Monday Meditation: How to Deal with Your Worry About Abundance

worrying about abundanceHello beautiful Friend! You may not know that I sit for guidance before each video I record. I ask what it is I can share with you that will best uplift and support your journey NOW.

Two things came to me today:

1) the story of abundance

2) the story you tell about how you’re not okay

Today’s meditation is about trusting and knowing that all is well; despite the stories around abundance and honoring your money, the story of you earning or not earning, the story of you being okay or not okay.

You can use this practice for abundance, for fear, for anxiety…you will see how it applies to everything.

Just a few minutes of breathing and centering can take you there, and you can watch this video again and again – as much as you want – as often as needed to support yourself.

Tune to the one inside who worries whether or not things will be okay, whether or not all is well… Notice how close the word ‘worry’ is to the word ‘warrior’ did you know that there is a powerful warrior inside you who stands tall inside yourself knowing that all is well? Even when you’re afraid, that warrior is there. Can we hold the worrier as we stand in our inner warrior?

The courageous and brave one who stands in the face of adversity and knows and trusts deeply that all is well.

abundance you are the perfect mix


As you continue to practice this important meditation, perhaps the worrier will loosen it’s ‘death-grip’ on the stories and you will naturally hear the warrior within.

A blessing for you today:

I call on my inner warrior to hold the worrier inside.

All is well. I am safe. In fact, things are happening in Divine right order, for my highest and best good. For the good of all concerned.

I am okay, it’s never not been okay.

I will hold this knowing in my heart today.

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Sending you love and sparkles – we can always use more sparkles!


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