Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

not my circus, not my monkeysHello sweet Friends,

Here we go launching into the holiday season and you know what that means! Between the moments of merry-making, there will be lots of opportunities for us to practice choosing peace and ease over the other stuff we could be swirling in.

As you’re making your way, I am inviting you to remember a very important truth: You are not the monkey whisperer and this isn’t the circus. It’s just too hard to manage everyone and their whackness – and anyway, it’s not your job! Better for you to just practice good boundaries and watch your own mental machinations. ( I have written about boundaries here and here )

You are not the monkey whisperer and this isn’t the circus.

This is one dinner, one holiday, one weekend, how can you choose to spend your time in joy and peace and let most of the rest go? You have the power to choose. You have the ability to let some stuff whiz by without attaching to it. You can let yourself off the hook from needing to correct people when they get it wrong. You can remember that you are not here to see to everyone’s needs. You can honor your needs and decide on how much time you want to spend together.

Also remember that every little monkey is perfectly entitled to live its life in just the way little monkeys do. Just like you! You have the right to live your life in just the way you do. We can practice extending the courtesy both ways, and perhaps see how much more effortless it can be like this.

Not my circus, not my monkeys by robin hallett

Stay focused on the love and joy you naturally feel in your heart and do your best to conserve it.

You can even practice with your own thinking – I know plenty of us are working to stay in the joy lane in the midst of some pretty challenging things we are navigating – and we too can choose to say “not my circus” to our own ego mind chatter.

Especially when the monkey shenanigans can hit an all time high, we want to practice.

Let’s keep our own participation in the whacky-making to a minimum. You were meant to have lots of joy. And pie, we all need more pie!


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist


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