What’s the Connection between Chakras and Gemstones?

Chakra Therapy Earrings: Garnet, quartz, carnelian, citrine, green tourmaline, aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz.

Have you ever wondered just how chakras and gemstones connect?

There are seven major chakras or energy centers in our bodies.

Each one plays an important role in our physical, emotional, energetic, and mental well being.

Sometimes our chakras need to be supported. They can be clogged or blocked. They might be a bit sluggish.

At times we need a power boost to maintain a healthy boundary around others. Draining people are well, draining!

Or we may need more power to make that special presentation at work. We want to speak clearly, with confidence.

When you wear gemstones, you are giving your chakras a powerful boost.

Gemstones have healing properties.  Each gemstone carries a specific vibration that can clear, charge, and raise the power of your energy field.

I’m often asked which gemstones people should wear to support their chakras.

Here is my insider’s guide to how chakras and gemstones connect – enjoy! 🙂

The First Chakra

Is about feeling grounded and safe, like you belong. It’s also about feeling physically well, having  stamina, a strong immune system.

Gemstones that will support you: Ruby, garnet, bloodstone, carnelian.

The Second Chakra

Is about passion and creativity. Living life from a place of juciness. It’s also about loving yourself.

Gemstones that will support you: Carnelian, smoky quartz, jasper, mookaite.

First and second chakra bracelet featuring ruby, garnet, and carnelian gemstones.

The Third Chakra

Is about who you are and how you see yourself in the world. It’s also about your intuition–your gut.

Gemstones that will support you: Citrine, topaz, amber, tiger’s eye.

The Fourth Chakra

This center is about love and compassion for others as well as for ourselves.

Gemstones that will support you: Emerald, jade, tourmaline, rose quartz, peridot, phrenite, chrysoprase, vessonite (a green garnet).

Turquoise Om earrings supporting the fifth chakra.

The Fifth Chakra

Is about communication. Speaking your truth, expressing your vision.

Gemstones that will support you: Turquoise, amazonite, aquamarine,

The Sixth Chakra

This center is about spiritual awareness and intuition.

Gemstones that will support you: Kyanite, sapphire, iolite, sodalite, lapis.

Kyanite and Sapphire Daisy Chain Necklace supports chakra 6.

The Seventh Chakra

This is your mystical center. It is the place where you connect with the greater  spark in the Universe.

Gemstones that will support you: Amethyst, citrine, diamond, white topaz, rock crystal quartz.

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