Monday Meditation: What to do When You’re Upset

What to do When You're Upset

Hello friends, it’s me Robin. How are you today? The meditation offering today is on dealing with our upset; I’m going to help you know what to do when you’re upset.

Take a moment or two to focus on your breathing and then go inside and find and upset you’re having right now. Don’t ask your brain, ask your belly… ask your heart, what’s here now?

It could be anything. Perhaps there’s a conflict you’re having or something you’re trying to do is proving to be way harder than it has to be…there’s a struggle of sorts. Perhaps there’s a bitterness or a resentment, a sadness, a loneliness, a despair, a worry… just with your breath and allow yourself to go inside to find that. Once you’ve found something, you can place a hand on your heart and you can take a deep breath.


What I find so valuable is to add the breath to a situation. So often, the mind acts like a fire extinguisher. There is a fire in the belly when we’re upset and the brain says PUT IT OUT!! But the true healing response is to give the upset some space, to not go straight into your head and spin stories and make plans. So often people tell me they are planning their responses in their heads rather than giving the upset a little space…

What if we could just be here now? Be with your breathing? Can you offer yourself a gentle, heartfelt sense of all is well right now? Can you practice some gentle gratitude for what is here in the awareness? Saying thank you for the upset is so helpful sometimes, because it leads us into the right direction; often the upset is guidance asking us to take a look and dive much deeper into the situation than we’d normally go.

Can you also know that ease is still here along with the upset? The birdies are still chirping… the flowers are still blooming too. It’s not that you want to ignore your upset but you can invite it to be here right along with all the other things too.

Peace still exists here too. It isn’t all entirely upset that’s here, is it?

Coming back to your breathing again and again.

what to do when you're upset

Trust that even though it’s tempting to look at the other people in your life, to blame the upset on things outside yourself…if the upset exists under your own skin the problem probably is here as well as the answer.

Give it space. Give it some room to breathe.

This upset can be like an angel coming to give you guidance about the situation. What is it? Something’s bothering you about this situation, what is it? And from this place, you may be understanding more deeply about what’s really going on. Welcome whatever it is. Do not be afraid to look.

From this new place, you can take action. Once you’ve grounded and breathed into your heart space, once you’ve invited some light in, you can take action from a more aligned space.

I hope that’s helpful to you… to those of you who’re sitting with an upset today.

You can listen to this video again and again, and also access all of the videos I offer right here.

I am sending some love and peace to you today, some joy and ease. I want to remind you: you are a good person!


what to do when you're upset

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