Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go.

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Let Yourself off the Hook. Do Whatever You Want. Let Go. How to not lose it when things go wrong.

Or, what to do when you’re in a funk and you can’t make yourself do anything “productive” and you just wanna hang it all up and head for the coast but you’re scared that this will mean the end. I’m drinking coffee and reading Stephen King. The windows are open, I’m listening to crickets and the smell of smell of fresh cut grass fills the kitchen. The yumminess of this takes me back to a time when I had no responsibilities and life felt pretty easy. I take a beat… …Read More »

What to Do When You’re Upset

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People Who Treat You Badly and What to Do About It

Wow, are there ever times when life brings us some crap! I don’t really know anyone who greets the upset that comes our way with glee, most of us run the other way. It can sure feel challenging to manage the vibes when they come. When you get upset, do you make space for what is happening? Are you able to allow life to happen as it does, even when you had other plans? Or are you someone who pushes on with getting stuff done… even when you’re feeling anxious… …Read More »

Honoring what is (vs. pushing the plan)

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honoring what is

I woke up this morning with my goals in mind Meditate, do my practices, eat yummy breakfast, take a walk, work a little in the garden and then write this week’s post (I was going to tell you about the wildest miracle manifesting story I have ever experienced firsthand), then see some awesome clients in the afternoon, and then dinner with my husband. Fun day, full day, packed day, busy day. No time for deviations – just stick to the plan day. And then I got the email. A very… …Read More »

This Is What I Can Do. on the Deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

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I heard the news about Anthony Bourdain. I read about Kate Spade earlier this week. My heart feels heavy. Suicide is never easy. One of my first intuitive hits I can recall happened I was 7 years old. Alone in the house at night. And it just came to me that my aunt had committed suicide. I knew was true. It was so clear, the energy passing through me. I was terrified and I wasn’t even sure I understood what it all meant. The phone rang several times but I was afraid… …Read More »

Read This When You’re Beating Yourself Up Again

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This is a love letter to my friends who struggle with repeating patterns of behavior and have a hard time breaking free. And sometimes beat themselves up about it. I put myself in that camp too. Ahhh what great company we keep! Hello Sweetie, I am writing to you now because I can see you are going there again. That thing you do has happened again and now you’re heading for that yukky-poo place you go to when you do the kinds of things you just can’t face. It’s okay… …Read More »

Ode to Winston the Wonder Dog

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Winston the Wonder Dog

Note from Winston the Wonder Dog: My parents took me to the vet a few weeks ago because they said I was honking too much. After all that poking and one unhappy thermometer experience, it turned out I had cancer. I swear I felt fine, other than the honking. My parents were brave. They made such a fuss over me–way more hot dogs and bacon in my days. And hamburger. And steak. And lots of massages and walks. Basically they let me do whatever I wanted. And yesterday, they were… …Read More »

What We Can Do in Times Like These

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what we can do in times like these

I have no interest in adding any more darkness in the world. I will not contribute to the anger, the meanness. I’m not interested in dissonance. Don’t talk to me about the assholes who are making things worse for the world, instead tell me what YOU are doing to be a force for good. Tell me what you’re doing to contribute something helpful. Love is my dharma and I will practice this wherever I go. In times of personal conflict it’s my practice, when clients call with family drama and… …Read More »

Sending Love and Light to Orlando and Everyone Everywhere

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how to send love and light

I wish it was never the case that we suffer tragedy. Truly, I wish that we could find a way to be at peace–especially with each other when we disagree. That the energy of love and respect be there always–especially in how we choose to respond to horrible things people do. Sometimes my friends say I am a truth teller. And usually when they do, there is this little feeling of shame inside and a voice that says yeah but I am always afraid, (always afraid) to talk about my… …Read More »

Love is the Medicine

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love is the medicine

I woke up this morning to hear the news about the bombings in Brussels. I stopped what I was doing, took a deep centering breath, placed my hands on my heart and prayed. I asked that everyone involved, touched, connected to this happening be surrounded in light. I asked that the suffering would be eased, and the healing take place. I asked that the highest and best possible outcome for all concerned happen now. And then I turned off the TV and began sending love. Whenever I thought about Brussels,… …Read More »

Meanwhile, the World Goes On

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for paris by robin hallett healing grief meanwhile the world goes on

For people committed to waking up and being of benefit to others, the key for us is to not nurture hatred in our hearts…to not add any more aggression, to add as much open kindness and open heartedness as we can. — Pema Chodron I have been moving through my days carefully and cautiously since I heard about Paris. And the scary truth is, I have been sitting here trying to find a way to tell you that while OF COURSE there is a part of me grieving for Paris,… …Read More »

Rainbow suspenders are forever, Robin

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for Robin Williams dealing with grief

  My friend texted me to say Robin Williams had taken his own life. Nanu nanu, she said. Rainbow suspenders forever, I said. This amazing, bright, shining, funny man who delighted the world has decided to leave on his own terms. We don’t really know what happened, but for sure it is shockingly sad to hear the news. Sad to imagine how his wife and family are doing. Wherever Robin is now, he gets it. He understands. Death is an experience for the living. We’re the ones experiencing that shock… …Read More »

Moving gently after suffering a loss or setback

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Moving gently after suffering a loss or setback

I have been moving through my days carefully this week. I am moving with my grief and the awakening that is happening around it. I’m moving gently. Gently rowing my boat forward, but giving myself plenty of self care and love. I’m eating consciously, resting extra, choosing carefully whom I surround myself with, and I’m unplugging more. This is how I manage the upset I feel and still manage to function in the world. I still see my clients, and I incorporate all of what’s happening into our conversations. This… …Read More »

Staying Afloat in Troubled Times

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SS Birdie by Robin Hallett

Wow, are there ever times when life hits us with some rough waves! Whether it’s a personal issue, or more of a global one, it can feel challenging to stay afloat in troubled times. How do you make space for what is happening? How do you allow for life to happen as it does, even though you’ve got other plans? Hi Robin, I am going through a pretty traumatic break up and the holidays are coming. There is not a lot of energy for decorating, or gift buying, or even… …Read More »

Goodbye for Now, Rocky

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Rocky B. Balboa the dog, world

Our little Rocky boy passed away last week. His full name was Rocky B. Balboa, the cutest little Papillon everrrr. It was so so sudden, the change. He was prancing about one minute, and unable to move the next. We took him to the animal hospital where it was confirmed that he was in kidney and liver failure. He died sweetly in our arms. We never knew he was sick. Saying goodbye was not easy. Rocky was such a funny little nutty dog. A true blue good boy. He was… …Read More »

Healing Those Holiday Blues

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Healing those Holiday Blues

Thanksgiving is coming and I’ll be honest with you. The holiday that’s about gathering with friends and family to give thanks hasn’t always been easy for me. Hard as I’d try to focus on what I was thankful for, I’d get hung up on the stuff that seemed to suck the life out of the holiday for me. I missed my parents who had passed away. I missed my friends and family who were too far away to visit. There were people I wasn’t speaking to (and some not speaking… …Read More »