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How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light // Tea With Robin Episode 74

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How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light

  This week, on Tea with Robin, I’m discussing the old familiar story we tell about ourselves and how oftentimes the real shift we’re seeking is to decide to set the story down. There comes a time where we see that we need to access the assistance of a higher source and release the pattern of attempting to do everything for ourselves. Are we open and willing to receive support? This week’s inspiration is a poem from Juan Ramon Jimenez and our letter comes from a friend who’s wondering how… …Read More »

The Journey

Proud of You, Starting Now

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How to feel proud of yourself Proud of You, Starting Now

Happy New Year, beloved, I’m sending love and a hug and high fives for our collective launch into 2019! This is that time of year when we tend to look backward and forward and for some of us, the energy can get a bit weird. It can feel disappointing to be here where we are noticing what we do. It can feel like there’s still so very far to go. I’ve gotten many emails and messages from friends here in our Love Posse about that this week. If that’s you… …Read More »

Intuitive Healing

On Loving Yourself Enough to Leave the Surface of Things

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you can trust your journey

Most of my life I was trained to believe that my basic goodness was tied to my outer appearance. It was my face, my hair, and the number on the scale that determined whether or not I was acceptable, worthy. The clothes I wore held the power to determine if I belonged or would be shunned. Later, my earthly credentials began to factor in–the bigger my degree, the better my standing. Later still, it was my car, my house, my bank account that guaranteed my security. I was trapped on… …Read More »