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Episode 92: Huddle Up, Energy Healing, #blacklivesmatterComing to you live from the pillow fort in the living room 🙂

Today is a day to huddle up, let’s come a little closer, hug a little tighter and allow ourselves to be exactly as we, feeling all of the feelings, and choosing intentionally how we are moving in this time now. Our inspiration this week, a healing technique to help you soften in your body and let some of the tension you may be feeling to go. Our letter this week comes from a friend who wonders how do you know if and when you’ve done enough.

In this episode, I share some perspectives on the journey beginning with Coronavirus through this week including the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. We are on a journey of awakening. We are waking up.

I wonder if any of you have connected the dots too, that we had to get comfortable settling in with the shutdowns around coronavirus and we had to learn how to get present and be still and show up right inside of what is happening worldwide.

I continue to find that what’s happening on the outer is lighting up what’s happening on the inner. Have you found this as well? Even in the healing room, I have never had such a week with so many people bawling their eyes out, deeply in the process of what the eff is happening in the world? But also, how that energy is echoing what was already being carried on our insides.

I share my journey on how I began sharing the Morning Magic with Robin live sessions, my experience of acclimating to sharing more openly, vulnerably, and I talk about the fear of seeming edgy. Before all this began I could hide some of what I believed, and keep to a more separated journey and that has completely changed for me.

The awareness and awakening of the deaths and brutality of so many of our brothers and sisters. So much awareness here. We can no longer afford to be silent. How are we choosing to help? And are we being authentic as we make our moves to share?

I talk about the difference between being defended and defenseless. The difference between ego and higher self. Duality and Non-Duality.

How can I possibly say, that I fully understand your experience, when I don’t even get what it’s like to be me… of course I am not seeing you clearly, I am not seeing me clearly either. I am waking up to all of that.

Our letter this week from a friend asking about #blacklivesmatter and lightworking… we are here holding space and as space holders, we are often quiet and behind the scenes. Know this. Know the value and light you add by holding space for what’s happening in the world. There’s already enough shame out there, there are enough angry people sharing their anger onward. Fear can arise in these times but it especially can highlight the fear you’ve carried in your own nervous system about what has happened in your life. It lights up right alongside what you are witnessing out there in the world.

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“Love created me like itself” — workbook lesson 62

“If I defend myself, I am attacked” — workbook lesson 135

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello gorgeous friend, it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer, and light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode coming to you live from the pillow fort, in the living room. Today is a day to huddle up. Let’s come a little closer, hug a little tighter allow ourselves to be exactly as we are feeling, all of the feelings, choosing intentionally how we are moving in this time. Now, our inspiration this week, a healing technique to help you, soften in your body, and let some of the tension, you may be carrying go, and we’ll have a beautiful letter from a friend who wonders how do you know if and when you’ve done enough. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Hi Hi Hi, it’s me Robin hi friend, so good to be back with you today. Welcome back to the podcast tea with Robin. This is Episode 92, and if it’s your first time here. Hello, it’s me Robin. It’s lovely to meet you. This is a place of love and healing and coming together with friends on the journey to remember who we are, to remember what we’re, what we’re about to remember how we serve one another and Ernie world, welcome welcome welcome my friend. How are you doing today. I was the weather in your heart. I mean, our recording this on Friday. Friday the fifth of June. We’ve just had the memorial service for are deployed. And in the midst of so much movement in the world so much awakening movement. Protests peaceful protests looting tears, the upset the outrage you know there’s so, so much moving How are you doing, how are you. Over here you know i’m i’m doing, definitely, I feel the heaviness definitely. I feel the sadness definitely I feel a certain kind of vigilance to where it’s like, all I want to do is be present with what’s going on and be light and be a support and be a help and have the side and reminding myself that I’m here for me as well. No, I’m here for me as well. So, lots of Healing Sessions this week and a lot of friends going through stuff now I’m going to talk about that in a bit. It’s an intense time. And what I really noticed is because we’re all connected, what goes on on the outer is also mirroring what’s going on on the inner. And like I said, we’ll talk about that coming. Oh, I vote we cheers each other and begin. I have, well first of all I am sitting on the floor in the formerly known as healing room, I told you last week I. Last week I recorded here. And, you know, I really like it. I like the freedom of not you know not sitting at my usual desk in my usual place, it just feels like it really changed the energy somewhat for me and I’m trying to get trying again here. This is where I come and do the morning lives every day. And it sort of feels like you are with me here. Increasingly enough, you are. You are all with me, and I’m with you so yeah I like the vibes here, it’s kind of like a can be pillow fart. And I even have a peanut butter banana sandwich right here and a glass of almond milk, that’s what I have to toast you with today my friend, almond milk with a little stevia in there. Tell you probably my favorite snack. As a little girl, peanut butter banana sandwiches. I also went and got the honey.

We remember sweet enough in my book meant, really. Okay, it’s really the right thing. So I’m raising my glass of almond milk to you. It says you are magic on this cup, I love it. Here’s to us. Here’s to world. Cheers to our light. Cheers to our awakening and cheers to us, staying together to huddling closer and loving one another. Cheers.

It’s hard to slurp almond milk from my glass but how did I do so beloved. I’m sitting here on the floor, and I have between the banana sandwich, and all these different notes around me I’ve been keeping a note if you can hear this but I’ve been keeping a bit of a diary, since I started offering morning lives. The earliest one I have here says. May, 23, and every day I would sit down and write notes from spirit. What, what do you want to say just the same way I prepare for sessions are usually if I do a reading I asked for guidance, the same way make notes before the session and so I started doing that, when our coronavirus lockdown began when we first announced in Illinois anyway that we were going to be sheltering in place, or I still don’t know what we call that. And here we are all these weeks and weeks and weeks later, I’m really struck by something. It’s really been coming to me this morning, especially that. Now, when coronavirus first broke out

early January, maybe or yeah somewhere around there. No, I think a lot of us, you know I just assumed it was a china problem. It was over there, it was somewhere else, it was not here. And actually I was in Italy with number one husband and, you know, we were oblivious, I think we didn’t really know about it till we got home and started learning more about it, but flash forward a few months later and we were in it too, weren’t we, we were staying home, our schools were being closed, our, our employers were telling us to stay home, I was, I still remember the first week, I had to write my in person healing clients and say, you know, I’m going to stop offering in person sessions. I remember feeling afraid. I remember being scared that in my making too big of a deal of nothing. You know something out of nothing. I remember feeling worried that people would be mad at me that I would you know lose clients that way if I, if I didn’t stay open. I was scared about so many things, but I remember doing it anyway. Because that’s what, because that’s what felt right. And

that’s who I am somebody who honors, how it feels, even if it’s uncomfortable, you know. So, just remembering back on this very very beginnings and I do have a point here today. Just remembering how we all sort of began to ease our way into. Oh my god, I guess. This really is happening, it’s real, you know, Of course by March we had already seen, Italy explode with cases we’ve seen so much happened already, you know. So, my point is little by little by little we began to acclimate towards. This is what is. There’s a heaviness in this time there’s a seriousness in this time we need to take precautions we need to take this seriously, you know not everybody was on the same page, all of that but we started, in a way, uniting all around the world, for the first time probably ever in the history of. Well, all that is that we were all going through something as one worldwide. You know, you might have had places that were in denial or hardly impacted at first but here we are, you know, I know for me by mid March. It just felt like we were all in it so that’s when I began doing. I thought I’m going to come. It was a Sunday. I’m going to come and do an Instagram Live, and just share some space I think Jeff and I made a video together, it was kind of funny on fast forward, we fast forwarded it because it was taking too long and that made us laugh so hard that we then left it fast forward, and was just about the social pressure thing, like, you know, it’s okay stay home and that and I said in the video it’s not us, it’s not you or me, it’s just us. It’s just us. And I remember that was probably the first time I’ve said something like that publicly and it felt kind of. It felt good, it felt true, but it also felt edgy. Cuz I think, for even for me before all this began there was a way I could hide certain parts of my knowing and my and my belief system and my. What really felt true for me. There was a way that maybe I was walking in the world, and also walking in the Spirit way, but it wasn’t 100% combined, per se. That has completely changed in this Corona times. And now in our. I don’t even know what to call this time. This time where there is such awareness and awakening around the Black Lives Matter movement around the deaths of so many of our brothers and sisters around, you know, right now, today I’m thinking about Breanna Taylor and, of course, George Floyd and there’s so much awareness here. So, I’m, I’m marveling at how this virus was the thing that began to get us to stay home. Quiet simmer down, you know, settle down. We. A lot of us have to move through our anxiety of having to be more present together. A lot of us had to learn how to get through the feeling of wanting this fricking virus to go away. And it wouldn’t you know we’re still here, we’re still here and I mean, I just was reading something for live people we still haven’t hit the peak in a lot of places, you know, so it’s like we have to learn we’re still learning how to get present. How to Be still. How to show up right inside. What’s going on.

You can’t pretend you know we all know what’s happening so even if your neighbor says How you doing, it’s a lot harder to just be like, Oh, it’s a great day. It’s a great day it’s a wonderful day.

I mean, it might be, but also there’s all this stuff having this going on, and like I was saying, also what’s going on on the outer usually has some kind of reflection on the inner as well. Have you been finding that to be the case for you and your personal world that issues are lighting up for you too. You’ve been facing some things. I am really noticing that in Healing Sessions I gotta say, so it’s been a week since I recorded last and I have never had a week where so many people I work with, have been bawling, as we say bawling their eyes out you know just really really up against it. Personally, of course, about what’s happening in the world. I mean, just. It’s like a horrible nightmare. It’s a horrible nightmare that is very very real and the blessing of the corona times is we I feel we have been conditioned to be present to be still so that we can be present, and receive, listen, and receive and learn in this time.

Me, I say we, but I mean me as a white person. There’s a lot I’m learning. And a lot of what I’m learning is about myself, is my character strength. My goodness. My willingness to speak truth in very to even try in a very difficult circumstance where there’s fear and you don’t know if you’re going to say it the right way and you might feel afraid to even reach out to people and talk about this. What’s going on, or to share, share things about your experience with each other, it can all feel so so big right now and what I’m learning about myself in this time is. I’m a good person. And I care, and I believe in unity. And I believe that it’s just us. Not Me and you, or us in them, it’s just us, it’s all us. And what you do to one of us you do to all of us, and we are waking up to that we have a long way to go. Clearly, we have a long way to go. What I’m finding is that, as I keep showing up every single day without a break. You know I haven’t missed one day since the first time I showed up live, which is, I think, a lot It’s huge. I’ve never done anything like that before I come and do the podcast once a week, and that already feels like a commitment I’m afraid to keep going you know it’s scary every week what am I going to say what do I have to offer. Does anybody like it, you know, that part of my personality flaw defect whatever you want to call it, it never goes away. So now here I am every single morning, showing up and the fear is there and the, you know, am I going to get heckled. Am I going to get spammed, am I going to be attacked, there’s so much energy there but what I have found over the weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks, I guess we could say months and months and months. I don’t know, forget it doesn’t matter. Is that a community is building. We are a community there and like minded, or like hearted, we are showing up and supporting one another and what I realized this week.

Watching. And I talked to you about this last episode, you know we are which was 91 We are 191, we are one coming here to talk about the, the murder, the killing. I don’t know how he’s, you know it’s it’s tough language about Floyd dying, watching that video. I know for me the very next day I came to the live and we talked about lots of stuff, and around that, exploring a lot of topics that I think because we’ve been creating a space together. A container for one another to hold hearts together hold hands to stay present to share a lot of times we’re raising our hand two things that we’re all feeling. I mean, I’m alive I’m the one there on the camera but it’s a very active group, very active energy. so you get a sense of resonance and there’s a way we can share hearts and share the love and just like me there are many people who come who have never missed one either or very few. So we I realized like the beauty of all this time is, we have built a container of support. And now we have it to rely on and now we can have some conversations that I don’t know that I’ve ever had with my friends. And if you’re listening, and you’ve not come to a live or you have never heard me talk about it you are invited. You’re part of our lufs policy of course you’re invited. Every single morning on instagram. 9am Central Daylight Time. That’s 10am. Eastern time and I believe 3pm in the UK. You’re invited you join us. You belong here. It’s been hugely helpful. And as I said, one of the things I’m learning is who I am truly. There’s no more of this in public. You know in social situations I’m this one kind of Robin and then in healing situations I’m this other kind of Robin. Whatever I realized is it’s always me everywhere I go and I’m more and more comfortable in my skin sharing what I know sharing what I feel. Sharing what’s coming to me, and I’m also so much more comfortable, honoring boundaries around what isn’t authentic anymore. Every day we choose a word for the day to align ourselves with, and to stay kind of stay grounded in and so many days in a row my word is something like, honesty, or truth, because I really want to get to know what I really think, and I recognize that somewhere in this pandemic. And even now in the, in this in the Black Lives Matter movement in our greater awakening of black lives matter. I realize that even though people think I’m a truth teller. I hear that a lot. Tell the truth, I tell the truth I speak the truth. There are many times where I’m not being honest with myself about things, not being truthful with myself about what’s going on. There is like an extra bit of distance, I needed to go to claim, myself, My heart, my life, my, my perspective, my opinion. The way I put other people before me the way I care more about the opinion of other people in terms of if I don’t say it right you’re gonna be mad at me or if I don’t get the words right or if I don’t, if I’m not a good enough. Person campaigning for Black Lives Matter and just the right way.

You know, I’m in trouble. These feelings have been here in my heart. I’m learning that sometimes I say yes when I really want to say no but because I don’t know how to say no, in a way, I say yes. And you probably know that about me, because I talk about that a lot. I’m so this time is a time where I’m learning, not only about

what is going on in the world what is happening for black people what their experiences what’s going on for them. I’m learning about myself and what I’ve always known all along, and that is in a way that what we do on the outer, we are doing on the inner what we do to one we do to all what we do in one area affects the whole you know it’s like that so it’s like, Man, I hope this is making sense today. It’s like if I can be honest in my own heart, about how I’m feeling about things. It’s a problem. It’s a problem for the greater whole so it’s really important to allow ourselves some space to process, some space to ponder some space to explore. Not just react, not just come out in the world and post a bunch of stuff so that you you’re doing the right thing. You’re being seen to be doing the right thing and you’re being seen to be doing the thing that’s on the right side of this argument or this, this movement, you know, I hope that’s making sense, but to know in your heart with truth and honesty where you sit and, you know, I know for me, that I could say it like this How could I possibly say that I fully understand your experience, you any you, but especially in this time of Black Lives Matter. How can I really get what it’s like to be you. I don’t even get what it’s like to be me. You know, like there’s still times where I throw myself under the bus. Of course I’m not seeing you clearly, either.

So it’s been a really deep time for me where I am waking up to all of that. And what I find is you know I’m a really good person. I really love myself. I’ve been reaching out to my friends and asking them how they are and what their experience has been like and to share some stories with me, and I’m hearing things in a new way, everywhere and I’m talking about you know my black friends I’m asking, and I have been feeling scared, there’s moments where I wonder Am I doing something wrong but i think you know you can’t worry about that you just have to keep going and trust with the love in your heart, in your goodness, and the goodness, you feel about your friends too, you know. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a time, it’s a deep time. It’s a really deep time. The time to process and evaluate. This is funny. I’ve been saying this all week in the lives we’re, you know how we usually have this psychic thing here lately because I’m in the healing room which is the living room. It faces the main. We’re on a corner so we’re at a stop sign intersection, I don’t know. And so you get the traffic noise. And just as I said that a long semi trailer went by with those ginormous sewer pipes there, they’re putting lanes some new, larger somewhere sewer pipes. I like that metaphor. Going deeper, opening up more and, you know, being present with what’s going on. So one of the things I’ve been noticing, I’ve got all these notes here is that there’s been a lot of frustration, one of the things I’ve been learning, and this is not new. Of course, but it’s the frustration at not being seen, not being understood not being heard. That’s one of the things I’m learning, even more deeply in this time is that, you know, we really, and you really, if you say I do see you I do get you this could be anywhere you guys this could be in your friendships in your personal relationships, think about your own life. But with our friends, you know, people of color it’s like that’s one of the things you guys don’t understand what it’s like to be us. And just for us to say yes I do. I know what it’s like to be you. It’s just dumb. Let’s not say that it’s because we don’t, we think we do. But we don’t. And could we be open, that’s what I love is like could we be undefended in our essence, as we receive all of these learnings together. One of my favorite books of all times, is called the undefended self, could we be undefended. There’s no need to defend ourselves. Who you are is love who you are is love in the body. The Course of Miracles says love created me like itself. You’re created in the image of a loving force, creative force that’s who you are in the body. When I feel defended. I am in my ego. That’s just how it is. So how would it be to just be open and undefended. I’m going to for inspiration coming up I’ll share a healing technique that that I’d love to share that might really be helpful to you now. Instead of saying, I care. I do care, I do listen, I do know, you know. You ever been in an argument with the friend or your spouse this happens to me with number one. Number one, and I sometimes where I’m like, I feel like you don’t get it, and he’ll say I do get it and it’s like, that is the most unsatisfying answer on the planet. What you want is to hear back. Like, literally have it repeated back to you what you’ve said, and feel the depth of understanding or at least the willingness, you want that feeling like something is clicking into your heart.

Oh yeah, they get it, they feel it. So, you know, let’s be open. Let’s receive and allow ourselves, the deep, the deepening time the deep process, you know, there are plenty and by the way, there are plenty of people sharing and teaching. You know this week or just yesterday I heard two really beautiful talks from maxine waters. Congresswoman in California, and the amazing, beloved, Barack Obama, according to Robin. And I felt so able to hear what they were saying. So able to hear and receive. And I felt so soothed. I love, and not just now, but for a long time now I love Tabitha Brown, I listened to her, almost every day. The thing I, I love is. She is such a mom and so loving and super recently she gave one of my I try and link this up in the show notes but one of my favorite. There’s lots of people explaining why you don’t don’t just say all lives matter. Say black lives matter because until Black Lives Matter, all lives don’t matter. You know, it’s like so clear but she. She has such a loving way of speaking and sharing and Mooji is another teacher I love these are all people of color, I’m talking about. And my point with that is saying. There are people who are speaking in a way that I’m able to receive and be open to as well. In the end, what I realized what what is it that makes it so easy I could sit and listen forever, even though this is hard to hard to fathom it’s hard to process, and to see how yes you know I get how I’m, I have places that need to awaken me to what’s been going on, you know what, I’ve been carrying and not doing, you know. But what’s the unifying thing because it’s easy to listen. And that’s one thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people are feeling defended about I’m not a racist you know that that feeling and there’s a lot of conversation about that now.

But your safety. Your defenselessness is where it’s at undefended misses where it’s at. And so the thing about all of these teachers I just mentioned, and more is that they’re coming from a place of unity as well, they’re coming from a place of aligned in the heart space, I could say they’re coming from a place of oneness. or higher self, you know it’s not ego, they’re not coming from us versus them, even though they are. I mean maxine waters. Wow, going all the way back, I’ve found talks she’s given way back like back in the Rodney King times. She has spoken truth to power, and spoken so clearly and never changed her perspective and always used words like racism, you know, never changed her to never back down insisted on being heard and still has a presence where you want to. I won’t say you, I want to sit at her feet all day and listen, like Maya Angelou was Maya Angelou, who would ask you to go if you weren’t being respectful in her home. If you, if you were using language or using disrespectful language, she would ask you to leave she would call you out on it with love. So, my point is, you can find your teachers, you can find your learnings, you know, you can. You don’t have to go where it doesn’t feel supportive, or edgy, or helpful, where it feels harmful and scary. That’s not, I feel like you know we’re really need to be in the place of awakening now we need to be with heart center awakening as well and you know the difference. Don’t you.

So the difference between defenselessness and defended nearness is 100 million miles apart. defenselessness, I can see you. I can be with you I can say I am so sorry to no to feel it. I am so sorry you’ve been carrying this I am so sorry. What can I do to make this better. I see you, and you’re not afraid to get huddle up to get a little closer to come in tighter, you’re not afraid. When you’re defended. You know how this is, you’re just worried about making your points, and being right. You know, It’s like you’re not even interested in any kind of presence, you’re not interested in seeing or hearing or receiving. And of course you wouldn’t say I’m so sorry, this is what you’re going through. I see what’s happening, and I, I hate this for you I want in for my whole heart. To make this better for you. And so I am committed, you know, it’s just such a huge, huge difference. I was thinking about that this week that, you know, one of my very first playmates in kindergarten, I always thought I am not racist. My first friends were black. My Mrs gay oh and second grade, my favorite teacher black. I always thought I didn’t really notice, I didn’t really it didn’t really if anything, just the gorgeousness that my friends have and I have some clients today. And there I just feel a very exquisiteness about them, you know beauty and light around them and so I always saw I’m not racist you know I don’t have a problem. But here’s my learning, and I am going back to when I was living in Germany in my 20s I, we had a woman who would come and clean our house name Anna, and we. She called on the phone I think a friend recommended her at work and we talked to her on the phone and we had a really nice conversation and I could tell she had an accent but i you know i mean it’s a very where I was living felt very diverse there, so who knows, you know, you don’t know. But she said, Do you have a problem, I need to tell you something before I come in for the interview. Do you have a problem with black people. And I was like,

do I have a problem with black people? And I kind of had this feeling like what are you nuts. Why would I have a problem with black people, like, I didn’t mean, I wasn’t feeling defended it just didn’t compute. It didn’t compute. And the thing is, it didn’t compute, and that’s my problem. You know, that’s the thing I’ve really been learning and sitting with this week and praying on and holding space with you and us and on the morning lives, it’s like, there are places in us that don’t compute. And are we willing to let them compute, are we willing to give some space to letting it factor in to talking to your friends and understanding how they have not felt safe, or held, or the kind of suspicion. They come under that we’ve never really experienced. Of course, you’ve had experiences but you know

it is hugely different. So, yeah, this is what I’m learning this week and truth and honesty have been those words have really taken me places.

When you’re undefended there when you’re willing to practice being undefended. There’s a spaciousness here. You’re not preoccupied by a busy signal and the busy signals just like jibber jabber continuing on in your head, you know, whatever the jibber jabber is and you know, I should say, and I, I have said this the last few weeks. No matter where you are on this issue. You know, it’s what it’s global time where there is energy palpable. And even if the story isn’t the story for you, some people really feel like their own lives. They have so much going on, you know is what I’m trying to say. You’re probably still feeling this energy, because it’s a vibration, you know this liberation. This outrage this. I’m on my knees begging you to get this. This energy is palpable and all around the world so wherever you’re at now. This is the time to give yourself to this and to be open, you know create the spaciousness on your insides to take time alone in the garden, and be. And if you don’t like to be alone in your garden to take it in the bathtub, you know do things at a slower pace so you’re sure that you’re giving yourself space. Because, like I said, My, even in the Healing Sessions, maybe eight sessions this week to a person. Everybody in tears pushed to their limits, and not just by this movement, or the COVID-19. You know, We’re all walking through things. We’re all walking together, and we’re all experiencing. It’s a time of unrest in so many ways. So, you know, like I say huddle up. I’m, I’m sharing my biggest hug with you right now. I hope you can feel it. Let’s really do it. I’m going to put my arms around myself, but pretend is for you. Okay. Yeah, just, it’s a deep time, deep time to reevaluate and help yourself now. and to consider what do I need. Aside from anyone else I’m taking care of, or worrying about out in the world. I am here and I have needs. So good. So, You know, I invite you to share this on we have some inspiration coming up and a beautiful letter. But I invite you to share this on with a friend who may need it. And I’ll say it’s a horrible time. And it’s a healing time. It’s a time of great liberation and healing and we are waking up. So, you know, it’s, it’s, again, it’s a time of unity, you can’t see one without the other. You can’t say only it’s a liberating wonderful time and you can’t say it’s only a horrible time. The unity, the non dual healing applies here to, it’s all of it. And it’s all one. And it all goes together and you can process that if you’re feeling devastated in your heart, about the deaths of our friends of the tear gassing of the. I will not even get started on Washington, I promise myself not bring that up here. Let’s just say a certain someone with a certain Bible it at a certain monument, and I’ll leave it there, you know when you get a little cray cray in your mind about things. Remember Robin saying it’s, it’s everything. You can’t just told one aspect. Allow it all to be here and somehow you see, it’s sort of like a rising tide. Things are lifting us out and and there are along the way some really horrible happenings, and somehow they factor into this miracle too. So, you know. Yeah, share this on. And I was saying, you know, forgive me for reals. If I didn’t say it. I hope you feel the love in my heart because I’m, you know I’m awkward to to.

And I’m really trying not to learn the right way to say things, I am seeing this thing I’m going to call the party line online where it’s like, there’s a certain script people keep sharing and maybe they’ve been told to say this but it starts to feel meaningless. Now I may not have the right words, but I’m willing to learn, or whatever the line goes and I’m not even knocking that I’m just saying, I hope it’s sincere. I hope it’s sincerely felt if you’re writing those words and sharing them because that’s what we need now makes me cry like we need sincerity now. It’s a deep time and we need sincerity with our brothers and sisters. Right. I see you. I’m so sorry. I love you. I’m with you. That’s how that’s how Robin feels, you know. So, let’s have one more hug. Okay, I’m hugging me you hug you for me and I’ll hug me for you right now. Wait, are you doing it. Okay. And I bought we have some more almond milk, really do have a banana Sammy here. It’s an open face toast. Here’s the toast

one banana. This might get caught out. You never know. It’s been really fun to sit here on the floor and record I gotta say,

it changes things doing things different changes things up, and that’s really been a powerful Awakener for me in this time. So inspiration this week. Just notes here I did a whole morning live on defensiveness. A few days ago, being defensive and being defended, and also the, the other side of defended which is to be in attack mode and I’m thinking about the Course in Miracles when I say attack and defend. By the way, in fact, hang on one second, I’m gonna go get the book. Okay. I’m back. So I was thinking about this lesson 135 in the Course of Miracles if I defend myself, I am attacked and think about yourself when you’re defensive when you feel like you need to defend yourself just think about your body posture for a minute. body gets tight, shoulders go up high, you get hot, in some ways, you know your hot things start to pound somewhere in your chest.

You know,

it feels elevated in there inside of you and it feels tight, doesn’t it. So if I defend myself I’m attacked what does that mean there’s a line in the lesson that says you operate from the belief, you must protect yourself from what is happening because it must contain what threatens you a sense of threat is an acknowledgment of belief that there is danger, which has power to call on you to make an appropriate defense. The world is based on this insane belief, and all its structures and all its thoughts and doubts, its penalties and heavy armaments its legal definitions and its codes its ethics and its leaders and its Gods all serve. But to preserve its sense of threat. No one walks the world in our mature, but must have terror striking at his heart. And that for me is the line is like if I’m holding my body if I’m holding my energy if I’m holding my thoughts in a way that are defensive. This could be about, you know, a friend, a friend who’s mad at you or doesn’t like the way you said something, or you’re just feeling sensitive and worried that somebody’s mad at you or you you ever go to a party and now who’s going to parties these days but maybe you are, I, I have not been to a party. Not since New Year’s Eve, and I think I was still alone with number one there. But, um, know where you come home and you’re like, oh, why did I say that and all that’s being defended to, but it’s like. The thing I love about what that line was saying is, if I’m carrying defended nearness. It means that there is terror striking my heart continuously. It’s like an infinity symbol. It’s not out there, it’s in here, there’s a terror in my heart. And I’m defending myself. I feel the fear again, and I defend myself and I feel the fear again and I defend myself. So, one thing you can do is reverse the energy. So in your body, did you think about your defensive posture. We can do a gesture of no defense. Lower your shoulders.

Soften your butt cheeks. Some of us have typed butt cheeks, I won’t name any names. Let your legs be soft, you know, stand up and put your feet hip width apart, and let yourself move a little like side to side, side to side.

As you imagine some energy discharging out of the body, it’s just releasing down into the earth. I’m doing that now I’m sitting on the floor, but I’m rocking back and forth and it feels so good and a lot of times you’ll see me in session or if you come to the lives. I am in movement, a lot. And that’s I guess how I’ve learned to just be grounded. And, you know, when you freeze, you’re not okay right when you’re frozen solid you’re not okay. When you see an animal who’s frozen mid step, you know that they’re. Something’s wrong Chino, so if you find yourself in that state, make some moves to soften soften and, perhaps, place a hand on your high heart. That’s the space just just under the collarbones there, just the thymus gland, put a hand there. I miss gland the gland that has a huge role in your lymphatic system your endocrine system. Energetically. Place a hand there, and stabilize yourself. Make it the hand that says, All as well. Here, or just put the hand there and say here. Sometimes I tell people, put the other hand over your other your first hand and know that that’s my hand holding your hand holding your heart.

The undefended self is who you truly are. This is who you are. Love is who you are. And according to Robin.

If you’re not feeling okay about everything happening now, or about whatever you’re not feeling okay about. This is what you need to be doing more than anything else.

You’re feeling like I can’t hold it all together. Well, I don’t. I can’t keep it together. Well, you’re not supposed to. I can’t take it anymore. Who asked you to. I can’t keep it to myself anymore. Thank goodness. You know what I’m saying. So keep your body moving side to side. As you imagine, and energy releasing discharging down. Sometimes you can rock on your heels. You know if it’s intense, you got a lot you’re feeling. You can let your heels, touch the ground like rock up onto the balls of your feet and then down on your heels. And let some energy out. You can shake out your hands, probably hear me shaking my bracelets here, shake shake shake like Taylor Swift Shake it off, shake it out, or Florence in the machine shake it out. Shake, shake, let this energy go.

So I hope that helps today, give it a try. It’s something great to teach your kids if you have little ones, or big ones.

It really helps me to to remember, I mean the big one is soften your shoulders, just let them fall. Let your belly be soft let your face be soft, and there is no need to defend yourself. Who you are is love, and love created you like itself.

And for me, if we really want to be of service to our friends. Then we practice. A soft tender, you know, a soft and open energy stance, being open and interested to receive. If you think of like how we say nama stay. The light in me greets the light in you. goes another big truck. Wow. I have to say I prefer the psychic thing to the psychic trucks, but earlier today was funny I said something then number one. It was kind of intense. Not bad, but I mean like a powerful statement, because I’m having these things where people want to get together and I still feel like social distancing is really, really important. I know enough friends in the field where I it’s, you know, it feels a little bit. For me, irresponsible, like I care about my brothers and sisters, I’m not going to expose myself needlessly, especially because that might harm you. You know that too is being thoughtful, so we were talking about I know not going to dinner or going to this person’s house. Even if we can sit in the yard. I’m like what happens if I have to pee. No, I’m not. I’m not. No, I don’t want to do it but I. Those are the moments where I can feel defended and and stressed out and just remember that, you know, you’re always okay and all of how you’re feeling is okay and it’s okay, it’s okay. But anyway, I said that and then I said you know I wish I could just give myself permission to know what I know and feel what I feel and have and know that I’m coming, I’m not a bad person if I don’t want to go to the party. I’ve been saying this, all week, we have to learn how to bear the guilt and do what’s right for us anyway. Same thing. So right after I said that the lights started flickering in the room. Hmm, not just once, not just twice. funny how that happens, isn’t it. So, anything anywho defenselessness may that serve you, gesture of No, no defense. You know, even in yoga, that just you can look up the gesture, no fear. Very nice. That would be another one to practice. Let yourself rest and be solved. Well friends, before I read today’s letter, this is the part where I’d like to ask you to support the podcast. If there is a way that you could share this episode on with a friend or mention it. If you see me post on social media forwarded or added to your stories, you know, this is a relevant topic in a very important time and, you know, I don’t have all the answers but I do know that this is a bridge. I’m building over a huge ass gap, you know. And so there are friends who probably, you know that could use this message so if it feels right share it on. I welcome a donation if that works for you or I have some beautiful courses, and always you can say a prayer for me. Or send a letter into the podcast, all of these things. Help me, and help the work, and I appreciate you for that, or leave a review. Thank you. Thank you. I say we have more bananas, we are in the pillow fort, you know, I’m gonna have to show you a picture of this room It’s so cute right now.

So this week’s letter is about our time now, you know. I don’t know about you but there has been some pressure. There’s been a lot of pressure. If I’m honest really that I need to do more Am I doing enough, am I doing enough, is it enough, what I’m sharing enough is my awareness enough are my efforts enough, and it’s really intense. I understand. So, just a short letter this week, I wanted to read a few things to you and just talk a little bit about it. And this comes from Jamie, and she reached out to me on Instagram and said Hi, Robin. I am so loving the morning lives. I’m wondering if you would talk a little bit more about what I can do. As a young white light worker. You talk a lot about being kind with ourselves for how much help. Each of us is doing, and to stay awake to the shame factor. But I wonder, really, what can I be doing. I don’t like to watch the news, I find it very upsetting. And still I want to be of service. I have a constant feeling in my heart. Like I’m not doing enough, how much is enough. When will it be enough. Thank you so much. Jamie. So I thought I would start a friend of mine, sent me a letter written by Steven Bartlett, you may know who Steven Bartlett is, I’ll post his Instagram handle here, but I’m just gonna read this to you. And unpopular black opinion. Trying to shame people into posting on social media about racism. Hashtag Black Lives Matter. The George Floyd incident is not fair, or helpful. If someone doesn’t post. That doesn’t mean they don’t care. And it doesn’t make them a bad person, we all watched the same horrific video of a black man being as fixated to death by a white police officer, as he pled for his life. It touched. Everyone in a deeply emotional way. However, we will all naturally deal with what we watched in completely different ways. Some people took to social media immediately. Some people spoke to their friends privately. Some people listened and tried to learn. Some people were so overwhelmed and confused, that they couldn’t find the words don’t need everyone to talk. We need everyone to listen. Public social media posts are not the only way people process how they’re feeling. In fact, public posts, seem like one of the more unnatural ways to process intense personal and complicated emotions. People that post last aren’t people that post less aren’t more racist. Let’s remember the goal here isn’t to trend on social media, or to be politically correct to our followers. The goal is change. And there are many important pathways to change. One is self reflection. One is political pressure. One is protesting. One is educating ourselves. Any quick and easy action like a social media post that endeavors to solve such a complex and systemic issue is probably not going to be a meaningful and effective action. So if somebody’s first reaction wasn’t a tweet or Instagram story. Maybe they’re thinking a little deeper. As a black man that has experienced racism throughout my life. I don’t want people to post because they think they have to, or because they feel pressured to. I would rather they spend their time listening and learning and reflecting.

After all, real change starts at home, it’s been incredible to see people of all races standing in solidarity in streets, all over the world, it’s been incredible to see people use their platforms to educate and inform. But please don’t assume anything from someone silence. And don’t pressure them to react like you in a moment like this. There’s no correct reaction. There’s only empathy and how it inspires various types of change. And the truth is, if we were able to show a little more empathy. As humans, we probably wouldn’t be in this position in the first place. So beautiful. So back to you and your question, you know, that is, as a lightworker like they said a white light worker It reminds me of the white lighters from charmed, I love that show so much, the reboot not not as much fun to charmed our weight lighter. As lightworkers. We’re here holding space. And as space holders we’re often quiet. We’re often behind the scenes. You know there’s already enough shame out there. There’s enough angry people sharing angry, you know, angry demands and and you know anywhere in your body that you’re carrying old stories and fear or upset, it’s going to trigger memory for you and it’s going to feel like it’s going to feel upsetting and scary. So know that and do your work in your own backyard. You know I wrote this in the letter to the love posse this week that fear. Fear can rise in times like these. Obviously fear for ourselves, fear for the world fear for our friends for our neighbors, the people watching on television. Being gassed and murdered and, you know, I mean just just. Yes, fear can rise in these times. But it especially highlights the fear that’s connected to your own personal journey. The things that happen to you in the past that get highlighted in your nervous system now, and it lights up right alongside what you’re witnessing in the world and it’s really important to know that it’s it makes a difference to me to know that to remember that keep it in mind that if I’m feeling extra sensitive or extra afraid or extra concerned that I’m not doing enough. I wonder what that guilt impulse, in me really is about deeply.

You know,

because I feel like you know this week I spent a lot of time doing things this week and learning, especially in listening, a ton, and the whole time I noticed that I feel excited about it. I don’t feel guilty. I don’t feel worried that I’m not doing enough, per se, but when I feel that pressure it’s usually because somewhere. I’m picking something up in a way. Remember how I was saying if I defend myself. I’m attacked. Well if somebody attacks me, I defend. So there are a lot of shame based messages out there, there are there are people choosing to share from their place. Let’s not do that to each other. Let’s not shame each other for not doing enough and, you know, how about the meaningful change meaningful change is not happening in the tweet or, I’m sorry, even the donation one donation.

It’s through our prolonged. You know love it’s through our hearts it’s through our day in and day out, practices that we change the world, that we contribute and participate and, you know, staying present every single day showing up is huge. And something I tell friends is, if you are wondering what more you can do, then directly address the upset in your own life is there violence or separation in your life. Are there people you’re not speaking to now. You know, make some repair moves. Practice somehow oponopono, you know, you don’t have to have people over to your house anymore. You know, you don’t have to stay friends to forgive someone, you can forgive them. And still, you know, not be together with them. But to carry the anger in your heart, that’s somewhere you could practice. Violence against yourself are you carrying hurt that you’re not working on, are you struggling and not receiving support for yourself, a lot of friends that I help in session, really need that assistance, I listened to them basically beating up on themselves for things they think and feel, but they don’t know. They don’t realize that what they’re doing is creating more violence against themselves in those thoughts, you know, that’s what I’m there to help with. So, work it out their practice their, you know, work it out with the people in your life choose to be a light wherever it’s hard set boundaries. Be honest. Don’t go like me don’t go to a party you’re already uncomfortable and said you don’t want to go to, don’t go out of guilt. Stay home, face the music,

and choose to lead and invite

other people to follow, instead of noticing you know I think to this is, I know this is not just me a lot of people in our awakening community we can be just as judgy about the people who are choosing not to wake up now. You know, people will say to me, I get so mad at the people who don’t understand, whether it’s on blacklivesmatter or politics or coronavirus this all kind of goes together. Instead of being mad and making it again me against you. How can you lead and allow people to follow, or allow them their own perspective in their own breath, understanding that, you know, I was saying the rising tide lifts all boats, but it also lifts a lot of other stuff that has to come up out of the muck and gotten rid of, you know, a lot of this stuff is happening. So just do your work in your own backyard, it’s a huge help.

You know, not all of it needs to be big moves and not every single human being on the planet needs to make every single move towards this one movement. And it still means you’re doing the work, and it still means you’re doing the good work and it still means you’re doing the awakening work, and it’s you helping the world and that’s really the most important we’re all here waking up every more awake person in the world. It’s a help. It’s a light, it’s. Wow. So, you know, don’t judge yourself and don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re not doing enough that we give somebody a stranger on Instagram posts for example, who’s shouting, shouting shouting shouty getting very shouty very angry. What are you really witnessing there. You know, you’re witnessing somebody being shouty and angry. But that doesn’t mean it’s your fault. That doesn’t mean it’s you’re responsible directly as if it’s all on you is what I’m trying to say so, you know, stay curious about why you react that way. And, you know, don’t let anybody make you feel that way. There’s too much of that messaging out there. You get to decide what’s right for you. And all of how we feel is okay and you know for me it’s like if I’m going to listen and receive at your feet. You need to be speaking that message to Unity Consciousness oneness. It’s us. And when we care about the collective whole that means we need to learn about our gaps, you know, we need to. Anyway, I’m gonna just go on and on and repeat myself but you know. I hope that helps you, I really do. Friends, I could use a lot, another letter. I do believe that was the last one, about these times. So, I don’t know. Next week I might have to start reciting recipes are teaching you how to crochet, or maybe we’ll just make some more banana sammies together in the pillow fort. So, if there’s something I can speak to for you feel free to message me or write to me here, the deets are below the podcast or email me at hello at Robin Hallett calm. Well friends that wraps another super awesome episode here in the pillow fort. And I’m feeling pretty good in my heart right now. Looking at these beautiful green trees, it feels like the spring green is still here even though it’s June fifth. I’ll probably head out to the garden for a bit now, and plant some seeds, put up some trellises for the tomato plants. Everything I’m super late this year, everything’s super light but I figure it’s all green it’s all gorgeous doesn’t really matter. Wouldn’t it be nice to not pressure yourself, wouldn’t it be nice to say, let me take my time, what’s the rush. I love that feeling, and. Yeah. Well, I’m going to see you here next week, my friend, or in a few minutes. If you like to listen to these back to back to back to back. Sending you so much love and please don’t forget the truest truth, and that is you are love, and love created you like itself. And, you know, lobbyists viral, along with all the other stuff going viral right now. Don’t forget, okay. It’s been me Robin Hart sparkler awesomesauce talent. I will see you here next time.

Bye bye.

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