The Power of Appreciation and What It Can Do for You // Tea with Robin Podcast Episode 46

The Power of Appreciation and What It Can Do for You

The energy of appreciation… how important and healing it is!

Appreciation is a superpower we can harness.

Appreciation is a skill that helps you stay open, it keeps those cell receptors open to light and joy and excitement and abundance. And the felt-sense that anything is possible, anything could happen, anything will happen!

This week, on Tea with Robin, I talk about the power of appreciation and how it can move mountains in your life. I share ideas on how you can recognize ways you’ve been negatively appreciating things you didn’t mean to so you can turn it around. I share some stories about my own journey of feeling guilty for being unable to do alllll the things and my own turnaround on that. This week’s inspo is a Rampage of Appreciation ala Abraham Hicks and I read a letter from a friend who wants to step into the limelight. All this and more. Grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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The Power of Appreciation and What It Can Do for You

My notes from this show:

It’s so beautiful. The neighborhood hasn’t woken up yet.
I feel happy in my heart, blessed, and appreciating my life. Which is what I want to talk about today.

The energy of appreciation, how important that is, how healing it is!

Appreciation is a superpower.

Who doesn’t have stuff in their life they wish was different?
Who doesn’t?
I do, you do, there are people you know who do….

We’re wishing for a change
We’re wishing for… we’re aware of what’s not exactly as we want it to be and we’d like it to be different.

Last week, I mentioned telling the story you want to be telling.

Appreciation is a skill that helps you stay open, keep those cell receptors open to light and joy and excitement and abundance. And the felt-sense that anything is possible, anything could happen, anything will happen!

It could be the most amazing thing!

I LOVE this NOW, I love this about my life NOW, and I can’t wait for more!

That to me is the state of appreciation.

When we’re freaking out… it almost never turns out the way we think it’s gonna go does it?

It isn’t as real as we feared. Or if it comes true there are other pieces in place that helps it be alright. And we need to find the things we appreciate, especially when things feel a challenge.

Being in a state of appreciation helps us to open to more of what’s good.

Because why? We are not resisting, we are open to more, we’re in the flow, going with the flow.

Do you remember the episode on flow?

We’re not pushing back, no resistance. We’re not rejecting anything else, you know? So you’ll notice then higher vibing thoughts and maybe you’ll notice your oneness with Spirit.

And when you get into that place, you’ll feel so good and so easy that even if something is going on that is scary in your life, you’ll still be like, yeah, so, things are always working out for me and I love THIS about NOW.

You realize more and more that you can assert yourself in a powerful way in the direction of what you’re wanting.

Truly. Because you’ve seen the evidence of how well things are going, you have this inner confidence so why not assert with inner confidence what you are wanting.

Why not assert with appreciation what else you are wanting?

What do I want?

Let me not just accept and appreciate what is only, not just put up with this “debilitating condition” whatever it is…. It’s your thinking, or your physical body story, or your outer life story… telling that one makes you suffer and so it’s debilitating.

We call it real. We complain about it, and that makes it real.

So here’s an opportunity for us when we’re in this mode of appreciation to say, I can assert myself from here — what else would I love, what am I looking forward on with gladness?

Things are going so well! What else would I love from here?

Isn’t it wonderful that things are working out for me, and I am appreciating the opportunity for more!


I get a lot of letters in a week and I appreciate that so much. And I can’t answer every letter as I’d like… and sometimes I feel guilty about that but guilty isn’t the point, is it?

The truth is, guilty and feeling bad is not the point. The point is, to appreciate what is and move in the direction of what you’re wanting which is sometimes, honoring your time means you can’t answer all the stuff. So you appreciate that and you say, I so appreciate my boundaries around honoring my time — we all have that where we feel guilty and bad about stuff and we keep beating ourselves up about it instead of saying, hey, I know you feel bad about that but this isn’t the point we’re going for — the point is we’re going for appreciating the value of our time.

Silly silly worry about guilt 🙂

Let’s really practice appreciating what we mean to appreciate. Because there’s a way feeling guilty about texts, phone calls, etc… if we allow the guilt to be important we are actually appreciating it… when really there’s a good reason why you’re not answering, and that’s the one that matters!

We don’t wanna create momentum in the direction we don’t mean.

We just have to practice! What are we appreciating? What are we choosing to behold in our gaze, our hearts, our minds?! Because, our concentrated focus is the thing we’re making more of. It’s the prayer we are launching. It’s saying…. Please, more like this, please. So for Robin anyway, it better be the thing I want, in the direction where I feel myself standing at the edge like I am on a big cliff looking over to jump in the ocean. Holding my nose. Sometimes setting a boundary can be so scary because you don’t want to be upsetting anyone, but you don’t want to appreciate your guilt and fear like it’s the most important thing. I know how it feels easier to just give yourself over to the guilt and just do what everybody else wants, just keep pleasing everyone and doing whatever they ask of you… except you know this is not a life well-lived, you are not proud of yourself when you do that stuff, are you? Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but yell, yippie kay yay! and jump! Jump! You gotta do it! And I tell ya, it doesn’t matter, some times people will respond… and get snarky, it doesn’t matter. If you’re really all in for: I am intentional with my time, I choose intentionally to align with my time! So even if it’s a bit rumbly if there’s pushback, just say NO. Just keep reminding yourself, nope this isn’t part of this.

This is our gorgeous precious life and we don’t need to “appreciate” negative pushback…

I see people in session too with people who are in the process of appreciating what they don’t mean to be appreciating. They are beholding a problem that they don’t always mean to appreciate. I love pointing it out because it would not be a service to pat people on the back for having it so hard… no, it’s like, do you want to stay here forever noticing what is and constantly affirming what is… because all we can keep doing is making more of what is.

I definitely don’t want to be doing that in my life and it’s a privilege to help people rise out of the place.

This is our gorgeous precious life and we don’t mean to appreciate things we don’t want to continue on in our lives…

Appreciation works in the negative as well. We can appreciate and behold and affirm, notice, and make more real, what’s wrong and for some of us spend a lot of our lives doing that to feel like we’re alive somewhere, the complaining the upset the bitterness the constant problems the chaos is all serving a false aliveness in us. When what we’re really wanting is to foster is actually feeling alive and excited and instead.

Gosh, truly, we have it SO GOOD but it’s like we are the last one to know. And by that, I mean we are aware of it on a superficial level but we really can’t take it in and live from there because our list of grievances, our list of upsets, our fear and insecurity is taking over…. It’s taking precedence.

I meet people who say all the time, I know…I sound like a brat, I should be grateful for what I have…

Don’t beat yourself up!

You’re never going wrong by expressing your feelings or upset… it’s never a mistake. The thing I am talking about is the lack of appreciation for what’s going well now, what’s happening now.

The lack of doing that and the persistence of what isn’t going well is the problem. That’s what keeps the pattern going for many of us.

Maybe you can see this in other people more easily. I know people who seem to have everything and yet nothing quite seems to make them happy or light them up, they complain about a lotta things and it’s just very striking to me. Let them be your teacher, they’re showing you, they’re teaching you… and then apply the medicine to your own heart.

Speaking of other people, I wanna mention this too – it’s related…. You do not have to keep trying to make other people happy who may never get the point, trying to make them happy doing more and more for them and hardly ever a thank you.

Remember what I was saying earlier about guilt? Our negative sensations are there to give us guidance to warn us, to say hey this isn’t good for you. Something needs to give here. In this case, you’re better off learning to set a boundary! Set a boundary save a life!

Because there are people who, somehow you’re linked, but the juice they get from you is double time draining… back away, step away, you don’t have to get caught in that pattern with them trying to get them to see what is good.

Honestly, if they can’t get on the page with us, I don’t feel it serves either one of us, because eventually, you will go there with them to their dark disco. And you can’t do it. It’s such a disservice!

Let’s go, we can do this! And we are here to have fun and frolic. Let’s have fun and play and enjoy the day.

So may that serve you beloved, from my heart to yours appreciating and appreciating 🙂


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The Power of Appreciation and What It Can Do for You

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