We Are One // Tea With Robin Episode 91

The journey of awakening continues. How can we deepen and pay attention?

Hurt people hurt people.
Duality is never going to heal us.
It’s through unity consciousness that we get there.

We are one, created by the All that IS.

We help the collective to heal by doing our work of forgiveness and light. Work your light in your own backyard.

Our inspiration this week is about strengthening your core with mirror work, on helping ourselves to have our own backs and feel deeply rooted. I read a sweet poem too.

The listener letter comes from #iamanartist who shares about how her life has shifted in beautiful ways since these corona love times began, and she wonders how these shifts can be made permanent.

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here.

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She blooms because she blooms.
She cares not for herself.
Asks not if she is seen.

I am An Artist, The End.

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John O’Donohue Walking on the Pastures of Wonder

Paul Selig The Book of Knowing and Worth

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode doing things a little bit different today I’ve got a sweet story for you. And I’m going to talk a little bit about current events. How can we take what we see happening in the world and the feelings we might be having and practice showing up and serving where we can plus we’ll have some inspiration, support and love in the form of mirror work. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag. I am an artist. All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well, hello, beloved. It’s me, Robin. I’m sending love and hugs from my heart to yours. Welcome back to the podcast. Tea with Robin. This is Episode 9191. Wow. If it’s your first time here, I want to say a big hearty Hello hearty. Hello. Thanks for being here. I hope you love it and stick around. Good things are happening here all the time. So my friend, how are you today? How is the weather in your heart? Always My prayer is that you are being kind and gentle with yourself especially now, especially now, in these Corona times as the journey continues to deepen for you, for me for all of us, that you are being gentle and kind with yourself, paying attention to what is waking up within you and giving it some space to move. Yeah Whoo. I like how I said that too. That’s very nice. Over here. It’s been a very interesting day. A lot is going on. And I’m going to get into that in a bit. not loving what I’m seeing happening in the world. What’s been going on in the news, and I’m a little fired up today, my friend. I promise you, we’re going somewhere good. And I have a very sweet story. I could not wait to come and tell you today could not wait to come and tell you today. Oh, and first of all, I should say if it sounds if I do I sound funny today. I am recording in the healing room today. I don’t know the formerly known as healing room because since our pandemic began, did I just Friday and call it pandemic? Oh, no. Well, since this time began, I have stopped seeing friends on the journey in person. We’ve moved exclusively online. exclusively you know what I mean? And so this room is like for a few weeks, it was like, Oh, I don’t know what is going to happen to me. And then a little bit over time the room sort of started becoming the place I do the morning lives every day. So it has a lot of lively loving energy, but there’s a lot of change happening. And so I’m beginning to consider what else I might like to do with this space. And today, I’m recording in here, but the reason I came down here is because it’s 86 degrees upstairs in my office, we haven’t put the air conditioners in, we have that kind of house, you know, no air, we have some window units and we just haven’t felt like doing it and we’re kind of in the flow and so we’ve been going between the basement and this main floor and fans, you know, fans are your friend. So if you hear if it sounds weird or anything? That’s probably why am I hope you’ll understand and join me in these campy couchy vibes. Okay, so let’s have some cups of Yum, yum. And then I’ll tell you my sweet story, and then I’ll get into what’s going on in my heart. Okay, that sounds good to me. Yeah, I have iced lemonade and black tea, and it’s really yummy. It’s refreshing. And there’s some lemon peel in here. I like that. So, that’s what I’ve got. I’m raising my cup to you. And here’s what I want to say. You and I are waking up. We’re on a ride of waking up. We’re waking up. And here’s the waking up. Here’s to being awake. Here’s to us and never ever ever forget you and me. We are together. Cheers. Huh? Cheers. So I want to tell you a sweet story. In the garden today I was outside

the neighbors are have torn down the house next door to us and there’s one of those big insane looking big construction fences up around the property and I’ve been building a side garden there to sort of just add some visual beauty to our neighborhood while the fence is up and you know, so we don’t have to stare at the just at all for a year and however many months it’s going to be and there’ll be something pretty for everybody in the in the neighborhood to see when they’re out walking. So I’ve been out there working a little bit every day, taking out the grass mulching and putting in some Mexican sunflowers which are really tall and beautiful and these vines called Cypress vines, which have beautiful leaves, like a cypress tree, which We have in the backyard. And then they develop these gorgeous red flowers that hummingbirds and all the pollinators love. And then there’ll be lots of zinnias and things like that. So I was out there working today and talking to the construction guys and sending love all around because it’s so easy to be annoyed, isn’t it? It’s so easy to be disgruntled and kind of pissy about what’s going on and how the noise is gonna ruin your summer and all of that stuff. This is me in my practice choosing to be somebody who is doing the practice everywhere. So I want to practice and bring an energy of love to this place and make it somewhere beautiful. For all of us to kind of dig myself right now that is really sweet. So while I was out there working, talking to Joe Joe As the cosmic digger driver, I turn all these things into healing metaphors. You know, you got the cosmic digger. You got the cosmic dump truck, all kinds of good things. I was getting the hose to water in some of the new seedlings and I looked down and there was the baby is tiniest, itty bitty just chipmunk hiding underneath the coil of my hose and I thought, Oh, my goodness, he, his eyes are closed, like he’s just a baby. His eyes aren’t open yet. So I thought, Oh, my goodness, little guy. And if I had just been totally checked out and doing my thing and hurrying along, I would have missed him. I would have grabbed that hose and probably knocked him, you know for a loop literally. So instead, I stopped and they took a breath and they put my hand out and he jumped right onto my hand and then begin to run all the way up. My body just got to my heart and clung there and just stayed there stayed put God to my heart and stayed there. I don’t know if if he could sense my beating heart. I don’t know. But he hung there with me for about a good half hour and I I don’t know exactly what to do. I had those big man hand gardening gloves on, I was full of dirt, sweating, the bulldozer noises were going it was very loud. And I just went inside and I called to number one number one. Can you help me He’s like, yeah, you know how when you don’t really want to have to? You’re in the middle of something. You just gonna answer a question maybe Yeah, I’m like, no, no. Can you come upstairs and there I’m I am and I said look at this little fella. Look at this little guy. He’s just hanging on with his little claws on my T shirt. So I was holding him and just holding a very gentle energy. If you’re a healing practitioner of any kind or you know a mama or Papa, you know what I’m talking about you just gently lay your hand and allow the energy of love to flow. Just love. Just love and complete confidence, complete centeredness. I am here with you. We are together. This is us. That’s what I do. So, just doing my regular healer do on the itty bitty chipmunk whose eyes were just tiny little slits. He had the hiccups too. So sweet. So Jeff came upstairs and I said, I have no idea. What do we do? I wondered if he was near

you know, expensive. If he if he wasn’t going to make it, I wasn’t sure but I wanted to do whatever we could, within reason that would also give him a chance. So Jeff said, Let’s get a box and get something soft. I said, should we put a towel in there or something? He said, No. Let’s get grasses from the yard and things that are natural, they have natural smells. So we did that we got a little amazon prime box, I save all my boxes for the garden for the to come in and go over sort of mulch in place over your grass so you can take out more of your lawn if you like. That’s a nice way to do it. So we set up the box and we set up some grasses we just pulled clumps out that needed to come out anyway and set them down. It actually looked like a beautiful. Did you ever have to make a diorama in social studies or you know science class. It looks like a beautiful It was on its way to be a gorgeous diorama. And we put some newspaper on the bottom just in case the box was not closed all the way we didn’t want any chances that this little guy would slip out through the bottom and end up under the box. So put some water in there and a little low cup and some food and you know, finally released him from my heart chakra and put him down in the box. In the box is very Jeff said put it very close to where you found him. I didn’t even think about that. You know, sometimes the smartest thing you can do is let somebody else help you isn’t it true? Because I was just feeling so worried about him and not knowing what to do but Jeff was so level headed like, just put the box where you found him. And, you know, we’ll protect them from predators and so we put the box down and the most amazing thing happened. The little guy turned I named him chili con carny By the way, just I don’t know why, but that was the name I just said, this is chili con garni, which is kind of amazing because usually I’m so original. It’s like, Jeff will say, What’s his name? And I’ll say, Chip monkey. Everything’s like that. You know, if it’s a squirrel, the name is squirrely. If it’s a cat, the name is caddy, or kitty. If it’s a fish, the name is fishy. I’m so original. So for some reason, chili con Carney put them in the box and he turned himself towards this beautiful angel. I have right in that little space, sort of like a stairwell. I will put a picture up in the show notes this outs this will be Robin Hallett calm slash 91. So he turns his little body and the whole time he is making, you know, like a beam, Angel. And to me that energy was real. And so that felt Okay, Jeff went back to work, I went back to finish the last few seedlings, I had a client friend on the journey at two o’clock and I didn’t want to be, you know, late for that. So I just kind of went back and tidy up my stuff a little bit and I felt this tug on my heart. And the tug on my heart was is this all I want to do for this to honor this little being is this all I’ve want to do for this little beam? Because, you know, I think we can be in a way like circle of life and all that and you can’t save everybody. There’s some chipmunks are pests and pain in the ass and Oops, sorry. All my nuts and that is the truth. Every time I plant seeds, they dig them up so fast. You know, I’ve just learned if you want 10 some flowers, you better plan 200 you know, stuff like that. But I was feeling Have I done enough? And I thought I did not say a prayer for my friend. I sort of didn’t do what felt true and honest for me. And I don’t know why that happens. I’m just telling you, I catch these things in myself more and more. And really, the gift of this pandemic,

all that’s going down in the world. What I am coming away with is I want to be myself everywhere I go. And so just because you know, anybody else would be like circle of life and whatever and the construction guys were there and the jackhammers were going and Jeff went back to work. I said to myself, I care and love is all there is energy is real. vibration is really who we are, you know, much more so than this body we’re in. So I stood over this little Sweetie, who was still pointing towards the stone Angel and I said, You are a being of light. And I bless you. May you find your way home, wherever that home is, you know, because I can’t know what that journey is all about. I have no idea. And who am I to decide that chipmunk? chili con Carney is not important. And who am I to decide? Julie Konkani must You know, must stick around. But I like that about myself. I want to say a blessing. So I said the blessing, then I felt good. And actually after I said the blessing he hiccuped, it was so cute, you know? I think he was very close to not making it, you know what I mean? He seemed that way. So very, very still. But then there was this little hiccup, which is very sweet. I went back and I cleaned up my stuff, and I went inside and had my afternoon healing session. And I felt good. You know, I normally might have felt sad about this little guy outside and word. I felt good like I I did it all. And now it’s up to this being and his journey and whatever’s going on, you know? So right after the session, I go outside to take a peek and I kid you The mother chipmunk is standing on the edge of the Amazon Prime box. Calling to her baby. I’m gonna make myself cry right now like calling to her baby. And then she gets into the box. And the baby just comes to life. I have pictures of this. I cannot believe that you can see them but you can there. These are very crisp. I’m looking at one right now. She’s standing on the box. And she goes down. And literally she is trying to stuff the baby in her mouth. Who cares? Like first she’s just trying to pick it up. And Jeff said, Oh, no, because we put it in a box. She has that extra effort of going up and over what do we do? And because of course, you know, I was like, do you do that? You’re like, come see. Look at what’s going on. Oh my god. You’re not gonna believe this of course I scared the crap out of him. So he’s running. So there we are looking there she is trying probably four or five times to hop into the box, jump off the stairs into the box down to her baby heroic rescue attempt and can’t lift him up and out over the side is probably tension well. So Jeff says, What do we do? I said, we’ll let her try one more time and then let’s turn the box on its side so she can get in. I didn’t want to risk anything happening. You know, I didn’t want to risk anything happening. And sometimes the hardest thing is to do nothing. And I was thinking that and then I remembered that I need do nothing. How many times I tell you this on the podcast from the Course of Miracles, I have myself can do nothing. I need do nothing. I can say a prayer. I can say please help this little babe. You know, there is a reason we were here witnessing it. I mean, how spooky good is that that I happen to be there right as she arrived. I mean that is meant to be, you know that is like a I felt like that was the reward. That was the nod back to me from spirit, you know, because I had been there doing what I could Jeff had been there doing what he could so here we have this beautiful experience happening.

So finally she grabs her baby, she grabs her baby around the waist. That’s how I could suddenly see it is indeed a boy because his legs went up in the air. Mm hmm. You know, and she gets him up over the side just like that. It’s a little scary looking. He’s slipping through her fingers kind of a thing but they finally get up and out and then over to the other I’m to the driveway and she begins a long track down the driveway to this chipmunk hole we have in her yard. My friend painted the whole the flower around the hole last year. It is like this whole amazing things. She’s carrying her baby back to their den. And again, I can’t know if Julie can Carney will survive, you know, how will I ever recognize him? I don’t know. But she took him and went and I watched them. I mean, it took her a while she had to stop and rest and kind of tuck him back into her cheeks. That was so bizarre. Her cheeks already had a bunch of nuts in them. So I don’t know. But finally they went back down into the hall. And the Papa chipmunk, the bigger one, so I’m guessing it was the male stood outside the hole and waited and looked and watched. I’m guessing, you know, just double checking. Nobody’s following us. beautiful, gorgeous what a special spectacular happening. So, what I learned about myself from that, was that I, you know, I hope this will resonate for some of you even in my private moments where it’s just me alone on the driveway, planting in my garden. I struggle to accept my true nature. I struggle to allow myself to do the things that I need to do. I need and want to do, the things I know are right for me to do. I still have a hard time with that. You know the old voices are there. I’m sure you’ve got some to wear. I mean, who cares? You know, who cares? I think the point now is If you heard last week’s episode, we need to break on through to the other side. It’s not enough anymore to indulge this time. stories and to allow ourselves to Keep the status quo and just think, Oh, well, nobody’s ever going to change. It’s never gonna, you know, whatever and then go well we got to Breaking through and what matters to you matters. What matters to me matters So very small story, a very small scale. story for what I really wanted to talk about today, which is, there is just so much happening in the world. But today about the death of Jordan Floyd, I watched the film. I mean, I watched the film Listen to the people Speaking on his speaking up For him I listened him speaking up for himself asking, pleading, you know, and then I spend some time reading the posts different Post people have been sharing people I love people I follow people who teach me people who helped me. I kind of got it that this chipmunk chili con carny was coming to me as my teacher because have a hard time even loving myself. Say what I need they about a chipmunk coming here and talking to you. Knowing people are gonna say i’m not i get that already. I hear that a lot. There’s a lot of pushback about the way I am I’m too kind to sweet. People can’t trust it. It’s weird this and that. Well Today what I want to talk about is what I call non dual Healing so do Reality is me versus you us versus them Nine duel to me in a nutshell. Got it nutshell We are one we are one There is no them. It’s Only us and we are You know, as somebody who walks with you on the journey is somebody doing my best to wake up myself and you

know I’ll be honest, failing miserably so much of the time. I’m not the best Standard either I do stuff I Regret all the time. I say things Anger. I have angry thoughts you know I’m not perfection by any stretch of the You know I don’t do it perfectly is what I’m trying to say. But I love us and I want us all to work. Wake up. That’s what I was born to do. I have been wanting people to remember who they truly are since I was a very little girl, kindergarten already I was mean this message and kindergarden already I was getting in trouble for bringing this message. I was being told already I’m too much It’s too much. It’s too hard. It’s too. You know, people don’t talk like that people don’t like to hear it. Don’t Be in other people’s business, Rob and I would go to nursing homes Little girl and sit in the rooms with people and Hold hands and My mother said that is weird. People are wondering what is wrong with your head. You know, these are the stories I grew up being told but you know, know that song This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine. I do love people. I do love us. And love is a healer And love also has a backbone and this is me Here today I hope that backbone is really in engaged because I feel just as scared as I feel motivated to talk What I Is that hurt people hurt People We have a Very serious. problem going on in So many ways. I mean, I just I cannot even count the ways. The point I want to bring to us is I honor you and us in this journey and You know I also wanting wondering how are we going to heal the people committing these acts. So we have to educate ourselves we have to learn. I feel that I shouldn’t say we but I will because I just said where it’s just us So you and me, where are we? So we have to educate ourselves and talk To our friends, people of color and Yanis Help me understand M Do our own research. Amazing books you can read, but also, there are so many beautiful souls sharing their stories. Yep. So, learn about the experience. Be a compassionate witness, be a listener, be a receiver and make calls. Yep. make calls. Speak up, ask. You can donate money if you have money. You can donate some money to support people who are doing things like making noise. about this so people are brought to their knees to face what they’re doing. You know? And you can speak up, even if you’re scared. This is me. Hi My hand is in the air. I’m scared. Every other sentence I have a thought that somebody is going to write me another scathing angry email. You know, I get those already, but You know, let’s speak up because we need to wake up and that’s my biggest Messages wake the f up. You know, it’s You or me? It’s not us and them. It’s just us and all of us. Can you This message because any of us who are angry even in our righteous anger We make mistakes. And we forget that it’s not us. You know what I mean? We forget and we’ve all seen that You know, we do things in moves that are not awakened and I feel like what would it be like to be educated, empowered and in your center Looking at the other human beings saying the lightest You as well, wake up. We need to wake up. So, you know, hurt people hurt people and we are Waking up to that,

but not fast enough. The thing is the duality thing you know is never going to work in the long Hall because we’ll always be pitting each other against the pitting ourselves against each other. So I I like to say my everyday Project is waking up and facing up facing these things and being honest and there have been so many acts of crazy going on. May we wake up, may we wake up and none of us is exempt from this message. And here’s the interesting thing. You can work on this issue in your own backyard. I talk about the Course of Miracles a lot here and the course is does a beautiful job in my My opinion of illuminating how when we are all since we are all connected We all have one Spark. We are a spark of the Divine. We come from God. You come from God, I come from God. God is in everything. God bless you. All things all beings. We were created by the all that is And that means you and I is all there is. We’re one. You mean we’re one we need to wake up to that. Practice, and you can practice in your own backyard basically. Who are you man? Right now, Will you forgive them? Who are you still telling that story about Who let you down that you’re still telling the story. About Can you forgive them How are you continuing To be hard on yourself That thing you said did didn’t do. Will you let it go? Will you step into the next level of your evolution? Because hanging on to those things does Serve you hang on to this stuff does not serve you and does not serve you. hurt people hurt people, period. So, you know, you can work on this issue. Release the hostages in your own heart release the prisoners from your own Heart and yes, we need to make the calls. We need to donate money. We need to study we need to learn We need to understand our friends who are being killed. In the streets, we need to get that I mean You know I have never So much punch somebody in the face. Can’t even We need to learn but also waking up every every damn day that is your job. We all have to do it. You look at you You’re so Beautiful. You’re so worth the life you feel the proudest declaim and every where you can Work your light will count towards The whole I wonder if I lost my point a little bit in what I was saying about the Course in Miracles. Well The point I wanted to make there in case I did was that you All of the work you do to give free Be forgive that Parker who’s so bitchy all the time and drives you nuts are the people who don’t take who take you for granted. Who doesn’t have that happening in their lives or you know me. I get emails from people dumping the bucket at me after a beautiful email I send every week I would like somebody to say nice Beautiful email instead they write me back and just dump Their bucket. So all of these places you and I can work on, let’s not be doormats. Let’s stand up and start cup. Let’s step into our light and take action. Remember that love created us Like itself, that is our truth. Nature is loving And kind and so when you decide to forgive your husband Because he forgot

something that you’re upset about or You think oh, here comes my coworker again. They’re gonna bring up that thing and they’re not gonna ask me how my weekend was You practice right there. Forgive them. Difficult mother in law anybody. Let her off the hook. But don’t kiss her butt You know what I’m saying? Don’t give her everything she’s demanding because she’s a challenging person stand up. Do you But also don’t carry it. And as you do that you liberate light and you help the collective to heal. That’s the point. I Really want you to know is that not all of us were made to pick it on the front lines. Some of us are very tender hearted, introverted diets and we wouldn’t do well on a podium with a bullhorn and we wouldn’t know the first Have you know how to do that? Work your light in your own backyard. And yes, study the things, make the calls, donate the funds. Do You know, understand we have a problem and hurt People hurt people. Let’s not be another hurt people that is hurting people. Right? duality is never going to heal us. It’s through you Unity Consciousness. Unity we’re one created by the all that is, you and me. We is one So that’s my app. dam day project oneness My awakening and my healing Wow, I hope you love this message. I hope it supports your heart today. I hope it encourages you and makes you feel free and able to Take some steps and feel free to share this message on with a friend. could use it and yeah, I say we drink some more to buy you

so beloved inspiration Today in light of this conversation we’re having together rescuing chipmunks in distress and daring to say prayers. And do what you need to do. daring to speak up about things that really activate your heart and you’re afraid to do like what I’ve been sharing with you just now. speaking up, even though you’re afraid you might be attacked. You might be Bam Then you might be betrayed.

The inspiration today is for you. to step in and be courageous to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. And really receive who you are. Look into your own eyes. Look into your own eyes and see that The power, the light, the sincerity, the beauty The peace the goodness how much you well wish The world you know, I’m saying you’re a good person. Spend Some time looking into your own eyes and shoring up the weak, wobbly parts that lack a sense of confidence Where you need a bit more? Give yourself that sense of presence and solidarity, solidarity within yourself. No. It’s not easy to be you, you know and not everybody Gets you I understand that and yet you have something to say. You have something to share. Your presence is a healer. It is And it’s necessary that you show up as you Even if it’s hard Even if you’re scared, I’m scared. I still feel scared about all the stuff I just said to you for the last 40 minutes I still feel scared and my commitment is to show up you know, as a Me and trust In the goodness in my own heart and how I get there is by looking in the mirror Looking into my own eyes And Deep in there and just to close this little sweet inspirations thanks out. I keep thinking of this poem. I read in the book from john O’Donoghue, a friend of mine. Brendan sent this to me one Christmas And it’s a favorite book. This is walking on the pastures of wonder and he recites a lot of other people’s poetry in this books so this poem is actually a student of Meister Eckhart It’s called the owner of our home which means without why the rose is without why She blooms, blooms. She does not care for herself asks not if she is seen. Let’s read that again. Rose is without why she blooms because she blooms She does not care for herself. asks not if she’s seen

And For me that is so beautiful. Put this in the show notes. So if you just go to Robin hallett.com Episode 91 it’ll be there for me This is giving me when I read this it gives me the encouragement Just be yourself. Just be just be bloom Because that’s what you do.

Don’t put so much effort into your blooming Don’t put so much concern worry about your blooming next. And also let’s not focus so much on what People are thinking about are blooming. Or if we’re being received even or if we’re getting accolades or if people like it or if they think it’s pretty or smart or

Mr. Reichert JOHN O’Donoghue or so many of our great mystery Talk about just learn how to be. May we learn how to just be just be us. Just be just express our light as it is naturally just be. Just be. Just be who you be, is phenomenal. And I hope this helps you Because I know for me, I need encouragement and support port in feeling the ground My centeredness to allow myself to be to speak and share and show up and do and I I get scared. I worry. And what helps me is to come back sometimes To look myself in the eye And make That connection helped me Because I want very much to be here. I want very much to show up. So And I know you do too. And it’s that time where we need to rise we need to expand, we’ll step through, you know, break on the Last week I was talking about break on through or a couple weeks ago I was talking about How we need to honor our own needs. All these things require courage and a depth of knowing who we are To me, that serve you love it We have a little more tea. Actually now I have bubble wrap

Orange bubble I love it. Recently, I just got hooked on Bubble water. These are the Think it’s from Whole Foods that 365 brands just their brand really yummy. Me Me So friends, if you enjoying this episode. I would Really love your support. You know tell a friend share this on can always leave a review. I noticed the other day there’s a few more reviews now. Thank you so much those of you Taking the time to do That can leave a review on Apple. Apple iTunes or Google Play or Stitcher you can always say praise For me, send some light my way or a financial donation. is super awesome. There’s some details. There’s a link in the profile here for you to do that or I have wonderful a couple of wonderful courses and some sweet little things like coffee mugs was my artwork Anyway, you might feel called To support this love I share here. I thank you so much. And most of all, what I love is knowing that you will go out and take what you’ve received here from me and offer it on In the practice to someone else, so you’ll put these things into motion and I hear it from you all the time. I love your stories. I love knowing you’re having success in applying some of them Some of these sharings I offer here that is so wonderful You know, that’s really what we’re here to do today. Love each other and lift each other right? Yay So thank you very much I appreciate it. So this week’s letter is so perfectly timed. No, a lot of us relate to this and it’s sort of the energy flowing in my life. I said a lot of us relate to this flowing in the times right now. So this goes out to you, Amanda. Thank you so much for Being open and willing to share this with us. Hi Robin I am a creative person in a job that totally lacks creativity, legal work, and I manage other people. It’s high stress, high volume fast paced work. The job pays very well and affords me The luxuries of being able to purchase the tools I need. To Be creative art supplies, travels for inspiration etc. And I constantly remind myself of this But I’m not happy at all when I’m working Snap it I feel tense. I feel very unsettled and angry There was a time when I was very successful at my art. Music was the winner for me And I was acknowledged for that. But as life happens there’s always the ebb and flow of that energy. So here I am in the corona times and I’ve had the opportunity to live as I dreamed art every day. Meditation self care priorities In line with my dreams, the problem is I do not go to the way it was I’ve gotten So many signs that I should continue to be the creative, but I cannot shake the fear that I will end up with Nothing, no money. No travels, destitute, back to bad habits ruin With that said, I feel something by A bit though, like seed in a garden. Last weekend I played some of my music for my friends, neighbors, and they seem to really enjoy it and we’re so Encouraging and it felt like the truth, real vibes. I’ve known them all for over 15 years. So I know that Well, then my neighbor brought me this sweet message and these articles and I felt a bit of a stir in my belly, a lot of love and a little less fear

in the dream world, I would be an artist. And only an artist and I would Only do things that serve that path. Here’s to dreaming things into reality. Hope Fully love Amanda x o x o And she sends out when with some articles and The artwork on the top of the article says the journey Is everything and there’s a note from one of her neighbors and it says No fear no regret. Only love and joy No spirit beer. Amanda, I am so touched By your spirit

Hello A lot of us Kindred are relating to you right now I feel it already. You know me how sometimes I can sense it record, just record before it even goes live, I feel it in our love policy. So Many of us can relate to this question.

You’re right at This intersection between love and fear. And

I think In the intersection of love in the intersection Love and fear imagining ourselves having to pick a direction implies there will be loss. There’s going to be lost. So here you’re describing it so well. You know, I’m going to lose my livelihood and my ability to travel and all that. blessings that come with the trappings of this job. You know

So We’re seeing As a Either Or perspective. I can raise my hand to that too. How do you embrace Your fear with love I was just reading this poem about the rose. You know, the rose just is a part of you that must sing that must Play that must create she must garden She must be creative. She must express and you know, when we’re at work and it and it sucks. But it pays well you know that feeling And we feel snapped And as you say high stress and high volume Gently keep reminding yourself that this is what happens when I nip off some of my parts when And allow myself to sing. I don’t allow myself to play and so the question isn’t how do I Get rid of my day. You know, the question is more How can I add in more of what I enjoy every day and so many of us are Sitting in that place to where it’s like, you know, basically we’re living the life we’ve always wanted to live and Isn’t it funny you’re still working right? You’re still working But now you’re living The life the way you want to live it So something here is happening all on your own Europe. You did that You did that and I feel you It’s like you’re opening your arms wide and you’re embracing your miracles. You’re embracing what you would love And keep Doing that especially as you notice your Fear lots of us feel afraid Hello How many times in this Episode Have I told you I I’m afraid I’m afraid. I’m afraid You know, lots of us have fear Can we embrace our fear with love? With so much? You know, I’m thinking about chili con Carney, the little chipmunk who came to show me something so important that you know you Contrast You will be held In the arms of Spirit That life will continue to help you. Find your way home to what you would really, really love So in a way, it’s like you know, I can’t help it. I am Rose and I will bloom that’s just how it goes. People that’s just how it is. I don’t have to force I don’t have to force people to notice that I smell good that I’m beautiful. You know, that I, I just have to let myself bloom And you know, you’re right there. You’re doing it day after day, right? You’re doing it day after day right now, aren’t you?


It’s a powerful time. Lots of people Tell me they don’t want it to go back to the way it was and I get it. I’m pretty sure I have the control over that for me that it won’t go back to the way it was and I wonder if you feel pretty sure about that yourself too because we direct so much of what’s happening in our own lives. I understand that the offices get get back here. You know or what You know when things returned to full force workday but you still, you know you’re still in control of that. So let’s talk about the fear of life. hood the fear of losing income and travel and Things you know When we look at this non this two dualistic project spective if I if I give my heart to my art, I will be destitute. That’s it. I will be there. destitute. I mean, you know, the possibilities are endless. Less possibility. exists Are you open to possibilities? Then you have to give up knowing. And I was thinking about this A little bit like last week. I was Talking about faith. In the letter, fear and one thing I missed saying that later in the week, it just happened to pop in with something that I heard in an interview from Alan Watts and he said, having faith faith is like having no clue how things are going to work out but knowing you’re okay anyway. And it’s like, are you okay? anyway? Heck yeah, you’re okay. Anyway. So gently, I reckon Demand when the energy comes to you The story about loss of money hi possibilities exist, baby This is just one way I have learned and learned earned an excellent income. This is just one way how many ways what I love to be satisfied earning income earning money and doing what I love. There are so many of us thriving in ways that are not grinding us into the dirt at the same time. So will you open to that will you open to And also I love how you’re Nixon really inspirational mirror, you know like a miracle affirmation to you Like, don’t be afraid. The journey is everything. You know, this experience Is everything Don’t Don’t be afraid We have to practice but also take in that somehow she was tapped to put that together and bring it to you or send it to you, you know God is in the mix. Somehow spirit is in the mix. doing this for you asking your neighbor to You and that means you’re getting the Wink got, I got you boo. Spirits like I got you boo. I got you. You need to show up and keep doing what you love and You know, expand your Practice around your job to I love The things you already said, you know you’re practicing gratitude. I’m grateful. No, I’m blessed and still, yeah. So there More there. One practice I would suggest to you is Too Take a pulse take a beat on. This is you doing your daily jam on Corona times, you know, you’re gardening, you’re meditating, you’re creating your music, you’re playing your music, you’re doing art. You’re working at the same time you know you’re doing things There is income flowing in. Let’s take a bead How does that feel? What is the felt sense?

That you have I might give you a moment and anybody else Listening let’s try this on what is the felt sense what is the feeling you do? Imagine yourself living your dream life. Give yourself a moment to imagine this out. Do not Go into the feeling of loss and then possibility that’s not what we’re doing. here okay Just pretend with The US

Will you feel How will you feel when you get there? This is the practice to be practicing then on the regular for yourself As you meditate as you walk around you garden as you make your art as you go to work and you start to notice that love That happens which is natural for all of us. So Sometimes we have a woman, you know, let yourself channel the energy of what you’re really going for be easy on yourself. Trust in your worthiness. So much The time As I sit with friends who have sort of align themselves in these ways, the way you’re in this It’s a great job and you probably have lots of people who think this is a great job. What are you talking about, you know But only you know that it’s you Only you really know because how it is because you’re the one doing it. I notice we can be aligned in this story that this is the only way I can make buku bucks let’s say make the buku bucks and have the good benefits is to sell My soul to work in a soul sucking job in high stress, high pay, it’s like we just can’t believe in abundance for just being us. doing what we love. And again, I say possibilities are open the door and say, surprise me. Show me my miracles. Bring my reminders Help me know you’re with me. Help me. No, this is possible. Let me not assume I know it all. You know, let me have faith. It’s gonna be all right and i I don’t know how this is gonna work out and I’m not gonna stand in my own way. You know, you can offer prayer When the time is right show me the way out of this corporate job or whatever you call it, you know, show me the way out when it’s time. Let me know But what I really hear you craving is the spaciousness and freedom that comes from the practice of being So you’re doing that now. you’re experiencing that now. Enjoy it now. I mean actually now is all we have So right now it’s really sweet. And, you know, as I was saying a couple weeks ago, let’s not spend any time this is for everybody here. I’m not just talking to Amanda Let’s not waste our time feeling guilty about enjoy And similarly, you know, let’s not waste our time saying, oh, we’re gonna have to go back to work soon. It’s almost over, you know Let’s enjoy it. Let’s spread out Take up all the space and have a good time. And, you know again, trust in your worthiness you can receive Abundance without selling your soul. You can receive abundance without betraying what you love. But also this is a collaboration with So you don’t have course at nine point plan on how you are going to become a millionaire plan. Your guitar and growing her herbs. in your backyard, you know, talk to spirit and say surprise me Surprise me, help me. Show me the way And then be a faithful follower. As I know you to be So I hope that helps. I love to hear your thoughts. If you feel like letting me know and friends you Same goes for you. My email address is Hello calm. I

would love to read your letter. I would love to share some light and perspective and mostly, you know, I feel like if you’re here receiving The podcast. It’s your if you’re somebody who’s part of this love posse, you are welcome to submit a letter or share something and have it read to hear from All of us to enjoy. It’s my pleasure. So hello at Robin Hallett calm Or messaged me on Instagram. Facebook Well beloved’s. It is the evening. It is beautiful night. raining here and I’m going to go outside and take a walk in the garden. Then and Yes appreciate the spaciousness. Appreciate that. The work is done. For today I finished the podcast. I finished the Healing Sessions. I cooked some meals today. No I did my due. And now and you know what I mean by Do because it’s all so much. I feel so blessed to have all these things to do. But now I get to go play and I’m going to do that I’m going to do that is something so important decided for today. This was enough today and now I’m going to have some me time So, I hope you’ve loved this episode and, you know, keep in mind that along with these Corona times, there are so many Beautiful opportunities coming. The miracles there viral to you. The Love is viral. The miracles are viral. light will always Trump the darkness. And maybe we can be open to a new perspective that the darkness has a place and helping us to choose. helping us to do for me. Just a thought. And just thank you so much for being here. With me, I’m going to see you here next time. Next week or in a few minutes. This has been me Robin, who loves you baby Hallett. I’ll see you next next time bye

Life is very short. the very most of it you are a precious gem and you do doo doo doo doo doo doo Doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright you are you do Life is precious and you are. So shine like you know, rocket like you mean you really really mean and mean and mean it Name it and name it. escapee tell you that you are this far you are coming You are because you are. Thank you.

Thank you

Thanks Hold on.


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