. Step through that doorway and let yourself be in the new energy. Step over that threshold. have appropriate and I should be worried. I should feel bad I should, you know, step over and step through step beyond joy is a healer. Excitement is a healer. And you know, there is a dampen energy around the edges to be sure, for sure. You know a lot of people are struggling for sure, but your allegiance to that you’re recognizing that and making it even more real for yourself and for everyone else. How is that helping? It isn’t. Your somberness won’t help people who are suffering, your devotion to your own guilt and allegiance to that will not help it will only learn you know So picture it, you doing what is sacred to you?

Doing what is sacred to you and letting yourself love it. In the light you liberate yourself for doing that.

I wrote to the love posse. This week, every week, I’m showing up writing these letters that I feel like in another time, I never would have said it this boldly. When I feel like now we have nothing to lose. We’ve got to step in to where we’ve always wanted to be. It’s important. So I said it’s our joyful noise or smiles or warmth or vigorous goals and spontaneous delight. That is the great uplifter and healer. And even if you’re the one in need today, this was doubly for you every ounce of guilt, apology, worry, concern that you have about yourself or the world has to go. I mean, actually everyone is free to do or not No, I vote. We is advancement. Take this step forward. So this week, I invite you into a practice with me to be intentional with your word. be intentional with your energy, be intentional with your focus, be intentional with your truth and not asking you to strike up to erect a neon billboard in your front lawn with your name and your truth. This is for you. This is for you. Everybody’s entitled to their own experience, but I’m asking you to consider being intentional with yours. That’s how you will help yourself that’s how you will add to the juiciness of your life and I don’t know a person who hasn’t been praying for more juiciness in their life, do you? And then even the most grumpa dump any of us could no. Maybe they would word it differently. Can’t imagine a grumpy person saying please let my life be more juicy. But you know, they probably appreciate when things flow well and that’s you know, another way of going to see a doozy. So, this is how it will add to Your experience it will bless your life. It’ll bless the world encouraged us to go beyond and to really step into this permission to have it how you want your vision, to let it be good for you. Let it be good for you. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re doing something right. And you’re helping other people step in as well. And if you really want to know something powerful, there is a cosmic Yes, that’s trying to come to you, is trying to come to all of us, but we need to get ourselves energetically speaking vibrationally speaking to a place where we can hear it. And if we’re obeying our guilt, if we’re listening to the guilt or the fear or the concern Another worry or the anxiety, whatever you want to call that. We are not on the same channel as the cosmic Yes. I’ll leave you with that thought today. You matter your experience matters. And we serve no one by ignoring how it really feels for us. So that’s my prayer for us this week. Maybe stay in our joyful light and offer our hearts to these these days. These next days, and prioritize what they’ll sacred dos without apology. Trusting now this is us also helping the world. Very good. I give myself five stars for that message today friends. So good. So inspiration today I have a very fun idea for you. Spring is here. Now I have been planting little seedlings in the house and beginning to move things around in my garden. intend something more powerful. So this space as I’ve been just saying to you one priority for me is to really let my home be a Shangri La. It already is but I want to take it up a notch. And

so I’ve been working in the garden, just making it more even more beautiful and juicy and juicy. In Your House, b2c, I say can making the garden special. And one of the things I want to do is here is to have a wishing tree to have a manifesting tree. They have a I don’t know but I’m going to call it the wishing tree today. How would this be that you write a beautiful wish for yourself and you plant it? It could be a seedling, it could be a tree, it could be anything you want to plant take your wish and bury it near a tree that’s already there. I’ve done that the same tree every season it might at the Robbie I call it the Robbie woods of course now it’s closed unless you can get there by bicycle. I will go and plant a lot in fact, I have a magic manifesting ritual in these Robbie woods. I’m gonna link it up in the show notes. So you can enjoy that as a it’s an older video but it’s it’s so fun. If you go to Robin Hallett calm slash 89 you’ll all the links for the show notes. All the links I mentioned are in the show notes. Okay. So right yourself a wish. Write yourself a letter. And each one of you in your family you can do this with your whole family you can all get together and write something beautiful down that you want for yourself that you want more of for yourself that you want to heal yourself in this time. So that’s what I’m doing is I am planting my wish for greater joy and delight and excitement. And it’s so you just dig it down in the dirt, your love letter to yourself to the universe to your to your wish, and I hope you try it and if you do I want to hear about it. I love knowing you can always tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I love seeing what you’re up to. And I also think like the sunflower garden would be beautiful for this. Each one of you could plant your wish. With a few SAP, I would do a few Because our squirrels they dig him up faster than I can plant them. I have to bury my sunflower seeds under all kinds of things in order for them to have a fighting chance. So, before I share this week flutter, I would love your support with getting the word out. I’m always so excited when somebody new writes to me and shares that they just found the podcast and I think Here we are. Episode 89 and it’s so beautiful to have new friends on board for this ride and I thank you always see me share the episode. Give it a like, help it get out there or you share it. If you feel called to do that. I know a lot of people think they don’t want their friends to know they listen to some weird stuff. But secretly we know the weird is weird, good weird. So, but you could always leave a review If you don’t want anyone to know, give yourself an anonymous name. And I welcome your financial donations I do so appreciate that support. I have amazing courses on my website. I love I, you know, it’s good to be proud of your work. I love everything I offer. There’s also stickers and posters and my fun art, posters and posters. You call those prints, coffee mugs, things like that. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. So this week’s letter. It’s a good one. I don’t know any of us who haven’t been affected by this time, the love Apocalypse, things have changed. Things have shifted, things are different and even though all that I’ve been saying is true. There’s a lot of beautiful things happening. There’s still some stuff that’s happening. That’s different. I, you know, so this letter is that reminds me a little of our awesome letter a few weeks back from hashtag mixed media artist in Episode 86. So, yes, here we go, hey Robin, in meaning to get in touch to thank you again for sharing your time in Italy here on Instagram.

may remember I told you about our plans to go there in June. So of course we have to change that now. And postpone our trip. We’re very sad about this. Go we still hope to go next year. If all is going well, and I often feel I’ve been there recently anyway, is I followed you on your adventure. In walked all the cute streets with you. It was wonderful seeing daily life. They’re through you, and I’m so very grateful to you for that. ex ex ex, Nicola. Thank you so much Nicola. I remember going to Assisi. For those of you who don’t know, we went to Italy, mid December, until end of January, there abouts and was such a huge adventure for us. And I think I had already been posting a lot to my stories before then. And I kept hearing the feedback that people love my stories and even that it’s so weird to say, but just since we’ve been talking about getting past the threshold of fear and letting things be good for us and enjoying what we do and being proud of what we do, I think I even made Instagram stories I used to worry about I don’t want people to think I’m full of myself or bragging but the more I would post to my stories and the more some of you would say I love coming to see what your stories are. There’s something healing about your story. something magical to your stories. I and it helped me overcome my own fear may own hesitancy to be too out there. So really, I owe you Thank you. And Nicola, specifically to you. I remember us texting back and forth about restaurants I was in and what number there was one about the soup I was eating and things like that. You have all of you who have connected with me over there have helped me stand more fully in my own light. So, I don’t know I had to laugh there. No, oh, don’t do that Robin. I I so much enjoy your Awesomesauce too and I really love seeing all of us shine and be proud and share. Because again, Joy is a healer. what you love about your life when you share that with me, it helps me heal. It helps me dream bigger for myself. It helps me go beyond my own limitations. Think about it. You inspire me, I inspire you. And so we help each other to shine. Isn’t that a beautiful way to look at it? If you have any edges around, you know that was always What I was told Who do you think you are? that kind of a thing and just my mom couldn’t tolerate too much sparkly Enos and you know, there’s enough sparkles first on the sunshine on this ball there’s enough room for us all to be beautiful and bubbly

you know, just need to step in and deal with the feeling that comes bear the guilt and do it anyway. really realize you know what I would tell myself just in the stories and I mean, I’m thinking it sounds ridiculous but at all because I get it. There is no really small such thing as a small upset the Course in Miracles says there are no small upsets each upset is equally disturbing to my peace of mind. Destroy, doesn’t matter if the big plunk in the river or a little plump in the river and the ripples are the same, you know, there they are ripples. So the thing about my posting to my stories is I help myself over that hurdle by to saying, I still love to do it. I love to share my experience with you in a day I love to share whether I’m home and I’m working and I’m going to show you the altars I’m making or the healings I’m doing or want to share my garden or you know, my cooking with you or whatever. That’s something powerful that might help you over your fear of being self indulgent or your fear of being ridiculed or nobody’s gonna like this or whatever. It’s just encourage yourself, but yeah, but you love it. And you can set the about doing it so much. You know. And Nicola, you know, you guys are going to postpone and when you go, it is going to be such a beautiful experience. And I, I’m sure you know that it’s going to be a new world, a new, a new experience, a different experience. Even more wonderful, because you’ve had time to savor it and think about it and miss it, before it even came. And I love that. You got to live some of it with me vicariously through me. I have no doubt that you’ll be there and you’ll be able to tell me this even better than that if we had gone this year, so I trust him that so deeply So true and there’s such a beautiful light around you guys. I hope you are being wonderfully good to yourself now and enjoying your time and I wanted to suggest something sweet something fun that during the period in June when you are going to be going but you guys decide you set your intention and you decide to be on staycation in a special Italian way. While you’re home. Enjoy your staycation in it, what can you do make it really sweet. Maybe, you know, in the evenings you guys cook an Italian meal together or you have Italian wine together or you do some kind of adventure that gives you the same excitement and delight. Maybe you rearrange your bedroom for that month. For that time you were going to be in Italy, like a hotel, we could play. You know, that’s the beautiful thing is we could play if we let ourselves we could really play and make this such an adventure. And that’s what I wish for you, my friend. And you know, just a big thank you for letting me share this here. And sometimes you guys messaged me and I’m like, turn around and say, Can I read this on the podcast? And I? I worry, I don’t want you to think you know, and I appreciate that because I know that wasn’t your original intention. And I still It’s so good. You know, these are great things for us to be talking about here. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you. So friends, I would love to read your letter. Want to share something with me. You can write to me at hello at Robin Hallett calm and you Only one that reads the mail. You can have an anonymous name. Can you have an anonymous name you can make up a name for yourself you can have a stating. I love to offer some light and inspiration to you and or you can message me on Instagram or Facebook. love to talk about these things that are near and dear to your heart. Well,

that wraps another awesome five star episode of Tea with Robin Episode 89 is in the can. And my big takeaway for you today is that I arrived that is that let it be good for you. Be so very gentle. Be so very loving. Be so very sweet. Do not pressure yourself. Do not guilt trip yourself. love what you love why you love it because just like time before this time, this time to is going to change. And make sure you’re here enjoying what you love before it does. And, you know, never ever forget that the love the joy sparkles. They’re viral to my friend. They are viral to make sure you enjoy them. You share them and you live them. And you know if you try you’re wishing if you try a wishing tree, I love to hear what you did. Okay. This is me, Robin. I’ve been baking some sweet potatoes while we’ve been talking and I can smell them up here. I can tell that they’re ready. I can’t believe my stomach hasn’t growled once because it smells so good here. So that’s what I’m off to do. I’m gonna see you here next week or in a few minutes. Next. This has been me Robin Awesomesauce sparkle heart Hallett I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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