Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings // Tea with Robin Episode 68

Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings

The holiday season is coming up. Yep, there’s so much potential for delight, joy, and connection, but for many of us it also brings feelings of guilt, overwhelm, and stress.

If you struggle with making choices in favor of YOU because the guilt you feel keeps you a hostage, this one’s for you.

We help no one by saying yes just so we can avoid our guilt. You deserve more for yourself than to keep being the hostage of your old stories.

I’m here to shine a little light and offer some love for our hearts. Listen to this episode here or read the post below.

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How To Avoid Guilt And Obligation During The Holidays

My notes from this show:


Hi beautiful friend, it’s me Robin, your friend, and number one fan on this journey we call life.

I am so happy to be back with you welcome to Episode 68, so good to be with you again. And if you’re new here Hi, and thank you, and please give a big hug to the person who introduced us hope you love it here.

So my friend, how are you doing today. How is the weather in your heart? Are you being kind and gentle and easy with yourself today, loving yourself and honoring the needs, you might be having, even if they’re inconvenient. Even if you don’t love it. Be good to you. You are precious cargo. Please be good to you.

Over here is an interesting day, it’s a wind advisory day we’re having gusts up to 60 miles an hour, and every now and then the house gets pelted with something. We have a few trees planted really close. So, the house is talking to me today. It’s beautiful out, watching big trees bend and sway they are still holding on to their leaves. Oh em gee, when this episode airs it will be December, and in Chicago, that is super unusual.

I’m recording this, the day before our American holiday Thanksgiving, so I’ve been having holidays on my mind and family stuff and to talk about that coming up today because it just feels really present in my heart, and feeling guided to share with you about that. But I’m doing really well.

Those of you who’ve been listening on, I had some Oral Surgery weeks back and I got my stitches out this week, and things are healing in my mouth it’s feeling better. And I gotta say for anybody. Do you ever feel like you’re just a big baby? You’re just a big baby because it’s taken so long. Well, shout out to you and shout out to me, and if that’s you too Let’s hug ourselves tightly because nobody heals under duress of a guilty. Mind the body cannot heal when there are anti healing vibes going out so I have been really practicing loving myself fiercely, and I gotta say, it hasn’t been easy. That feeling like I’m being a big baby, it comes, so often I just have to keep working with it, knowing that our good self-care is everything. So, I just wanted to say that love yourself. There are so many things to celebrate about yourself, but being a fierce brave warrior in the face of pain is not something I want to go down in the history books for me, you know, I want to be remembered for self care and love and honoring the body, if it has needs so that’s kind of where I’m at today.

The big question to you today is, did you bring a cuppa yum yum? I always like to cheers with you. Today I have a chai tea latte I made it myself with almond milk and cinnamon spice and black tea and black pepper, I even grated a little nutmeg and cardamon in there so good. And again, so good to be sweet to you, I hope you have something yummy and here’s what I want to say, You are beautiful inside and outside. You are precious us riding together is such a joy. I love our time together and cheers to you.


That’s hot, but so yummy. I tell you that tiny bit of pepper in your chai, it’s really really good.

And I want to say special cheers to sparklers in my heart to Melanie and her beautiful daughter in law, thank you for the light you shine the sparkle you add for your healing work in your family for the legacy you’re sharing forward. It is so inspiring and I thank you so much, and I love hearing from you that you’re enjoying the podcast and all the special things and it really, really touches my heart, you moms and daughters you moms and daughters-in-law, moms and stepdaughters and, especially, changing that dynamic, is everything and I thank you so much. Cheers to you both. And hi to the men in our posse and ditto on all of what I just said. For real, changing that dynamic, it’s so powerful.

How To Avoid Guilt And Obligation During The Holidays

Today I want to talk about our holiday experience with family. Consider this my holiday Kapow heart-centered talk. I’m sharing all my love and support for you, encouraging you supporting you helping you, who may have some unfun energy happening in your heart, about the holiday season.

Tiny disclaimer, not everybody has holiday blues, or bad holiday juju or upsetting memories around the holidays, but for those of us who do, and those of us who once did, I feel it’s really important to offer some light and some support. And you friends who have a different experience this is going to be the perfect thing to receive and share on with your friends who need the support and the love, you know what I’m saying.

I sent out a letter to the love posse I wrote it about holiday stuff. It’s interesting that I worry sometimes that I sound like I’m being too much of a downer. And I don’t want people to get mad at me or unsubscribe or write me complaint emails… you know, I’m really working on that because that’s not really what I’m going for in my life…taking care of people who don’t appreciate it or want it or get it. None of us needs to be giving more energy to that fear or the guilt that we might be feeling. We need to show up exactly as we are and man can that be hard sometimes. So I sat with it. I also said a prayer, I tell you this, because I want spirit to collaborate with me I want to be guided you know, so I stand at the computer and I say a prayer Help me, help me find the words to soften to heal to help to assist. Let me speak to the right hearts today, and boom, I start writing, and I felt good about the letter. I did, I felt proud of it. It goes out in the morning. The next day, I slept all through the night nothing like that or anything, but I woke up in the morning and I was like, Well, I’m not going to check my email first thing because I don’t know, listen to me now I’m getting nervous all over again. And here’s what happened. I probably had triple the emails that I normally have. There are so many emails, and you know what they all say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my god I needed to hear that today I needed to hear that I needed to hear them. Thank you. I thought I was the only one I thought I was alone in this I thought I was the weirdo. I know, nobody gets me, you know, thank you thank you thank you. So, you know, just, if something is on our hearts and we feel so compelled, we want to do this.


How can we help ourselves open to a greater energy a power greater than ourselves and say, help me over this hurdle. Fear is not meant to be honored, it’s meant to be followed we got to go forward and do our do. I am so blown away by how many emails and the gratitude, everything I wrote resonated on such a deep level. I have been sitting deeply with that because if we really are light sparklers for the light of the universe. And it’s 555 right now. Then, wouldn’t it be better to share our message exactly as it’s being impressed on our hearts to share it? And if this is really resonating for you. May we both. Remember, and recall, and reclaim this in our hearts. The next time we feel temporary fear, and the temptation to alter or shift the message in order to stay safe. Okay, so important.

So let’s talk Turkey. Get it? Because tomorrow’s Thanksgiving.

Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings

Everything I’ve been saying about just writing the letter is exactly, some of the energy we go into the holidays with.

The truth is, not all of us are excited, not all of us are looking forward to it. Many of us are feeling pressured, and we don’t want to go. We don’t want the hubbub, we don’t want the hub or the Bub, we don’t like the pressure.

There’s anxiety there’s guilt, you know you have to think about how this is for you.

The holidays are hard for a lot of us, and at different times for lots of reasons.

Same here. Me too. Also with me. Yes, it’s still a challenge for me. It’s all right. We’re all right we’re so amazing. You know, it’s really important. If that’s you, too, to help yourself have a philosophy, you’re going to go through the season with.

My perspective, my philosophy is that nobody needs to get it but me. Nobody needs to get why it’s a challenge. I know why it is. And the other thing is, I’m not interested in upholding the hardship or the challenge or the anxiety, I want to help myself through it.

And I also am extremely aware and grateful for my life today with the beautiful people in it, and I can choose again the experience I would like to have. So this is really key and this is my philosophy, little bit Course in Miracles. I can choose again. And I choose the feelings I would feel. I choose the experiences I would have. And I’m not interested in basing any of that on my history. I want to base it on my choice today, what’s beautiful now, you know. And the other thing is, it is what it is, holidays were hard and scary for me growing up, there were a lot of challenges and I still feel the residual energy as the holiday approaches, but, you know, I’ve been with number one, so long that we’ve, we’ve crafted our own traditions our own way of having a good time and now we’re really working on honoring what is now and choosing how we want to go forward. And that is huge.

I definitely feel residual energy that comes to me from when I was five, and things were going down when I was eight when I was 12, you know there were things happening– plates breaking, people falling drunk, scary things happening. And that energy still is here. You know, if you can relate to that what we want to do is choose again. It’s hard to pretend it’s not happening because some part of the body, it is happening. So you can just say thank you, I get it. I’m with you I love you. It’s all right. You’re all right. And let’s choose again. Let’s choose again, how would you love this to be, because your thought and perspective is everything.


That’s where we create the vibes, we’re going to ride in going forward. That’s how the emotion gets started you know begins with the thoughts. So, even if you to this was your childhood upbringing, this was your challenge. Even if right now you’re in that family. We can choose and so, wanting to make sure you know that’s kind of my philosophy where I’m coming from and I really support you in adopting one for yourself as well.

Now, here’s what I’ll say about us. I’m so thankful to be us on the journey together, that you and I are on this ride, no matter what is happening in your life today no matter what is happening over the next month and a half or whatever the season. You and I ride together. There is somebody else out there doing the journey with you. So my choice is to be thankful for the ride with you thankful for being awake and aware. I’m grateful for our journey I’m grateful for our practice that there, that there even is a practice to be doing that I’m not just laying in a gutter somewhere you know that could have easily been my path that I’m not just totally checked out. That could have easily been my path. I am so glad for the understanding that.

Yep, life can feel super hard and scary, and we don’t always want to show up we get anxious we get depressed, there are people related to us we feel we cannot stand to be with. And here we go, we still show up as best as we can, which makes us, amazing, and amazeballs, and I think we’re the coolest for that because even in those times, we choose to remember that Love is the answer, even when it’s hard to choose love.

You know, that’s why we’re great, you and I are amazing. So, even if you struggle, even if it’s hard, even if you’re rolling your eyes about the holidays, I just, let’s please keep this in our hearts. My gentle reminder, is we are absolutely normal. Absolutely. Okay, I always worry when I say the word “normal” but I know for me, my little Robin and the part of me that felt so wounded growing up and, you know, my mom would often say there’s something wrong with you and something wrong with your head and so the word normal to me when somebody says that it is such a soothing word.

Holiday Healing for Guilty FeelingsIt’s OK if you have feelings about holiday-related things. If you dread getting together with people or having to go to somebody’s house.

I went to see my hairdresser today, and I said, she said what are you doing for Thanksgiving and I kind of told her some ideas, number one, and I have. And I said, What are you doing, and she rolled her eyes like a big eye roll and she said we’re going to my parents and I could tell, I mean, you, you, you could tell to you know what that is, you know that sense of duty and obligation, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, you know in my heart I feel we should be listening to that and looking for another way.

We’re okay if we have feelings. If we don’t want to enter entertain if we don’t want to bake. We don’t want to cook we don’t want to have to clean, and we don’t even want to get ready. We don’t want to do our hair or put our makeup on or doing that. The feelings are making us aware of a need we have. And it’s good to know our needs and support ourselves in honoring them, even if it’s hard.

There are no brownie points in heaven for ignoring our needs and making ourselves go where we don’t want to go or host if we don’t want to host, there are no brownie points for that. In fact, what’s that game, where it says, Go back, do not pass go do not collect $200 go directly to jail oh yeah monopoly, right. There are no points for doing what you don’t want to do. Okay, you know where you get the points is by listening. Be open to listening to your inner one.


Growing up many of us carried holiday guilt simply because we were being guilt-tripped about the choices we were making around the holidays.

Parents and extended family can add to the problem, sometimes without realizing it too. We think we’re being well-intentioned, encouraging family get-togethers, but the pressure being heaped on is often too much for a kid to bear.

If that’s you too, it’s likely then that there is some old ancestral energy happening at this time of year.

I grew up in a single-parent household. My mom was angry with my dad and my stepdad from the age of 10, it was her and I alone together and holidays. It was hard, she was often sad and down at this time of year. I’m not saying there weren’t some sweet moments, I don’t want to discount that we did take some trips and we visited extended family. But because she wasn’t really practicing with her own emotional well being, there was a lot of pressure on me to make things okay for her.

So I have a lot of compassion for how she must have been feeling. And it’s not okay to put that on your kid, it’s not.

I managed to get help for myself to work on these things to better myself and I feel like we’re all capable of doing that work, and it serves no one to feel sorry for somebody years and decades on end because we are all powerfully empowered to do the work to set ourselves free.

The exception for me is when we’re little kids, we don’t know. And we’re so open and susceptible, we’re so permeable energetically and emotionally.

When the big person in your life is getting mad at you for wanting to connect with family or visit your dad or your stepdad or be a part of something else…it’s really hard. There was no support for me doing those kinds of things and I can still remember her struggle and saying to me, “what am I supposed to do if you’re not here? What will I do?”

It takes great love and a great choice to not be angry myself even still today. To know that this is part of my function what I’m here to do to help share this message and help all of us wake up and make new choices, and to help my own lineage heal and offer that legacy forward in my own family and the friends I help on the journey in any given week, I might actually have a friend on the journey who comes to see me for healing. Who is that mom to other people and says those things to me about their kids and wants help and feedback, do you know what I’m saying.

Sometimes I’m here in that position of actually helping the energy my mother represented to me to heal. That is such a powerful thing in my life that I also feel that has been such a healing gift to me. We are all waking up we’re all waking up and there is nothing harder than believing your story as reality. And, you know, believing it as truth and not having any centimeter of space of movement towards a bigger newer, more expanded reality. So I really, I don’t want to stay angry. I don’t want to stay jilted. I don’t want to stay bitter. I don’t want to keep blaming. I don’t want the fights to continue. That’s where I’m at. I want to have compassion for all of us. And you know what, compassion for all of us really looks like? I call it love with bones.

Love with bones.

What I tell a parent today who’s guilt-tripping their kids with what am I supposed to do:

Your kids are not responsible for your happiness. Your kids don’t owe you a holiday. Your kids are not here to take care of you. Your kids are not hurting you by choosing to celebrate a holiday, their way.


And if you’re really interested in getting to know and spend time with your children then you will work on this compassion and loving-kindness towards them. Practice a generosity of spirit towards them in your thoughts and in your heart.

And when the story comes that your kids are ungrateful thankless jerks. It’s important to remember you’re in power and asking them to take care of you so that you don’t have to feel alone or lonely, it’s not okay.

It’s not enough life force for you as a person on a journey…guilt-tripping your kids so you don’t have to be alone. You need your own thing, your own juice, and your own Juju. And I know it’s difficult right now, I do. Thing is, you are so worth this journey. And I hope hearing me tell you about that is helpful to you.

If you’re somebody who feels guilty when people invite you today, you know you don’t wanna go but you feel this guilt. And you’re like, oh, the guilt is so horrible I would rather go at my own discomfort than stay home and deal with the guilt. You deserve more than that than to just keep being the hostage of your old stories.

You and I deserve that and also it helps teach the world, how to be the other night number one husband was saying to me Robin, your light sparkler in our family, you’re showing people, new choices they could be making and even if it’s hard because you don’t wanna.

There’s so much I don’t want to do anymore you know and I still feel that residual guilt, but he was saying, even if you don’t want to, you know, at least you’re modeling, a new choice, and I love that because sometimes we have to take the win. From there, because we’re not going to go we’re not going to do it.

So for all the years you’ve betrayed yourself. I’ve betrayed myself, put myself through that and tried to tell myself it was okay and I was having a good time. We get to do it differently, we get to do it differently. We help no one by saying yes, just to avoid our guilt. Does that make sense? And just in support from a place of love and compassion. I say we’re fine, we’re awesome, and we have feelings about the holidays. No need to pretend or deny it better to love ourselves through it. And also, just keep the perspective that the body is connected to the seasons, and at certain points in the seasons you have more duress in the body, it makes sense that you’ll be feeling those residual feelings, so it’s so good to be aware of that. You may still be having replay vibes but they’re optional to entertain like they’re happening now. Does that make sense? What about those of us who say it’s just easier to go with it, then to put up a fuss, you know my hairdresser rolling her eyes. Going to my parents and I remember that too with my mom, it was easier, or so I thought, because it has a price, doesn’t it, you’re a hostage for life. And that’s how you end up saying yes, without really knowing whether you want to attend or not, not knowing how to hold your heart and honor your needs, trying to keep the hungry little monster of guilt at bay, trying to keep it fed and happy and well, that is not the point. Keeping that guilt monster Fed is not what you’re supposed to be doing. And you know who’s going to save you from this, you are. You are going to save yourself from this lifelong pattern.

Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings
You’re the one you’ve been waiting for all this time. And inside of you is every answer you’ve been seeking.

How do I take care of myself this holiday?

How do I honor myself?

What do I want to do?

How do I take care of me and still honor the love I actually do feel for my family?

How do I honor the longing I actually do have to get together?

How do I make sure I’m not a hostage to the guilt and fear inside of me?

The answers are all there, inside you. Sit with your feelings, let yourself have space to ponder these questions. Do not be afraid to look!

And this is the same for those of you if you feel lonely right now if you feel sad right now, sad because you won’t be seeing certain people this year, sad because you certain people don’t want to see you. That happens a lot, somebody’s not speaking to you and you feel sad. You’re feeling pressure in your heart about that, it’s okay. We can just take a breath together. It’s all right. It’s all right.

Real families have real baggage. Stuff happens. There are unresolved issues.

Lots of us have longings for things which still haven’t happened. Wishes we have we’ve never spoken about. It’s okay. Don’t give up hope, don’t give up. This year could be a totally different experience, should we decide that that’s what we want. Remember, we’re always creating. So what do we want? Don’t be afraid to let yourself know.

Here’s to us hoping something new and different could happen when we get together, that something beautiful and different could happen. This is where we need to speak truth to the power that has held us afraid and hostage inside ourselves for so many years, so be kind and gentle with how you’re feeling, help yourself along and, remember me saying don’t forget to take plenty of pauses, plenty of breathers stop and relax and the body when you feel pressure. When I feel that pressure, I’m just going to take that breath. And remember what really matters: how am I doing, what do I need. And when I feel afraid or tight or worried about how they will respond if I say this…they’re going to be pissed…going to cause a problem… remember it’s normal to be feeling this way. Deep breath, relax, speak your truth to the fear in you that’s rising, talk to it.

Trust that there can be a new way. Something new can emerge from you acknowledging your holiday guilt. It can happen, it’s all possible. It begins with you.

Don’t run yourself over in order to keep other people happy,. And something you might not have considered: If you say no to an invitation you’d normally say yes to purely out of the guilt you don’t like to feel… maybe for the first time you won’t be leading people to think that you’re more into them than you really are just because you’re afraid to let them down. This frees them up to go find people who are more into them. What a great thing that is, isn’t that awesome?!

Honor your feelings. Trust them. Believe in the possibility that more of what you DO want will come to you because of that trust that there can be a new way. Let yourself be excited about what matters to you what you’re looking forward to stay there. All the joy, the goodness, and blessings, the light, the fun the excitement, the people we’re looking forward to being with… stay there with that excitement.

So may that serve you today, beloved, I hope this really serves you going forward, and cheers to us and all our awesome sauce.


This Week’s Inspiration: 

Every week, I like to offer something special for us to consider. Something special for us to help call this energy, this healing this light in more fully and keep with the theme of healing for us. And today I was asking number one husband —  we went for a nice walk in the woods together and he’s been really supporting me with this whole guilt thing because just like you, I have a lot of it. Still unwinding from a lifetime of it… and it can be so challenging sometimes, even though you know it’s the right thing whatever you’re deciding to do, learning to be with the guilt, bearing the guilt, it’s challenging.

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I said what do you think we should do for inspiration this week, and he said, Take a picture of yourself, put it somewhere where you see it, don’t worry what anybody else will think of you having a picture of yourself out. This is for you to help remind yourself that you’re okay that you’re awesome that you’re working on this journey. It’s like solidarity with yourself. And I was like, This is why I love this man, and definitely, this is what we’re going to do for this week.

Take a photo. That really feels like you. Maybe you’ll snap a new one today. Like a selfie mode, really give yourself a chance to take a picture you love of yourself, and then put your wishes into it, infuse your love and your kindness into it.

Maybe you’ll write on the frame. Maybe you’ll write a message inside. On the back of the photo that only you know is there, and maybe you’re right on the frame, courage, kindness bravery, love, you’re okay. You’re doing great. Your way is the right way, most beloved child, you know, things you wish somebody had said to you, things you need to hear now. Isn’t it amazing how you know what you need to hear? You know what would make you feel better if you just consider asking yourself what do I mostly do right now. Right away I hear it’s okay, you’re home right you’re okay. You’re okay. So consider doing that. Don’t just keep it on your phone like really print this out and even if you don’t have a printer, you can send one. You can print right from Google, you can send one to Walgreens and print it out or CVS.

Do this for yourself, write some blessing words on it, you will see what I mean when I say it is empowering and it is powerful. Another thing I have here is a picture of me when I was 23 years old, and the look on my face. It just says something like it says something to me like everything is amazing. And everything is ahead of me, and I can do anything, which I love their face of determination has been really inspiring, I’m looking at it right now always have it right here. And the other thing I’ve done is to make an art journal page my art journaling friends out there. I’ve done this several times where you take a picture of yourself cut it out and color all around it. You can write poetry to yourself, you can write a prayer, you can say a prayer, you can do some beautiful drawings too. If you’re somebody who keeps cards from other people and you love the pictures of the words make yourself like a treasure page for you to celebrate you.

We matter, we’re worth it. Please don’t be too busy. Don’t be too busy doing other things because this is how the healing gets in. This is how it happens. It takes willingness and courage.


Once again: it is not selfish to make something fun to you. And there’s nothing to be embarrassed about or feel guilty about putting something up that celebrates you.. and then when it’s a hard day when you’re really struggling, this will be there for you. It’s all about how we show up for ourselves in those moments. I’m learning, you’re learning, and we are amazing. So, when it’s a hard moment. Come back, come back and look at the photos. Look at the art, look at the words, read them, and come back. It’s going to be so helpful for you, brave and empowered and supportive, supportive and loving for you because you matter.

Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings

So before I share today’s letter, a few announcements.

The first one being, I will be heading to Assisi Italy, in a few weeks. Be there from December 17 until January 17, and in that time. I’m offering one-day private intensives for friends on the journey. There are still some spots available after the first of the year. There’s an airport very very close called Perugia, just in case you’re thinking about it. These one-day retreats are intentionally affordable heartfelt and a beautiful way to help yourself transform and transcend energies, you’ve always thought you just have to put up with, we will do the work that sets you free permanently. I like to say healing transformation work happens in an instant. And then, after the healing work comes the practice, the part where you continue holding your center and maintaining your alignment. So, if you are craving and experience something special for yourself this year, Christmas present anyone? I am there.

And the other announcement is, if you are loving this episode, I would appreciate you sharing this onward. Tell a friend, pass this on to somebody who gets it. If you see me sharing it somewhere please forward it on again, and share something about what it means to you.

This is in service of the highest good. And for more of us to be awake and alive in our own hearts. You and I both know how important that is. We can keep shining the light sharing the love and always I thank you for that.

So thank you very much. Always I appreciate a review on iTunes

I wanted to say a special shout out to my friend Amy who said:

“Robin Hallett is a super fun sparkly version of Yoda, but a Yoda, you can giggle and go far with all her fun and warmth is combined with a deep and amazing strength that supports everyone through life’s challenges. I regularly listen to amazing inspirational podcasts and Robbins has been the very most transformative for me. She brings such a joy and a sense of fun and ease that I really needed. As I catch myself slogging through challenges with grim determination, Robin reminds me every day to let my heart be light and to enjoy my time here on Earth.”

Well, I thank you very much for that Amy, and I appreciate the feedback, I’m so glad to know. And here’s to more amazing episodes, shining and together. Cheers.


This week’s letter: #lovedarttomyheart

Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings

If I can read your letter and shine a little light for you, or you have a follow-up topic for a future episode write to me here.

So this week’s letter. This comes from my friend Pat. Here’s what she writes,

Dear Robin, I love all of your podcasts, I listen, and then re Listen, I am always coming away with some Robin inspired goodies. I listened to Episode 54 and wow really heard some things I was doing my exercises and had to stop a couple of times to laugh out loud. That clipboard thing in the three-year-old that sounds like Elmer Fudd, that is so me. I also had to stop and let the tears out when I thought of the times, I had laid my dorm itself out and couldn’t figure out why I was so pissy afterward. Then came the guilt because I was pissy. No one had ever or still believes me or holds me against the wall, more than me Robin, listening to you is impacting my inner bully. I am aware of it now. I know it’s a process, but I am aware. Thank you for that dear friend, rock on, I am there with you, grateful in Delaware, Pat.

Wow, Pat, I gotta say high fives to you my friend and thank you. Also, this is somebody who regularly takes the time to write me notes and cheer me on. And I want to read this letter because a Hey, who can relate to the inner bully show fans, or raise your hand in the air, minus in the air. This has been a big inner bully week, and, you know, what helps healing. You know what helps with that is the voice of a friend who loves you and cares for you and knows you by heart because you’re walking the journey together, you know. You and I are one. All of us. You hear that saying a lot in spiritual circles and I used to roll my eyes at that thinking it was so you know cheesy and ridiculous because we’re separate people, of course. But actually we come from the same light, and we come from the same sparkle. We come from the same place. So, of course, we are one we share one heart on that. In that way, if you choose to know that it can be so powerful for us so powerful, and just imagine if you were to allow somebody to know that you have an inner bully. That is so unkind to you. Just imagine how things could change.

One of the best things I have ever done was to let people in, and it is hard. It’s really hard for me. I know I can come here and talk to you on the podcast and still I can sometimes really be hard on myself about the things I said or the way I said it, you know. And it’s you reminding me that it was helpful to you that keeps me going, and it’s also healing my own inner bully. So, you know what I want to say back to you, Pat, and to everyone, all of us on this journey, and especially those of you who make the move to be in contact with me one way or another in the week. I. This is how we heal the inner booger. The inner bully voice. This is how we do it. By opening by being vulnerable by honoring. What we really need them on doing the hard things and they’re hard because just like Pat is saying the guilt is intense, you know,

then you beat up on yourself for being annoyed when, you know, or as Pat said super pissy you know that super pissy energy is such a helpful piece of guidance, telling you you’re running yourself over, you’re being run over you’re allowing yourself to be run over, you’re not doing what you want to do, you’re doing things out of guilty vibes and stop. That’s what the guidance is, and we are so ingrained and some of us I know for me, it’s almost like being brainwashed for most of my, you know, life, my child life my young adult life, almost like I was brainwashed, because there are times where you just really cannot tell the difference between how you’re feeling and reality, you know, it’s like you think it is your fault you think you are bad you think you are terrible. That voice comes so fast. I just wanted to say that I wanted to share that and to encourage you to do that if you don’t know what else to do reach out to someone else and shine a light, reach out to somebody else and tell them how you feel impacted by them.

Even if you don’t know if they’ll think you’re a weirdo or not or they’ll write you back or they’ll appreciate it, send the message anyway. I know for me, I cannot tell you how many times I have been helped by your messages back to me, and this is an act of faith. This podcast is an act of faith, every single week. I’m laughing but it’s true eight amazes me You think you’re going to find your thing. Find your gig find your joy and it’s going to be easy and that’s where spirits going to ask you to do your work, your greatest work of all, which is to show up faithfully committed to what you love and stick with it. And that’s right where I’m at, to, I’m right there so used to all of us, shining and staying. Our truest selves, welcoming ourselves in and thank you again. I hope this helps somehow listening to a letter like that and this response from your number one goofball and biggest fan, that’s me to you.

Thank you, friends, if I can read a letter of yours or share something from your heart, let me know. Submit a letter to the show here.

Well, friends, that marks the end of another awesome podcast. I hope you love it. We’re off to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend who knows by the time this comes out, you know, I mean, gosh, anything could be. I know I am planning on some very nice walks in the woods and really craving a lot of solitude right now, I’m going to do my best to listen to that, even though, You know there will be invitations and pressures that just how it is you know the pressure that’s on me to you know what I’m saying, I’m going to do my best to stick true to what is really calling me at the moment, and love myself fiercely. And when that feels challenging, I’m going to reach out and phone a friend, that’s what I’m going to do like somebody and let somebody help me. So I hope this whole episode has been inspiring to you and keep on with what you’re doing. It matters. It matters a lot. So, lots of love from me to you. This is me Robin, and I’m going to see you here next time, or in a few minutes. Same bat time same bat channel. Bye-bye.

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Holiday Healing for Guilty Feelings

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Hello, amazing friend! Sharing this week’s episode with you. An especially heartfelt message for those of us who carry guilt around the holidays stemming from experiences earlier in our lives. I share some interesting perspectives on choosing to do it differently this year, daring to taking good care of you, and what to do about the guilty feelings — especially if you have pushy guilt trippy bullies in your life. I hope you love it. I share some stories from my own childhood and how I’m doing it differently now. Also interestingly, my experience in the healing room with moms who are very similar to my own mother, not to be missed. Healing for the win! 🙌 There’s great inspiration on how to support yourself with an art project that’s fun to do and a good reminder back to you and a beautiful letter from a friend who talks about helping her inner bully to heal. All this and more. let’s share a cuppa yum yum together! Hope you love it. And please share this on with a friend who could use it. Episode 68: Holiday Healing, Self-love photo, #lovedarttotheheart Link in bio for full episode on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you enjoy listening Always, thank you so much for supporting the podcast! I appreciate your awesome reviews, and you sharing these episodes with friends who can benefit. Want me to read your letter on the show? DM me here or email hello @ #teawithrobin #acourseinmiracles #acim @robinhallett

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