A Pep Talk // Tea with Robin Episode 152

A pep talk for us on how we’re doing these days. Let’s have a jibber-jabber together about the journey. How have you been doing? How have you been carrying your energy and the stuff you’re processing? And how are you spinning the story about you and your life and your possibilities and what you’re amounting to. All that stuff… this is gonna be a good one!

In this episode:

Anyone experiencing a shift towards higher consciousness but it actually feels like 💩💩? Welcome to leveling up.

Tough energies make sense when you consider how new conscious awareness means what no longer aligns will leave. The old is making its way out and with it comes resistance, fear, anxiety – of course, this will be felt.

What if instead of saying you’re going through a heavy shift and it’s all so terrible, we began saying we are leveling up. How would it be for you to acknowledge where you truly are? When we’re making new realizations and as a result entering into new conscious awareness, what no longer aligns will leave.

Do you ever struggle to have permission to do what you want to do? What are you allowing to push you through the day? Is it intentional? The stories you tell about yourself, are they helping you?

It’s natural to have upset, to have worry. But what if we didn’t have to take it so seriously? What would it be like to say, hey, this is me releasing! I am leveling up. I am expanding and this upset or sensation I am experiencing is leaving…. hold yourself accountable to a higher story.

I share some updates on the stories I’ve shared in recent episodes.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me, Robin. Robin Hallett, intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett dot com, and this is Tea with Robin.

On today’s episode, a pep talk, my friend, feels like this is what we are needing. Let’s have a jibber-jabber together about the journey, how you’ve been doing, how you’ve been carrying your energy and the stuff you’re processing, and how you’re spinning the story about you and your life and your possibilities. And what you’re amounting to.

All that stuff. This is gonna be a good one. Come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here.

Hello, beautiful friend. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is episode 152 152 the show notes, links, and anything I reference will be in the show notes, and you can find those in the episode description, where you’re listening now. Or, if you go to my website which will also be linked here. Robin Hallett comm slash 152. Hi. Hello to new friends, and old friends and friends on the journey Hello hello hello welcome back, welcome back. And welcome friends, how are ya. How have you been doing what’s been going on in your life? Have you been experiencing some up-leveling vibrations these days, and let me explain that it’s not code. I’m not trying to speak in code. I’m trying to put a realistic spin on some of the energies I’ve been noticing within me. Within friends I help, and my family, my friend friends offline friends you know whatever friend friends journey friends, friends on the journey. We are up-leveling. And that means we’re releasing. So some of you are noticing the poop that backs up, you know, when you’re cleaning out the septic tank, there’s stuff that backs up sometimes and on the way, breaking on through, I think of so many movie scenes right now I’m seeing Neo and Trinity in the matrix when they, it’s the third movie when they break through that dark, dark, dark sky, you know, they’re flying up up up up up, and the sky is dark because they scorched the sun, trying to, trying to take care of their problems with their aliens. And so the sky is dark, dark, dark, dark, dark but they make their way, up, up, up, up, up and suddenly they burst through and it is light and it is beautiful. That’s what we’re doing right now. So this is a pep talk, and I love talk and hug talk because I think we’re meaning that I know I’m needing that. I am needing that times one hundred, and probably your meeting that too. It’s amazing the stuff we’re walking through together. So, I don’t know how, how was that first show opener, I’ve got some warm coffee here, a deliciously warm my hands are wrapped around it I could be wearing gloves right now it is a little bit chilly or crisp here in Chicago. The morning air of second or third day of fall happy fall by the way, I want to say a special cheers to the journey to choosing Adu, choosing a new Adu, and do choosing adieu to the pool, and choosing a new to the light and the joy and the truth, and the way of who we truly are. Cheers.

So friends, today I want to have a little jibber-jabber with you I want to catch up on a few things and just share, and I hope that always it’s helpful to you. Just a reminder, if you hang out on social media. I’m there. If you have something you want to share, or ask me to talk about something here, ask for some support. You want to check into how we could possibly work together. If you’re on social you can message me at Robin Hallett, or my email is Hello, at Robin Hallett, calm. Yeah. And always, I so appreciate your support. There’s a number of ways you can support this love that I share. If you are on social media, make sure to look up these posts and put a heart on it, it helps if you loved it, if you have something to share, you can leave a review. I love hearing from you and knowing, like what you’re walking through as well. And sometimes, I know, I’ll ask in the stories on Instagram, how are you today, you know, I share most days it’s sort of like a living journal, how are you what’s going on. Here’s how I am. For example, yesterday I wrote, it’s a b minus day remember getting report cards. It’s a b minus kind of a day but, you know, I’m okay with that. It’s all right. But a lot of you wrote that it’s been a very deep emotional time you’ve been going through and challenging, and, you know, this is why I want to remind you. It’s a time of leveling up, and leveling up. I would love to reclaim that term, I think people use it for different meanings, but for me it means, You know, we’re going up through the levels of the chakras, we’re going up through the levels of our spiritual awareness, we’re going up through up through the levels of the shit that we normally contend with. We’re going up or out are expanding, you know, that’s what I mean. So I’m not talking about your getting sexier or richer or famous or or skinnier or younger or whatever more clear on what you’re supposed to be doing in the world you know I’m not talking about that, that could be, you know, that could be a side benefit of doing your journey. For sure I see it all the time. The youngest looking people are the ones who are the most, like in their joy and alive and it doesn’t mean the most spiritually awake, it means excited and lit up about what their day brings what they’re doing what they love them. You know what I mean like the recovery time between something upsetting and something, reminding you, who you truly are, again, it’s recovery, you know what I mean, there’s less and less time, there were, were lost and lost and lost, I, those are the people who look the youngest who seemed the most, most energized and energetic, and I know sometimes people will say to me, I want that light I see in you, I want that joy, or I want that experience, you seem to be sharing about your day to day life, and it’s like, I think it’s just our ability to remember who we really are, what we’re really doing here, which is waking up, isn’t it, and remembering waking up and remembering, it’s a beautiful life. It’s a beautiful day. These thoughts I have sometimes these thoughts you have sometimes. Okay. Every day, the mind is always having thoughts. Right. They’re not the full aspect of who I truly am, the upset the worry, the churning. Let me give you a moment to consider what it is you’ve been thinking about today.

Jeff and I have been talking about how are we receiving our joy, and how are we, that’s number one husband Mike, by the way, if I ever say Jeff. Number one husband. Hi. Hi, honey. Hi Jeff. Hi Jeffy. We like to listen together on Mondays, when this episode airs. We’ve been sitting together and enjoying without trying to get shit done at the same time, you know, and I say it like that because it’s a I don’t know, it’s a term that gets pushed around like you’re not amounting to anything unless you’re getting, you know stuff done. We only have permission to do what we want, if we’re getting shit done around the house, for example, you know, just an interesting thought lately, and I really love the slow life movement. Because when you’re going through your day with a story like I need to be getting stuff done. I’m not you know, right on the heels is I’m not getting enough done. I’m not amounting to anything you think if you live with people, you know they’re going to need this, they’re going to need that they’re going to be upset that I didn’t do this, that, you know, they take a, take a look at what you’re doing and what you’re allowing to push you through your day, and you’re going to see it. Yeah. So, what were you doing today, while you’re listening along or. What were you wondering about or thinking about today. It’s good to take stock. I tell you this, sometimes that I’ll talk to people in a crisis, and then the next time I talk to them they don’t even remember what it was about. That’s a beautiful thing to notice to witness, it’s such a gift to me but also, like, how would it be in the middle of the crisis, to say, this will pass. This is illusion. This is the definition of Maya, illusion, this is it. The end. This will pass, and it will all pass. The only thing I can count on is that I have a choice. You know, things are changing, but I have a choice in how I am doing this day, this moment, this week. This year, this life, the things I allow to move me forward. The things I allow to hold me back. The things I allow myself to be distracted in.



I blow my own mind sometimes, my friend. I think about how many times, you know, I come here, and I share about

things relating to me things relating to my own journey and how difficult it can be sometimes how challenging it can be sometimes you get on a story, you get on a story, you develop a groove, it feels so real, you know. But what if it wasn’t. And what if you knew that are practice remembering that even while it was going on. What if you were honest about your experience, instead of personally. What am I trying to say here, like instead of saying it’s all dire and hopeless and I suck or life sucks or I’m never gonna get it done or I’m so behind or I’m too late or the whole thing is all you know like that. What if we started saying, it seems to be a story right now. For me, that you just put that in front of whatever you, you know, it’s all coming to an end. My world is over, as I know it, you know, everybody gets dire. Everybody gets dire, at times, they may not tell you out loud, they may not advertise it, but somebody who gets to sit with people. Everybody has that place. So what, you know, we have unpleasant experiences, thoughts, emotions, we have judgment we have upset, and in my mind, in my heart, what feels like the real struggle is we don’t accept it, We can’t just let it be, like, so what are all of this, that’s not everything that’s happening. Sometimes I get really annoyed. Yesterday I was feeling this way I asked God persnickety, actually, when I get persnickety when I get a little pissy. In my own thoughts. I am really funny, I am hilarious actually, I cry. Well, hilarious party of one. I crack myself up. I do. So, there was yesterday, you know, stuff going on, people in your life, you get pissed at them, they’re sometimes people are shitty period. It doesn’t mean they’re not the light of God. and I am. You know in my. This is the truth, how I’m feeling right now in my effort to have more time available in my joy in my fun permission in my day to be free to do what I want, I’m noticing. It’s easier. To be honest, than to keep trying to Flim Flam spiritual Flim Flam myself into sound kind of thing. You can just say that I don’t like how they did it, I don’t like how they set it, I don’t you know that was rude. That was rude, doesn’t mean you’re rude. You know, there’s a huge difference, but it’s a time saver. Then, in a way, It saves you for the time you want to spend on what you really want to be spending. So, anywho, there was yesterday. You know how round God says, We’re all just walking each other home. We’re all just walking each other home except yesterday I said we’re all just, we’re all just ducks walking each other home, only I didn’t say ducks, I said ducks with an eye, I’m not gonna say it here but I was so amused. I was so amused by that, because, is it not truer that, You know, temporarily, everybody behaves like, but like when you’re a jerk and you’re selfish and you’re self focus and you’re critical or impatient or, you know you have those attacking thoughts or you’re

or you’re thinking about I know how a lot of us are so preoccupied about what everybody else does wrong if you have adult children this is a hot topic for so many of us when we notice how our kids behave and, you know, they seem like they’re the ducks. We’re all just ducks walking each other home. Yeah. And it’s kind of hilarious because it feels very true. You know, I don’t know why. We seem to be so attached to always putting a happy spin on things, and spiritual lift on it, a spiritual spin on it, but we do, and we don’t need to try so hard, you know there’s something about being honest, that is so refreshing and. Yeah, yesterday, I was thinking, yep. People are ducks. They sure are. And me too, because here I am right now thinking about that, you know, refreshing. Refreshing. When that’d be amazing if we remembered, instead of expecting ourselves to be at this place where, you know, we’re perfect. Could we realize like, it’s, it’s a process. And so what you know perfection doesn’t exist, to the ego, to the small cell. But perfection is already here, for the, for the spirit self. So we’re all making our way.

And this is most definitely a practice.

I wonder a lot how it would be if we didn’t. If I didn’t, I include you in that, you know, But I’ll talk about myself. If I didn’t worry so much about where I was trying to get to and trying to be some kind of perfection. With my journey with my upset, you know, I mean, it’s natural to feel upset. It’s just part of the experience to be worried, you know, maybe the cavemen too we’re worried. The cave people, you know this is going back and back and back. People were worried about things, it’s just part of it but, you know, what if we didn’t have to take it so seriously, that’s what I would like. I would like that a lot, and that’s something I’m going to keep working on helping myself show up here, and just know that it’s okay. However, I’m feeling, whatever I’m thinking about if I’m upset about someone else, if I’m upset about an interaction. If I’m noticing those things. And then on top of it being hard on myself because it’s not very spiritual. It’s okay, period. It’s honest, I still see the light in them, and I, I think maybe that would be a nicer thing to acknowledge, like, we don’t have to like what people do. We don’t have to condone their behavior. And we also don’t have to join them in the dark disco. We don’t have to join them in the dark disco. And my friend, you could be talking about yourself here. I don’t have to join myself in the dark disco. You might take a look at your own behavior that sometimes you judge and you go on and on and on about. You don’t have to identify solely is the same. That’s what I’m trying to say. I hope this is making sense. I tell you, lately I’ve been sending you know some really beautiful I think according to me, emails, I feel really good about it I’m just really happy with how I feel very authentic. You know, I usually do feel authentic, but I worry, you know, too. And sometimes I don’t always catch on trying to be a better version of myself, then you don’t I mean, yeah, I just want to be myself and show up. Yeah, so sometimes I get emails, sometimes I get messages, and it’s like, it feels like friends have assumed, what it is that I’m talking about they can relate to it, you know, but I get caught there because it’s not what I meant. But I also don’t think you have time, I always want to take the time to explain that because being caught in that all day. Think about it. What’s your thing, what’s your pain point, your struggle bus item. What makes you feel like a wild animal. Think about it being caught in that energy all day.

All day, all day, all day, all day. Isn’t that what most of us are doing anyway. We’re just like oh my god. So and So, this a map. What if we didn’t. What if we didn’t. What would it be like for us to say hey, you know, this is me, I’m releasing. I’m leveling up. I’m, I’m expanding, and these are the things falling out of the poop Caboose, they gotta go they’re not a match. What if you started holding yourself accountable to something higher like that you know or like when you’re familiar story I’ve been asking you lately, I hope you’re doing this practice with me I’m not trying to sound shame me or anything but it’s like, it gets better, even if you don’t want to do that they think that you know you need to be doing or something like that people have so many stories but say there is something like you need, you know you need to let go of the story that you’re a loser or your life hasn’t amounted to anything, you know, that’s one that I’m saying that because I, that’s been one of mine for more than two decades, seriously. It still hasn’t gone away, isn’t that astounding. Could we be astounded, instead of believing it, you know, but there are people who don’t want to do that, they don’t even want to practice that they just want to be in their upset. Well, you know, don’t just do it. Don’t just believe a thought about yourself for 30 years and call it truth, it’s just a thought you keep thinking. It’s just a thought I keep thinking. And there is something to this idea of leveling up. It’s going to be better and better and better. But that’s the message I want to catch you up on a couple things too, in a second but are we going to do this work or not. Are you willing. Before I move on, I want to say a little blessing that comes out of Paul Saligan the guides. And I have no idea where this came from. It might be in one of the books, it might be from one of the many courses I’ve taken, you know, listening to his channellings live, it doesn’t matter I’m handing it over to you now, and I will also put this in the show notes. So you might copy and paste it. You know how I’m always talking to you about did you get up in the morning and did you hug yourself, did you get up in the morning and hug yourself, and then I sometimes talk about I know who I am, in truth, I know what I am in truth, and I know how I serve, in truth, well that comes from Paul that comes from his guides. But this is something I keep on my phone and I refer to it, I don’t have it memorized it doesn’t matter if you don’t memorize thing. It doesn’t matter if you know it by heart, and all of that, who cares, you know what matters, that when you’re upset at any moment that you remember. You know this doesn’t have to be this need not be, which is A Course in Miracles practice, I can do my practice, I can. And I can remember who I am, you know, it’s not always about being in a prayer, always working out doing your spiritual exercises. It’s about being honest and real with where you’re at. So, here’s the thing. Upon awakening, they say but I am telling you. Upon awakening. If the guides were here, I bet they would say this is very accurate whenever you remember, you are waking up again, you know, so it doesn’t mean first thing in the morning, necessarily, but this was probably what they were suggesting sit for a few moments and say these words. I have come to know myself. You know what, do it now, if you want, just cross your arms, hug yourself, I have come to know myself.

As I truly am. In all my encounters and engagements. I have come to be realized as who and what I am. In every instance of my day.

And they went on to say, That’s That’s it. Want to say it now. Okay, I’ll say it slower ready. I have come to know myself as I truly am. In all my encounters and engagements.

I have come to be realized as who and what I am in every instance of my day. This simple affirmation will claim you in the day by intent to be incongruent with the vibration, you have agreed to and align this so we can practice, you know. But don’t forget, we’re all just dicks walking each other home, you know, take responsibility for your part in how it gets bad for you, and that’s why our posse, our love Posse is so vital that we even if we don’t talk, physically or see each other on video our, you know, hear each other’s voice at the same time back and forth on the telephone, that you know, this is your try tribe. This is your group, this is your posse. Here we are. And we’re walking together, and God bless us. Yes. I mentioned last week that a friend, I have been helping in Sessions had passed, and a friend, you know, when there is some kind of. Well in this case, somebody died but sometimes you have the stuff where you, you know, there’s all kinds of life changing events that we go through whatever we’re going through, I think in those situations, it takes as long as it takes, everybody’s experience with it, you know, when people are sick with dying with death. We’re all having a different experience with it, and there isn’t one right, perfect experience. I, yeah, there’s no timetable and there’s no right way to grieve, either. I’ll say that, and you shouldn’t be feeling anything other than how you feel, and how it is. And if you know this truth that we’re always practicing here, we’re studying that we are eternal, that factors in for me as well. I guess I just want him to say I’m doing all right. I’m just glad to share my experience with you a little bit, and also realize that it takes time and have space for that allow things to be important to us. Allow people to have been important to us, not just be so quick to move on. Move on. Move on with your grieving with your upset. Where are we going, I always want to ask people where are you getting to, you know, I know I’ve said this before, but after my mom died, my mother in law said it’s time, gotta go back. Hurry up. This is not number one husband’s mother and drag him out in my former life. Hurry up. Time to go. It’s been two weeks. My boss said, gotta get back to work. You know, just because other people have a timetable, doesn’t mean you have to have one. And also, you know you might really be. I just, I like this experience of sitting with my experience, and trying to, trying to allow myself to stay open to what’s here. And so, I noticed that I’m thinking about her a lot. It’s not always what I expect it to be. Sometimes I have surprising sensations and, you know, thoughts, and it’s all good, it’s all okay. The other thing I wanted to share was number one husband went on his fishing trip, and I didn’t really check in to say how it went for me. But I, if anybody out there. Single anybody out there in a relationship living with someone. Yeah. Anybody out there raising a family or taking care of kids or pets. Yeah, so pretty much all of us, then, yeah, you know, there’s a way they we live distracted because we’re doing the do all the time. Do you know what I’m talking about there. I mean, it’s kind of nice that our day to day lives have so much buisiness to them in a way that

we don’t always have to be alone in our thoughts and really hearing some of the stuff going on, I’ll say that. I don’t know if that will be a popular thing but sometimes I’m just glad, because life can feel pretty hard life can feel challenging and like a slog and if you listen to the news or you have a few friends you know are going through stuff, it can feel heavy so sometimes a distraction is a wonderful welcome thing. And I have a healer, for a number of years, who would say to me, you know sometimes distraction is your best friend, especially when you’re suffering. It’s okay to distract yourself and I always loved and admired that because it’s true. And I think as spiritual folks, can I call us that we have a tendency to expect ourselves to always be doing good. And if we’re not always doing good, we’re doing something wrong. And if we’re doing something wrong or if we’re not okay then we have to work on it and fix it, you know, and that’s something that goes on for me a lot. That’s I catch it, I catch myself in the act of that. So, while number one went away, I just really said, you know, I want to spend some time on winding and unconnected time, I don’t know, on you know not time meditating again sometimes that stuff too, can distract you and occupy you, so I just spent some time chunks of time doing nothing, like, really, nothing. You know I go to the beach and take walks, but it was really nice just to spend some time as a person alone walking around, and here’s what I wanted to tell you about all of it. I am sad about a lot of things. I’m disappointed in a lot of things about a lot of things.

I have, I have been upset I felt angry about a lot of things, that’s what I’ve noticed, and I really want to let it be. I want to let that be without trying to always work on it and fix it and correct it and make it better. Does that make sense, because

in all the other time that I had some time to come in the, in the time I had some time to be quiet and connect with my true self. What kept coming back to me is the upsets come and go. The stories change stories, the days change the events change the sceneries change. And this upset changes, everything changes, but my choice is to learn more about what remains. You know the one in me who remains, the one who is here who remains, find out for myself more fully, you know, not just from a book or a study, you know, to experience it for myself and for anyone who has been struggling with meaninglessness and meaning and I’m sure at different points. We’ve all been there with the last year and a half, are we still saying year or year and a half, or we’re getting to the two year mark. Geez, February will be two years. I think it’s, it feels really important for me to, to start making more time to be with the one that remains the same, who’s never changing, who’s never leaving, who’s never involved in the big upsets, but is still present, you know, so I did some of that. And then I noticed times where I let myself be busy, and distracted and catching my upset again. It seems like sometimes my mind is very very grooved in on how what kind of progress I’m making in all kinds of places, very preoccupied with progress, and maybe you relate to that too if you worry about things like, you know, anything from the body stuff to dating to work stuff to, you know, I don’t even know. So it was just all a really amazing experience and hard to, but indeed, I am finding this thing where there is a loving presence in me. And there’s a loving presence all around me, and it’s always there, it never changes. And it even through the upset, even when I feel terribly sad and I can’t say terribly sad I make myself cry all over again, you know, but if you relate. You know I don’t want to just throw out a blanket we. But if you relate or if you know somebody if you tend and care in a friendship with somebody who feels this way a lot, you know. There is something magical to me about we’re making our way together. And that is a beautiful thing. If you’re somebody who feels upset or feels lonely or lost sometimes, but you don’t want to give in to that, you know you don’t want to let the darkness take you. There’s a home for you right here. I guess that’s what I really wanted to say today there’s a home for you right here, and maybe it helps to know that we’re walking together, and maybe it helps to hear I see you, and it helps me to hear that you see me, you know, that’s a beautiful thing. It blows my mind sometimes how much I am thinking, processing, reading, listening to topics about healing and spirituality, and just very recently. And it was like last week when I said on the podcast here where I, you know, I want to evolve the podcast, which means I have to evolve the story I’m currently telling about where I’m at and what I’m doing, and it’s been a huge epiphany. You know, and

one of the things that really I would, I would like to continue doing is speaking honestly about my experience, you know, and just to say it’s my experience, and I really hope it helps you too, because I think there’s a lot of us here in the world who are lonely, but also okay, you know, alone but also okay sometimes sad but also okay. I mean we know who we are. And also there are feelings, and it feels super important to you don’t always have to be fixing it. You don’t always have to be trying to better yourself or improve yourself or deny how you’re feeling and you definitely don’t have to feel embarrassed or ashamed that you’re not further along in your practice by now. I think that needs to be said, a lot more. Wherever I go, I mean, maybe. Maybe that’s my new experience some what I’ll start talking about more but, um, you know, it’s pretty good right now. We’re not always you have to be fighting it. And if there’s a little sad or melancholy, or blue or whatever, doesn’t it also makes sense. And isn’t it possible that that’s not all of your experience, and all of who you are still so good. So, yeah. I thought I would end today with something a little different. I thought I would read a poem to us, instead of a letter. It’s a favorite. I’ll never get tired of sharing it with you. I’m gonna let this be easy here. Wild Geese by Mary Oliver. Here we go, friends. You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for 100 miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body, love what it loves. Tell me about to spare. Yours. And I will tell you mine. Meanwhile, the world goes on. Meanwhile, the sun, and the clear pebbles of the rain are moving across the landscapes. Over the prairies and the deep trees, the mountains and the rivers. Meanwhile, the wild keys, high in the clean blue air are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely. The world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you, like the wild geese harsh and exciting. Over and over, announcing your place in the family of things.

Yeah. You don’t have to be good. You don’t have to repent. It’s okay to let yourself love what you love. It’s okay to let yourself be easy. We all feel despair at times, or some other word that stands in for despair, where we can’t get to the light. And it feels challenging one way or another, you know, but know that the world moves on, you know, and it’s not. And it’s beautiful. When we’re ready to open ourselves to more we can, and we’re ready to open ourselves to more than this story we continue to tell and focus on and feel. We will, when we’re ready.

You You’re not missing your opportunity. You’re not missing out.

And this last part where she says Whoever you are, whoever you are, whatever has happened, whatever you’ve done, or didn’t do. No matter your regrets.

No matter your grievances, you know, whoever you are, no matter how long my. The world is here, offering itself to your imagination in a new way, in a bigger way more expanded way more transformed way. You know, it can be more. It’s not too late. You haven’t missed your opportunity, it can be more, it can be more for me to, to calling to us over and over this opportunity, this, this inspiration, this love, new opportunities, new possibilities, new ways of being in the world, my friend. Yeah. Good enough for today.

Well, lots of love to you. I’m going to see you here next week, or in a few minutes. If you binge listen. Yeah, all the episodes are available on my website and the link is in the episode description. Yep. This has been me Robin Heart Sparkler Hallett. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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