Invest in the YES // Tea with Robin Episode 67

Invest in the YES manifesting the good in your life by robin hallett
You are a unique individual. Nobody else like you on the planet. Nobody. Period. Even in a world of millions of life coaches, you’re still you. In a world of million bajillion engineers, you’re still you. You teachers out there? You still have your way.

Your essence, your voice, your song must be heard. Your light must be represented. You matter, but most importantly, the light you’re here to shine matters for the rest of us.

We each must allow ourselves to dream a bigger dream. To give a voice to what we want to happen, and beyond. Rather than saying how nobody wants what you’re doing, or you STILL haven’t figured it out, or you still haven’t earned enough to call what you do “legit” why not choose to invest in your YES.

Say yes to all you want to create. Show up excited and delighted about all you’ve been doing already too. Remember that we create our experience with the stories we tell. We are always manifesting, so why not choose with love what we wish to call into our experience?

What’s meant for you is always meant for you. You are wanted and welcome and necessary in the world. Your way of life, your way of expressing light, your way of sharing, your way of helping people is necessary. When you’re ready to stand firmly in the YES, you’ll know it. You’ll feel ready. You’ll be excited. And things will feel easy – no matter how many hours your thing is gonna take to do! You’ll feel ready and glad for it and you’ll be unconcerned with the wrinkles around your eyes or the funky things you think about yourself, or whatever the story is!

Go ahead and fall in love with your dream and vision. Dare to be excited! Stay with you, trusting what’s meant for you has always been and will always be for you. Your creative vision is out there right now. Step into the Yes. Make sure you’re investing time in that YES.

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On today’s episode:

Invest in the YES. How to bring your heart Your delight, your excitement, your joy, to anything you wish to happen in your life. How to believe in you instead of believing in your poopy stories.

Our inspiration this week is a magical heart project just for you. And we’ll have a beautiful letter from #littlewillingness.

All this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here.

Hello, hello. Hello. It’s me, Robin. Hi. Welcome. Welcome to the podcast Tea with Robin Episode 67. Hi, my friends. And if you’re here for the first time Hello, it’s me, Robin. Hi, welcome. How are you today, my friend? How is the weather in your heart today? Are you being sweet and kind and gentle? Are you being your number one fan? Having your back, cheering yourself forward? I hope so. I really, really do. That’s how I feel about you. You’re awesome. You’re wonderful. You’re meant to be here. And I’m so glad we’re here at the same time. I mean, you know, like the planet in this journey. We’re on this wackadoodle ride. I’m glad it’s us and I’m glad we’re here at the same time.

I’m recording this on a Friday afternoon before you get it Monday, and the sun is just starting to go down. I had a long break between sessions. Today and I’ve been thinking about the podcast, I’ve been doing this cool thing where I’ve been sending it, light and love the podcast, just out into the ethers in the morning thinking about this as a creative project and something that’s really powerful and empowering. And yeah, it’s kind of cool. I started feeling those sparkles coming to me about the podcast and I thought, Oh, yes, I know what I’m going to talk about today. I’ll tell you more coming up.

I was saying it’s a beautiful day The sun is just starting to go down and I love this time of year because when the sun sets, it sets in a way so I can keep the window open and look outside and see the light and not be so blinded by the sunsets. It’s kind of cool. How the sun is always moving with the seasons and the moon obviously, and the planet. Okay, did I just sound like a total dork? I hope not.

Okay. The big question to you is, did you bring a cuppa yum yum? I have one of my favorite mugs I think I’ve told you about these pink teacups the first set I ever bought for my healing practice. When I started seeing friends on the journey for healing work. I bought this set of teacups. They’re really for my friends on the journey. But every once I let myself use one feels really special. So it’s pink and pretty. And there’s a heart on the inside. When you get to the bottom. You see the heart sweet. So this is shy. Tazo chai with a little coconut milk and heavy whipping cream mixed together and sea salt and stevia. And it’s really really yummy. So cheers. Oh yes, good slurping action on these cups. Cheers. Let’s do that again. And I want to say a special shout out to the awesome group who rode with me in the healing circle Thursday night. The first one I’ve done in probably a couple of years. And it was so beautiful and lovely. And just to come together in the name of healing to open ourselves to receive and share and celebrate our awesome woo sides and do all those cool things that we might not always let ourselves do. It was lovely. So I wanted to say hi to each of you and Cheers to you. Cheers.


Here’s what I want to talk about today.

What if we decided to have our own backs, to really show up for ourselves in the hard places and decide, we’re going to hold our dreams as powerful and important happenings.

The things that matter to us. The things that make us happy, excite us, delight us the stuff we want more of…we’re going to hold these to our hearts and not let ourselves down.

We’re going to invest our hearts and our energy in what we want and we’re going to stay open to what’s coming and stay open to possibility and believing in our path. Even when doors seem to close even when things don’t seem to be panning out. We could still be trusting that, oh yeah, something good is coming. Something good is happening.

What’s meant for you is always meant for you. It’s always meant for you. Yes, sometimes things take time to flow into you…for them to manifest and materialize, but that which is meant for you will always be meant for you. And we need to stay faithful to that knowing even in the absence of it, the thing you want so badly happening. We still have to stay faithful.

I know it is coming.

I know it’s going to be okay.

We have to choose to know in the good more than we choose to know the bad. Let’s not go around scaring ourselves. Upsetting ourselves.  Believing in our poopy kaka thoughts. Why? What we really need to be practicing is faithfully knowing that what’s meant for me is always meant for me.

And I’ll give you an example. fresh, fresh from my life. I’m thinking about this because I said to you, I did the first healing circle I’ve done in a couple of years, I’ve taught other classes and have done a bunch of Facebook Lives in the private group. But that opens a healing circle where it’s just one night for one and a half hours or so. It’s a different thing. And it for some reason, it felt scary. It felt scary to me.

I decided that I’m going to keep sending love to my creative visions, I’m going to keep sending love to the things I’m interested in. I’m going to keep a beautiful outlook, about what I love, even if I’m not doing it yet, or not quite there yet, or still struggling with it.

I’m going to keep sending love to the stories I want to come true. And I’m going to stay faithful, trusting that what’s meant for me is always meant for me.

Yes, timing is a thing, sometimes it will take time for things to align and for you to be ready. BUT. The big point is that that’s part of my energetic makeup and part of my desire and part of my energetic makeup is always meant for me, it’ll always be meant for me. It’ll always be meant for you. So that desire you have inside your heart, to do something, to make something to be something. That’s for real. It’s a part of your energetic makeup. It’s part of your destiny. If you like that term, it’s part of your it’s what’s meant to be. And it’ll always be meant to be. It’ll always be a yes.


You need to be ready to step into the yes zone and commit to showing up.

Yes, I am gonna do this. I’m gonna pick up that guitar. I’m going to pick up that paintbrush. I’m gonna pick up that laptop. I’m going to write. I’m going to share it. I’m going to doodle, I’m going to say a prayer. I’m going to hit record. I’m going to offer that class.

I’m ready. I’m going to show up. I’m going to say yes. And even before you’re ready to step into your Yes, you could be there sending love to your vision. sending love to your vision, like I say I do for the podcast. Now, I literally pray for this podcast. I send it light. I ask it to go on to the right hearts. I ask it to inspire me back help me have topics not run out of topics but also not need to be so tight butted about a plan, you know?

What if we gave our dreams wings? Give it wings, and it can go far and wide. And I’m telling you that because I want you to try applying this heart and wings prayer to your own dream. Today was one of those days where every session I had it was like the same, same, same, same, same same, friends were telling me how they had given up on their dream. And in my opinion, so quickly. It takes time. But definitely, you can become so frustrated, so thwarted by the things happening in your life that you just quit.

What it is you really want to do?

Please stop taking things as the sign that you’re not supposed to step in or speak up or make that introduction, you’re not supposed to reach out and ask somebody to collaborate with you.

You owe it to yourself to love yourself more fiercely than that, to have faith in your vision and trust in your dream. Because it’s your destiny, you’re meant to do that. It’s exciting for you. It’s calling to you too, even though you might not be feeling ready yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold it like a cherished love in your heart.

You’re so loved and cherished by who by the universe you’re wanted here, you’re welcome here. And you’re being invited here to do what you want to do to step in. So the longing you have is not wrong. Sometimes I think life is saying to us and when I say life I mean like, you know God or spirit or, or the creative essence of the universe life.

Sometimes life is saying, guys, I need you to step in just a little more. You need to come just a little closer to the vision here. And just a little more, just a little more, get a little more into that energetic space of actually entertaining the Yes. And if you can do that, I will help you further and you’ll start getting messages from people timely signs.


I said I am stepping in.

I was working on something and I was feeling really scared like I almost always am …I always start out scared and afraid and trying to talk myself out of practically everything I start out to do. That’s just part of my nature. I’m starting to really see that so it’s like no big deal. It’s nothing I even need to change about myself. I just need to recognize it and keep going. So this one day I was there sitting in the healing room. I was on the floor. I was looking at the windows and I was like, you know, I’m so tired of being invested in my fear. I’m so tired of believing in my fear, believing in All the things that are wrong with me, you know, like I’m too weird or too ugly or too old or too you know, I do too many things wrong on camera. If you ever see me on camera apparently I do a lot with my hands while I talk just this on that you can have your little list of things that are wrong. And I said I want to but I want to do this I want to teach I want to bring a group together and do this thing and you know, please let me know Am I on is this the right path and this huge Hawk flew into my back deck. At the time I had a hammock hanging there and he landed in the hammock not at first he landed on the hammock and then he slipped down inside the was one of those ones that just fold up like a towel. Because it’s just fabric, so this Hawk was in the, in the taco there, and then got his way back up again and began swinging. It was the funniest thing and you realize like, this is how life tells you: It’s is a YES for me, dawg! Just keep going. I will be here to support you. I will send you signs and messages and encouragement. I will. I just need you to come a little closer. Come a little closer to your Yes.

Invest in the YES manifesting the good in your life by robin hallett
this hammock!

I know it’s frightening, to be in the unknowing, that place of unknown and that’s the place where we start grabbing for our familiar stories and what are familiar stories you know? ones like nobody likes it. Nobody supports me. Nobody’s going to show up. Nobody’s going to get it. Nobody’s going to want it. People are going to think, Who Who does she think she is? What makes her teacher? What makes her spiritual counselor or advisor? You know, that’s where you start getting those thoughts. You’re caught in that place where the unknown makes you cling to the known, but it’s not the right one. It’s not the right known for you. The known you’re looking for is love, and joy and excitement. Is this making sense? Because we want to break through to the other side. We don’t want to live in a life that we know to be fearful and full of worry and full of self doubt and full of reasons why it’s not working out and then backing all of it up with more bs about what’s bad and wrong with us or our lives or blame other people for our missed opportunities. We really don’t want to keep doing that. I don’t want to do that. You don’t want to do that. So yeah, being expectant of miracles coming on the good. And that means we got to step into our Yes. What do you want to do? You got to step into the Yes.


I know all too well, what, what I’m talking about here. I have spent years enhancing my NO about this podcast and things I wanted to be doing more freely. Enhancing the No. I was digging into all the reasons why. It’s amazing how small you can make your own journey doing that. How invested you can get in your problems. The lens zooms in so close to the problems to the reasons why you suck, or you wasted your life. It’s just so real for you. So this is a great time if you’re sitting in that place, even just a little, this is a great time to try an experiment of saying when the upset appears…because right now you’re listening and you’re probably connecting some dots for yourself, right?

You’ve got this thing you want to launch or this thing you want to do or cry or right. So right now this is the time to just decide you’re going to do this practice.

Invest in the Yes. When your upset happens when your worry happens, when you wake up in the night again, and the upset is coming to you, decide you will fling yourself into the Yes.

And woo, all the twinkle lights just came on in the backyard when I said that, now we have psychic cosmic twinkling lights. How do you like that?

So when you catch yourself worrying about it again, decide to fling yourself into the yes. Or the feeling of ease. Or joy. Or whatever it is you want instead. I mean, now that I’m thinking about this doesn’t have to be a creative project you’ve been denying yourself doing this could be about an illness you want to heal. This could be about a relationship you want to heal. This could be about, anything! Do you know what I mean? This could be about anything.

Use your worrying, upset as a sign to switch into the yes mode. What do you want? What’s the biggest vision you can hold right now? How will you feel? That’s the yes mode.


Sometimes people come to me for reading. I call them rock star readings. And I’ll say why are you here? They’ll say, I need some direction… I need to know what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s so relatable, isn’t it? I mean, who doesn’t feel like that from time to time? So, of course, I can say to you, here is what I see for you. Your purpose, obstacles, here’s what your energy field is doing. Here’s what your chakras are doing. And, here’s what we want to be working on going forward. But none of it will matter to somebody who has decided they’re directionless or lost. If that is the story in the mind, it doesn’t matter what anybody else tells you, what you feel about your life and yourself, will trump every answer anybody could give you, no matter how true the answers are, no matter how correct the vision is, you’ll hear the voice of your own inner booger and believe that.

We also have to address retraining the heart and the mind to go by how we want to feel. You’re not just thinking I’m directionless, I’m out to sea with no rudder… you are feeling the feelings which mirror that false truth back to the brain. So we have to learn to ask, how do I want to feel? And practice this. Pretend this for a while, even. Does that make sense? How do I want to feel?

You want to feel good. You want to feel joyful. You want to feel relaxed, you want to feel easy. These are the things to practice. And do it because you want to be you and feel good. NOT because you need to make something of your life. If you’re working on this spiritual journey thing long enough, you’re you realize that it’s not about your credit card information— your statistics. After a while, you realize that your wins on paper don’t really get you very far.

You really want to be going for experiences, experiences of joy, whatever that feels like for you, that’s really what you’re wanting. Hopefully, we figure that out. And then we can really be satisfied in ways that are so much more delicious than I have a million dollars in the bank account and I am a fortune 500 winner. Just to go for the feeling of joy. Go for the feeling of YES. Choose that feeling, especially when you’re you want something you want to make something happen for yourself. You want to make something happen for you. And you’re not ready to step into your Yes because you’re afraid you’re worried. And you know it. You’re hung up there, you’re caught, you’re scared. Invest in your Yes. decide that if you could do anything in that moment, it’s best to invest in your Yes. Over allowing your mind to ruminate on the reasons why you shouldn’t. Is this making sense? This is getting through. Invest in the Yes. Anything you want. Investing in the Yes, that’s such a huge choice, isn’t it? There are so many things you could be afraid of or are afraid of, or worry about and it can be so tricky. Investing in the Yes. stay faithful in your heart to what lights you up the most. Yeah, how can we stay out of the fray of fear of our upset? Because here’s the last little bit I’ll say on that. Why am I making myself laugh? Because whenever I say that, and then I edit back, I sometimes say it like three times and then I keep talking three more points after that. So that’s my thing. Yeah. I know I say this a lot. But this is just the truth.


You are a unique individual. Nobody else like you on the planet. Nobody. Period.

Even in a world of millions of life coaches, you’re still you.

In a world of million bajillion engineers, you’re still you.

You teachers out there? You still have your way.

Your essence, your voice, your song must be heard.

Your light must be represented.

All of this to say, you have to allow yourself to dream a bigger dream.

Stop saying how nobody wants what you’re doing. Or you still haven’t figured it out, or you still haven’t earned enough to call what you do legit. You create the momentum you’re experiencing by all the stories you get caught in.

Dream a bigger dream, dream a bigger dream and trust in this process.

And remember, sometimes things take time to see the physical evidence. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works right now! And you could be out doing other things right now, enjoying knowing that your dream is out there taking shape, and in the right timing, it will come back to you. Because what’s meant for you, it’s always meant for you. You are wanted and welcome and necessary in the world and your way of life, your way of expressing light, your way of sharing, your way of helping people is necessary.

When you’re ready to stand firmly in the YES, you’ll know it. You’ll feel ready. You’ll be excited. And things will feel easy – no matter how many hours your thing is gonna take to do! You’ll feel ready and glad for it and you’ll be unconcerned with the wrinkles around your eyes or the funky things you think about yourself. Like bad teeth, or whatever the story is! I made a video today and I thought I looked like little critter from the books…and my dad…there were so many wrinkles under my eyes today but I tell you truly, I thought I look adorable and sincere and totally still beautiful.  And that’s exactly who I believe you want to see talking to you about healing! Somebody real and alive and enjoying her life, right? You know another time I would have said that completely different, but can you still fall in love with you every single day.

Go ahead and fall in love with your dream and vision. Dare to be excited! Stay with you, trusting what’s meant for you is always been for you. Your creative vision is out there right now. Flying around ready to come back to you at that moment when you’re ready to step into the Yes. So make sure you’re investing time in that YES.

And I tell you, I meet some extraordinarily brave courageous people and I think you’re that too. So what can you do to really make a step into this today? What do you need to do next? I believe in you. So good. May that serve you today.


This week’s inspiration:

Invest in the YES manifesting the good in your life by robin hallett

So inspiration today. This is the weirdest, coolest kookiest thing ever. You know how I was just saying to you that you get signs. There are so many signs happening right at this moment. It’s a little bit cool and spooky. I had been thinking earlier about an art journaling poem I did. I was remembering this project I did a little while ago. And just wondering, and just like you, I judge myself, and I worry about these things, and I sometimes hear a voice me saying that’s stupid and nobody will like it. I mean, you know, you and I could be twins, right? I also know that is my practice, to step into the yes and just trust the process, I would rather do that than push myself along with the forced plan.

So thinking about our project, I just took a sip of tea, I opened this little book, a friend gifted me this book last night at the end of her session. And I opened it and it is the exact exact exact message that I wanted to share from my early art journal with you. How does that happen? This book has 386 little square images with words on them. And I turned to this one, this exact one. So how do you like that? And then right when I started laughing, I looked up in the clock said 4:44 and 44 seconds It’s, it’s weird sometimes when you see these things happen when you first start to connect dots and wonder if you should rely on this, you know, as a sign if you should rely on it or if you’ll be a fool for listening to that, if you’ll be silly. Does that ever happen to you, you worry like that? I think the big U has a sense of humor too. Knowing we are a little bit resistant and fearful sometimes. So Today I also received in the mail, a lovely art journal creation from a friend on the journey, who made a beautiful piece of art out of some of the things I had shared in our time together. Words that felt powerful, phrases that felt encouraging. And so all of that inspired me today to know that this is the right aspiration for us today.

I don’t need to fret. I don’t need to worry about what to do, because it’ll be shown to me. This is a course in miracles prayer, there are several in that book that says, just show me the way. Or you could just listen to Peter Frampton’s Show Me the Way 🙂 I want you to show me the way day after day.

Ask the universe to inspire you and help you and show you and you’ll get signs. They’ll all feel kooky and maybe even a little too insignificant. But you will be shown. Don’t judge it. Stay open.


So, how about you make yourself a piece of art for the house, you know, be inspired. Go somewhere like Michaels or JoAnn and actually buy a canvas. They sell pre-framed canvases. Buy yourself something there to create for you. Where will you hang this piece of art? Where will you hang this beautiful thing with something sacred on it, words that inspire you and symbols, something that’s powerful and meaningful for you? I can’t tell you how many people talk a good game but they don’t do it. There’s something about the process of creating and putting the powerful words that are meaningful for you.

Maybe you could do paint markers. I like uni posca markers. And I have another group of pens called Recollections brush markers. Go and explore. Give yourself a budget, say $25 you know we spend more on ourselves for a bad meal sometimes. You’re worth it. Go out and buy yourself a little canvas. Maybe a nice square canvas and make yourself a piece Are that will remind you? Wouldn’t it be so cool to see it in your space?

I made this piece of art. And it’s around this poem by a woman named Sarah Williams. It’s actually a really long poem. I’m just going to read the section if you want to read it. It’s called the old astronomer, and it was written in the 1800s. The parts I loved were:

…” though my soul may set and darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars to fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams

Like with a lot of stuff, that can be really powerful medicine for us for a time, the act of making art about that with the words and then coming back to revisit it again and again and again. It was so powerful and healing for me. And it’s, it’s so spooky cool that this book, a friend gifted me last night. I just opened the page like an Oracle to the exact same quote. So how about it? I’m going to have to take a picture for you and put it in the show notes. doing that now.

Create something for yourself. It doesn’t have to be hard, but you should do it to encourage yourself on. Do it for you, with love. From the future self you long to be back to the fearful self you sometimes stand in today. And again, love to see what you’re doing, feel free to share or tag me or something. I’m so behind you 100% believing eyes and heart.


Announcements this week:

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So before I go on with today’s letter, I love to ask you to share this episode on, share this on with somebody who could use it. tell a friend about this, who you know, needs that kind of encouragement to show up and shine for themselves. And always a review is super helpful to you know, while you’re listening, you can just press those five stars. It’s so helpful. I appreciate that. It helps other people see it, it helps the server serve it up. Even though spirit is my co-pilot and my PR manager. I know that and believe that deeply. I also know that it’s good to ask. It’s good to remind it’s good to encourage. So that’s me here doing this. Hi. Share it on, please. Thank you.

I wanted to say a special shout out to a special friend, Christine, all the way in Finland, for your beautiful light and your beautiful message for your beautiful gratitude. I just wanted to say thank you and special shout out and tears and thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You know, each of you at some point has been a messenger, a spirit messenger for me and I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out. I really, really do.

So this week’s letter got a beautiful one.

This week’s letter: #littlewillingness

Invest in the YES manifesting the good in your life by robin hallett

If I can read your letter and shine a little light for you, or you have a follow-up topic for a future episode write to me here.

Hi Robin. I remember recently hearing you speak about the way challenges can come up when we enter into a next-level stage of evolution along our path. This experience of growing pains makes sense to me on one level, and I’m also reminded of some wise words I heard from Eckart Tolle, regarding how we can expect obstacles to arise whenever we truly want to make a change, because we’re suggesting something new, something that butts up against the current parade we’ve been watching. I love that. So of course, there’s going to be some things to sort out. This all makes perfect sense to me and I find myself getting better and better at recognizing bumps in the road for what they are, and not making mountains out of them. And some days I can feel so in line with God and my function and receive numerous signs that I’m forging the right path, which feel like little hugs. Yet one big thing I seem to keep needing to practice again and again and again, his patients in the time it takes for the goodness, I desire to show up. I feel like I’m being asked to fortify my faithful patience muscle and some days I get so tempted to let it get me down.

What have you found to help sustain you through the times you want? To change the story, but can struggle with the right stamina. Does that make sense? Overall, I really am excited about seeing how my life continues to blossom in beautiful ways. And thanks for being part of that journey. And it wasn’t even going to ask if you had any tips on this, but in the intention of receiving it seems silly, not to love and thanks to you always, and always. #littlewillingness


Little willingness, you are a rock star of my heart. This letter is a love Dart to my heart.

And may we just cheers one more time to the sparkling divine timing because I have not read your letter. I tuck it away for safekeeping. I say thank you did write to say thank you. But I intentionally don’t read these until Spirit tells me it’s time, honestly. So I’m reading this for the first time with you and marvel at the divine timing of it all because what has this episode been about? Wow, how about that? Trusting in the divine flow. So thank you very, very much for this letter, and love the hashtag little willingness.

For those of you who study the Course in Miracles. All we ever need is a little willingness. Just a teeny, tiny, Itsy Bitsy bit of willingness, or as I sometimes say, a sliver of a sliver of a sliver of willingness to see and remember the light where you know, the light We truly are and where we come from and what’s really going on just an eensy-weensy bit. So totally fine. If we struggle with stuff, I love uncovering that myth and Mike Bradley, we do it every week here that you know, it’s okay if you struggle if you worry if you’re afraid if you’re anxious if you’re scared if you doubt remember Doubting Thomas. I mean, if you doubt in all this stuff we talked about sometimes, other times you really believe normal? It’s okay. You’re just like, you’re part of this posse just like me, just like all of us. It’s okay. And are you just a little bit willing? Because that’s all it takes.

Yes. I love all the ways that different teachers share their perspective and their way of seeing the healing journey. I love it. And I think it’s so cool when you know you have different people you love to listen to and follow and you’ve got, of course, you got your own inner wisdom. That’s super awesome. And you realize, I am talking about the same thing from a different perspective from a different angle. I love how we’re getting lots of different ways to see something and it helps us understand it better, you know, to break it down in this simile that more lots and lots of examples, lots of ways to look at it. So it’s really beautiful. And definitely there will be growing pains and this thing you’re describing this impatience with your money. manifestation is simply that right? It’s a growing pain. So I love how you say the parade, you’ve been marching.

So the current parade is, I imagine, we make our request, we do our visioning, and we offer our heart out into the universe and kind of say, use me, for the highest good help me to make meaning in my life help me to make meaning in someone else’s life helped me to do my purpose. I imagine you make these prayers and then kind of like nothing happens or little bits happen, but it’s not the big thing. Or the bigger, juicy or satisfying or thing that really feels like yeah, I’m being answered. This is my sign. So right there is the practice point. For me where I say ha, this is that place where I need to step into my Yes. This is normally the part in the process where I start to doubt myself and start to beat up on myself and become very afraid.

Oh wow. Right now it is 1111 on the recording thingy and I’m going to need to do some editing here. But wow, that’s so cool.

So you know you’re right there at that point where you’re tempted to get down again on whatever hasn’t been happening to get down on yourself or down on the process or down on your inability or your ability. But this is just the point where it’s time to insert the new move. This is the part where we need to do the next move the next new faithful move and as you said, you’re working on that faithful patience muscle but I’m going to be honest here, something about faithful patience gives me a different image and it’s not great.

You know how I was saying a little while ago, like, life is saying, I need you to step in a little Come a little closer to the microphone and say, yes. Just those sparkles are coming to me for you right there is that there needs maybe a little more enthusiasm about your excitement and your delight and what you love about that. And I wanted to mention that for anybody else who’s really connecting with this. Sometimes it is about showing more enthusiasm in our hearts and really letting ourselves know we really, really want it. I really, really want this I really, really want this and allowing ourselves to dream about it and envision it and like I say, I’m praying for the podcast, I pray for my podcast. I send my podcast light.

I send my future projects light and I ask them to come closer to meet me. You know, that’s the little willingness right there. I’m showing up saying I want this. And I don’t know how. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to get there, but I do know I want it. So I think that’s one step right there.

It’s just as a practice, to be excited about it and let your heart be glad and go on about your other happy adventures and the day and know that it’s coming. So that’s one thing that really helps me I often think about the cosmic restaurant. It’s just such a beautiful analogy for me. I placed my order and I know it’s being prepared and at some point, the meal will be delivered to me Beautiful meal. And in the meantime, I’ll go about my conversation and enjoy my time with my friends and you know, like what you do at a restaurant. This is no different than that. There is an energy of enthusiasm that helps us over some of these little places that can really be difficult and niggling for us. When I wake up in the night, if it still happens, and I feel the panic, it’s happening less and less with practice. So I think that is really something to say, Here’s more evidence that this is working for me. When I wake up in the night, if it still happens, and I feel the panic, I put my finger in the air and in the dark, and I say no, and I haven’t had to do that in a really long time. But sometimes that feeling still wakes me up with like, I gotta do this and I gotta do that and La la la la la la la. You know how it can be…that sensation comes to me and instead I switch on to the Yes.


I choose to busy my mind with thoughts of what I’m excited about what I love what’s already come. It’s a good thing.

The last thing is I’ve probably talked about it a bit. I used to call it my psychic journal where I would write things down that I had been when I was working to really develop my intuition better I wanted to work on this that I would keep a journal of all the things that started happening that I was seeing guessing feeling and how I would get evidence that I was accurate in what I was discerning about that what I was channeling what was coming through and the same holds for a manifestation journal. So you could start a little beautiful journal.

I have a friend who makes amazing little prayer books, little journal books, you could have something like that where you’re just jotting the cool things that happened in in your time where you feel that faithful patience muscle tweaking or the excite delight muscle, go back to the book and read your list. And think about the art project we just talked about…there is something so powerful to giving ourselves the words we know we need to hear. We can tell them to ourselves.

So just my best ideas and this moment other than to say you are amazing, and it feels really strong now to tell you to be enthusiastic and be excited, let yourself know it’s good. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s good. It’s okay, and it’s right.

This is for all of you. Not just the person who writes the letter sometimes so many things come through that I want to just make sure I say, this is for everybody. This is for everyone. So try this on and receive. Be excited, be glad in your heart.

There’s a song that when I was growing up in Sunday school we saying this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Sometimes I have a parade at the house in the morning and we sing, This is the day that the vortex made, that the vortex made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. And those of you who might enjoy the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Esther Hicks, she talks a lot about the vortex.

There are so many things that are meant for us in this life. We just keep adding wishes to our list, so to speak, manifestations, things we desire to call in. We just keep adding. There is so much juice in our vortex in our creative escrow account. every day, there’s something bound to come to you from there. And, for me, my excitement and delight there’s something about it that keeps me seeing it. So every day a little something and it might seem bold, it might seem brash, it may even seem arrogant to say: I can’t wait to see what comes today. And today already, for me so many gifts. I mean, I’ve given you some here, just a little, the little synchronicities that poem The quote from the book, you know the time. All of it counts, all of it is that all of it is a manifestation of the love that is making its way to you all the time. So, you know, May that serve you, I hope it does, I hope something in there felt powerful and helpful for you. And, yeah, wow. I’m all fired up. I tell you what, my next friend on the journey is going to get a very fun session out of me today. I’m so excited.


I think we should have a parade and sing that song and go around the house. I’m willing to be a fool for love. I gotta say I’m willing to do it now. I don’t worry anymore so much I did. I think that’s the gift of this podcast has really helped me heal some of my temptation to tone myself down and even if I worry a little bit, a smidge, somebody will be there to give me the sign that they loved it and they needed it and it helped them and it’s okay you know, so that too is so cool. Super-Duper cool.

So may that serve you you know friends, I hope you love this episode. Go make another cup of tea. I am recording in the dark now because it was sunset when we began. And now it is pitch black outside except for my Christmas lights. And if you little twinkle lights here in my studio and orange salt crystal lamp behind me I have a few little lights going it’s very cozy in here. So I’m going to go take put my work clothes Back on, take off my play clothes. Do you do that? I’ve got my play clothes. And I got my work clothes. So I’m going to go change and have a lovely session and then it’s Friday night Martini night here in our house. We’re celebrating beautiful Friday night and another fabulous checkup for number one husband. Once again, good test results from the doctor. It’s like, it’s just like every day we gotta celebrate. Celebrate, celebrate. Life is so sweet. See you next time, bye-bye!


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I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal. — Text Chapter 2

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