Monday Meditation: How to Receive Guidance

how to receive guidance

Hello friends! Today we’re talking about receiving guidance. How do you receive guidance in your own way?

Each of us has an internal GPS–a guidance system–which guides us and directs us, and informs our best direction to travel. This GPS lives inside each and every one of us… it’s in our heart and gut.

how to receive guidance

But if that’s really the case (and it most definitely is!) why is it so hard to follow our own guidance?

If you’re like me, there’s been a lot of distortion in your life. The people around you have played a role in molding you, and their opinion became very important to you. There were people you’ve tried to please, people in authority, friends you didn’t want to let down.

These things all get in the way when we are trying to access our own GPS or guidance system.

Today I thought it would be fun for us to learn more about our own guidance system, and receive some guidance together..

How to receive guidance

Trusting that your way is always the right way!

Tuning into the energy of the earth, imagine that you are connecting to the energy that’s there at the earth’s core.

Allow these earthy vibes to enter your energy field and body with your in-breath. As you continue to breathe, welcome this energy in and allow it to flow up through your chakra system and once it reaches the crown of your head, allow the energy to flow out much like a fountain. Perhaps you can see it as a fountain of sparkles. Sometimes it’s nice to consider the heavens and the earth as you are inhaling in this energy… but it works well just to think of this as all being universal energy because there really is no direction you have to practice pulling from.

How to receive guidance Tune into your belly and say to yourself: I’d like some guidance on this matter.

Say: I’d like some guidance about X. Be as specific as you can. The examples I gave in the video were about knowing what to write about for a blog post, or whether or not to say yes to a creative collaboration.

This also works wonderfully well when you’re upset! When you’re upset you can do that same thing: Self, what’s really going on here? What can you tell me about X?

If you’re getting something here, the temptation is to go up into your head and try to figure it all out. But your gut and heart is the gps, and you already have a system where your vibes are known to you. What do you feel? Is there a burning in your belly? A beating in your chest? Sometimes I feel a pull in my esophagus, especially when it’s a clear NO, as if my 5th chakra is already beginning to shut down.

Your vibes will tell you. Every time. Just look back at the history for examples.

If you roll back into your history, look for another time when you felt like you do right now – remembering back on the situation, and how it turned out. What do you see? Was it a yes, yes, yes vibe or a no, no, no vibe? Was it something you said yes to at the time but then it turned out you should have said no?

This is your own GPS, trust what you get!

Using the history as a guide, you can always go back and see the events which turned out well for you felt a certain way, as did the events which did not. You can trust your guidance here! Trust.

Remember, you can do this practice anytime. You can watch and receive this again and again. And if I can be a support to you, or answer any questions at all, please let me know in the comments. I am here for you!

You’re amazing and beautiful–inside and out–and you have a heart light that no one else on the planet and it’s up to you to shine and shine brightly.


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