Your One Wild and Precious Life // Tea with Robin Episode 151

How long are we gonna hold on to the upset like it’s the key important thing in our lives?

This is your one wild and precious life. How do you want it to be?

In this episode:

How we handle death, transformation, and allowing what is.

In spiritual circles, it can feel bad or wrong to grieve and take time for adjustment, but it’s really necessary that we do.

Letting go. What old story are we will supporting, nurturing, tending, protecting?

This is a beautiful, tender inspiring episode that will speak to all of us in this time of change.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett dot com. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, Mary Oliver wrote, what will you do with your one wild and precious life? That question before you is so powerful? How are we choosing to use our one wild and precious life? This is an important conversation today. I’m so glad you’re with me. Come grab a cup of tea and grab a cup of um, yum. And meet me here. Well, hello, hello. Hello. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin. This is Episode 151 151 and friends you’ll find the links References Books Awesomesauce here in the show notes. Look in the episode description where you’re listening now or visit my website. Robin Hallett com slash 151

So hi. Hi beautiful. Hello. How are you? Always I hope that you’re being kind and gentle with yourself. Honoring what you love honoring what you need, remembering your spirit, you know, doing your due. And I hope it the fundu not just doo doo doo. Okay, seriously though, I want to start off with the beautiful tears today I have some coffee with me. It’s still in my thermos. I was out in the garden this morning. Tending to the weeds tending to it’s not quite far yet but things in transition things in the process of change. Because firing like that. If you’re quiet, settled and present. You will learn so many things from your higher self to your personality self. is kind of cool. While I was out there today, I had been thinking about how I would really love to take a beautiful photo of a cicada and so they’re going to be leaving and by leaving I’m saying they die they get eaten whatever happens. They have made their laid their eggs for next year or whatever we want to call that I can’t get too into it because I start to creep myself out. But I did say this morning. I’d love to take a picture see one up close and take a picture get close because I something about where I’m at right now and my own journey peace with things. I used to not be able to handle, you know, on so many levels, bugs. It’s just one example. I pushed my cushion forward that I garden on my kneeler and I heard that of the cicada and I didn’t find and I didn’t squeal normally I squeal. Oh god, number one. Are you there? Actually, in one of the morning magic sessions, We had a wasp in the room and it wasn’t just a wasp. Interestingly, it was a killer cicada wasp. happened on the scene while I was live on Instagram and It all got filmed the screen To the screen Number one I mentioned it here a few times, but some of you You still talk to me who were there. My point is, bugs and especially things like the cicadas, I have been afraid of them. So there I was with this cicada and she started walking up a blade of grass And then she got to the top And she fell over on her back and it was the funniest thing, the grass could not hold her.


I picked her up and really looked at her. We hung out for a while. And I gotta say it’s like, my favorite color scheme. Her beautiful body is My favorite color scheme and even her design I’m so drawn to that design. She rested for While I won If I gave her a bit of respite on my hand there I had, I happen to have a green gardening glove on. So I wondered, you know, you That had anything to do with it. So she rested for about a minute. And then she took off and I could feel the way Lift off my finger. They’re very dense. So amazing miracles. So I’ve got a How many minutes ago did I say Let’s cheers. Never miss a good opportunity to tell us a cicada story!

Okay, I’ve got a cup of coffee from the and It is I put some sugar in there today and some heavy whipping cream and sea salt and some cinnamon. And I want to say a special cheers to a friend of ours in the Love Posse Who made her transition This week September 14th to be exact. Kerri Grote. I say cheers to her, and to all of us in our various transitions on to the fullest, what is here for us now? And what we’re truly not To do Cheers

You can learn more about Kerri, and you can read her own message that she wrote before she passed before she made her transition you can go to the show notes and you’ll see a link for Kerry you’ll see. Yeah. So you know if you want to know more, but The deepest thing is a friend of ours in this party who traveled with us If you didn’t Our you travel With me I travel with You and she traveled with me and I traveled with Her You know, and we work Together Session Have Friday. As part of her, especially as part of her transition, preparing for her transition, face to face, I mean on zoom hi pandemic. Working on her being ready to go To make the next leap And that was the biggest gift for me I mean, I have been with plenty of people as they’ve passed,

This one is my most profound Because this is The relationship I have had since 2014 and we’ve been working together ever since. I have her permission she has asked me to talk about her learning. So it has been an Amazing time which can Tell us if you let it if you’re willing And open to let it continue to Be transformation and growth. And also Receiving, you know You’re not always To be struggling To change that’s not at all When I’m trying to Say here Acceptance Is Very powerful. And it’s What I talk about when we need to slow down when we need to go we need to stop flitting about because We’re not receiving, we’re not accepting what is. And that’s something amazing that Kerri and I learned to do together to openly say the word You are dying. You are leaving

We had the opportunity to talk about the kind of FOMO which comes when you know you’re dying. But sometimes I felt the FOMO too…

Get it? We’re live in Life is hard. doing your work is hard. You know, chewing on your productive experiences for your spiritual growth can be really really difficult, and sometimes it can feel super pointless and super like what are we even doing here? Just go to your own library of upsetting stuff… right?  One of the most amazing things I got to work on with Kerri. And I mean like, this is something I received. This is something she taught me. When you think about that thing in your own life that you’re going through all the time, and you may notice these places in you how when you’re upset when you’re worried when you’re afraid maybe you’ve had a near Close call you know with health scare whatever Are you lost people around you Their transition You Not always able To do the work This is my One wild and precious life Let me go with wild abandon Have a blast. Today in Ever seems to go like that, you know? We struggle We suffer We turn Sometimes it’s Just really hard like an eye witness that with Kerri so many times that it’s almost surprising that even the awareness of your Death is not helping you over the hurdle alone of your struggles. wobbles. I would say She would say Even even now I’m still pissed about XY and Z. See, I’m filming Now that you know who. Like there’s this unconscious expectation that this thing that’s happening to me is going to change. Everything it blows me away. And also it did change Everything you know By all the problems You have in your life Every single day The stories you carry. They’re yours. So of course they’re going to be with you. Wherever you go. Did Joseph Campbell say that wherever you go, there you are? Well, yeah, on your deathbed. There you are, too. So it’s, it’s kind of profound. When you think about there really is no place other than your presence, where you can be at peace unless you come into your heart and really get present and accept what is right. Whoa. It still astounds me, I’m still saying it to you. Now. I’m astounded like even that your suffering is there. And I remember this too when number one was going through his cancer treatments those couple of years. Like, there’s this part of us expecting how we should magically be transported to a new plane where suddenly it’s all wonderful and easy and because this awareness has made us different and it has made us different but Hi, it’s still us and we still need to do a journey you know?

Sometimes I’d remark to Kerri, Wow, even now You’re consumed with life. Your mind is just going to town all the time. Do you get it? And we’d laugh a lot. Sometimes we’d cry too. But Kerri would be the first person to ask you: Instead of thinking about me, think about yourself.

What is it you Can’t seem to forgive? Let go. How are you blocking The light That is trying to come to you but you’re pushing it away. Light wants to meet itself. Have that explosion of joy. Here we are and we are alive. It’s now and this is beautiful. I’m free.

Where are you still spinning your story of lack and missing out, and it not being right? What is it that you Still don’t Appreciate Receive And Allow Gosh, sometimes I feel even in our deepest Hearts The knowing is there for you this thing I’m asking you about what is And then what Aren’t you measuring up? Still about what are you still upset about? What are you still worried about?  What is not enough? What are you? What can you not accept you know? I told you last week I need to put this story down about the podcast remember? So what are you needing to put down some of you you really need to put it down this story Like retire allow it to Transform A friend with Reminding me in her session today how much it helps her to point the finger out. Like I say, hey, put your finger up. Hey, stop it. Knock it off. Hey and for me how I started Too Transform The podcast story is just to do that this week this whole week last week because it really has been sinking in and that is another blessing when Friends Die, people die in your life. You take this stock like this is bullshit The thing I keep doing them myself over and over and over. The thing I keep refusing to see… Whatever it is for you. I mean, you know, you make the choice to set it down, put it down, let it go stop telling the story. Stop. pit stop it personally I’m done. With that story And actually, it was very quick. It’s still trying to assert itself quite a bit. And that’s probably because something new wants to evolve with things, you know It’s probably not because I’m a loser and terrible at podcasting right I actually don’t believe that But that’s this worry that tries to assert itself. What else would I like to do? With this podcast Maybe I want to evolve it. Maybe Want to do something more? I’ll never be able to explore my heart’s joy. What I would love what I would be feeling free and excited to do. If I keep telling the story the old story The sad scare Afraid story if I keep dragging up The dirt at some point if you have a repetitive cyclical like a never-ending story with work with family with friends, I don’t know you know your deal and if you get quiet For a moment, you know what it is. Most people even when they tell me they don’t know You know They know why they’re so Suffering they know The story that’s Creating their suffering. They do now. You do know This is Our wild and precious life I love that our one wild and precious life in this lifetime anyway What are we going to be done with? What kinds of things do you want to be done with? I don’t remember which episode back it was where I was talking about I just was trying to make friends with people who weren’t into me couldn’t celebrate me And believe me, I participated in that. There is as far as I can see, you know I allowed myself into those situations just as much as the other people. So I mean, I’m not in Sit him playing the video. them here are feeling sad. For myself, I just Don’t want to suffer I just don’t Want to be So attached to my upset you know what about you? So I was talking to a friend the other day and I We were laughing because Sometimes you feel So alone And so scared and so

scared that you’re so alone. I know a lot of you know this. You know, you’ve got Through surprising split ups, people you thought would be For you who didn’t, couldn’t show up didn’t show up the way you wanted friends who continue to not ask you how you are how you’re doing. You know you experience in your own way this aloneness I really know this place I can feel alone as well and especially alone in the Way, like being somebody who supports on People are shares things Online Does this podcast can feel very alone and I’ll tell you What That can be a tricky My personality style. loneliness. Who wants to support a very old story About People don’t appreciate They take advantage Job. They’re not Therefore, they don’t See, you know, you only need to look at your early early wounding and ask Where did I Pick up some of these stories some of these Jaden stories and in my case because I know this is a touchy tender place, I am not going to talk to you about You hear because I don’t want those letters But also I feel like we are All you have to come to this on our own Do I In my case, I really see How because I chose to Be in the long In this in the world woundedness in the Nobody gets mean nobody loves To me, I’m a loser. You know people say advantage of me They’re never there for me. I own Fully In this This moment anyway I own How I participate In that Dan pushing people away till criticizing them holding them out holding them at arm’s length, you know, so it’s snapper a one sided Clap here. As I sometimes say, you know, if we’re deeply, deeply lonely Instead of fighting the urge to be otherwise To deny it or to just Busy yourself So much that you’re too frenetic. To eat feel any of this? You know, we want to do the work around it. And that’s something the loneliness the alarm This The only minus the otherness We can feel deep in our hearts I’m Keep holding hands With that place In us otherwise restage and every age I have another new reason why it’s Drew. Think about that. At every age, at every stage, you’ll have a new reason why that story is true My own mind This is your Wild and precious life. You’re one in this lifetime Anyway, why them precious life. It’s time What are we holding back For What old story are we still support And nourishing nurturing tending, protecting it’s time, it’s time. Personally, I just feel that love accountability a friend has passed has made her transition. And I’m using that as inspiration. You know? It’s okay to play with your words, friends, you know, there’s no there’s no one right way to talk about death. You know, I really appreciate our community and appreciate what this time together does for both of us and all of us, my heart to your heart, your heart to many hearts, our hearts to many more hearts. It’s amazing.

Really receiving that, because of this time, I’m so glad I’m My eyes are open, my heart is open to this time and I’m getting it. The gift of community is something I’m really beginning to receive here for myself that something I have a legacy I’m creating is the gift of community. It’s it’s no small thing that you meet people online, who are you are meant to meet the Course of Miracles talks about this all the time, that there are, there is a core group, I call us the love posse, there is a core group that isn’t already looking for each other and meant to find each other and supposed to learn and teach together with each other. And so that’s who we are as a posse, you know, meant to be meant to be that’s us. I was talking to a friend I met online, who I’ve hung out with in person, and we continue to hang out and talk on the phone. And we were talking about all the gifts we’re receiving in this time. And what we’re what do we know now that we’ve experienced this passing this transformation, this transition? How are we going to take it into our own lives and allow the medicine to heal what needs healing and to allow the transformational energy to you know, the same way I held that cicada in my hand, and they had arrest. It was burrowed way down deep in the grass and I lifted it up and they had arrest on my my palm or on my finger. And then it took off after a few you know, probably a minute it took off. That’s what taking this time instead of just being down in the dumps and sad and destroyed about whatever’s going on in your life and chewing it and chewing it and chewing it. Anybody eat a tough piece of meat. Some people, you know, they arrive in all kinds of situations in their life that are offering transformation to them. And they’re busy chewing their old stale piece of meat that has no flavor, you know, but the beauty is we all have timing, it will come for us there is no expiration on the amount of time you have. If you believe in the eternal nature of your light. There’s no expiration limit. So no worries there. But Patti said to me, it’s like we’re in the Garden of Eden. Right now, we are there right now, but we’re talking about chopping down trees and building houses. How deep that was. Did you hear that episode holy shift. I said to her holy shift. She blew my mind. It’s like we’re in the Garden of Eden. You know we are in the Garden of Eden. This now moment is as perfect as it will ever be. The opportunities the abundance, the the lifeforce energy, the joy. It’s all perfect right now. Don’t be that one who is talking about how you need to get about chopping down trees. So you can put houses in and justify you know, somehow justify your experience. Just make the money to justify your experience. Make the name for yourself to justify your experience. I mean, sit with that. It will blow your mind and hopefully your heart right open. Hopefully your heart Your mind everything we have so many difficult things that we experience and we walk through. And, but we’ve also got the ability, the light, the love, the ability to see it new, see it a new, let all things be exactly as they are, it means you are the light, you are the light. And this moment is perfect. And everything you need is here. All that you need to support your current evolution is happening. Trust the strength of this all to carry you through these places where you’re shooting yourself. You’re worrying about it, you’re worrying about things dying, or yourself dying.

You know, what is it specifically that you’re worried about most of the time? Can we trust the strength of our soul to carry us? And can you trust in the help that will come to you in the form of messages and music and art and stories that people share with you. So pay those that land? To wow your world? Can you trust that the help will come to show you again and again that you’re living in Eden only dreaming of chopping down trees to build houses.

This time of transition it is big, big, big. And my prayer is you make the time to check in with your own.

Do it different, change it up experiment. And most of all, remember community. Many of us have never met in person and are still so rocked by things that happen in the policy right? on that claim it you know, it’s like claiming the kingdom climate for yourself. You are a part of this. How did Glenn Frye sing it? You’re a part of me. I’m a part of you.

Before I go, I thought I would read a poem to you. Speak up to you. You know, in so many of my conversations with Kerri, she would say to me, I feel like I didn’t do my life right. I’m still feeling sad that I didn’t make anything of myself before I die. And over and over, you know, I marveled at how Yes, yes you did. Yes you do. Yes you have. But so often the mystery Is your own about how that works. It’s your own To be in the mystery How You’re very Presence Powerful I’m moving How You’re very welcome. He is a healer for others how your very choice to Oh And be present in your journey. Is What you’re meant to be doing With your life but also so Sell powerful for Other people, you know We can See that It is just Hard Stay in The mystery with Why You’re doing Try not to be so different It is about Your surety of your sucker dude. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, let me read this poem. Where did you go? Here it is. The summer day Amen Oliver Who made the world We made this one And the black bear Who made the grass Harper This grant hopper I mean the one who Has flung Earth 12 out of the grass The one who is eating Sugar out. Have my hand Who is moving Her jaws back and forth instead of up and down, who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pale forearms and thoroughly washes her face. Now she snaps her wings open and floats away. I don’t know exactly what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass, how to be idle, and blessed. How to stroll through the fields, which is what I’ve been doing all day. Tell me, what else should I have done? Doesn’t everything die at last and too soon? Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? When she says Tell me what else should I have done? You know, the ego is always telling you, you need to be doing something else. Different, better, faster. It’s up to you to know who that is speaking. You need to know who you’re speaking to. That your practice. So yeah. So my thoughts today. share this episode with anyone who could use it. anyone you want to bring in a little closer into your life and I’ll be back next week. To share in this love again with you. Remember to check the show notes you can explore a little more and probably listened to Glenn Frye sing the song. I don’t know maybe just a skosh better than me. You’re a part of me. I’m a part of you. Wherever we may travel, whatever we go through. Whatever time may take away.

It cannot change the way we feel today. So hold me close and say you feel it to do you feel it? Huh? You’re a part of me. And I’m a part of you. It’s me Robin. Your friend and heart sparkler. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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