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Proud of You, Starting Now

How to feel proud of yourself Proud of You, Starting Now

Happy New Year, beloved,

I’m sending love and a hug and high fives for our collective launch into 2019!

This is that time of year when we tend to look backward and forward and for some of us, the energy can get a bit weird. It can feel disappointing to be here where we are noticing what we do. It can feel like there’s still so very far to go. I’ve gotten many emails and messages from friends here in our Love Posse about that this week. If that’s you too, this message is for you.

Today is day one of being proud of you.

Starting now, you have your own back.

You are showing up courageously, loving yourself and making the moves to honor your inner being.

Scary as it could be, you will honor what it’s asking of you.

You’re not looking back shaming yourself or lamenting what didn’t happen but you are choosing to be proud of yourself starting now, which means making new moves.

You’re releasing the wrong-fits and misfires of last year and loving what’s good about now and all the more to come.

Loving the one you see in the mirror. Practicing at it – no excuses!

Instead of seeing what used to be and what came before, we choose now and all excitement ahead.

And whatever it takes to be in alignment with what we say we’re wanting? ‘Proud of you, starting now’ means we will do it.

How to feel proud of yourself Proud of You, Starting Now

I have always measured my progress by whether or not I feel proud of me.

Proud is just a word, it means different things to different people… to me it’s a state of being. It means I am showing up for me, as me, present and accounted for with an open heart loving myself and listening to the whispers of my heart and having the courage to follow.

I am following. Will you follow too? It can be gentle and easy. We can choose.

Sending so much love to you. Be proud of you, starting now.


How to feel proud of yourself Proud of You, Starting Now

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