Sending Love and Light to Orlando and Everyone Everywhere

how to send love and light

I wish it was never the case that we suffer tragedy.

Truly, I wish that we could find a way to be at peace–especially with each other when we disagree.

That the energy of love and respect be there always–especially in how we choose to respond to horrible things people do.

Sometimes my friends say I am a truth teller. And usually when they do, there is this little feeling of shame inside and a voice that says yeah but I am always afraid, (always afraid) to talk about my perspective on sending love in times of violence.

I have been afraid to talk about my perspective on violence because violence has been so much a part of my experience that I naturally avoid doing things I expect will bring more.

As a light-worker and a person who does a pretty diligent job at working on my own journey, I am at the place where I want to stop participating in violence of the heart. I want to get to the place where I am sending a powerful kind of love and light and making decisions from a place of love and clarity rather than fear and confusion.

So today, just days after many many people were murdered, many injured, and countless lives affected, I am feeling called to speak to this energy of violence. Especially how we choose to respond to the violence. In our minds, in our hearts, with our words, in our actions.

As light-workers (and I consider many of you here reading this light-workers) do we consider the way we are choosing to channel our energy in times like this?

What are we contributing into the world?

Are we sending light and offering support and giving advice from a centered place?

Team love or team fear?

I ask myself often, how can I truly be in for love and peace and offering light into the world if at the same time I am espousing violent hatred for the man who murdered and hurt so many?

**Kindly note dear light-worker reader–I am not talking about bringing people to justice or creating laws or setting boundaries or defending one’s life or even speaking about the need for intelligent gun control…because these are all things we need to do…I am talking about the energy of violence and hatred and how we sometimes believe it’s okay and even feel permitted to hold it in our hearts and then send it out in the form of energy.

I am talking about a practice in times like these. An offering of love and light.


how to send love and light


Of course, if you’re in the middle of this, if it’s happening to you, you’re involved personally, then your practice is to receive the light being offered. Let people love you up. Let yourself be helped. Be with friends. Take space for you.

Since I am on the outside of this, I send love and light. This is what I can do. I can send my light. I can send love to all concerned. All.

Caroline Myss once said: Because if not me, then who?

I can look evil in the eyes and send light.

I can remember I am a child of God and send light.

I can honor my truth that when someone like this commits an act of violence where so many people were murdered and injured in the name of exclusion and different-ness, I can choose to not respond with exclusion and different-ness in kind.

It takes a calm and centered kind of power to help, a calm and centered energy to contribute something that will affect change. A wild and unbalanced violent energy will surely create more energy of the same.

So my question to you is, how can we stand in our power and also offer love and light? How can you challenge yourself to send love even to the killers? As you organize, as you take action, as you speak out…can you come from a centered place inside your heart? If you are willing and interested in being an instrument of peace in the world, then perhaps you can start there. Perhaps you can.

That is where I go, anyway…that’s the way I do it. I choose to not become crazy right along with the craziness that offered these killings in the first place.

I practice Pema Chodron’s “just like me.”

I remember Imaculee Illibigiza’s advice on choosing to live fully and shine brightly even though unspeakable tragedy has happened.

I remember a beautiful Bodhisattva, Jesus Christ, who spoke many times about loving our enemies.

I do not do any of this perfectly. I just know that violence in my heart is not good. I feel sick when it comes over me.

When the killer in me is activated by what is happening on the outside, it is my signal to practice.

When the killer in me is activated by tiny things too, I practice. I practice all of these things, and send light. This is what I can do. And I promise and I am committed to doing it well. And beautifully but most likely imperfectly.

So when I listen to the news of Orlando ((and catch all the other snippets of what’s happening worldwide)) I send love. Because this is what I can do today. I choose the heart. I make an altar, I light a candle, and I sit with the friends and family suffering horrible awful things, ALL of them. I can’t select one group and exclude the other–we are all one–we come from the same place, all sparkles of the same divine flame, all of us. And so for me really there is no choice.

Thank you for receiving this. May it upwell and move in you in the perfectest of ways…in all areas of your life.


Robin Hallett Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Awesome Artist

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