How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light // Tea With Robin Episode 74

How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light


This week, on Tea with Robin, I’m discussing the old familiar story we tell about ourselves and how oftentimes the real shift we’re seeking is to decide to set the story down. There comes a time where we see that we need to access the assistance of a higher source and release the pattern of attempting to do everything for ourselves. Are we open and willing to receive support? This week’s inspiration is a poem from Juan Ramon Jimenez and our letter comes from a friend who’s wondering how to practice receiving the light. Come grab a cuppa yum yum and meet me here:

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My notes from this show:

5:30 Today’s message is continuing on a bit from last week, episode 73 For some of us, the shift we’re seeking is to decide to set the upset we’ve been struggling with down and allow ourselves to be helped by a higher power.

8:30 There comes a time where we see that we need to access the Light and ask for assistance, to release the pattern of attempting to do everything for ourselves and be open and willing to receive support.

10:30 Help me to do this differently. Above all else, I want to see.

11:18 A tiny opening, the crack where the light gets in. A tiny sliver of an opening, if we could just put down our story. If we could say, I am more than just this consciousness in this lifetime who suffered trauma and abuse. The suffering leaves tiny tendrils, little pieces to be healed. Life is always bringing us opportunities to do that work. How would it be to see it that way? We don’t need to go into the old story again. Our consciousness is so much more than this one little body, or this one little girl who was harmed, I am not just helpless and unable to protect myself now. I can stand and be in my full awareness, and do this differently. Because anywhere I want to direct my focus, I can do that – so do I want to be powerless, abused, so messed up – do I wanna be her? Or do I want to remember and access my Light, my power, and access the consciousness creating worlds? Do I wanna say help me direct my focus, or not?

I’m done directing my light on my old terrible stories.

15:30 Repetitive issues, energies that revisit us, roots back to the early times of childhood and today opportunities to do it differently. We can be done saying it’s never gonna get better, or healed. I am willing to stay in my Light and be in the flow instead of thinking I have to do it all by myself.

18:30 Practice people who come and help you move through these things. How would it be to see them as that? They are Dark Angels coming to help you wake up. Nervous system.

The inner light never takes a break and never goes on holiday, but we can forget to access it. Do we want to continue to be these hurt broken down ashamed afraid peeps or do we want to remember there is this light and we want to access it and all we have to do is set the story down and take a little breather and choose again.

Always we can be grateful for the Big Ticket Items in our lives which bring us the practice and reminder to choose for freedom.

Inspiration: Juan Ramón Jiménez poem, “I Am Not I”

I am not I.
I am this one
walking beside me whom I do not see,
whom at times I manage to visit,
and whom at other times I forget;
who remains calm and silent while I talk,
and forgives, gently, when I hate,
who walks where I am not,
who will remain standing when I die.

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How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light

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⭐A Course in Miracles Quotes:

ACIM lesson 27 Above all else I want to see.

ACIM Wkbk Part II 13. 2. A miracle contains the gift of grace, for it is given and received as one. And thus it illustrates the law of truth the world does not obey, because it fails entirely to understand its ways. A miracle inverts perception which was upside down before, and thus it ends the strange distortions that were manifest. Now is perception open to the truth. Now is forgiveness seen as justified.

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Austin Powers, Doctor Evil

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How to Stop Telling Your Old Stories and Invite the Light

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin, Robin Hallett intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin Hallett calm. And this is Tea with Robin. On today’s episode, finding the tiny sliver that really really matters. Instead of telling the story that is old and dusty, there’s no more juice in it plus some poetry from one Ramon humanists, and we’ll have a letter from hashtag finding the light. All this and more. come grab a cup of young young and meet me here. Well, hello, beautiful friend. is me, Robin, your heart sparkling pal on this journey. Welcome back to the podcast, Episode 74. And if you’re new here, hello. It is me Robin. Thanks for Being here and please give a big hug to ever told you about this podcast. So glad you’re here. So my friend, how are you today? How is the weather in your heart? Always it’s my prayer that you are being loving with yourself. And today especially I want to say that you are slowing down, slowing down and being present in this moment now, not plotting or hatching, another scheme, hatching another plan. But just being here now, letting yourself relax and breathe and be here. So good. We could practice that a little more, he asked me over here is one of those winter lab Gray days. The next 15 days it’s going to be gray in Chicago, according to the weather channel, and you know anything can happen. I like to look at the sky and call it lavender because it really does remind me of a beautiful purple color and inside the house I just take extra measures to make it special and beautiful. And it’s a great opportunity for me to work on the story of no sun. That seems like a thing. Not just with me, like in the world to be without sun. So I’m practicing and it is very cozy and beautiful. Here I’m looking at a gorgeous bright big yellow flower and lit candles and a beautiful altar. I always make a gorgeous altar here on my desk for when I’m working and I worked this morning I had a bunch of online Healing Sessions this morning and This afternoon so it feels cozy and beautiful here. Yeah. So the weather in my heart feels good. I have been working through some things and I’m going to talk to you about this coming up. So I’ve been working on some things in my old familiar patterns, my old familiar stories, my stories about chat, my stories of my own healing journey. I’ve been working on things. And it feels good to say to the best of my ability, I’m living in a new place with so many of the old stuff, things, that stuff things, but it’s also felt a little bit challenging. So I’ve been doing what I can to get out and take a walk every single day. So I also took a big walk today, and I’m clumping along in the snow listening to music always helpful for me, and I have to clamp along In the snow because the patch are so icy apparently right as we were getting back from Italy, we had a ton of snow. Then it warmed up and it rained a bunch and we still have all this ice down. It’s been two weeks when this comes out so, clamp and along in the style, trying to keep my my vibes and a place where I choose them to be which is alive, joyful, excited, but also just at peace. You know, you don’t always thinking we don’t always have to just be happy, happy Joy, joy. Peace and ease are great too. So, Big Question of the day. Did you bring a couple young men did yeah. I just went downstairs and made myself a cup of Earl Grey. Got it right here. Earl Grey sea salt,

a splash of heavy whipping cream and some stevia. I hope you brought something yummy and delicious too. And I want to say cheers. And here is to us seeing things differently. Be willing to see it differently. Here’s the US being willing to accept miracles tears. That is really good boy. Yum yum yum. Want to say a special shout out to my friend roke rogue. I appreciate the beautiful note you sent me and for sharing this journey with me. And I’m so glad we ride together tears. So, today, I want to continue You on a little bit of some things I said to you last week. And don’t worry if you haven’t heard last week yet you can go backwards. I feel like it’s, it’s all perfect timing, just hang out with me here. And it’ll be all right. I was saying, for some of us, the shift we’re seeking, the miracle we’re really, really looking for is to actually decide to make a decision to draw a line in the sand and say, this thing I have been struggling with dealing with working on chewing on working on since kindergarten and before and I’m talking about me here and I’m talking about you. Because I think we can see there’s a common denominator story that’s been lingering for us since forever. So this thing we’re seeking the shift, we’re seeking It’s decide, you know, it’s not another therapy session, I need to work on this issue again, on how stuck I am or how broken I am or how screwed up I am. It’s not another healing session to, you know, clear out my energy field one more time, or assess my chakras and clear out the blockages around this issue one more time. It’s not about another self help book, for mental insights about why we’re so dang stuck. There comes a time where if you don’t want to be struggling with this issue, you have to do something so different. It kind of takes a leap of faith and it and so for some of us, the time has come to set all of the old ways down and become willing to claim our light to step into our awareness that we are Light Sparkler. We are spirit in the body and to be willing to practice that to be willing to stay in that to be willing to try to figure out what the heck that even means and how to apply it to this issue. My issue or your issue, you know, this issue meaning the thing we often find ourselves struggling, like, you and I are here together clearly, we’re spiritual beings on a journey in the body, but we have some kind of connection with the divine or we wouldn’t be here, here like me and you together on this podcast are connected where we connect You believe I believe I know, you know. So there comes a time where we’ve got to start to access that light and say, help me. If you’re, if you’re willing or even willing to be willing. Then what we need to start doing is they help me do this differently because my way isn’t working. My way is to take it all back inside my my mind and my heart and struggle, and think about it some more and then be hard on myself. And if you can relate to that process, then you probably have found those moments where in your own quiet desperation of

noticing your problem and noticing your problem and noticing your problem, you eventually come to the story that goes something like, how am I ever gonna stop being so screwed up, you know. So that’s how it kind of manifests for me keeping that story rolling that I’ve got this problem, there’s this pattern, it’s never going to get better. But at the same time, my unconscious tendency and see how this is for you, because you probably have something very similar that you do. But my unconscious tendency is to keep it suck it all back in and keep it all to myself and it’s like you we keep holding it. What we need to do is set it down and ask for help open ourselves to something a power greater than ourselves or open ourselves to a trusted friend and and say help me What do you see help me do this differently because everything I keep trying to do is now working How is this for you? Are you connecting some dots today? You know, I find that this is a very This is something I see in other people in sessions. And, you know, I said I say to myself, I love to come here and talk to you about it. But I’ve had a lot of sessions this week where this was the topic, and I probably sounded a bit tough, but I was like, This is what we always do, we come to this place, and then we analyze and discuss your problem. And then we get into it some more. And we get into it some more and then you kind of explain why you’re wired that way and you get into the history of the stories. It’s kind of like we’re missing there’s a tiny opening a tiny sliver. What it is Leonard Cohen thing, there’s a crack in everything. And that’s how the light gets in. You know? So yeah, I felt a little like a ballbuster this week because when those old stories came knocking, I was like Did you ever see Austin Powers? When was it Dr. Evil, said his name Dr. Evil, you’d be like a bit. I have to do that a few times because I really thought I do. I want to do this session differently. I want to be willing to let go of my old stories and session that I’m not a good healer. I’m not kind and loving. If I cut you off, while you’re in the middle of telling me the story for the hundred and 80th time. So there’s this tiny sliver Have an opening where we can start to say, Hey, I come from the light. I am light. My consciousness is more than just this body in this lifetime. who suffered. I’m going to take me as the example a lot of abuse as a kid. And you know, I’m sure just like you the stuff we’ve been through. It leaves, lingering tendrils, little pieces, asking to be healed. And that work is always going on. And life is always bringing us opportunities. You know? That’s why today is so important. This conversation is so important. So think of your own stuff. As I talk about me, okay so here I am that’s that’s me and here’s my old story that comes a knockin. And it’s like, we get afraid I was telling you this last week I get scared. I there are certain people who can frighten me. I don’t need to go into the old story again, I can say I am light and my consciousness is so much more than this one body. Or that this one little girl who was harmed. I am not just helpless and unable to protect myself now. I can I you know what I’m saying I can stand

and be in my full awareness and do this differently.

Because anywhere I want to direct my focus, if I want to feel connected to my fear and tell the story again about how I was abused and harmed. You know, I can do that. But for me for me on my journey, it’s, I’m past that point now and telling that story again. It’s not serving me. It’s holding me back. It’s holding me down and it’s also inviting old energies to revisit me. Because I’m directing my focus there. And my light my awareness comes with me. It’s not judging me, it’s going with me. So do I want to be powerless, abused, powerless to change, powerless, broken, so messed up? Do I want to be her? Or do I want to remember my light my power Access the consciousness, the energy that creates worlds, you know, that creates universes multiverses do I want to say Help me Help me direct my focus. I’m done directing my light on my old terrible stories. I’m done. When I wake up in the night and I was up at 4am this morning for two hours, my mind was on some of this stuff for me what moves I’ve been making to deal with some of those repetitive issues that you know how it is for you. Like I say, since we were probably five years old, there are certain energies that revisit us, even as adults today that are connected. They have roots back to those early times. And here comes one more opportunity to practice doing it differently and I’m done. directing my life. How helpless I am or how I’m never going to get better. It’s never going to be over. It’s never going to be healed by I’m not I’m done. I’m done. And that’s I’m happy, I’m excited. I feel excited. And I am willing to claim my light and to stay in my awareness as a Light Sparkler to be in the flow to be in the flow instead of planning and strategizing. And like I was saying at the top of the this essay, I needed another book, I need another self help thing I need to go in and get my chakras cleared because clearly, you know, I haven’t all the abuse hasn’t been eradicated out of this, this body this nervous system this mind now I’m willing to be in the flow. And not strategized plan. I’m just gonna see here it is again. And I’m willing to allow spirit to move me. Help me, help me with this. Help me. transmute this old stuff and see this differently helped me be that conscious awareness that can do that. And so when I woke up in the middle of the night, I woke up at four and I’ll tell you, like, you probably will recognize that there comes a time where maybe you go through some practices, practice people practice situations where you feel called inspired to stand up for yourself to stand up to speak up, to take an action that that might feel scary might feel in some way via Went to your system because you stood up and said no. Or you stood up and said, not one more time, or this isn’t right or this isn’t working for me. So I had done something like that this yesterday and was like that my nervous system was freaking out. And when I woke up in the night I said, Hey, I’m willing to stay in my awareness. Thank you for this miracle.

And the Course of Miracles calls a miracle a shift in perception, a shift in our awareness. Thank you, you know that I even remembering in this moment that this guilt I’m feeling this fear and feeling this feeling like I’ve harmed someone else because I set a boundary for myself. It’s a standard standard in a way as how we can interpret to Doing healthy things to honor ourselves. If you’ve had that experience growing up, where up is down, and backwards and forwards somehow, like things are always topsy turvy in the in the cookie household like mine. I’m still working it out to where I feel very mixed up about what I’m doing and what I did and how I set it. And so I just keep coming back to the practice. Thank you for this miracle. Thank you for my knowing I can be in flow and do nothing. I need do nothing. Thank you. Thank you. It helps, it works. It’s effective. It works for me. And that’s a lot of the work we did this week. It’s Hi Hi friends. If If you and I were together you you will know this that we worked on this together to It’s powerful. It’s like somebody put a light on me. We don’t have to talk about this again in this way. Let’s take it to the next place. How do you want to do this differently? Most people would say to me, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is I just tell the story I need to tell you, I feel like I need to tell you what happened, and then tell you what they did. And then I’ll tell you what I need to do. And then we’ll come up with another strategy. And what I’m talking about is going beyond that place. One way or another, grabbing that, because you catch it that this is not really helping you advance beyond this place. If this is resonating, if you’re getting it if you’re like yes, I don’t know I tell the old story, I don’t want to swirl in the old feelings. And the only thing you need to learn how to do in this moment is to pause and make a new choice. Maybe like me, you will start saying, I’m willing to do this differently. I’m willing to drop this. I’m willing to stop right here and say, I’m not going into this story again. That was me at four. I was like, gosh, you feeling a lot of feelings? Feeling guilty. You know, when you just chop somebody’s arm off? Or? No, let’s not go into it one more time. How can I help you do this differently? That upset and your same old answer is not fruitful anymore. Leonard Cohen I was telling you about that song a little while ago the crack where the light gets in. He says give up your perfect offering. Give up your perfect offering, for me means stop trying to be in control. Stop trying to look for the fix the perfect fix. Understand there’s a crack. You don’t have to pave it. You shouldn’t caulk it. You shouldn’t so it shut. It shouldn’t feel it shouldn’t stuff it with insulation. Let it be that’s the crack where the light is going to get in. The light is going to help you release this. Go beyond this to come into union with your highest self union with your divine mind your divine heart union with all that is union with the divine with God, whatever you like to look at that as

all the fixing and strategizing and thinking about it and I don’t know, you’re like me sometimes you’ll phone a friend on a friend and then you’re like, Hi. Okay, so this thing happened and did it other than that it did it and then they’re like, Oh, well, that it up does it have it and then you’re like, Okay, did I do you think I did the right thing? And they’re like, absolutely because that it have it up there. But at some point, something will come up and you don’t feel better. Even if your friend reassures you. You go away going tonight, but did i did i do the right thing? Did they really, really mean? I did. raping, but they said that one thing they said, they said that thing that I that I should have done, they’re thinking I should have done this, you know, it’s like terrible, it doesn’t get better. So there comes a time where we just give up our perfect offering, we give up our way of trying to make it all better. And we choose to receive help in the form of, I’m not going to struggle strategize, I’m going to be in the flow. I’m going to allow the assistance to come. If you could see, the light, the I call them sparkles, the love, the energy, the essence all around us all the time standing, willing and ready to be of assistance to remind you support you to encourage you, we’d be blown away. Every now and then I get a glimmer of that. And it leaves me altered for days. I and I and then at some point I forgot again, you know, Sophie forget to that’s, I guess we’re in the good boat together. It’s all right. But, you know when we’re in that place of union, it does feel like everything’s all right. Even if there are horrible Harry’s where you have to, you have to do brave and courageous things that are hard for you because of your patterning the theme of your lifetime. And so, for me, valuing myself and standing up for myself, those are things that are sometimes very challenging for me, but I’m doing it Taking care of me, loving me in a new way. When we go into that place of forgetting what I was just talking about forgetting and scared and up at night. That’s us in a place of separation. You’ve probably heard this term before when we’re separate from the light of spirit. Separate from our vortex, as Abraham Hicks would call it. We’re not in the vortex. We’re out of the vortex. We’re in separation, the Course of Miracles calls that we’ve edged God out as Wayne Dyer used to call the ego. We’re in the pain body. That’s what like Eckhart Tolle he would talk about. So we’re in a place of separation. And that’s why it feels crummy. It feels crummy because we’re not united with spirit. We’re not connected. To our, the inner light, it’s always on the inner light is always on inside you never goes out. It’s never extinguished. It never turns off and never gets on holiday never takes a break. But you and I, we go into separation. And then it’s like we don’t know we don’t remember we can’t feel it. We can’t tell. And that’s why it hurts and that’s why it’s hard. And that’s why it’s challenging. So you know, this is my love bombed us today. Do we want to continue to be for lack of a better way of saying it these hurt broken down ashamed, afraid, peeps or do we want Remember, there is this light, and we want to access it. And all we have to do is sit down the story. Take a little breather, take a little pause and choose again.

So that’s my love nugget to you today is just could we take our one big issue or hunger of an issue maybe for you, it’s that nobody gets you. Or your friends are not good, good friends, they’re not good listeners or people take advantage of you or your family doesn’t appreciate you or it’s your illness, your story of being ill. Your story of finances, your story of relationship, your story of I could go on but just insert your story here. This is our practice. If you’re interested in willing, let’s give up our perfect offering. If we had the answer, it would have solved it by now. It just turned 11111 right now on the clock. If we had the perfect answer, it would be poof, fixed. solved. Gone. Right. We wouldn’t be annoyed anymore. We wouldn’t be pissed anymore. We wouldn’t be scared and upset. I wouldn’t be up at 4am worrying if I just was so mean to somebody. For I’m laughing at myself because all I did was Stand up, stand up for myself. Let’s try and get together this week. How would that be to soften in the spirit. Soften into our light, soften into the flow. Slow meaning, I don’t have to have a frigging plan. I don’t have to control this. I can let go and choose union with the light with God with nature. I love nature. You can choose union with nature, that’s all good. It is not all on you. It is not all up to you and you are not the only one who can solve it. offer it up. Give it up. Let’s see what happens. I hope this really made sense. I hope some Gods connected for you today. It feels deep and powerful. For me. I am so grateful for this awareness that has been beginning to come through me that I can share it with you and share it with friends on the journey and apply it in My life and I am feeling a sense of joy. A sense of ease. Like I’ve not known, definitely still moments where I’m picking up the story clearly. But I’m glad how would we practice without a story of fresh, hot ticket item right? However we practice so may not serve you today, beloved. Cheers. So inspiration Today, I wanted to read a poem to you. It’s been a while since I’ve read your poem. And this one, this one came to mind as I was beginning to talk to you today. It’s possible I’ve read it to you before. This is a poem called I am not I buy one, Ramona, humanists, and this is a translation by Robert Bly I am not I, I am this one walking beside me, whom I do not see whom at times I managed to visit and who many other times, I forget who remains calm and silent while I talk and forgives gently, when I hate, who works where I am not who will remain standing when I die.

Beautiful nobody likes to think about the body dying, clearly. But I also wonder if we start with Thinking about ourselves as Not I, you know, we’re this one here, walking with us. We’re more spirit than body. We’re more light than matter. And if you believe that to be true, if you know that to be true, then give yourself some space to draw on that place. in you, there’s a light inside you that cannot be extinguished. That has answers, solutions, pathways for you. avenues, abilities, answers, and they are faster and bigger and all encompassing, in a way that our puny little self could never imagine or anticipate. And so This practice of remembering your spirit and remembering to give up our perfect offering our way of trying to perfect things. It’s everything. Yeah. I love that boom. I am not I so it’s I almost said inspiration again, didn’t I? So this week’s letter I had a really sweet comment on Instagram this week. And as it often happens, do you ever do this you write something, you share something, you say something somewhere and you’re like, wow, that was pretty edgy. Even for me, but this is where I’m at. This is what I know to be true and and stepping in you know, I’m trusting the flow. I’m trusting my light. So friend on the journey that you Deseret suddenly message that I’m going to read. So this goes out to you Deseret and thank you so much. My dearest Robin. You came into my life about four years ago when I was at a place that was so dire and angry, I didn’t know how to receive your gifts. So I started by peeling back one layer at a time. First I focused on my fitness, my self love. And then I got to the hard work of feeling inadequate. And dealing with a tough situation we were in with my stepdaughter. At first I would find myself trying to run away from your content. Like I said, I wasn’t ready, but I kept reading and watching your videos. You were so kind and gentle with me when I would have a question or make a comment. Now, four years later, you posted something that saying to my soul yesterday, you talked about how we can go through many different modalities of healing. But sometimes we get to a point where we just have to set all of that down and step into our light. You said healing is necessary but so is leaving the past alone and letting it be behind us. So what I’m trying to say is thank you, thank you for your consistency for telling me all those years. It’s okay to go slow and let it be what it is. And thank you for telling me to step into the light. If you feel called to, I would love to hear more about how to step into my light because that is something that isn’t talked about a lot. Heart Deseret. Isn’t it amazing how when you make the courageous decision, to not keep telling the old story to and maybe let’s say the story If I was my truest self people wouldn’t understand and they would go fleeing for the hills. I know a lot of us have worried about that. I certainly have worried about that. And it just takes that commitment to put your story down and trust in what you know to be true in your heart and trust, the energy flowing through you in the moment and do it. What did night say? Just do it? I’m glad to know this isn’t like you know, Robin took a left arm and I don’t think she’s ever coming back. So let’s delete this podcast. Let’s delete this YouTube channel. Delete. So

yeah, much. Let’s talk a little more about how you step into your light. A lot of us believe we have to learn how to meditate and become perfect at that you know, perfect our stillness and then we’ll reach the light Thinking of several Course in Miracles, workbook lessons that talked about pushing through the clouds and you know, getting to this place where you finally meet with God. And even that, to me was like kind of long and ridiculous. I think right now we just our light, let’s access our light and your way is the right way. So how would you guide yourself through, I’m going to connect with my light. Now I’m going to connect with that part of me that is sacred and timeless, timeless, yeah, eternal. Let’s make a decision. I’m going to connect that we set aside the things that are disturbances to our peace. You talked about problems, people bring us a practice. That time you were going through, you know exactly what I’m talking About people bring us the practice, people show us relationship reveals to us what our issues are. There we are going through our difficult times and we find ourselves in these repetitive places. And when that when we get a handle on what is that repetitive thing, people don’t respect me. They run me over, they take advantage of me or they don’t get me whatever your your issue is. That’s the thing. You can start to see. This is the channel, I begin to tune into when this stuff happens. And then I’m listening to that channel in my head for a really long time and I could decide to start practicing changing the channel, tuning to the frequency of light and you will know how to do that when you give yourself the pressure Permission to step in. If I were to tell you how to do if I were to instruct you in the way to do it, then I would be telling you what to do and then you would be trying to do my way which is not really the same thing is just contacting your inner being, you know, but just for fun, my way so simple Hello light, I would like to connect with you. It’s a site that you know, another time I might have believed it took a lot of ritual and meditation and chanting but now I’m like, Nope, it’s just, it’s just a light switch. You know, the light is on and I’m going to turn to it. Just like how if I said feel the tip of your nose, you could do that right now. I mean without touching it, right? So I love knowing that you Deseret you hung in there with me all these years and you recognize that maybe you weren’t ready But you also knew there was something here for you. Something was speaking to you through me. And that’s another thing about my when you feel that sense of home, when you feel home with somebody you know or home with what they’re teaching, it’s because the light is being reflected back to you in the way that you can then access yourself. You can see yourself clearly and so this is a good place a good connection. There’s a sense of union, unity, and home. I appreciate how you are saying some of it you didn’t feel ready for but you hung in there and that’s, that’s it. You don’t have to get it all. You don’t have to practice it all. You don’t have to like it all but if you feel home, hang in because eventually surely you will connect Your own light. Sometimes people have said to me, I just love to listen to your voice. And I go to sleep listening to your voice and yeah, your home here, there’s something about it that’s home for you. And that’s important, much less of a reflection about me or how I talk, much more of a reflection about you, and your inner radiance and how, I guess if you’re sleeping to my voice, it’s like a docking station for you. And now you can relax. So that’s beautiful, isn’t it?

And I really honor your journey. I mean, wow, you’re saying you picked somewhere to begin and you began. And I always love that because everything is connected. You’ve probably seen that you talk about fitness. You talk about self care, you talked about self love. You talked about relationship. Have you noticed how it’s the same you and all of those places? So it’s like you’re the common denominator, the way you approach your fitness the way you approach yourself forgiveness work, and I know you’ve been working in that area too. It cannot be. Isn’t it funny how it’s always the same you anywhere you decide to begin on the journey. It helps all the other areas improve. And that’s why for me, it’s like yeah, okay, what else can I What else can I work on? What else can I address? What else can I release? What else can I transform? It’s exciting to hear you saying all of this and asking how to access your life. I’m just basking in that joy with you. It’s wonderful. And it is true. We don’t need another book a self help book. We don’t need another meditation. We don’t need another therapy session. We don’t need to punch the punching bag one more time about the same old thing. You know the same thing that never seems to be changing. When it gets to that point, we can say this is not working. I’m going to set it down. Deseret thank you so much for saying I could share this year and talk to you a bit more and I’m so excited for you and in all, you know, I’m sitting here in awe of you because I love your style warped nature, staying on it, staying with it and continuing making your way into the light into your light accessing your life and every move you’ve made has been leading you toward this moment. So enjoy it. This is for your fun and enjoyment and explore thank you very much for this for this note and friends if I can answer something for you it is just as simple as reaching out to me on messaging social media or email me Hello at Robin Hallett calm. Always love to read, share and reflect light with you. Well friends, if you’ve enjoyed this episode, there are a number of ways you can support the podcast. Did this resonate for you? Is there somewhere you can share this on, post it mention it and other ways to leave a review and I love it. Your reviews, I appreciate that. Lastly, is make a donation to support the work. There’s now a link in the show notes. There’s a link on the website. I appreciate that. Well friends over here, it’s Friday night, and I have the house all to myself. This is a very exciting thing. And it’s late already it’s 8pm. But I am going to go wrap in a blanket and sit outside. There could be a glass of wine in my future and enjoy the evening air. It has been. I said cold and gray but it’s dry and beautiful. And so I think that’s the first thing I’m going to go do to celebrate the weekend and celebrate you and celebrate this light. We share together so This is me, Robin, thank you so much for being here. I know you have tons and tons of choices to listen to and I love that you’re listening here. So I’ll see you next week or in a few minutes. You’ll find me here. It’s me Robin signing off. Bye bye.