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Break on Through // Tea with Robin Episode 90

We chased our pleasures here

Dug our treasures there

But can’t you still recall

The time we cried

Break on through to the other side

Break on through to the other side

— The Doors

On today’s episode support and love to break on through into a fuller, brighter, sparklier you. On helping ourselves make that move we know we wanna make.

Don’t push yourself to keep on with the old patterns that confound and frustrate you — today is the day to break on through.

today is the day to stop digging for treasures that are not our own, denying what we need, denying who we are, denying ourselves the essentials the soul keeps asking for.

Our inspiration this week is to try something new and see how this helps you move beyond the same old same old feelings. And we’ll have a letter from #faithnotfear who asks me some great questions about how to develop and keep the faith.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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“We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can’t you still recall
The time we cried” — Break On Through (To the Other Side), The Doors

“There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.” A Course in Miracles Workbook lesson 5

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” — John 1:5

The Little Willingness — A Course in Miracles Chapter 18 – IV.

Love created me like itself. — A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 67

“I accept only loving thoughts in myself and others. Everything else is an appeal for help and healing, regardless of the form it takes. All fear is a call for love.” – A Course in Miracles Text Chapter 12.I.3:4

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… sharing some of my fun this week!

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Books mentioned in this episode:

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

You might enjoy the Course in Miracles practices I offer here.
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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript


Hello Beloved, its new Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer light sparkler Robin hallett.com, and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, support and love to break on through to a fuller brighter sparkly Are you helping ourselves, make that move. We know, we want to make, plus some inspiration, try something new. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag, faith, not fear. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well hello there gorgeous friend, it is me Robin super awesome. Now on the journey. Hello Hello Hello, it’s me Robin. Before we begin, I wanted to let you know that every day at 9am Central Daylight Time, I am hosting an Instagram Live. Morning. We come together to remember who we truly are to practice shining our light to stay true to us and to ride in these vibes that, you know, honestly, not everybody we’re connected to guests, and that’s what makes them so special. So, if you’re feeling called, I hope you will come and check it out. It’s a beautiful supportive wonderful group. I’m there every day, and the replays all go to youtube so it’s better for you, the time works out better for you. You can check them out. They’re on with the show my friend. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin Episode 90. And if it’s your first time here, welcome. So glad you could join us. Welcome to our love posse. It’s good to be back with you, friend. How is the weather in your heart today. Always My prayer is that you continue to love yourself and evolve in the ways that matter to you. Choosing your kindness, and self care as a practice, and no remembering what you said you wanted to do from one day to the next. I hope that you are being so very kindly gentle with yourself. Yes, I do over here it is a gorgeous day recording this on May 20 20 2020 2020, and it’s beautiful weather is just perfect. It’s about 60 degrees. Breezy slightly sunny but not too much, and I know nobody would want to have to pick the same weather, every single day for the rest of their lives but if I had that button right now. I would press it. I would press it right now for today, forever. I would, I this is my weather right here, I don’t know, it’s just so you know the colors are luscious and magnificent, and the breeze is just right it’s not too hot yet, you know, just lovely marching the on wood, watching all the birds and the lilac hedges in the neighbor’s yard swaying in the breezes, and I’m not a lucky break right now because the neighbor’s house has been torn down about a couple months ago but today the big digger showed up. They are turning up the backyard, there are Mile High piles of dirt all along the backyard and I tell you what my inner five year old, so wants to jump the fence. Go get in that mess. it looks amazing. It looks like the most amazing piles of things to play in, whether it’s Barbies or dump trucks, I say anything goes today. So, catching this lucky break where the digger is quiet, and I’m doing really well, it’s been a very sweet week.

Really really sweet. I’ve connected with some friends in sessions that I haven’t talked to in many years. We’re coming back together to do some very deep work, and then also been connecting with some brains I am a doctor some former classmates I haven’t talked to. It’s been a very interesting week. So, just feeling that energy lots of reconnecting. It’s really cool. We’re expanding revolving and things are transforming. That’s a bit of what I want to talk with you today too, so stick around for that. But first, you know what comes next. Don’t jump. Do you have a cup of yum yum. Do you. Hope you have something delicious with you today, as you’re listening along me. I’m looking at my desk. Okay. In my defense, I am in midday mid sessions. I just had my lunch break. I have five different mugs. Right now, five different mugs. So it just depends on how I want to answer this question but the freshest one I just made is my good old trusty Trader Joe’s Irish breakfast, tea and you know what, I told you this a few weeks ago I had 70 bags left, I have three today, three and you should say like this, though read. I am bound to the last three, it’s going to be alright. That’s what I’ve got stevia. Put a little milk in there today it’s very nice and, of course, see some by raising my glass to you. And may I just say you are lovely. You are smart, you are powerful. And I love your heart, embarr. Cheers.

Yummy Yummy yummy. You know, I gotta say kinda like my little messes in the day. It’s fun to enjoy how it is for you, and just let yourself have it how you like it. I don’t know if you heard last week’s episode. Let it be good. No just enjoy it how you like it without being so hard on yourself all the time. I mean seriously so but if you have a few coffee mugs going around the house, or there’s some clothes on the floor today, or whatever it is bad, you can be hard on yourself about. I know I have a few projects in the garden I started digging up, and I have not finished those yet in the front yard where everybody can see it, but you know, let’s be easy. Let’s appreciate who we are. Let’s appreciate this journey. Appreciate the day when he say. Wouldn’t you rather play. Oh, these days cracked me up when I am in a playful mood and I come here to record, and I know what’s going to happen when I’m editing back, I’m going to practice. Not deleting my goofiness out. Okay, so let’s see if I do that. So I’ve got a few notes here for, what I want to talk about today, and I, I was mentioning to you. A few weeks ago that I really set an intention to honor the work I want to do in the week and have it done before the weekend is over and I am so proud of myself, because I’ve been consistently doing that, done by Friday afternoon with everything is such a wonderful feeling. one dimension there because I know we both have things we really really want. And there’s a way that we can keep saying it, but not doing it. Now, sometimes maybe what we need to do is stop saying it and just do it. Stop talking about it and just do it. You know, this is that time to dig a little deeper into what would really make you happy. So, yeah, I’m really excited about finishing the podcast episodes before the weekend, it’s been really sweet. I’ve been allowing myself more time to rest and enjoy the day, take my walks and play in the garden and talk to my friends and it’s been it’s been really wonderful to feel a sense of ease and peace in my heart. So whoever needed to hear that just now. I hope that helps you. Yeah. So let’s talk about this episode. I’ve been listening to a lot of the old music. So, hello to Jim Morrison and the doors. Wherever you guys all are today. I hope it’s wonderful. And thank you so much for this amazing music. I was listening to break on through to the other side, there’s a slide in the song we taste our pleasures here dug our treasures there, but can you still recall the time we cried break on through to the other side. Break on through to the other side. And for me, I mean I know everybody’s got their own reason for writing this and Anna looked into it, because for me what it really is saying is, we’ve all place our allegiance to certain kinds of treasures in our lives, and maybe they weren’t ours, you know treasures like emotionally speaking, keeping the peace in our family. Not rocking the boat. Not making waves. Not making too big of a splash on the same you know not upsetting people. Yeah. And I don’t know about you but every once a while I know for me I would come up for air and say I want to stop doing this. I want to stop doing this, there has got to be something more, you know, think about in your own life. The examples for you where you realize in a moment, I have got to change this, I want to change this, this has got to shift. I want to break on through to the other side. You know when you’re struggling when you’re suffering. When you’re upset

when you’re going through the deep end. I had a teacher in healing school who always when everything was when you’re going through the belly of the beast, everything was the belly of the. And it, but the thing is it always feels that way no matter what the upset is because all upsets are disturbing to your peace of mind to the weather in your heart, it doesn’t matter. They’re not, there’s really the course a miracle says there’s really no such thing as a big or a small upset, they’re all equally disturbing and I find that that is true. So, I suppose I’m saying my teacher may have been the belly of the beast. We learn to come out the other side, and when it’s intense when it’s difficult at all. Sometimes we can do is, Chase, our pleasures in terms of checking out numbing out zoning out bugging out, you know, in whatever way we can just to kind of forget about it for a while. So today I wanted to talk about us breaking on through. Or maybe you want to look at it like allowing yourself to rise. I can see it that way too. Now, is always the right time to make those moves if they’re calling to you know I look at it like if you’re here listening, week after week or somebody told you to come and listen today. Your light sparkler. Your torture torchbearer you’re somebody who is seeing and feeling and thinking deeply, you’re connecting dots that maybe the people in your family. For those of us like that. Things that are a problems, a bother. And issue there can be certain energies that can really fester for us that other friends, other people we know are not bothered by it at all. So, if you have found that this has been a time of great awakening for you. Then it’s a beautiful time to say, I’m going to break on through to the other side. It’s a beautiful time to say, I am going to allow the shift to happen. I was writing to love posse this week that since we’ve been in our lockdown of the coronavirus times and going through our things. I’m noticing such a shift in all of us, anybody I talked to in sessions springs I ride with just, you know, my friends, my girlfriends. I don’t have any boyfriends right now I’ve got two number one husband. I’m noticing the shift in him to like we’re all waking up in a deeper way, and maybe before there were big big gaps where we just couldn’t do it. There was a lot of resistance maybe it was fear or guilt and we just couldn’t couldn’t get there. But it does feel like now is that time. If it’s time for you. What is your most sincerest wish for yourself. Just take a moment right now, and consider doing it. This is me giving you a moment to consider.

What is it that you are wanting. No, or if there’s a great burden that you’re ready to lay down, what is the burden you want to lay down. If you really break on through. If we’re afraid to dive a little deeper into what’s going on. It takes great presence, you know to do that but I’m noticing right now a lot of us have more time. Even if we’re still working. Even if the kids are home. Your home schooling to, you know, there’s just a way that there’s a different kind of presence now that’s making this possible for us. So it’s, it’s a great time to ask yourself what is my greatest wish for myself today, and every day, going forward, what would I love what do I want. I’ve been sharing a lot with our love posse the morning lives that I’m hosting over on Instagram that my wish is to be honest

and true

in my day, every day, to be honest and true. It’s a really big wish, actually, for me, what I mean by honest and true is that I want to stop coddling people. I want to stop caretaking people. I want to stop colluding in stuff I don’t agree with stuff I don’t want to do. Are there people in your life who keep telling the same story again and again, people feel sorry for themselves victim consciousness. If you’re a light bearer, you can be like the flame that draws energies, seeking the light, and it’s not our job to fix people. It’s not my job to fix people, but we can fall into these patterns, especially if you’ve had one thing in your childhood where you were hurt and made you feel like it was your job to make everything better for everybody else to somehow be perfect. And therefore, the one who makes it all better. And it kind of as a kid, it kind of did me in but it also kept me okay you know kept things easier for me with my family if I did that. But, it taught me that I didn’t matter. It taught me that my needs didn’t matter It taught me not always to trust what I was getting intuitively speaking. And so for me right now, to be practicing being honest and true to myself, has been huge. And what I notice is that not even. I’m not interested in confronting people or letting them know what they’re doing. That’s bugging me. What say, I have never been a fan of that I don’t think that the problem lies out there I think it lies within me, I think it lies within you. And so we can work on things that way. I’m noticing that people are shifting around issues are coming up that have always been issues that have never been addressed and suddenly they’re just coming up. They’re being brought to light, just like the gold pan sifting things out and the gold is remaining those nuggets of gold, are. there’s so much gold hidden in the shadow stuff with you protecting. You know, the stuff we’ve been afraid to address the stuff we’ve been afraid to deal with. I’m, I’m hearing stories in sessions that I keep saying to people, you know, I bet all of us think we’re the only one that struggles with this, except for me, I am hearing it in so many different ways that I can see how we’re all rising together. We’re all doing this work together we’re walking together. So whatever your thing is right now. You’ve been feeling guilty. You’ve been feeling like you don’t want to listen to that person anymore. You don’t want to hear them tell the story again. You don’t want to accommodate

the ego mind of the other person. That’s too much of a challenge, let it go and see what happens. don’t invest your energy there and see what comes back to you because I seen such a beautiful change happen. So if you think to your life pre coronavirus times, you’ll find that you you were dealing with stuff that you thought was permanent. Changing is so frustrating. Maybe you had a lot of resentment, maybe you had a lot of guilt, maybe you had a lot of fears, you’re realizing that there’s a possibility that some of this can fall away for you, some of this can clear and heal for you.

So the message to you my lightworker friend is, don’t just push to keep things normal. Don’t just push to keep people happy. Don’t just push yourself to keep on keepin on and hope for a better tomorrow. Today’s the day to break on through to the other side. Today’s the day to stop digging for treasures that are not your own. Which do lead us to check out and seek pleasures that are not really satisfying. In the long run, I will not swear off Netflix and popcorn and all those things. But you and I talking about when your nervous system takes enough of a hit. You know when you deny what you need and you deny yourself, the essential stuff your soul keeps asking you for your nervous system takes a hit your chakra system takes a hit your auric field takes the hit, and there is a way your nervous system must rebalance to accommodate the energy you have downgraded to. I did say downgrade down shifted to denying what you need denying what your soul is asking for. And that’s why a lot of us need to numb out, you know. So, what a powerful thing to realize. I’m going to honor, some of my needs and I’m going to learn how to handle what comes in, if I can’t handle it on my own. I’m going to open my arms wide and ask spirit to help me, or I’m going to seek out my counselor my therapist, my energy healer. I’m going to get support, I’m going to talk to a friend. I’m going to get support, because I can’t keep doing this to myself.

I’m looking at the lyrics to that song break on through to the other side right now and he writes the opener. The other day destroys the night. Night divides the day. He reminds me of the Bible verse in the book of john. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. But you know, that darkness, it doesn’t go anywhere, the shadow energy the dark energy it stays right in there. And as I have been this weekend Carrie, can’t wait. So, and you can try and run, and you can try and hide from it but it continues to be there. So until we choose to break on through to the other side. We’re going to be here with this energy and freewill and all that freewill is such a beautiful thing. You have freewill. And what that means is, nobody can make you break on through. Nobody can make you by, you know, not even God, because you have free will, because you’re so blessed because you’re so loved, and is such a sacred thing. Your will is free. You will never be forced to change. But should you want to, should you be ready. If you want to clear the things that keep happening for you. You’re feeling willing, and you only need a sliver of willing. Just a tiny itty bitty bit of willing to lay down your burden. You will be met with assistance and support, and you will be meant, you don’t have to plan this out for yourself and

strategize your 89 point plan of how you’re going to do this thing. It just begins with being honest, and saying, I’m ready to break through this and keep doing the thing. I keep throwing myself under the bus. I keep pretending to be interested in listening to stuff I no longer want to hear. I no longer want to hear this, pretending. You know, it’s like that. Live you tell me your family is giving you a hard time about stuff right now you know there’s a lot of guilt you’re dealing with. You know what’s going on. It’s tweaking things for you. Maybe your kids have had it with the homeschooling thing, and they’re tired of following the rules that other kids don’t seem to be following that’s what I keep hearing about lately. You know, you don’t always have to have a perfect solution, but what I would suggest is for whatever you’re relating to today and what I’m saying. Now, can only give so many examples, you, you find the ones that are real and true for you real for you right now. You just need to sit in your heart and saying what’s here now. This is my tangible tip for today. What is here now. What’s bothering you, Bungie. What’s bothering you Bungie, you know, you know, when you feel that sinking feeling when somebody starts talking to you and you feel the sinking feeling you know something’s going on. So take that beat and ask yourself what what’s what’s happening. What’s happening to assume your needs are expendable. And the easiest thing is just to make it better for everybody else. It’s a mistake. It’s a mistake. You matter. You are worth fighting for. you are worth breaking on through four. And that’s the truth. Even if you’re scared. Even if it seems impossible. You are worthy of doing this work. You can do this. You are strong and capable. And, of course, miracles talks about you are God in the body. You are the light of spirit in a body. You’re backed by powerful energy, that means, and you can do this. This is that time, we can use this time to break on through to the other side. And if nobody has told you today I feel you’re doing an amazing job already. Staying courageous staying awake, it’s really, it’s really a practice isn’t it. Don’t forget to ask yourself, what you want, what your needs are what you’re wishing for. Think about what I was saying about going with what feels true and honest for you. And this is such a great time of awakening. I really do feel. This is the gift of the coronavirus in the world. I know there’s so much going on on the physical level. I’m speaking to us Soul to Soul lightworker to lightworker where we look to our journey and really remember who we truly are. And what we’re here to do, which is to be our truest selves and shine our brightest light shine our life, the brightest by being ourselves. And so, you know, we’re not ourselves if we continue to put up with things that we’re not addressing. So whatever the issues are today whatever is going on for you, don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper, and not just push for normal. Just push for your normal, keeping things, keeping the norm, going. We all have resistance to this, and it’s okay but you know think about what you’re going for what you’re wanting. What you’re really choosing and most of the time, I think I feel you would tell me I want an easy peaceful, gentle ride in the day, I want to be free to play and

be creative and make a difference, no I’m making the difference no I’m proud of myself every day. So, this message is really for all of us wanting that we want to be in alignment with those energetic felt senses, you know the felt sense of those things, do we.

So, you always worry about how it’s gonna sound how what it’s going to look like, what that person is going to say to you, I saw me the other day. That really summed some things up for me. And it said when that person came to clear clear the air, and you’re thinking, I can finally breathe easy because you’re not in my space anymore. Consider everything I said today know take what feels helpful and relevant for you and make a commitment to try some of the practice, one person, one area one thing you can do. Sometimes the boldest move is to decide to just not respond to something anymore. To not respond to not give an answer to not write back to not pick up the phone, wherever it is that seems to have the most importance in the conversation. Maybe you practice with them, making it even. Who knows, you know I’m already looking forward to you, practicing and shining. So again you don’t need to know the how of all of it. You only need to know you’re willing to break on through. And you’re open to break to the new way, you’re open to something new. And you only have to be an Itsy Bitsy Bitsy bit the tiniest sliver of willingness, the Course in Miracles calls that the little willingness, the little news, and the support and assistance will begin to flow into you, flow into your experience flow into your day, it will add more support and assistance is waiting for you in the wings, all the time.

And I keep reminding myself that so much of the telling what breaking on through to the other side really looks like is doing nothing. Instead of something I keep doing in that one situation. So, you know, when I feel guilty when I feel worried when I feel afraid when I feel angry when I feel whatever I do something. And now I’m going to do nothing. Because I need you just have to be present with it. Breathe with it. So, there you go. I hope this message feels helpful and supportive to today I really, really do that there is a nugget or two in here that you can take and break on through to the other side, that allow the night to divide your day, and you’re out there allow that darkness to be so. Such an a pattern interrupt that you cannot make your way free in the day two. Before I share today’s inspiration, and we have a beautiful letter coming up. I wanted to ask you to consider supporting the podcast, share this message on with a friend I know a lot of us are dealing with stuff like this. Now, if you can think of somebody who is really needing this message today if you’ve been talking to your friends and you guys are going through the similar stuff. Please share this on how this light continue to shine. I am not surprised but you know how it is you’re surprised by sometimes how difficult and challenging it can be to wake up when you’re the one person in your circle, who is doing that work. And there’s pressure all around you to not be who you are, to not make these moves. Many of us live in a way that’s free because we’ve been doing this work and breaking out of these bondage of these molds we haven’t had ourselves in but a lot of our friends are just are also really needing this message so please share this on if you can think of somebody if you see me share it somewhere, give it a like or share it in your stories. You can certainly support the podcast with the financial contribution, I always appreciate that. Or consider leaving a review review on Apple or Stitcher, or Google Cast. I really, really appreciate your support. Thank you so much. So inspiration today. In light of everything I’ve been talking about breaking on through making these shifts that we have always wanted to be making and didn’t quite just wasn’t the timing or we didn’t quite know how or we weren’t quite ready or whatever it was. The gap was too big, sometimes that’s the way I put it the resistance stamp was just too big for me I couldn’t do it. Here we are, why do these things. I am finding it enormously helpful to be learning a few new things right now learning something new. So that’s this week’s inspiration. This week I’m learning embroidery, or is it needlepoint. See, I don’t even know. I bought I bought a, a pattern. I’m going to put all of this stuff in the show notes so if you just go to Robin Hallett comm slash 90. I’ll put the links to what I’m doing and maybe some photos there as well. I am learning. I guess it’s needlepoint a sampler pattern, it’s very fun. I’m taking a watercolor class from Melanie April art, it is her elemental butterfly class, very very fun learning some new skills, learning some new things, helping myself, learn and develop something new something I’ve always wanted to try and here’s the interesting thing about that, because I know a lot of us feel like we don’t have time, or it’s frivolous or, you know, doing something like that. Who has the time blah blah blah blah blah. Right. But, learning something new for me anyway. What I am finding is it helps me keep my heart, in my mind, expecting.

New expecting new things, new skills, new ways of doing stuff, and you will find that it’s a healer in a way that you’re not as discombobulated by doing things differently, you’re almost excited about. Oh, what am I going to learn now, you know, and there’s a way that you feel excited and delighted about something new, and not only excited and delighted but open. Now, the resistance can be very big to making some of these changes that I was talking about these emotional changes. So, the practice that’s helping you be open to learning is going to help you be open to making these two breaking on through as well. So it’s like there’s some inner knowing it’s like a there’s a new way, that wants to emerge here, and it applies in other areas, it avoyelles and other areas of your life. It’s gorgeous. So, keeps a little projects going just for you, you’ve been wanting to learn how to grow something in the garden. Did you hear my inspiration last week of planting a wishing tree or planting some sunflower seeds with some intentions for yourself. Again, that would be a beautiful thing to do now. You know some of you are learning how to cook, I’m learning how to make sourdough starter and it is so much fun feeding the sourdough starter every day. I’m doing a gluten free one that’s been really enjoyable. Again I’ll link all of my stuff up in the show notes for you. These little projects they keep me feeling primed and excited, even for the next day when I wake up, there’s an excitement that greets me about the little butterflies I’m painting or the needlepoint. Mine is and it’s called the disco nap sampler which I love the disco nap, going all the way back, I always loved the disco name. When I was going to the disco. Yes, we had a disco to go to. I love that so it’s it’s really really fun, and, like, check it out my sourdough did it rise. Is it, is it risen. Is it bubbling does it need to be fed, some funds. So they keep yeah they keep me primed like for the next day when I wake up I’m already feeling a certain kind of excitement. I’m looking forward to playing with the things and getting into it. So, I wonder, you know if there are things we can try and like that too. And, I get it. If you can’t devote time just to you, she’s got the kiddos there, what can you do as a family project really encourage you to try. You know, I can almost hear some of you going yeah we do that every day we color a coloring page or we take the hike and check on the bunnies or check on the baby Gosling’s that just have. Pick something different something new start a puzzle you know whatever you’ll know, and see how this energy helps you. Let’s make it an experiment. Okay.

So this week’s letter, we’ve got a beautiful one here, and friends, I would love to read a letter for you here to shine a little light and offer some support and offer some inspiration or just expand on a topic you might be interested in. So, if that’s coming to you please write to me at hello at Robin Hallett calm, no issue too small. There is no such thing as a silly issue or a stupid issue, your issue, your question, your letter matters. It’s important. I’m the only one who reads the mail over here. And I promise to take tender loving care with your request. So, hello at Robin Hallett calm, or you can always use the links connected to the show notes. Here’s this week’s letter. This was up to you, Shannon and thank you as always for sending it in. Hi, Robin. Good morning. I’ve been writing in my morning pages and thinking about what faith, feels like to me. I was raised in the church, but it made me feel badly, rather than uplifted. The church told me what faith ought to be. But not what the experience of faith feels like I have been exploring this in my pages, and I would love to know what it means, from your perspective. I’m asking you today because I heard you speak about faith. On the morning magic, live today. This is from April 12 friends and I will link this up. You said faith is in surrender, having faith that spirit is always in the mix, that we can choose to roll away our stones in faith that our fear is not real. I would still love to hear more about your perspective on faith. What does it feel like for you, like me, did you have to experience something to get your Melling from which they followed, or did you come in to the world just knowing. Hey, this is something I want to have, but I forget sometimes feels like a practice, like so many other things. I’m so grateful for you in this world. Thank you, Robin. So many of my insights and clarity around my experiences have come to me in the light of your teachings and healing downloads. I’m so grateful for you. in this world. And I am so grateful to you miss Fannin, you know, I appreciate your encouragement back to me to keep showing up, and shining and sharing. This is a very juicy question isn’t it. I love the insights you’ve already expressed here isn’t And isn’t it interesting that being raised in the church as so many of us were, you know, it’s interesting how many of us experience what I like to call, what I call religious icky. There is a way that you know like any system. You’re either in or you’re out there are rules. There’s a structure to it, and religion itself isn’t the problem, it’s the interpretation and the rules and the enforcement and the belief in good and bad. That gets us. Well, can get us really screwed up about who we truly are and how magnificent we actually are and, and we never needed to do anything to achieve that status, because we were always loved to begin with. We were always a spark of the Divine, even those of you, I one of my best friends growing up from childhood, had a terrible accident and two people were killed because of it. And my friend had to go to prison for time. And when she came home. It was a very difficult adjustment period, and I remember saying to her all the time. No matter what you think. Love created you like itself. You are love, and you are loved. And this thing that happened. It has no bearing on your light. Your beloved status. You just Are you just are you just are that love creativity like itself.

Course in Miracles, you just are. So that’s the first piece around faith is making faith involves a lot of trust, it’s like taking a leap, a leap of trust, and once a leap of faith, when we build trust. It’s making the decision, what do you want the most confusion or clarity, peace, or chaos, what do you want the most you get to pick one, not both. And in our greatest times of really struggling in greatest times of really struggling. That’s when we need to make the leap, because we know we don’t want this to be how it is. requires faith. I had a religion teacher in college who used to say, having faith in God is sort of like having faith that your aunt who lives in Australia, really, is living there. You can’t actually know even if you could get on a plane and fly to the address, your aunt says she lives that, you know, there’s a way that like it requires faith, you just decide I’m going to have the faith that this is the deal, you know. So in that way to me faith is like a surrender. I am going to give up my insistence on all the ways, it’s probably not real. I’m probably not Beloved, I probably can’t be redeemed. I probably am bad you know i’m going to give up all that Carpe right now in trust in the vibe. I feel as I’m listening to Robin, talk about this stuff. No, don’t take my word for it. Trust in how you feel as you listen to me speak. That’s what I always go by, how do I feel in my body. As I’m receiving this information today. Surrender is a big deal. I’m going to and sometimes I talk about it like forgiveness, I’m going to give this story. This energy is tension, this anger this fear this unknowing whatever it is I’m going to give it up for my freedom. My peace, my joy. I’m going to give it up for. Even for my freedom. Forgive. Did you hear that I have the tiniest little bell chime on my own. Actually a mini set of travel singing bowl. A friend gave me before I left for Bali. Last year, and it’s sitting here on my desk, it just rang on its own. I’m looking right at it, the little one stick thing is nowhere near. Yeah, thing, faith, that that is somehow sign that connection.

What does faith feel like To me it feels like an easy thing. It feels like a decision to, I feels like a letting go. It feels like sometimes I got the nasty plunge will fall back into the pool. And we don’t know. There are no eyes in the back of your head, we don’t know. We’re on the edge of the pool, we’re expecting to hit the water. but we don’t know. That’s faith.

It’s showing up in the middle of all your stories of badness, and choosing the higher perspective. It’s choosing to break on through. So you asked, did I have to experience something to get my knowing from the tray followed or did I just come into the world knowing. Definitely not. Definitely. My earliest memory is of my badness. So if you can relate to that. You know, then we’re in good company, my friend. My first memories of being in trouble. And right out of that comes this choice that I’m connected to God, I must be beloved to.

It can’t just be in some of us, it has to be in all of us. There have been many times in my life or something has worked out and it taught me a greater sense of faith, the one I’m thinking of now. I told this story a few times maybe not here maybe in the lives maybe in our classes but I was living in Europe, and my mom had had a stroke came to visit me. And just, I, she had just been in my apartment for maybe a half an hour and I was brewing tea for us, the kettle was whistling. And they came back into the room and she was having a stroke, and it was a. Well, I can’t remember the medical term but let’s just say catastrophic event brain injury that she never came back from, although she lived for almost a year and so through that experience. I learned a lot about faith. I wasn’t trying for faith, I was just holding my butt cheeks trying, trying not to lose it you know holding on for dear life, trying not to lose it completely, putting one foot in front of the other every day. And then these miracles would happen. Somebody would call out of the blue and offer something that I was leaving, not even knowing what was going on. I mean, and I don’t mean little things. I mean like a flight back to the States, a medical evac flight back to the states from a friend who didn’t even know what was going on. How does that happen I just happened to be passing through, where I was living in Europe at the time, calling to have a beer, calling to connect knew that was where I was staying cool to connect going on empty. With this medical plane to the city my mom lived in, you know, big miracles like that but also little sweet miracles. Somebody I love was telling me the other day that she prayed for a sign, and she even said blue butterfly. And when she rounded the corner under her walk. That day, she had a something that was so much more than that. It was butterflies. All right. Giant sculptural mosaic gorgeous, complete with flowers and majesty I know that teaches us phase two. And the biggest thing is just, you know, just keep trusting in your goodness. Trusting in your, in your light, keep reminding yourself of how many things work out well for you and others, you’re connected to take my stories as your own because we’re really one, aren’t we, and live together excitement of those stories, the wilds and the other has received them into your own work, and become willing. Even though at times I know we may be so convinced that we are not worthy or deserving. Sit those down. And I’ll leave you with this, this just kind of came off my bulletin board. This, this hour while I’ve been sitting here before I even picked your letter of it’s been sitting on my desk. Only loving thoughts are true. This is from the Course in Miracles. I accept, I accept only loving thoughts in myself and others. Everything else is an appeal for help in healing. Regardless of the form it takes all fear is a call for love, you know, and there are so many places where this is mentioned, it’s mentioned in the text. It’s mentioned in the workbook lessons and no friends listening if that feels helpful to hear. I have a few beautiful courses on taking us through the practice of the Course of Miracles on my website, it might be really helpful. Sometimes we just need to practice. Because, overcoming the wiring is an interesting thing. Now there’s so much energy that can keep us. Believing

in our badness, or that we don’t know. Right. So I hope that helps you my friend and we thank you so much for your kind words, and it is such a pleasure to ride with you all of these years, near or far were always close in the heart. In the spark of our hearts, and then is for real. So my friends. Well, that wraps another beautiful Episode Episode 90 is in the can. Ooh. Hope this has been a good one for you, and you know,

take a moment now if you heard something good today decide on that, if your nugget as your takeaway. Sometimes at the end of the healing session I’ll say to somebody. So, give me some nuggets you are going to take away from this session today. I did just write that, you know, because I think it helps to kind of recall back to ourselves what we’re gonna take away. And then we can remember, I know for me, a lot of times these energies we ride in can feel a bit of a trance like nature. You’re, you’re receiving you’re listening on a very deep level and an hour later you might not be able to name, really much, and that’s okay, because the energy is doing its work. It’s not for your mind to retain. But, you know, you can help that process, and you can help that process along by deciding what are you going to take away. For me it’s got it for me it most definitely is that deciding, I’m going to break on through to the other side deciding that what I want feels think need my desire matters. It matters enough to not listen to the name a voice in my head and it’s always there, I tell you this a lot of episodes, I don’t want to come and do it. I have so much resistance. I’m worried I’m afraid you know, I don’t know if anybody’s listening I don’t know if it matters, I mean the stories are endless. And if you give them an inch, they will take a mile so that’s going to be my nugget for today my takeaway is to. Yes. Break on through to the other side.

And I hope there’s something powerful there for you as well. So my friend, I am wishing you a gorgeous rest of your day and be so kind and gentle with you You are precious, precious cargo, and now in these Corona times, please remember that the love is viral to the light healing. It’s more viral than the virus itself. That’s for reals. So, yeah, this has been me Robin, sending You So Much love, I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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