Take What You Need and Leave the Rest // Tea with Robin Episode 88

Take What You Need and Leave the Rest

On learning to value and honor our very own needs and let the guilt and worry go.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

We have to take time and space for us.

Our inspiration this week – one new move to support yourself now. And we’ll have a letter from #YES and inspiring story about casting your arms wide to the Universe for what you really really want. All this and more. Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved. It’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler. And Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, take what you need and leave the rest, learning to value and honor our very own needs and let the guilt the fear the worry, the stress the overwhelm go, let it go, or inspiration this week, one new move to support yourself now and we’ll have a letter from the hashtag yes and inspiring story about caching your arms wide to the universe for what you really really want. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here. I beautiful friend. Hi. Hi. Hi, it’s me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin this Episode 8888 A Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da. I feel so excited that 88 who does numerology around here? I think we need to know what this all means 88 gets like a magic number. Hello beautiful and amazing friend and welcome back and if it’s your first time here Hello, welcome to our posse. My friend. How is the weather in your heart today? No. Are you being kind and gentle with yourself? loving, caring, in sweet remembering to hug yourself in the mornings. Hope you are. Morning hugs make a lot of different against me. Me sending you a hug right now. If you’re a hugger and if you’re not Okay, wait, let me really send it hang on. Okay, ready? 123 if you’re not a hugger, please pass it on to the nearest four legged friend. Right, you know? And Equal Opportunity hugger. I will hug animals, birds fish songs. It’s not scary. I will hug it. Over here. It’s a tender time for sure. So some ups and some downs. Really hanging in there with myself and approaching every day in a more gentler way, I’ve been practicing. I’ve been finding ways to honor myself rest a little bit more and schedule things a little more easy, breezy. I’ve been giving myself a little more space and room, out in the garden, digging in the dirt and no Have in my heart, all that I am loving the morning lives morning magic with Robin. With our love policy over on Instagram. I hope you have had some time to check it out or check out the YouTube replays. I’m finding my channel happening I’m noticing it in the friend I’m connected with and the friends I ride with in Healing Sessions. Number one husband is there almost. Well he’s been there every single day but one, I see it. Some beautiful things shifting for us. So don’t forget to check that out if it’s calling to you. I’m over on Instagram. And the links are below this podcast. You can find them there. And it’s a beautiful sunny day today. This guy is the most beautiful blue. The leaves are starting to look like leaves not just by john The tree and the birds are gorgeous. The song. The timing of bird song is always funny and are the ducks who have adopted us, we call them Sonny and Cher. They are amazing. They’re starting to come around in the evenings and expect to be fed so they don’t run away. They don’t waddle away anymore when we come outside and we say hello. Hi sunny in chair. Hi and we throw up some food Of course I’m always the one that throws the handful food and it goes in the wind right back in my face. I seriously need to get some goggles for outdoors. Just too many close calls lately. So yes, I’m going to make a note and do that. Alright, but boy did I digress there. A question today is did you bring a cup of tea You

did you bring something yummy CUSIP along with me. You know, it used to be that you’d we would talk while you were driving to work or you were running errands or driving the bus for the kids to school and things are changing. I hope that you’re making some space to still receive these podcasts in wonderful ways. And one of them is Let’s cheers each other and cheers this day and so I hope you have something yummy. There. I have a mug of tea that just regular English Breakfast tea with some stevia and sea salt and it is so yummy. You know, I miss you Trader Joe’s. I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in months and you don’t do the instacart option or anything but so luckily, we accidentally bought extra Have my favorite tea A while back, like, now you have something on the list and then you don’t remove it from the list and the next time you go to the store, you buy it again. We did that like three times and it’s good. I still have like 70 tea bags. So I think I’ll be alright for another week or so. No, just kidding. I think I’ll be right for a little while longer. All right, friends. Here’s to us. Here’s to what a great, great job we have been doing in this love apocalypse. I am so proud of us. We rock the Kasbah tears

and I hit my to do so good. So bad. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Delicious. Well, today You know, I want to talk about this healing journey that we’re on. You know, it’s not just a pandemic that we’re going through. This is a I call it the love apocalypse because we are on a massive sped up healing journey and evolve. We were on this trajectory of our own evolution. Do you feel that way? I know I feel it. I’m hearing that a lot. I’m getting a lot of messages, saying the same thing from friends feeling like this is really been an experience of getting to know ourselves more deeply and realizing more clearly this Journey we’re on. It’s not just about everybody else, and keeping all the plates spinning, and you get somewhere. someone trying to, you know, it’s about realizing we’re here. We count we matter, we’re precious. And those edges we have those fears we have those hurts we have, it is time to really put the pedal to the metal, you know, let’s really let’s really kick some butt and get somewhere. So I’m noticing all of us doing that. Every single one of us on on the level that’s right for us we are doing so yes, I am so proud of us. You They, the energy that’s coming so strongly is my call, take what you need and leave the rest. If I had to pick one thing I feel is running through all of our experiences. One collective thread is that we realize we need to take better care of ourselves. We need to pay more attention to ourselves, to our needs. For some of us, we’re realizing we have needs. we’re realizing or we realize that it’s no longer a negotiable thing that we blow ourselves off and take care of everybody else. You know, we just can’t do it anymore. We have to have to have to take time and space for us. For a lot of us, I noticed it’s uncomfortable in even admit we have needs to have an opening to open ourselves to be vulnerable in that way to say I let’s talk about daily needs I need I need to eat I need to go to bed now. I need to get off the phone. Oh my goodness, I need to hang up this call I need to reschedule and not to not go to zoom conference. He said I would attend I have needs. So I noticed that you know and I get we’re all at different levels. So some of this is not going to apply to you maybe but it’s going to apply to somebody you know, so please keep an open mind and with me today about us the Light Sparkler. Sometimes this information somebody else needs from you through you We all have beads, and there’s nothing wrong with us for having nice. It’s amazing to me how defended I can feel. I can feel defended, defensive and defended when I recognize that I’m tired. I’m tired. I don’t want to talk today. And sometimes I just am done. So I feel like I go into this mode. I can be really hard on myself because I notice I’m feeling like I’ve had enough talking I’ve had enough connecting I’ve had enough commenting I’ve had enough responding and

sitting in the living room and the day is done. Number one, I’ve been this picturing him hearing this now. He’ll probably be sitting right across from me. Hi. Come up the stairs and he’s whistling. He’s Happy He’s like, what’s going on? I cannot wait so far you do too. Or he’s singing a little song doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. And it’s like why in that moment, suddenly I’m ready to snap, I’m ready to snap. And you should say it like that snap. I just have no more bandwidth all of a sudden. And so I’ve been really working on it. Because the need there then I’m having what is the need? I need quiet. I’m needing some space to myself. I’m needing to not take care of anybody other than me. In that moment. I need something. And sometimes what happens though in the span of like, it’s probably like six seconds. No, I get that. I get irritated. I feel pressured. I’ve been shamed myself, I judge myself, and then I, sometimes I put on the happy face, take a deep breath and just go with it. And I’m not even saying that’s the wrong way to do it. But sometimes I’ll say I’m working here, like, instead of saying, I’m needing some space to myself, for for whatever reason, I feel defended, I’m expecting to be. I don’t know, I’m projecting something there. Think about your own life. Think about your own needs. Think about where you need to be doing better honoring yourself. And let’s sit with that. Because we need to figure out how to take what we need. We need to figure out how to take what we need. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was saying, you know, we’re always He’s working on our relationship, which I love. And he said, Sometimes I feel it’s been a minute since I’ve checked in with you.

And I feel

guilty about that. So I noticed that all of the sudden, I’ll text you and check in because I want to make sure you know, I’m thinking about you and check it off my list. But I have zero bandwidth to write you back. She’ll tell me, she told me that, like, I have no time to write you back. And I’m like, yeah, it’s so weird. you’ll, you’ll text me, then I’ll respond to you. And it’s like, I never hear from you again. So then I end up getting mad at you. Because why are you writing me if you have no bandwidth, what what is going on there? And what’s going on there is we’re not acknowledging our needs. We’re not just saying, No, no, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t push yourself too. Do one more thing. And I know you probably know how that is you have friends that you haven’t connected with. It’s a heavier time. If you’re not feeling chatty, chatty, chatty. Let it go. It’s good for you to not pressure yourself. So you’ve got those one or two people you’re feeling guilty about, what are you eating? Because really, we need to take what we need and leave the rest. You have to start recognizing these kinds of patterns. When I talk about it right now, when I’m looking at my bullet points here, it seems so small, but here’s a little exercise we can find. We’ve got a piece of paper handy and pen, making some art right now. a teeny tiny dent in the center of a prepaid cable. Say we put one little.on his paper and say this represents But I feel when I don’t want to talk to anybody, and somebody comes in the room and I feel like I have to be on for them. Or I don’t want to make dinner. And I don’t give myself any options. Other than I have to make dinner. Or my friend is like paratext her she’s going to be mad at me end up falling into that exact scenario because she did not hurt herself. She had no time to write me, but she wrote me anyway, you know. And if I could just have a teeny tiny sidebar with you before I share this, like, Cool practice, about how to see some dots, connect some dots. You matter the most. And if you’re with people who get you and love you and dig you, they care about that. They care about your bandwidth. They care about you honoring your needs and they, they love you and want to support you in taking space for yourself and honoring your needs. I assure you that is the truth. So if you’re in a dynamic where you don’t feel supported, you know what it’s time to reevaluate. This is a brave new world. And I vote you don’t bring people with us that are not supporting us in honoring our self care, and our highest and best and happy to say, both hands in the air. I’m one of those friends that will always love you even more for telling me. You’re stressed out and you don’t have time. Or you’re worried that I’m going to be upset. You know, check it out with me, or take your absence for a few days. It’s all good. You know, that’s how I feel. If I’m worried about you. I’ll ask you where you went. You know, don’t Carry it. So all right, let’s do a little This is very cool. I have a little doodle going here. So that’s a little tiny itty bitty dots on the paper, and then draw another circle around them. And just think of another issue you have that feeds that, that that is also somehow not honoring your needs, what you needed. Then you can draw another circle around that. And you can draw another circle around that. And you can draw another circle around that this would be a great awakening practice. And you start to see how the whole way you’re doing the stuff that is saying you don’t matter or saying your your needs don’t matter, or saying your time isn’t as important. A lot of us have been living this way before We feel like there was no choice. There’s no option to even acknowledge our needs. I think about some of you parents who were working two and three jobs.

Yes. No choice. So no, no opportunity to even process that energy. Right? Well, there is this is our opportunity to process energy. Because you matter, and I care about you. I care about you so much, I care, you matter. I never. So we all have needs. We all have needs and back to the circles on the piece of paper. My point of that is when you can keep going and going and going and eventually you will connect the dots to environmental issues. We’re having the issues related to the virus. The health care system, the financial system, the mortgage system, you’re going to see something in the energy, it’s all connected. And so my point is, no, you probably can’t do anything about these big, big, big systems. And I promise you that if you begin to make a shift in your own heart about your own journey and your own needs, and to take more care, that energy has a has an impact on the next ring and the next ring and the next room. I promise you it does, because that’s how energy flows. So we could be so inspired right now to understand that as we practice, taking what we need, and leaving the rest, and the rest is the guilty stories, the fear the good Action, you know, the expectation that there’s people will be mad or there’s no room for us or there’s no time for what I really, really wanted to do today, you know, the projections leaving that stuff, leaving your fear that people aren’t going to fire, you know, your clients aren’t going to be mad at you if you don’t answer them right away. Am I talking to anybody out there on that one? If I don’t immediately respond to this. Yeah, you know, that’s the rest we can leave. You have means you got to honor yourself. A

friend of mine said to me the other day, it can wait. I said, Just feel some pressure about the response responding to people and I love you Never want to sound like I’m complaining. I love connecting. The problem with me is I am a connector. And if I don’t really, like, give myself the leeway, I will be connecting all day long without a break. You know, that’s what I’m saying. So, I’m learning. This is really teaching me how to work in a new way. So that the spaciousness I need from my tender heart.

So I hope this is a good episode. I hope you’re relating to this one. It feels so important to me. I almost feel breathless, talking about it. And I always know when I get nervous that I’m onto something good is one of my Spidey intuitive senses. When I feel nervous It’s going probably very well. So, notice I still said probably, but I was thinking about this. We have needs, why are we embarrassed that we have needs? Why are we vulnerable that we have needs about it about people knowing? How are you fine? Do you ever do that? Anybody ever do that to you? Sometimes somebody write me and say, I’m thinking about you. How are you doing? And I get annoyed. It’s like, no, you’re not annoyed. You’re feeling defensive, because you’re not great. And somebody’s checking in and you don’t want to say it. You know, that’s just one of the many examples of what happens for me. Why is that so hard? Why is it summer it doesn’t matter if you respond or not. Doesn’t matter. The point is to go right into feeling defensive or feeling annoyed or feeling pressured, that you have to devote your where you’re at or tell your secrets or, you know, whatever it is, is not taking what you need and leaving the rest, okay? It’s taking the rest and leaving what you need. We could just take a moment if somebody writes and says, I’m thinking of you, or some kind of asked, or have some kind of problem at work or whatever that’s occupying your time and you’ve just done, you’re just done. You can’t do it, but you’re doing it. You’re making yourself do it anyway. Or did it be nice to just recognize that feeling and pressure feeling in your body and learn to Treat it as guidance and say, This is an I’m having a need. Having a need. Need alert, I have a need. I need to take a break. Bless my friends who text me and say How are you? I’m thinking of you. Because maybe spirit tap them on the shoulder to give me an opportunity to check in with myself and honor myself. You know? I don’t really think it’s, I think it’s good for you to practice doing obligatory things so Bayless through his friends, the ones you’re meant to be with recenter from your soul proxy. We call us the love proxy here. We call us love proxy. If you don’t have the bandwidth. If you don’t want to answer we’re going to get that it’s okay. Don’t you think we could learn to risk a little more and just say I don’t have it today. I don’t have it. Start today, or to not answer at all? I think we could. So that’s one example. This might not be your issue. So please convert what I’m sharing to something that does leave you feeling pressure for, you know, I have been doing Healing Sessions since. And it is very common that people will talk in your sessions with me about how difficult it is to know what their needs are to acknowledge their needs, and to honor their own needs to give themselves what they’re needing to rest. So I hear story after story after story and do I do my best to relate to you something relatable, so I hope this is relatable today, but if it isn’t, as I keep saying convert it to your own issue, think about where This can apply for you because I don’t think anybody is really exempt from this one either. I keep finding these nuggets lately where I think this is really a collective issue we have. So we could play around with this energy and see if we couldn’t help ourselves a bit. With How can I start to honor my needs. It’s such an essential issue because you cannot expand, you can’t rise. You can’t advance on your journey. If you’re hung up on these issues, you’re feeling more frustrated in your day and you’re blowing yourself off.

You’re feeling tired in the day, not honoring what you need. You know, we can’t move on to the next level, so to speak, if you if you if you do

so, even though it might be uncomfortable For whatever reason, and it’s uh, you should know your reason you should really sit with that. If you want. I never say should like that. I sound very bombastic right now, but you should really sit with Why is it so hard for me? I grew up in a family that was very sarcastic and Tz. I was teased. And I was also picked on in school quite a bit. So my first response in a lot of situations will be to protect myself. I’ve been working on that for a long time. I feel certain things are just a part of my experience, and I’m not that flipped out by it, really. But I’ve learned that about myself, I have to keep giving myself another go around with Why is that so hard? Why are you feeling triggered here? Why are you feeling like this? Sometimes it’s guidance that you know, this is now what you need to be in this connection with this person. That Doesn’t light you up. You know that feels draining talk they’re dreaming to talk to or they’re not doing their work. You’re doing your work right you’re working your journey right? I know that about you but you have people you connect with who aren’t and it’s draining. That is not an unkindness to say something I think even in the Bible, do not cast your pearls before the savings Yeah, I’m sound like terrible right now. But you know, don’t give your energy to places where it is not. Nutrition. I like that better way better than casting pearls before swine. What about you? If it can’t sustain you don’t do it. And that’s really what we’re talking about today is honoring your needs. We all have needs. You know, if you think about when you were born, this example kind of cracks me up. But when you were born, did you just shoot out of your mother? Everybody came out of their mother her. Were looking out of her mother. Did you just shoot out all by yourself? Did you like cut your own umbilical cord? Yeah, did you swaddle yourself? Did you wipe all that? hook off of your body? Yeah. Did you clear your air your airway yourself? No. Okay. Did you swallow yourself? Put yourself in that cute little Rolly cart thing to put the hat on. Yeah, we all have needs. We’re born vulnerable, you know, and there’s a way that we need help. We need help. And I’m not saying you have to accept help from everyone. I’m saying you have to accept help from yourself in the form of acknowledging. It’s okay if you’re not a superhero, you know, 24 seven, those capes get awfully tight around the neck by the way. Sure do. So you only have to take what you need, and you can leave the rest. And today the message felt so strong, you know from spirit. Spirit is here with us. The ancestors are here with us. Your family lineage is here with us today saying, Look. Listen, you have needs time in yourself on how well you did in the day in terms of how many people you took care of, or how clean your houses are, how much longer back down, you know, none of that really matters. How is that whether in your heart today? Did you take good care of that little one in you, the little girl in you the little boy who has needs Yes or no? Are we open to transformation? Are we and this is an essential step in the journey, going beyond that unconscious impulse to suck it all in, or pretend or just keep pressing on with what you got to get done. So you know where you holding back on yourself here, holding out on yourself and what could you be doing? A little bit better? Nobody’s gonna ask you to post this on Facebook tomorrow. Go ahead in the privacy of your own mind, ask yourself, do I have some needs? This is me just giving you a little space to

ponder writing They’re your needs. What are you needing? And how can you, you know, make one commitment, one commitment to yourself? What are you going to do? For me? I’ve been telling you

I’m willing to go through the imagined fiery pits of Hell, that my mind conquers up for me. I’m willing to go through bad fears that I have. And just a little aside, I wrote a post a long time ago called Welcome to hell. Over 99 billion served, it’s one of my favorite pet. Kind of you have these books, right? In all islands. I have always been nervous about using the word hell in a blog post. And, you know, I could tell you stories. Okay, I could, but this one is so perfect for what we’re talking about. And I love the artwork on it. It’s corny the unicorn riding in the hell Kart. It’s just a lot of jokes about, you know, oh, you’ll see. I’m going to put it in the show notes. If you go to ADA, Robin Hallett comm slash 88. I put all the links there if you’re interested or curious, and you could probably just google it to like, Oh, I was looking here again the other day and it cracks me up. So I hope this has been helpful conversation. Take what you need, you can leave the rest. So let’s have one more tea. So good. So before I share inspiration Today, I wanted to say this is coming out the day after Mother’s Day, from my heart to yours. A beautiful blessing I’m sending to you for all that you do and the ways you show up and know. Also, the stuff that’s really really hard that people don’t ever really get the way you get it. Parenting is hard, man. Just so much love. So much love to you Mamas and papas, some like mother energy flowing through all of us. And to those of you who are furry animal llamas and papas and people like me who you’re raising blended families and just wow, brave and courageous. Thank you. You’re amazing, so much love. Almost breathless how I feel about it thinking about you making your way. All of you making your way in this time, especially now. That’s my heartfelt big hug and lots of love and all that. So yes. So inspiration today I got an I got an email from a friend of mine who was asking me, how has your journey like how are you deepening in nerd spiritual journey now like what is evolving for you? And how are you keeping yourself together in this time? One of the things that’s really rewarding for me is to commit to my support system. That’s been one thing that has been huge for me just to decide this is a bigger thing than I imagined this global pandemic thing. It’s bigger than I expected. Because I said this last week, I feel we felt that at least nine states is that we turn away, kind of quickly. We get fatigued, and we’re learning how to stay present. We’re learning how to be deeper now. One of the things that I’ve learned to do is to every day, start the day with being present with myself. Hugging myself in The march have been just as much for me as they are for some of you who are there every single day. It’s two things. So the support system has been huge. And so I wanted to share that today for information. Second podcast Hello. What is one new support move you can

make the support your growth for this Rizal gone down in ink. It felt to me I don’t think it felt to me like we were more concerned with airing, achieving and ending in a different way success wise, a man thing I want to say building something, not judging any of our faces. is awakening we need some more dance moves in our repertoire. Power, are we taking care of ourselves? How are we taking care of ourselves? So what is one new move you can make to support your growth? It could be the morning hug, getting up. And before you get out of bed, hugging yourself, affirming yourself, connecting with yourself, welcoming yourself into the day and I used to teach this thing I called the inner sports Announcer The inner narrator, where you’re greeting yourself like a sports announcer would if you walk down to the fields, and they said here, you know, you’re awake. You’re here. So you come throbbing, she’s awake. She’s sitting up, she’s Look at her. She’s amazing. She’s beautiful, dedicated on the journey. Here she is, you know, you can try try that and see. You could try first person. Good morning, sweetie. I love you. Hope you have a beautiful day. Don’t forget your heart today, you are here. So just a couple ideas. A love to choose a word of the day to organize myself. Here, word of the day is what we’re doing. Morning sessions. My word today is mother. To mother myself today to be a mother to myself today is huge. This it’s taken me a while to learn how to remember the word and use the word and rely on the word. Oh right, because I do and I feel that mother with that error mother Whitney today. Just be thinking about what you can do to support yourself now. used to take Epsom salt soak or to take supplements or drink more water in the day met earlier. I don’t know. But if you sit with it, you’re going to have an epiphany here. And an epiphany is what we want. The doctor love the word epiphany, a striking sudden realization, a manifestation, you know you want to evolve on this journey. let yourself have an epiphany get inspired about how can I help myself? How can we support result there. Now another one for me was just realizing I can’t keep recording the podcast at the end of the week. After work is all done that stressful feeling working all day Saturday and Sunday. Wiimote for me for now. So, here I am. It’s Wednesday. I get so excited. Bear for me that this continues, please. But it’s so good. So that’s my install this week. hope you loved it. I hope it resonated for you. I hope there’s something there you can take away for yourself.

Friends, before I share this week flutter I’ve asked you support the podcast friend of mine wrote me the other day. I made an awesome comment for your show. And I said, you know, if you see me share it online, hit the share button yourself or leave a comment or make a post. You can always leave a review of the biggest Court is take this in and let it help you support you encourage you and then shine that light. We’re sharing what you’re learning you are receiving cheering it on with someone. That would be wonderful. There are a number of ways to support the podcast financially if you’d like to make a donation you can. There are awesome courses I have my website. Amazing sessions. It is so wild to only be working online. It is such an interesting thing and it has really there is a cohesion for me. Well, I really, really liked I will say

between In person Healing Sessions are a wonder if any of you are finding direction to

share. Tell a friend for the friend send a donation. I got to say one more thing I got a friend of mine sent me three gifts in the mail this week that I could not believe the packages arrived. And I was like OMG these are all things I love. This person has no clue. There’s no way unless they could hack my Amazon account to see what I’m ordering. But these are all things I had sort of decided. I’m not buying myself right now. certain kind of extravagance that be more mindful of our spending. So she sent me a tub of bath salts, the really special kind, a beautiful and three pans of my favorite planting tips with Himalayan sea salt. Wow. I’m and I’m telling you that it’s not just to toot my horn or whatever. I always worried that’s how it’s coming across but I wanted to say again about the flow of abundance. I want to keep trying to talk to us about abundance every week a little bit and last week I was sharing. If you’re doing acts of service, kindnesses, you’re sending things to other people you’re sharing what you have with others. Never for a second out that goodness and light is coming back to you. It is our feel our privilege to love each other and care for one another in ways that we have it to give it. Have it to give it because I we’re what are we talking about today honoring our needs. So it’s not about giving what we don’t have give it where we don’t have it. It’s about giving what we have. You know, so I love seeing how this thing goes in action because it’s it’s a beautiful reminder and I’m marveling at that because those tips I see them on Amazon now and I’m like, no way. Am I ordering those? No. Do you know how that is? That is so amazing in my heart. And that bath salts. It’s the dead sea salts, by the way, all the way from guess where did you guess? Did you guess? So it’s like Yeah. Wow. I feel so left, I feel so good. I feel so cherished. I feel so remembered. And we can do that for each other. I definitely am doing that in the morning sessions that I’m offering and when I can I spend a little more time doting on my friends. The friends I have who aren’t in session with me right now, because they’re not working. I’m, you know, I haven’t dropped anybody because of that. So it’s flowing this flow, think about sparkles going all around the universe, now. They’re flowing out of you and toward other people. They’re flowing from other people toward you. We are staying in that flower and it is a beautiful thing. Okay, so this week’s letter This goes out to my friend Caitlin, who shared since I was just talking about abundance. I thought I would share this note. Hi, Robin. I just wanted to send a thank you and encouragement about your abundance message the other day to give a little backstory. I’m a partially self employed dance instructor. I’m currently out of work from my self employed locations due to COVID-19. And I’ve had a couple of moments of what am I going to do? Trust the flow. I’ve been producing free content in order to stay relevant and engaged during this time. And I finally been cleared to teach virtually beginning next week. There were a lot of legal hoops anywho in your life story you asked us to proclaim we want to and will receive abundance. We want to and we will receive abundance. I physically opened my arms and outwardly said yes.

And a few minutes after magic morning ended, I received a phone call from my department head letting me know that one. I’m going to be compensated for every piece of free content I have put out so far. And two, I will be compensated at a fair rate for my online classes, even if the minimum student requirement is not met. This was incredible news to me, a cosmic abundance balm of awesome. Thank you for guiding this practice and encouraging abundance. Katelyn wanted to share that because when we’re willing, when we’re open when we acknowledge a need, like what Caitlin is saying she acknowledged the need I I need to open be open to receiving and I need to find a way I need to stay in there and, and hang in there and stay relevant and stay present. I need to keep baseball you know all of that. And she’s always there practicing, always willing, always open receiving, not telling a story of how people are jerks, or whatever, you know, the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. And you know, she’s always got the sparkles going and open. And if I say anything like oh, throw your arms wide and say yes. There’s somebody who’s doing that. So, my encouragement is let’s be wild. Let’s be vivacious basis in our efforts this week to honor ourselves. are what we’re wanting, name it and claim it and leave the rest. The worry stories, the disgruntled pneus the you know, some of you still waiting for your unemployment stuff to happen. Try this. Throw your arms wide and say yes. sparkles to me. sparkles to me and make sure you’re sending sparkles as well. No complaining mind complaining hard to complaining energy doesn’t really send anything anywhere. It all just stays with you in the poop Caboose so so why don’t you share that letter and a big hearty wholehearted Yummy, yummy congratulations to you miss Kaitlyn and what a blessing you are to those friends you are helping with dance that isn’t thing too I love that I love knowing that’s what you’re doing. So congratulations and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

So let us keep in mind that abundance is in so many forms you know, maybe a friend sends you tips in the mail tips and the candle and amazing your favorite bath salts of all time. Maybe somebody surprises you. You know, I, I am open to miracles. What about you? I’m open to the surprises What about you? I’m open to being delighted. What about you? So, friends, there we go. 8888 8888 integrate, integrate, integrate. I hope you love this episode and I thank you so much. If I can read a letter for you or speak to a topic you have something you want me to you want to hear me talk about related to this time now. Let me know my email address is Hello at Robin Hallett calm. I’m only wanting to read your mail and it’s fine if you want to be anonymous. Totally cool. Or take a stage name. Well friends, I am wishing you a fantabulous day a fantabulous week. Keep the weather in your heart, sunny and when it isn’t. Remember to honor your your needs. Remember to honor your needs. Be so loving to you and never forget that. The love the abundance, the sparkles, the healing the ease that is viral to this is a time like none other where there is so much love in free flow and much love from free flow Don’t forget to open your arms wide and receive it. This has been me Robin sparkle heart Love. Hallett I want to see you here next week or in a few minutes sending you so much love by

life is very short let’s make the very most of it you are precious. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright. You are a man.

Life is precious and you are

So shine like you know it bracket like you mean and mean it and name it and name it and name it up you that you are the sparkly.

You are. You are.

You are. Thank you.

Thank you

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