Taking The Landscape View // Tea with Robin Episode 99

When you wonder what you should do when your heart’s been carrying questions, you’re seeking guidance, directions, answers… allow yourself to receive.

Take that deep breath, as many as you need.
Get on a mat, lie on the floor, float in your tub. Shhhhh. Make the time to BE. Allow yourself to be inspired, quite literally by the light of Spirit.

Hello 👋 happy day to you, sweet friend ❤️

Come grab a cuppa yum yum with me. This is episode 99 (woot!) and we’re taking a landscape view of our lives–especially over the last four to six months since all of the things began.

How are we doing? Where are we at? What do we notice? What would we like to change?
How can we become a bit more intentional with our lives going forward? Let’s dig into our gorgeous lives together.

Our inspiration is something I like to call YOU Day, intentional scheduling yourself in 🌞

And we’ll have a beautiful letter from #hopefulfuture who asks, how do we create the beautiful love of our lives? Stay tuned for all this and more.
This whole episode is a healing for us. Please receive with so much love from my heart to yours.

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett intuitive healer, Light Sparkler, And this is Tea with Robin, on today’s episode, taking a landscape view of our lives now, especially over the last four to six months, especially since all of the things began. How are we doing? Where are we at? What do we notice? What would we like to change? How can we become a bit more intentional with our lives going forward? Let’s dig into our gorgeous lives together. Our inspiration is something I like to call you day and we’ll have a beautiful letter, hashtag hopeful future. How do we create the beautiful love of our lives? Stay tuned for all this and more. come grab a cup of yum yum. And meet me here.

Well hello, there gorgeous friend. It’s me, Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin Episode 99. I feel like I should start a little song of 99 lift balloons. But I will leave that to your imagination. Hello, hello. Hello. It’s so good to be back with you again. It’s a beautiful sunny day here. gentle breezes. Just a little reminder that there’s a house being built next door and there’s a little bit of noise going on. I think I caught the guys on a lunch break so I’m gonna have a go at it. In case you hear a little noise. So how are you today my friend? How is the weather in your heart? I hope that you are hanging in there with yourself. Being kind being gentle. Practicing being there for you. I really do. As we sail on through these times now, it’s really a skill that we must practice being there for us. It’s a skill we absolutely need. Now, over here, the weather and the harvest is good. It’s a beautiful day. I got up very early and made some time for me. I did some yoga. I made a delicious smoothie for myself, and I feel nurtured and nourished, and then I got to go to morning magic, which I love. I don’t know if you’ve checked out any of those. over on Instagram. I’m there every day at 9am Central Daylight Time and the replays are all on YouTube. There’s a link here in the show notes if you’d like to check goes out. But it felt fun that I got to do all the things I like to do. And I made extra time for me. That’s a bit about what I want to talk about today calling up some Yeah, the weather My heart is good, beautiful sessions with friends on the journey this afternoon. Lots of lots of dots connecting for me personally as well, which I always appreciate how when we step in, to offer light and support we receive just as much It’s so beautiful. So yeah, beautiful day here. Beautiful date. So I still have a little smoothie here. This might be the first time I’ve just toasted you with the smoothie today. But did you bring a cup of yum yum to the episode? I’ve got a smoothie. I raised my cup to the light within You and me, the journey we’re on practicing, choosing and remembering the love that’s always present. Cheers. doesn’t flow as good as a cup of tea but Yum, yum, yum. And if you’re wondering what I put in my smoothie, well it’s better to say What didn’t you put in there? I really like to eat well, and the truth is in the summer, it’s too hot for me in a lot of ways, and I don’t always love a big salad. I do eat them. I do. But there’s only so many veggies. I can get into a salad. And so in the summer I always find it interesting. I guess I’m kind of a creature of the seasons without even really planning on it.

I start craving smooth He’s somewhere in the summer and the rest of the year I may not have them but for a good chunk of time I start craving them so I today I have I make ice tea I make iced green tea like oolong tea and that’s what I usually use is my liquid base. add coconut milk, sometimes the light coconut milk and then I add in frozen green beans, frozen broccoli, frozen spinach, and I use a lot It’s enough what I end up making is enough for like for large glasses because I Hi, I live with a certain individual named number one husband. So broccoli, spinach, green beans, gross-out. I hope you’re not grossed out. I add in pineapple. One frozen banana. This is all frozen actually frozen banana, a few strawberries, and then sea salt and cardamom, which I just love, and sometimes I’ll add a date or two for sweetness and blend it up. And to me, this tastes like a pina colada or some kind of a frosty, fruity drink. And it’s like, there are more vegetables in that than I can muster right now because it’s too hot to steam, vegetables and a salad just doesn’t do it all the time. It’s not enough, you know? So, I noticed that it really boosts my mood and helps me to feel better but even if you were to just work, work, don’t you love that work to work out some little bit of spinach and some strawberries together in Almond milk. It’s delicious. So, yes, anyway, I guess I got on a little tangent there. But another fun tidbit is to chew your smoothie too while you’re drinking. Go through the process of chewing a little bit as you sip and that really completes the whole digestive thing. thing um, Ababa. There you go. That was very, very technical. The thing about Baba, so, yeah, I hope you love to make smoothies to. I don’t like to put a bunch of powders in there. But that’s me. Sometimes I do add grass fed gelatin or the protein and the joints, the bones and the joints. I like that. So today I want to talk about this pandemic. As I like to say the pandemic and the energy have that on the system and you as the caregiver in your family, you as the one at the center of everything happening in your world. And how are we doing? How are we taking care of us? How are we doing? How are you doing? This time with all that’s going on? I don’t need to recount it all to you because you’ve You know, you’re living it and you’re in the middle of your personal world as well. So you know what’s going on for you take a snapshot take like an inner snapshot of your emotional landscape right now and the energies of things that you are dealing with right now. Picture, the comings and goings of the new cycle, how that impacts you the inner and outer Earth The day to day stuff in your world, your if you have kids, with your family, with your work life, and even yes, some of the conflicting things that are happening. There’s a lot going on right now about people not wearing masks, not social distancing. Sort of like deciding that for them, this is not going to be a thing anymore. And I’m hearing this a lot in sessions that there’s pressure. Some of us, some of us are feeling a lot of pressure about, you know, wanting to under what’s right, but there’s big groups of people feeling like a different thing is right for them and there’s pressure, no. So just take a moment to have a little landscape snap

of where you’re at right now.

If you’re like grabbing what’s a landscape snapper? Picture yourself looking out of an airplane as you’re flying high enough that you can see the land below you and pretend that that’s your life. You’re looking down over your whole life. Your whole day, your whole week, this whole last four months, this period in your world, look at what’s been going on for you. noticing what you notice. And I’ll take a breath with you and said some more smoothly.

Some of us are courageous enough to say it’s been a hard day. It’s been a dark day. It’s been a week of heaviness. It’s been, there’s some dark clouds on my landscape. That’s how I am. There’s some dark clouds over the landscape. And how would it be? If we were just to breathe with that, if we were just to breathe in and out with that, instead of rejecting it, or needing it to be different, needing it to be fixed, needing it to stop, because, you know, somehow it’s inconvenient. How would it be to acknowledge all that we’re doing right now? And again, to to your life and feel what you’re doing right now. All that you’re doing right now.

Would it be to feel it Let yourself Take a deep breath. Don’t forget to exhale it out and ask yourself lovingly, you know, what do I want to do I want to change anything about this. Do I want to transform anything here?

You know if there’s anything I want to transform, or change or adjust or acknowledge, right sometimes are you like this? Sometimes when I’m upset about things when I’m carrying some stress or some pressure, about things, it’s like, in my mind, or somewhere in my my conscious awareness, I start running faster because I don’t want to be bogged down by whatever this is. I’m busy. I have too much to do. I’m too busy. For this, do you know what I mean? Like, you start to feel a little bit of something, you’re not quite sure what it is. But before we even assess what’s going on, we’re pushing it away. We’re telling you to get lost. So I’m telling you, how would it be to sit down and really take a look at the landscape of your life and say, you know, I’m going to take a deep breath. I’m going to say if there’s anything I, you know, am not okay with, I’m going to really bring it into my view, my phone view and breathe with it and acknowledge that I’m going to breathe with it. without doing anything to it or to myself, let me just be aware that something’s going on here. And will breed anything that you would like to transform anything at all? No a transformation is anything you want to put through our chemical process, you know of changing it. You want to put it through change, you want something to be different. We must first witness it with love and learn to breathe with it.

I’m not saying witness it like yay, I love you dark cloud hanging over my life. I love you. I love you so much. No, witness it with love. With them loving awareness. You know the energy of love represents space The Divine for me, I’m not talking about romantic love or

some sort of happiness. I’m talking about a spacious presence. Welcome in. This is you this is your life. Be present for yourself here now and breathe. There is love and assistance all around you. It’s always around you. But the nature of freewill is such that you have free will. And if you don’t avail yourself if you don’t slow down and at least let yourself Take a look at what’s been going on for you. Especially if you’ve got that thing kind of not next Getting it you kind of wiggling its way in the back of your mind. There’s a problem. Something’s wrong. I’m not okay. Whatever it is, and height. That’s probably all of us right now. I know there are people who don’t admit it, but I really feel a lot of us have this right now. Even if you’re like, the world is not okay. That means you to, you know, you observing it and holding it and feeling stressed. It’s affecting you too. So we were to sit. Today I just sat on my yoga mat. I took my a speaker with me and I sat down and listen to some music, and just sat on a nap. And I listened to the music. And I really let myself feel how am I doing? How am I doing? What’s going on? And then I just opened myself to the love and assistance. That’s around So I moved into a sort of a Shavasana pose. Butterfly Shavasana I you know, I opened my arms and my legs wide at some point and just relaxed and received and I breathed. I took some breaths and I thought about that allow the breath in to be inspired to take spirit in to receive the inspiration of the Spirit. Allow that transformation to happen. You may not know what to do, you may have questions you may want guidance you may you know wish that you could get directions about what you should be doing. And before you let the ego answer I know lots of us are just in our heads swirling sometimes me I get in the shower especially it seems to really be in the shower where I’m like, I’m gonna be focused here quiet, present. And my mind’s like, read a little. It’s like, we’re off to the races and I just have to keep saying no, come back, come back. Take a breath. Let’s relax. It’s okay. You know, here we are. I like saying, here I am. Here I am. I am here. Here I am. So we take that deep breath. And we relax. And we pause, and we invite spirit in. Now we can look what’s going on what needs to be addressed here? what’s not working for me here.

How’s my schedule? My day to day schedule. Does that have any impact on why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling? Obviously, the news, the world events, there’s a lot going on. I live in Chicago, we have a lot going on right now. Locally, and also, just I mean, you know, the same things that are happening in your town. So I know that’s got an impact. How can I work with that? I have friends who say cnn is playing in their house. 24 seven. Is that really helping you? Is that really healthy? Right now? I hear a cardinal outside, and a few cicadas and I gotta say, that is so soothing to me. I can’t even imagine Imagine the blaring of the news, even two hours straight, I can’t even imagine. So we could take this deep breath together.

Do you notice that every time I say deep breath, you take a deep breath? I think there’s some power of suggestion happening even for me every time I say it. I take another deep breath and keep looking. You don’t I would suggest you lay down on the floor. Sometimes I tell friends and Healing Sessions who are enormously stressed. lots going on. I keep saying this. There are people in common where there’s somebody in everyone’s family who might be acting Out wildly right now there’s just strange things happening, let’s say, energy, flying, whatever. Maybe that one really anxious person or somebody who like keeps insisting on getting together and they’re not social distancing or taking precaution. There’s seems like there’s a lot of oddball energies going on. So keep looking at the landscape. What are the things going on in your mind? I was saying I tell people lay down on the floor, get on the carpet, or a yoga mat. Cross your hands over your heart, or just lay a hand on your heart in your belly and take a deep breath. If you’re home right now, nothing stopping you from doing that right as you listen to me. Being very present and very still, and also breathing and receiving.

Sometimes I was saying in the session, people will be in such an intense way. I’ll say let’s do it right now. Put your hand on your heart, hug yourself. Do it right now. I’ll wait. Come on, you’re not doing it. Like I’ve learned. That’s what I can do for you is to be the friend who actually cares. Love you through this period and help you choose to be loving to yourself. Sometimes I’ll say let’s get on the floor. We’ll both sit on the floor and bring How often do you really let yourself do that? I, you know, I gotta be honest, I have a lot of friends who are very amazing spiritual papers. And they’re not all doing this. You know, a lot of us are reading books and receiving information but we’re not taking the pause to breathe and rest. And I encourage this have even two minutes is huge. So let’s take that deep breath and think about being inspired. of spirit not inspired to get a bunch of shift done, not inspired, to do more. Not that inspired to be to allow spirit in to allow your highest Self in you to be aware of what you need in this time, what support love assistance, encouragement, hugs you are needing now. Allow that space for change, allow that space of change to be present with you, you know? And honestly from there, you can ask, what do I need? What do I need? What do I need? Those of us who really battle with ego stories. And I put myself in that category there. So if you raise your hand just now you’re not the only one I’m raising my hand to. When we find it challenging to see clearly. Even when we want to, we say we want to and then life takes its turn and there’s all this stuff going on and you just can’t keep up. It could start with like too many phone calls or too many text messages or Too many of your kids needing too many things, you know, whatever it hits. So we slow down and let ourselves practice quieting the ego, quieting the mind, helping ourselves, just be quiet and receive and be and breathe. And here we are now this feeling feels already so different. So if there are things you struggle with, if there are things if you find it challenging, you know, one of the most common things I hear is the way we judge ourselves when we’re not having a good day when we’re not in the Happy, Happy Joy, joy space, and I said that with sarcasm If it’s a hard day, it’s okay. If you find yourself you know in that place where the shadows are calling to you, they’re having this Don’t let yourself get so bunched up. There’s a moment there’s an opening, there’s a window somehow. There is a space there before it really gets rolling. Take your time. Lay down, hold your heart and breathe. Hold your heart and breathe. Hold your heart and breathe. Were you ever made to feel like you’re bad because you were not in a good mood.

Your paudi are in bad mood, you know, were you ever made to feel like you were doing something wrong or you were inconveniencing people. Think about how this is for you and you will have an answer to why it’s difficult today. might seem trite, but it’s not. For me, what I’m learning to work on around my own suffering around my own life when I get down or stress is what are you here to show me? What are you here to teach me? Because the real relationship with our suffering with our ego is about waking up. It’s about healing and coming into the new the unknown going on. allowing yourself to move into the unknown to expand, you know, normally our reaction is such that where it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. When did we take on the belief that there should never be suffering? That there’s something wrong? What if suffering is inherent? You know, suffering is part of the growth cycle of so many things. I can give you example after example. And lots of cliche use the butterfly, you know the caterpillar and the butterfly. birthing. But the biggest thing is just allowing yourself allowing yourself to feel it, allowing yourself to receive it. allowing yourself to trust that all is well. Exactly as this is now. Learning to be is everything learning to be is caring for yourself. It’s caring. So as you look over the landscape of your life, your experience right now and by the way, my art journaling, painting artsy friends, it’ll be fun to kind of even draw this out wouldn’t it? paint the landscape paint an aerial view from an airplane kind of a view of your lay it out. You can even just do it. Imagine in your mind if you lay on your yoga mat. Imagine yourself If, if there are things you look at that landscape, look at that experience of your life, how it’s been for you, if you really do this, if you don’t do this because you’re afraid to do this, you know what I mean? Just remember, you are free, you are free, nothing is permanent, nothing is permanent. You are free to change. What you don’t like, you are free to change. What feels inefficient? What feels Bill’s not supportive? You are free to change. But you’ll only know if you do it. You’ll only know if you look at it. You’ll only know if you be with it. You know, that’s a bang. How would you lovingly change what you see really let yourself play and explore. You know, if you say you’re too busy, or you say, you don’t have space, to say you don’t have privacy, you say your family on that or leave you alone. So you can do these things. Just know. Those are more excuses set up to prevent you from exploring your own healing and your own growth. So we have to be the sort of mix of courageous, brave and also just tough because ego is always trying to get in there and screw things. screw things up for us.

Every single one of us has light inside. Every single one of us is created in the image of God and we’re connected to guide to that source of light to that creative impulse that This whole place we call the world, the universe, the multiverse, whatever, existence, we’re part of that essence. You have light inside of you. And if you decide to dedicate some time to accessing that light, it could be two minutes a day. I promise. okay to go slow. It’s okay to take time. It’s okay to do it fast too, just a little bit because you can’t take it anymore. A lot of us can’t take more than that. The anxiety is so big. So moments of practice, I give you gold stars for them. And I know not everybody will. But so what, who cares? Your way is the right way with this. So take some time and explore. You have light inside you and to access It is to be helped to lovingly look at some of the things you keep doing and allowing maybe their conversations in relationships you have Prezi Prezi schedules anyone? Too many yeses happening. Too much access happening in your in your private life. I don’t know, but you do. So give yourself some presence with yourself. That sounds so good. I’m gonna take a little break and get back on the floor now for a few minutes. That sounds so good. Choosing how we ride in our day, intentionality, it’s everything and you matter so much. Your experience matters so much. You are the most simple In person in your whole world. Yes. Even if you have kids, it’s still the truth. Yes, even if you have somebody who will not survive without you, it’s still the truth. You know, I’m saying, hang in there with you and love you and do this. I’m gonna go take a little more time on the yoga mat mount. And I’ll be back with you in a little bit. Okay, I’m back. Hello. Ah, that was so nice. I really, really hope that you consider doing that. So inspiration today. What about creating a day in your schedule, if you’re really looking at this landscape of your life and considering how you would like it to be intentionally now considered some of the things that don’t necessarily work as well as we’d like them to be loving and kind, observing and asking how you’d like it to be different. My suggestion is to create a day that you call you day. So Robin day for me marry day de, Jen de casa de, Melanie de Tania de, Amy de Josie de Carol de, you know, Patty day, you day.

This can be a whole day, every day of the week, this could be a whole day. This can be a day where you set time aside intentionally to do the things you want to do. Especially those things you’re always thinking about doing and Not having the time or the space, the bandwidth to do. No. The other things that get in the way we create that, even though we don’t mean to, by focusing on it, by continuing to name it, how difficult things are, how challenging it is, we make it harder on ourselves than it has to be. So choosing an intentional day you day where, and it doesn’t have to be a whole day, you know, but for me, I like to have one day a week where I’m allowed to relax and do whatever I want. Where the pace is, my pace where I maybe I go to the beach, I pick up some lunch I pack in a little picnic. As Yogi Bear with say, we’ll take myself a little picnic and go to the beach or the park. work, or whatever it is that you enjoy doing. And it can certainly be things that you don’t seem to have time to get done like folding and organizing and cleaning clutter. That’s fine. You know, it’s not so much about what you do. It’s why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, why you’re choosing this, because you matter, because you’re important because your journey is going, whether you’re intentionally on that right or not, it’s still happening, you know, so what can you do to choose you to make it official, this is my day. And I think of you Mamas and papas out there, especially with young uns, you have people that rely on you and it feel so extra hard to make that space. There are so many challenges around it. And frankly lots of little setups you know where like you don’t have help you don’t have assistance. That’s one I encourage you with all my heart and love to, to look at how could this be different? What if this was easy? What if it was easy? What if it was simple and nourishing and wonderful, and it gave something back to my life that helped everything else flow wonderfully Wow. You know. So that’s the inspiration you day. Pick it, stick to it, honor it and I always love to hear how it’s going for you. And I are ready. I cannot wait for the miracles I know will come because you chose yourself and you set time aside. Now I was talking to a friend the other day and night we had a plan. to chat, and I said, you know, as the day has progressed, I don’t have the space to sit down and chat. Could we move to another day? I think that already is such freedom. You know that, you know, you can be flexible and your friends will get it. And my friend said, Yes, let’s move because today is a day. I’m resting. I’m relaxing. I’m watching movies, I’m napping. Can you imagine it? Give yourself an afternoon to do what you want. And it’s not the same old thing. Now. Lots of us spend time. quote, unquote, relaxing, but it’s not what we’re proud of. You know what I mean? So this is different. This is time you’re choosing. It’s a bit edgy. It feels a bit challenging to take that space for you. You day. Bless you in that. I can’t wait to hear what happens. Yes. I’ve traded my smoothie for some iced tea. Let’s have another sip. Cheers.

This is my favorite raby iced tea. It’s Earl Grey, a little sea salt and roses. And a little bit of calendula flowers Mayer gold medal that’s just calendula, different thing. A little stevia so delicious. So friends, this feels like such a special episode. This is the part where I love to ask you to share it. share it with a friend, mention it in your posts, mention it in your stories, whatever you do forward this on to somebody you care about. I feel like there’s so much light and grace that comes through in these times. And if you’re listening and receiving, I thank you for that because you’re liberating light for others as well. You’re helping change to happen not just in you but in your family in your friends, even in people you don’t know because you are changed. So please share this on. I always welcome a review that’s so helpful. There’s a way to do that right as you’re listening on the podcast. And if it calls to you, you can always support the podcast with a donation. All the links are below. Or you can visit Robin Hallett comm slash 99. So this week’s letter goes out to you Megan, and thank you so much. This was actually a message on Instagram I asked for permission to share here with us. Feeling it dovetailing so beautifully with everything we’ve already been talking about. And friends you know, if you would like me to read a letter for you to offer some light healing perspective, if there’s a topic Want to hear me talk about? You can message me on Instagram at Robin Hallett Facebook, same thing or email me Hello at Robin Hallett calm and all of those links are below here in the show notes. If you’re listening on iTunes you just clicked go to website I think that’s the only link available there and it’ll take you to the links you need. So Megan’s writing about a photo I posted with number one husband. A few days ago we went to the beach with our kids, social distancing beach day. And it was really really nice and relaxing like holiday party day. It was part of a you day experience. Expanded for the whole fam. We had time and the waves time to chit chat. It was so wonderful and when we got home, just the hubby and I we ordered takeout from our favorite taqueria. Is that how you say it? I have the barbacoa tacos, fresh avocado, lettuce, tomato onion, and the most amazing steak. marinated delicious, wonderful but the wonderful Miss was about being with somebody I love. You know where you just work at you really get each other and you celebrate and I do like to share those photos in my stories. So Megan writes, this picture inspires me, makes me hopeful of the future I will have with the man I spend the rest of my life with doing things like you do with your husband and him completely supporting you on anything and everything you do. I am understanding the importance of the alchemy. I am in right now. In my life.

I am truly manifesting the dream I’ve always desired. And seeing your daily posts of what you do throughout the day helps me in so many ways. But most importantly, the possibilities that are available to me because I brought myself to be where I am currently in my life is Wow. I just wanted to share this with you. Also, I have my first clients this past week to woo Megan, fellow lightworker supporting friends on the journey, I celebrate you this beautiful and I thank you for this lovely note a couple things here. We are always creating our experience. We are calling to us. Our experience. We’re crafting it in our minds, we’re naming it in our words. We’re claiming it in our hearts and when we’re intentional with that It is so so so beautiful, isn’t it? When we’re in alignment when we’re in tune when we’re choosing to write the things down and craft the things and take the space and call it in, it’s so, so wonderful. And I also find it super encouraging when things are not going well for me, then I can say, I did that. I created that, you know, because that’s where my focus was, like, calling something difficult or hard or saying there’s no space for me and then you realize this comes true. It is true. It’s not that we’re bad people. It’s not that we’re lazy. Or we’re not doing it right. You know. It’s that we’re intentional creators and we are always creating. Megan writes, I’m understanding the importance of the hour. For me, I am in right now in my life. She uses the word alchemy. You know, this is really so important. How we are creating how we are making manifest by claiming it first in our hearts and minds. You know, it’s everything. And the other thing I wanted to just feed back to all of us, myself included, it’s not always easy to share, things that you love things that you’re proud of. I’m thinking about Episode 62. I believe it was that Jeff and I did together on sacred relationship. And we have to look that up. Yeah, Episode 62 sacred relationship, three wins and hashtag true companion. We did a beautiful episode there together and we talked about our relationship and some of the trials that come through long term commitments and things you you experience together and ways you work it out. It is a beautiful thing. And we are so worthy of love we, we want and I tell you, it’s work sometimes to receive it, to see it right before you and believe it and take it in and allowing ourselves to be supported is really the practice here. Because getting into a relationship, in some ways is easy. It’s the commitment and staying present with one another. That’s really the challenge. For me anyway. I don’t know if anybody else out there can relate

what we desire. Megan says, I’m truly amazed. besting the dreams I’ve always desired. There is no truer statement ever spoken. We are always truly manifesting the dream we desire. And again, that’s the yucky one and the yummy one and it just is, I can’t say it enough we can be intentional and create the world we love or ourselves, we are worthy. We are so very worthy, and Spirit. God your angels, however you like to look at that the creative cosmos is 100% with you, encouraging you, supporting you loving you, as you call things in it saying yes. And so you feel free to name it and claim it the way you want it to be. And you feel free. You know, maybe if you’re taking those moments on the yoga mat, breathe wrestling, looking at the landscape of your life, taking that aerial view of how things have been going, especially since COVID began, especially since the Black Lives movement began and the world moved collectively into this awakening phase and healing phase and manifesting phase and recreating things, you know, these are all things going on. Allow yourself to say, What do you really, really, really really want and then practice being the one this church nearby it’s 6pm in the Clarion bells just began to rain It’s so beautiful. Love it. You know the other night I took an intensive with Paul Selig, and the guides I just saw love his work. And they were talking about this intentional practice of speaking. Understanding, we’re always speaking into the void calling the manifestation forward. And those of us you mentioned the relationship. There’s so many of us who want to be in a sustaining love. wonderful relationship where we feel like we’re met, we’re held well received and we’re not alone. And it becomes so important to allow ourselves permission to look at how am I asking for that with the one hand and with the other hand, pushing it away. I’m open to seeing that Myself, I do this in lots of places, this is probably why I can articulate it Well, right now. Do a little searching and you will find the part of you that is saying I want to be in a sacred relationships. And then the other part that’s like afraid to be heard again, afraid to be shot down, you know, afraid to be turned down, afraid to be betrayed, afraid to be to risk your heart. And this is just as true in friendships. Am I right? I’m sort of in that phase right now making some new friends and I feel this thing happening for me as well. So I’m really looking at it. Really looking at this in myself, and I hope that you will, too. So Megan, I’m so glad to know that this picture inspires To and may be hopeful of your future, you will have the relationship you choose. And if it is to spend the rest of your life with one beautiful soul who gets you and loves you and supports you completely in your uniqueness. I celebrate that with you. I definitely know you are worthy. Looking at your beautiful soul right now you are worthy and friends, everyone This feels resonant for even if it’s not about relationship, let’s do this right. Let’s call this in together. Now. I have my little bell here. I’m not gonna light the candle because it’s 93 degrees up here. But let’s bring the bell and

I want you to really allow yourself in this moment, to name it as boldly as you can. What is it you’ve been longing to call in? What is it you’re ready to receive now?

Did you say it? Did you think of it? There we go.

In this moment now, I thank you beautiful soul for this awareness for this yearning. I feel it. I receive it. And I am so excited to intentionally call this forward now. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. I receive with the kind of delight and excitement that it already doesn’t even matter if it’s here yet. It feels so good. To see myself receiving, opening and letting it in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So it is

beautiful. Thanks again Megan. I so appreciate it. Especially You know, Friends write to me and they didn’t really know I was gonna ask if I can use it on the podcast but I appreciate your willingness and I can’t wait to hear what comes next. So friends again, hello, Robin Hallett calm. That’s the email. You can write to me there and I would be so honored to share something for you here with our love posse. Yeah, beautiful. Cheers to that. Well, friends, it’s Saturday night. I’m going to use Enjoy a beautiful evening with my beautiful husband. We’re going to play our favorite game called the three things you may know this on the podcast. We didn’t really play it Friday night, but we were kind of busy with our tacos and our family fun. Three things I love about the week and one thing I love about you, and sometimes I replay three things I loved about you. And one thing I loved about my week, so I hope you if you have tried that, I hope you’ll keep going with it. It’s such a beautiful way to acknowledge all the beauty and flow in your life now, and to share with somebody you love. This could be a friend, this could be your kiddo. You could just do it by yourself. A journaling exercise a beautiful way to reflect back and honor all that you do all that you are and the beauty that’s yet to come. So I wish you all the best Good to see you here again next week or in a few minutes if you’re listening to more than one. You’re amazing. You’re beautiful and thank you for riding with me. This is me Robin heart sparkler Hallett. I will see you again very very soon. Bye bye


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