Love with a Backbone

I have no interest in adding any more darkness in the world. I will not contribute to the anger, the meanness.

I’m not interested in dissonance.

Don’t talk to me about all the a*holes who are making things worse for the world. Instead, tell me what YOU are doing to be a force for good. Tell me what you’re doing to contribute something helpful.

Love is my dharma and I will practice this wherever I go.

In times like these I ask myself the following:

Can I keep abreast of what’s happening without participating in the madness?

Can I stay in a place of bringing light to the darkness?

Can I hold a vibration of love?

Can I stay open, deciding to not decide good/bad, right/wrong?

Can I address my personal edges which are no doubt being triggered and keep a perspective?

Yes? If we can do this, we’re contributing something powerful.

When we choose love over anything else, that’s us making a difference.

Please, don’t underestimate the power of your love, it’s got a very strong backbone. 

It can be fierce.

It can speak the truth without needing to slay anyone.

Lots of times when we are setting boundaries and speaking uncomfortable truths, we are coming from a place of love. When we are unhooking from drama, disengaging from anger and even in some instances getting a little closer to the violence saying, this isn’t like you, sweetie, what’s really going on? That’s us acting from love.

Instead of churning on and dredging up the mud, I am choosing love.

Instead of marinating my own heart in the same poison others are dishing out, I will choose love.

It is not necessary to spew hatred or punch others in the face in order to make your point. When you lose your center, you cannot offer help.

My question to you: As we organize, as we take action, as we speak out…can we come from a centered place inside our hearts? Can we stand in our power and also offer love? And can we show up with love for ourselves, even when there’s fear present?

And, can we witness those choosing NOT to practice and still send love?

I vote yes.

I can do this and so can you.



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