Do What You Love, Love What You Do

do what you love love what you do by robin hallett

I have always loved the saying, Do what you love, and love what you do.

It makes me think of my dad who used to say, “Robin, don’t do anything unless you feel like doing it…not even the vacuuming! Wait for the natural interest to arise and then let yourself seize the opportunity.”

In terms of a philosophy, that’s a pretty great one. I always have choices. I will choose the thing that excites me and lights me up. And if I must do something that I don’t want to do, something I don’t exactly love, I will bring myself into a state of being that is better than one that vibes: I absolutely hate this… poor me… my life sucks… everything sucks!

Do what you love means I will be intentional in all areas of my life.

The inner and the outer.

I will choose to give my energy to the places that feel like a YES to my heart.

I won’t wallow, I won’t pity, I won’t complain. After all, I am not a martyr nor am I the victim in my life, I am the star!

I will choose alignment with vibes like joy and peace and kindness. I will choose to move in the direction of love and delight. I’ll leave sparkles in my wake, and up ahead I will grab for more. 🙂

OK, I KNOW that sounded very cheesy! And yet, that’s really my way. Honestly, I’d rather sound cheesy or dorky to you than spend any of my precious time being a grump-a-dump.  

I mean, why in the heck would I argue for anything else? I have no interest in wearing my cloak of upset around like a precious treasure. I want every day to be sacred because it is! And wherever I go, I want to contribute light, or at least not create a deficit for the people I am sharing space with.

For sure, I know all about those 3am sweaty wakeups…I know all about the inner booger, I know something about dragons and anxiety and depression and other hard stuff like loss of loved ones and bad breakups and financial hardship, and illness and people who should truly be loved from afar…life has put me through a rigorous boot camp. I am road tested, baby! Just like you, I’m sure. AND…yes, I will choose intentionally to love what I do, period.

As it comes to my inner state of being, I will choose to process my emotions with the intention of transformation, to allow myself to move into a space of alignment with my heart and light. I will not stay in Shitzville for long. I will make space for what is happening, yes, but I won’t stay in this place longer than is necessary. Not because I am afraid, not because I can’t handle it–but because I choose to be intentional with my heart and my awakening.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do

It reminds me of the saying, like attracts like’ and this is very true as it comes to attracting what is a match to the energy I’m giving out. It’s all connected.

If you choose to beat yourself up or hate what you’re doing or operate in a poor-me-my-life-sucks mode, it’s a problem. If you allow yourself to choose things not from a place of love but from a place of obligation, duty, annoyance, victim, or anger, it’s a problem. You are kneeling at the altar of crap, praying for more when you do this.

Honoring what you love also means you will be kind and gentle.

You will practice good self care. You won’t run your energy on fumes, and bend over backwards in all kinds of inappropriate stances for others. You will take good care of yourself. Are you doing that?

I will love what I do, I will do what I love.

Not what earns the most money for the sake of earning money or what makes me famous or even popular for the sake of that.

Because guess what? That stuff won’t make you happy because it’s not aligned with your heart. True, many people who do what they love earn a lot of money. But they are honoring what they love first, NOT the money first. See?

They honor what they love. They do what they love. The money follows. The fame follows. The popularity follows. The bookings follow. The sales follow. Are you hearing me?!

When we are so driven by the energy of achieving, we automatically receive a boogery bonus of envy, greed, jealousy, need, want, lack, despair. Some form of that yuk-yuk energy is always riding shotgun when we follow our ego hunger for success. We surely don’t mean to carry this energy along, right?

Stop keeping up for the sake of keeping up.

Stop following people who seem to generate this kind of energy for you.



Do What You Love, Love What You Do
From the New Yorker Magazine Published January 9, 2017 Artist: Roz Chast

If you honor what you love, and love what you do, the goodies will follow, I promise.

Have I told you my Three Things Philosophy before? Here it is in a nutshell,

1. Spirit gave you an extraordinary gift. You are the only YOU in the entire universe!

2. Make a commitment to honor this. ALWAYS. 

3. Abundance in all its glorious forms is yours in return.

As long as you allow who you truly are (love!) to be what drives you forward (love!), LOVE will always be your return in all its many forms. ALWAYS, in all ways.

That’s the fact.

Count on it.


Do what you love and love what you do.

Think of all the places you can apply this in your life. Relationships. Work. Social media. Exercise. Art. Laundry. Showering. Brushing your teeth! All the Yesses and Nos in a day, whoa baby! This is gonna be so good!

Let yourself be in the receiving mode of this today.

Be intentional with your choices today

Be awake inside your thinking today.

Life is precious and all we have is now. Let’s make it the best now we have. Let’s make it a now we love. A now we choose.

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.” — Ray Bradbury


Do What You Love, Love What You Do

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