Every Moment is Your Moment // Tea with Robin Episode 153

Every moment is your moment, my friend. It is never too late for you.

It’s only now. It can’t possibly be too late, or too early. All it can ever be is now.

You can only ever be right here and right now

On what to do when you know you’re suffering is being caused by your own stories of never getting there. Never arriving. Whatever the sticks are that you throw at your own heart? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. This is gonna be a good one. Come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here.

In this episode of Tea with Robin:

What do you do when you KNOW there’s another way… you’ve studied and practiced and you still are being hard on yourself and you still can’t figure out what to do?

One thing I notice is that we can suffer so greatly.

Handling the YES, BUTs of our stories.

Is it really true that you’re old, fat, broke? Why are those stories so attractive when we’re upset?

I share a sweet poem from Hafiz

All this and more! Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved. It’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer, and Light Sparkler. At Robin hallett.com. And this is Tea with Robin, on today’s episode. Every moment is your moment, my friend. It is never too late for you. It’s only now. It can’t possibly be too late or too early. You can only ever be right here and right now on what to do when you know your suffering is being caused by your own stories about missing out, never getting there. Never arriving. Whatever the sticks are that you throw at your own heart. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. This is going to be a good one. come grab a cuppa yum-yum and meet me here.

Wow, hello gorgeous friend. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 153 153. Anything I share today, links information. I will put it in the show notes plus a full transcript. If you go to Robin Hallett comm slash 153 or look to the episode description where you’re listening now, you’ll find what you need to get to there.

Hello, hello, hello, friends. This is a healing podcast. This is a podcast about waking up in your life and feeling connected and alive. Alive and aligned in your own heart. Making your own way. Feeling good in your bones about who you are and what you’re doing. Feeling awake and connected and alive. In this time now, especially in this time now Hi. Pandammit, what, I have not called it the pandemic in a really long time. But you know, you may have thought about this once or twice in the last 18 months or so. We’re in a time of waking up. We’re in a time of shift happening. And that’s really what I’m here to hopefully, you know, share with you and support you in and I’m walking with you too. So Hello, and welcome. If you’re new around these parks. Thanks for giving this a whirl. I hope you’ll give it a try. I hope you’ll stick around. You know what I share here. Every once in a while I get a glimmer of I might sound like a weirdo to people who aren’t familiar with this kind of spirituality stuff. But stick around, give it a whirl. We’re an amazing tribe. I call us the love posse. And you know, we are making our way together. And for those of us who notice the world sometimes the way it can appear to us through snippets, you know on social media or you hear somebody say something and they can turn you in a way into the most cynical, disillusioned, depressed version of yourself in a split second, it can happen. I hope that you will remember to come here and listen because even though we might be alone doing our lives, we’re walking together always. There is a posse all around the world. We are making our way on that awakening journey. And yeah, I’m so glad it’s us. I don’t know about you, but I am so glad it’s us. I’m so glad it’s us. So yes, friends returning. How are you? How has the week been going since we last spoke? Have you been having some opportunities for your own awakening? And have you been finding that you do have choices in terms of how you arrive into situations that are challenging for you that you know are challenging your known challenging situations? How have you been doing with that Always,

My prayer is that you’re remembering, hey, this is my one wild and precious life. This is my moment, every moment is your moment my friend awakening of choice of alive lists if I want it, I can do it, I hope that you are remembering that you know, one thing that I will notice about all of us is that we can suffer greatly and

I don’t know you know, this is just coming to me right now but in my heart, there is no suffering quite like the suffering I can be in while I’m awake at the same time and also feeling helpless to stop feeling this way. You know, I wonder if that makes sense. This is what I want to talk to us about today is like, what what do we do when you know there’s another way and you know, you’ve studied you’ve read and still you know, you’ve practiced you’ve remembered it you’ve seen it and still here you are in this place where it feels hard and challenging and you’re being hard on yourself yeah that’s what I want to talk about here. Because you know, let’s call me the secret keeper in the bossy who I’m the keeper of secrets. There’s so many of you I talked to in a week messages included, you know, texts included. And I know for a fact lots of you are going through this exact thing where you come to that holy shift moment and all your awareness all your awakening tools, all your philosophy all your teachings you know if nothing is seeming to help you right there. What do we do that’s what we’re going to talk about. And so I suggest I hope you brought some fortifications Did you you know, we better get a little cheers going and dive in. Let’s have a little tea. And cheers this the perfection of this moment now. Yeah, I’ve got some Actually, I have Diet Dr. Pepper today. Hmm, if I ever said that here. I don’t know every once in a while. I like to have a little Saudi. We call it Saudi. Food is not the devil right? diet. Soda is not the devil and soda is not the devil. I say it like that. Because Hi. Are you in any kind of community awareness around all kinds of things. You know, everything is bad and wrong on some level if you listen to somebody, but you know, moderation is a thing. Yeah. And as a kid, one of my favorite memories is packing a little lunch. for school, and having a can of soda in the fridge. My mom would take me to the pop shop. Money was very tight growing up that go to the pub shop in California where I grew up, and I could pick like a couple sodas for the week. And I still I still love that so much. So I’ve got a Diet Dr. Pepper here. And cute story. I’m thinking of a picture of me. I can just see it now posing with my soda. Yeah, so special. still feeling special. I hope you have special memories like that, too. So I’m going to raise my cup of yum yum. To the journey to remembering that we’re alive. You know, we’re awake. We’re here. And we’re choosing and this moment now it’s perfect. We’re here and I’m so glad it’s us Cheers.

So good. So good. So good. And I say I always chuckle about when I say something is not the devil because oh while ago I went I think I was telling you I went through and deleted a bunch of my digital files, all my old writings and things, all the stuff you hang on to where you’re like some Day, I’m going to use this stuff. And I’ve really figured out that hanging under the old stuff with that hope hope story is not helpful to me. And also I never go back to the old notes. This is something I’ve learned. So as I was going through the files and deleting things and saying, bless you, thank you, and oh my god, there’s more to do always more. But how many Word documents are in there with some version of television is not the devil diet. Soda is not the devil sugar is not the devil. I went through a period of really being amused by that phrase. And yeah, it’s so amazing, you know, to me, that everything is of God, how can anything be evil, but you know, you can use anything to your own. You can, you can go into suffering with just about anything on the planet. And that’s what the problem is. So we can demonize things all we want, but until we really own Hi, there’s a me doing the thing. And that’s where my suffering gets created my own stories with it my own efforts and struggles to become perfect or to because I don’t believe I’m okay already, you know, am I do something to myself in order to try and become a better version in an unhealthy way or an in an unhealthy by, you know, like an unawakened? way? Or I’m so hard on myself. That creates so many more problems? Yeah. Yes, it does. It does. It does. So

let’s, let’s dig in to our message today. You know, I got up early to see the dawn this morning. And I think go look for the sun I really like no I like to do is sit at the back of the house and watch the light hitting the trees over the rooftops. And I guess that so I’m looking at the view the sun must be seeing when it’s waking up and rising. It’s like you can see the bands of light going out over the trees. And really, I had this moment where

it just felt beautiful. And I was in it. I wasn’t defending it, I wasn’t thinking about it. I wasn’t like, you know, lecturing somebody else about it, or writing a blog post about it, or podcasting about it. You know what I’m saying, writing a message about it, I was having my experience with the beautiful. And I said thank you. And something that happens sometimes is you begin to merge with the experience of beauty, and light. And as you begin to experience, beliefs being all lit up, you feel the worms and there’s a dazzling Miss to it. That begins to enter your own awareness. And I love that it is so wonderful. You know, it’s so wonderful. And those moments if you can be present for them. You can try and allow yourself to slow down just for a moment and receive it. It helps it up wells into so many other areas of your life that you’re not even thinking about in the moment. You know. He will help you. It helps me

Yeah, seeing the light The trees

I think about us and the way we struggle and the way we suffer with things, you know, whether it’s food and addictions, you know, I was just talking about the foodstuff, or I know a lot of us worry about money, or we worry about getting somewhere becoming something making something I had so many messages this week from you and I, if I talk to this week are we hung out in the healing session, hello. Lot of messages about also feeling like, it’s the story that it’s too late for you has been something you’re really aware of. And you’re, you’re working with it. And that is so good. Now, I

one of the things I really, I think I talked to you about this a few weeks ago that I’ve been spending more time alone, and what I notice is, there’s times where I feel very sad, or there’s a sadness or grief there and instead of being like, oh, what’s wrong? Or why am I sad? Or why am I grieving, or what is going on, you know, being in my head, trying to figure it out, I’m allowing these energies to go, it’s kind of like, you know, we know how to clear clutter in our homes, we know that’s a thing, you know, we don’t have to vacuum out our car and have it be nice and clean or vacuum, you know, dust something and have it be clean and sparkling. And we we know what that is. But when there are feelings inside when there’s an energetic when there’s a feeling inside, maybe we don’t know how to let these things be, or go or move. And I’ve been allowing a lot more energy to go. Instead of reanimating it and making it like it’s something happening now. So there has been some grief.

Yeah. Because I can get really caught in the story that I wasted a lot of time chasing the wrong stuff. And I can feel feel very sad about it. And it’s such a blessing to talk to many of you in that place to where you think I’ve wasted time. And now it’s too late. And you know, it’s one thing to have that knee jerk bumper sticker slogan, it’s never too late, you’ve never missed your opportunity. But I am really hoping and praying and wanting us to know the truth of that, like knowing the tricks. It’s only now that’s all it ever is, is now and I could sit here and now. I could sit here in now land not being here. And the easiest way to do that is to look back at my 30s and my 40s and say and I’m 52 now if you didn’t know, I’m in my early 50s 52 Wow. And to limit whatever to go over and over and over all the has been stuff all the stories. But you know, now, I don’t want to, I don’t want to do it. And you really only have a few minutes, a few not minutes, a few seconds to make that choice. No. Nope, we’re not doing it. Chop, chop. Let’s change topics here or change tact here or open our awareness. And that’s something I’ve been working on you know, and when somebody writes to me and says I feel this is exactly what I’m struggling with. I feel like I’ve missed my opportunity. It’s too late for me. You know a lot of us are who listen Here are in that space. I never really quiz people, how old are you? Exactly. But I do know, you know. And I meet people all the time in their 70s. And they’re working on that story as well. So I’m going to say, you know, this is an issue at every age. I know some 30-year-olds who feel this way to know, friends, you are in this really amazing opportunity. Why did I say it like that? I don’t know. But it’s cool opportunity to practice. It’s only now. That’s all. It can’t possibly be too late. It can’t possibly be too early. It can’t possibly be missed. Anything missed, because all it ever is, is now. And the big question is, are we receiving the now if we are, and the spark is here, that’s the only place you’ll find it is right here. Yeah. It’s amazing. But you can come You can be in this place where all of your teaching all of your healing all of your experiences, all of your stuff, and you still can suffer so greatly. And you can be suffering. And you can be aware of the suffering and not know how or what to do about it. And so, you know, a couple of ideas I have to the hand wanted to share. One is to let yourself rest in this moment now. Which looks a lot different than picture like, if you’ve ever been to anywhere, and you’ve seen a two-year-old or a three-year-old having a tantrum on the floor, rolling around. Some of you have kids this age or grandkids

I’m thinking of I have not been to target in the longest time, but I’m thinking of all good things take place for me in target. And there, there was a really adorable little kiddo in cowboy boots and the hat. You know, I love when parents are like, yes, you can wear your costume today. So good, rolling around on the floor, just really in it. Really, really in it. And we can be like that to really, really in it. And it’s amazing, because Tell me if this is true for you, you will even though you’re really really in it, you will have some thoughts or some something comes to try and wake you up again. You will have a moment. I mean, even that moment of like, Oh my god, with all my stuff I know how to do I still can’t get out of this or you’ll you’ll have a moment where something, there’s a pause, and something is trying to get through. You have probably two or three seconds to grab it, to hold it to love it, whatever it is to to get yourself out. And it’s a very short time. I mean, most of the time I miss the window. So I hope but tell me I’m not alone there. We’re probably in good company. But sometimes you can catch it. And you can pick yourself up off the floor. You can say Well, you know what I love you. One in me is rolling around in her little two, two, or her cowboy boots rolling all around making this magnificent ruckus about how life is going and how I’m not doing this or that the right way. Or I can wake myself up. I can come right here and I can love me. Exactly. Now. Have you done that before? We can do that right now. You know we can do that together right now. And the thing I love about group practice is Whenever you hear this, it’s now. So if I’m doing this now and you do this now with me now there’s two of us gathering in the name of healing and light. There’s two or more of us gathered. And do you know that say, wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I will be also.

Who cares if I said it the right way? Who cares what the verse is from? You know, the same, right? Are we willing and interested in activating the light in us? and holding on to that? I know I am. So this is what I’m thinking of. Have you ever done a yoga class or practice of yoga? Before Shavasana, you come into Shavasana at the end of the practice, sometimes we say rub your hands together. warm them up, but it’s also activating the chakras in your hands. And you are a healer. So you can activate your chakras in your hands or just warm your hands up. And then place them over your eyes. Place them on your cheeks. Place them over your eyes.

Here I am. This is now this is me. Here I am.

Sometimes people say to me, they come to their session and they’re like, I know, I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. I’m very loving of me. Not very kind of me toward myself. You know, I know you’re gonna tell me Be nice.

But I wish so hard. And you know what, next time you say that to me, I’m going to do it. So be ready. Be prepared. I wish so hard. We understood what we were doing to ourselves right in that moment. I know I know. But yes, but yes, but yes, but what the hell is so important to you? That you would run yourself and how you’ve been feeling over? to take care of the Yes, but

sometimes. If you’re ever scared, I’m scared a lot. I’m scared a lot. I don’t want to let go of things that I love and things I want to do and my own disaster scenarios are really pretty fantastic. I’ve spent a lot of investing time investing in my disaster scenarios. But you know lately it’s something that Mooji has said many many times. Do you know Mogi? The blessing of a practice as you come to a place where eventually it feels like too much work to Don The cuckoo Paju anymore. That’s how I would say it. But that’s where I heard at birth, that it’s just too tiring to put on the trappings of the personality self anymore. You know, those of you who are mean to yourself, you’re mean to your body, you judge your body. No. And don’t judge yourself. If I give this example and you suddenly Don’t you wish you had a different kind of suffering, don’t do it, you know, you worry that you’re old. Or you worry that you don’t have enough money saved. Or you worry that you know, what you worry about. This is your opportunity to practice with your things. So if you’re multitasking right now, or you’re only half-listening, pause me. And serious can take a second and think about the common thing, the stuff you’re always on about. And I promise you, everybody’s got it. Like I say, I am the secret keeper in this policy. And I can tell you, everybody’s got a thing. Because some people are courageous enough to come tell me their thing, and ask for the help. And so I can tell you this now, they won’t shift if you’re not practicing, owning it, holding it. Without the Flim Flam you normally do around it. You know what I’m saying? Just imagine that the more you make peace with exactly where you are, look on yourself. In the same way the sun looks on the trees as it’s lighting everything up in the morning and saying and warming it up. And we’re beholding all of this beauty.

That you just see it and you say, I see you in your beauty, I see you in your right to be exactly like this. And you know, you can bless the suffering in you, the struggling in you, without going with the struggling and the suffering in you. And the more we practice, the easier it becomes. Right, and the more we can honestly acknowledge how it feels, the easier it gets.

Yeah, you can think of all the stuff you know when you think about the way you want to stop suffering over something that you suffer with.

Think about other times, when you used to do stuff that you no longer do. I don’t know this might seem like a shallow example. But for women, you know, from very early on, we were taught that our beauty is everything its currency. And

growing up I definitely had a story about that, that I wasn’t beautiful. And I definitely had evidence to back it up and you know, yada yada, yada. But here I am. Somewhere in the pandemic, I began to realize that I’m more comfortable in my natural state. Then all the covering up I could possibly do. Now I love to enhance and I love to dress up for myself. At times I choose to do braids in my hair, I love to put certain kinds of jewelry on. But I mean that story, like we’re ugly. And we have to do something different because to make ourselves more appealing or more.

Because we can’t stand the look of our innate natural self. That’s a real phenomenon. It happens not just with physical beauty. I’m talking about ego suffering and happens with ego suffering. We don’t like story. And so we try and cover it up. We try and put a girdle on it or give it some Spanx. We try And Starbucks, we try and put it on a cleanse, we try and take it to an ashram, you know, think about it. What we’re really wanting to get to is a place of natural naturalness with it, where we can just see ourselves and see our light and see our beauty and see our perfection. And see that everything before us were being offered choices all the time.

I have a note here that says, oh, in any moment. Depending on the year awareness, you can be the Tasmanian devil member of the Tasmanian devil from cartoons. Yeah. You can be the Tasmanian devil or the dove of peace, or some other version of what I’m talking about here, you know, but no matter how you’re being, you’re still perfection. Beauty, you’re still beauty. And I’m, you know, I want to reclaim so many of the words we suddenly are not allowed to say. You are so beautiful. You are so gorgeous, you know, reclaiming these things here.

So how does this apply to you? You know, and let’s do this again, if you like that, let’s throw our hands together. Thinking of another yoga teacher of mine who would say put your hands over your eyes and wake yourself up. It’s funny how that is. But it’s like coming to the now here I am. This is me. lay your hands on your face. Hold your face. Hold your high heart. Hold your belly. Here I am. Especially if you tend to be so frenetic in your day, so many conversations, so much awareness on what everybody else is doing so many plates spinning. You know, give yourself these moments.

It sounds it might sound gross, but everybody has to pee, you know several times a day hopefully. Take it then. Take a moment to be with yourself.

Tasmanian devil or the dove of peace. But you’re always amazing and beautiful and sparkling with possibility and choice. No matter which part you’re playing. What do you really really want

that’s all that really matters. And can you distill it to a sensation of feeling a vibe, a wish?

I love to feel alive. I’d love to feel sparkling are curious or engaged. You know I love to feel of service of assistance. I love these opportunities to behold others with love and learning you know variation for me every day something a little different is so much fun. possibility. What about you?

So many things you know we’re hung up about the story of money is one for lots of us the story of Einstein Have a friend today about retirement and we both kind of said, you know, the national average, whatever the should is from the big brother or wherever that person is. It’s totally okay to know that is somebody else’s reality. And knowing that in your heart and choosing to not go to war with comments like that with your own heart, judge yourself, shame yourself. And saying, you know, if you’re not where you think you’re supposed to be making the decision to bless it all, but not go to war with any of it is really the way

let yourself be at peace. Let yourself be in

a new state of awareness with your old stories. Your stories Gone Wild this week, I wrote the love posse. And I said, you know, it’s funny how we can get hung up on a story. I mean, I try and give an example of my own life. Every time I write, but that week, it was really easy because I was sitting staring at the blinking cursor. Hello, sweet sir. Hello, and sweet friend, you know, you know, and then blinking cursor, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink.

For other people, you know, they’re like, you should have a content calendar for that you should have, you know, a list of 100 topics you can choose from, you can do this, you can do that. But for me, I like to go with spontaneous delight. I want to talk about what’s now not what I prepared 897 years ago in somebody else’s thing telling me what to do you know how to be successful, or how to help people or whatever. I just want to be here. So that’s what I meant. Like, like, isn’t it funny how you can just sit at a blinking cursor and think about how the hell do you begin a letter? Let me just begin. So this week, I just wrote the letter of like, five or six things.

Opening the letter with five or six things. Hello, good day. You know, good morning, good afternoon. Good night. How are you? happy to be with you again. Just like get yourself through this dark place, you always seem to get stuck, you know, it was kind of fun. So but I said, we have stories. And some of us are on stories Gone Wild, where it just repeats and repeats and repeats. And sometimes people write to me, I’ve never talked to them once. But because we’re, you know, in the letter exchange, sort of in the love posse every week, I know their story. And they have the same one every time they write. And I’ve decided that’s another place I’m not going to keep doing what I always did with does envelops the suffering and pat people on the back. I’m going to start saying this is the thing you write me every week. You know, this is something you tell me every week, what can we do to change this narrative? You know, I think it’s too easy to be cynical and jaded. I think it’s too easy. To continue the party line. I think it’s too easy to default to what a piece of crap you are and how crappy you’re doing and your life is not okay or your anxiety or the world is coming to an end. It’s easy to do that. It’s what we’ve always done. So, if you find yourself in that place where you’re like I’m suffering and all my know-how and knowledge it doesn’t have the power to change this. Exactly. We have to open to something bigger Higher, higher bigger, more than our small self you know can we be one in the spirit? Can we be one with our spirit? Can we allow the soul in us to speak this is why for me I feel I need to study with people who are speaking like this you know I hope this is something that helps you when you come and listen, I hope I’m I helped you to remember your own spirit. And how would it be like when you’re in your most stuck, stuck, sticky stuck and you know you’re on you’re stuck, stuck, sticky stuck.

Sometimes I can feel bitter about things. I told you last week, I noticed sometimes I’m angry about things, I’m angry, I feel anger, feel grief,

we could just open ourselves to that what’s here and if we need to know, like, these feelings come and go like the weather. But what remains true self. So instead of going into every experience of bitterness, and jadedness and you know what the healer teach us, let the healer enough teach us and that is you can sit and allow it to be here and do nothing. Let it be you know the exam Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be

are you waiting for me to do it? Let it be eeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ha. I cannot take the cornball out of myself. But I will say for a long time. I felt ashamed of how goofy I can be embarrassed and kick her to the curb, you know trying to become more serious and that’s exactly the stuff we got to stop this avowing not I mean, like you are you are you are you are this is you, you you and this is you know your suffering. So much of the time is because you don’t accept it. You You don’t accept you. What would it be like? Like just to stop throwing rocks at your own heart and from home, roomier hobbies? Stop it. Stop it. Study with different teachers is probably I know why some people love football. I love this. You things like a course in miracles and you know different teachers that I love Mogi Paul Selig, Ganga Ji, I have been listening to her a little bit again lately. Anandamayi. Not trying to name-drop, just in case you’re curious. And one of the things is, you know, do we instead of trying to banish the thoughts, banish the upset banish the feelings. We can ask.

What are you here to teach me? Why are you here to show me and like don’t let your small mind fill in the gaps.

Have you really saw it take shape in front of you this thing you have let’s say you struggle with book stuff and deadlines are it’s it’s difficult I know a lot of you tell me it’s difficult to be out in the I’m doing the air quotes here real-world working in an environment where people aren’t practicing knowing awakening the way you are. That’s a big one, you know where we feel different and other but instead of just reminding yourself of that and being bombarded with feelings and then trying to ward off evil so to speak to ward off the badness or whatever or make your way protected in the world ask yourself ask this energy What is it here to show you

how can I help you How can I make this better? How can I help you? How can we make this better it’s funny I think about you know everybody there’s no I’ve said this so many times here but there’s no condition that can really save you there might be a miracle cure that cure is a condition you have for sure there might be you know that you lose weight and you’re happy you feel healthy and you can move your body again in ways you once could not and that’s amazing. But I mean, the true self it is there there’s no condition that it means to achieve to be what it already is. So ponder on that. Don’t forget to ponder on that. Now so good.

I was looking back I was looking back today on a year ago, what podcast were we on a year ago from a year ago and it was Episode 108 108 that’s a sacred number for sure. A sacred number that is kind of interesting. Just I’m just pulling this up here but I was really struck by the message he was Episode 108 When is it going to happen for me and other listener questions I get I’ll put this in the show notes that one of the things that I had posted about it was worried that you’re not where you need to be is a story and it’s untrue and every time you could catch this story just rip the needle off the record right do you know that found the needle off the record my friend do it it is the story of the ego it is not the story of the true self and the trappings of a successful life your egos version of success now because there is nothing inherently bad about success or wealth you know or longevity or beauty all these things but the ego takes it and just morphs it into something so absurd. You’ll never get there according to the ego’s direction you’ll never find it and of course in miracles is so clear on this. This is the command of the ego seek but do not find know what you wish for Be careful. They really are trappings sometimes we don’t understand the kind of suffering we’re putting ourselves through by holding out some kind of dangling carrot that will never come to be… anything that you, my friend, say is not enough, right enough, young enough beautiful enough money enough successful enough achieved in that forgiving enough you know, may it now be loved. Just like I said getting In the morning and watching the sunrise, the light, hit the leaves, and I could feel that light in me as well. That yourself be loved in that place of not feeling enough, let yourself be loved. May you now be loved. And you may not think of this, but because you can’t love parts of yourself, I bet there are other places you’ve denied yourself, you’ve denied your beauty, you’ve denied your creativity, you’ve denied your, the truth of what’s really going on here. You know, I can say so many people who struggle with loneliness are surrounded by people trying to love them. But the act of focusing on what’s wrong makes you not see what’s right in front of you. So you know, maybe you accept, what, what’s been denied. And maybe what’s been scary to you, you can allow yourself to Reno in a new way. Maybe you can let it be easy and peaceful and soft. Maybe when you don’t know what to do. You can just place your hands over your eyes. And take a breath and let it be soft. And I tell you, maybe you can do that for somebody else too. I see you. I love you all as well. So thank you so much my friends for joining with me today.

If this felt helpful if this felt meaningful, would you please share it on somewhere? And always I love to hear from you. Hello at Robin Hallett calm. If it’s feeling like the right time they have a session. look me up. Let’s do that I offer sliding scale Healing Sessions and always come back here and receive. We’re walking together, you are not alone. Or I go, I’m going to read their poll moment and a little while ago. This comes from hobbies. Mobile be really cool. If we did this again, warmed your hands and open your chakras in your hands if you wanted to. and place them anywhere on the body feeling called you could do it over your eyes, you could do it on your high heart or anywhere else ready. Now is the time to now. And all you do is sacred. Now, why not consider a lasting truth with yourself and God? Now is the time to understand. Yep, all your ideas of right and wrong. Or just a child’s training wheels to be laid aside. When you finally live with veracity and love of these as a divine and boy, whom the beloved has written a holy message upon. My dear, please tell me, why do you still throw sticks at your heart? And God? What is it in that sweet voice inside that incites you to fear? Now is the time for the world to know that every thought and action is sacred. This is the time for you to compute the impossibility that there is anything but grace. Now is the season to know that everything you do is sacred. And that’ll be in the show notes. And with that, I think I’ll say Auf Wiedersehen. Lots of love! So much love! and I’ll be back next week. Maybe we’ll have a letter message me if you’d like. @RobinHallett or my email address Hello at Robin Hallett dot com. Alright, beloved, now is the time to know that everything about you is sacred. This has been me Robin Heart Sparkler Hallett I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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