Intuitive Healing Session FAQ

Intuitive Healing Session FAQ


What are sessions with me like?

We will begin with a conversation and we’ll start with where you are right now. I’ll want to know what’s currently up for you. I listen to your energy as you speak. I will offer intuitive guidance based on what I hear. This work goes to the root of the problem, and there will be a shift – a good one.

Our experience will be intimate and personal. My intention is that you feel seen, heard, and held in love.


How to prepare before your session

While I definitely want you to “come as you are” to your session, I do believe it is good to give yourself time to be prepared and in the right space for our time together. Take a few minutes to get centered before we talk.

Avoid any last-minute conversations, phone calls, or errands before your session.

Allow yourself to consider if there is anything specific you’d like to focus on in our time together. It’s ok if you don’t know 🙂 – promise! Sometimes, it’s just nice to take a moment to ask yourself: What would I love to have support with?

Do not worry if you’re thinking, I have no idea what I am going to say to Robin! I hear that all the time. I am confident in my ability to help and support you, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re going to say or what you are needing. Love will find a way, we will get to exactly where we need to.

It is important to me that you know I hold what you share with me as sacred and confidential.


When your session is over

When you have taken the time to have a session, it is good to honor your work by not planning a busy schedule afterward. Errands, phone calls, and a hectic pace are not conducive to healing. So take it easy once we’ve finished.

Drink plenty of water.

You may want to have time to yourself afterward, so you can be in the energy – take a walk in the park, take yourself out to tea, whatever you like! Plan accordingly.

Later on, you might consider an Epsom salt soak in the tub or a hot shower. (2 cups Epsom salts + your favorite essential oils in a tub of warm water, soak 20 minutes-ish if you have time sit out in the sunshine afterward).

You could be feeling like you’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto: You may be feeling a bit different today and the next few days… perhaps you’re feeling more expansive or feeling more connected, perhaps there’s a little sadness or heaviness as well. It’s important to keep the perspective – you are in a process of healing, there is good happening and some things need to be cleared in order to make space for more. That stuff that needs clearing? It doesn’t feel so good when it’s leaving, but don’t let yourself get lost in the sensation. Good things are happening!

The healing will continue to occur after the session has ended. I see healing sessions as a download from Spirit to me to you and sometimes it takes time to receive the transmission.

Take note of any emotional releases, changes in a chronic condition or symptoms, dreams, or insights you have after our session. They are usually part of the process.

Again, you might feel quite emotional afterward, and this is normal. Look at it as a release, and be kind and gentle with yourself.

Be careful not to share your experience immediately following your session – keep it to yourself and for yourself until you have had time to take in what has happened for you. Sometimes, in the process of telling someone else about your session, you exhaust yourself. I call that ‘giving the healing away.’

Often, clients say they still feel the healing energy days after a session.

It is important to me that you know I hold what you share with me as sacred and confidential.

Questions? Feel free to get in touch with me.