A Gentle Musing on Choosing Powerfully from me to you ;)

robin hallett choosing to manifest powerfully

Hello sweet Friend!

This morning, I got the hit from Spirit to record a little message for our Posse. So here it is, a little special message for you, I recorded in my pj’s…hope you don’t mind the bed-head 😉

I wanted to share a gentle musing with you on manifesting and choosing your energy and vibes powerfully. Because life is precious, and you can have what you are longing to have from a heart centered place but you must choose intentionally. May this serve you in all the best ways imaginable! xxo

I am feeling this is such a powerful time and we can choose powerfully that which we want to manifest. It’s so important to become conscious and intentionally choose however…so the upset isn’t the focus.

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I’ve just been sitting outside in my Summer Sanctuary aka the backyard 😉  and really feeling into how precious your life is, and how precious my life is… and I wanted to offer us all an opportunity to really sit together just for a moment and choose intentionally and powerfully what it is that we keep saying we want to call in.

Because, life is precious and you can choose to have what it is you are wanting from a heart centered place, from your longing, from your deepest knowing.

I am talking about this felt sense of freedom and joy and ease and delight and YES! A feeling of being totally lit up, being totally free.

So just for a moment let yourself really feel what it is that you want to be feeling daily in your life…what is the feeling,






And, can you place it inside your body like a feeling? Do that now as you’re listening along.

It’s about about a felt sense, a calling, an inner knowing.

Place the feeling inside of you of adventure, ease, delight, abundance, wellness, love.

This is your meditation, this is your healing, this is your practice.

No matter what the story is in your physical life right now, you can call these vibes to you. This is your practice…to call this energy in to you–to choose to do this–because life is precious and each of us has just right now and we don’t want to spend it on our upset, do we?

There’s always going to be another thing to offer itself to you to be upset about but is that what you really would choose?

So that’s it for today I just really wanted to share this message with you and ask you to choose with me and ask you to practice with me.

Thanks so much my friend I hope this supports you and unknown and amazing ways.

Remember: You’re amazing and your life is precious!

Lots of love,

Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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