For the Strong Ones: It’s Okay to Take Care of Yourself // Tea with Robin Episode 85

We don’t just exist to care for everyone else… we’re not here to be the superhero for everyone else. Doing that comes at a cost.

We don’t just exist to care for everyone else… we’re not here to be the superhero for everyone else. Doing that comes at a cost. We’re on our own journey and it’s very important that we’re here for ourselves first and foremost. As hard as that might be, we need to find the ways to do it.

We need to receive for ourselves and this is the time where we must find a creative way to do it. Allow our needs to be here without fear. Allow your knowing to speak to you.

I encourage us to sit with where do we feel like we might be overriding our own needs. Be kind, courageous, and compassionate in learning to listen to and honor our needs. Trust and know that the loving awareness will arise to greet us.

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For Courage – John O’Donohough

When the light around you lessens

And your thoughts darken until

Your body feels fear turn

Cold as a stone inside

When you find yourself bereft

Of any belief in yourself

And all you unknowingly

Leaned on has fallen

When one voice commands

Your whole heart,

And it is raven dark,

Steady yourself and see

That is is your own thinking

That darkens your world

Search and you will find

A diamond-thought of light,

Know that you are not alone

And that this darkness has purpose

Gradually it will school your eyes

To find the one gift your life requires

Hidden within this night-corner.

Invoke the learning

Of every suffering

You have suffered.

Close your eyes

Gather all the kindling

About your heart

To create one spark.

That is all you need

To nourish the flame

That will cleanse the dark

Of its weight of festered fear.

A new confidence will come alive

To urge you towards higher ground

Where your imagination

Will learn to engage difficulty

As its most rewarding threshold!

by John O’ Donohue


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“I am willing to see things differently” – A Course in Miracles

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Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved it’s me Robin Robin Hallett Intuitive healer and Light Sparkler at Robin And this is Tea with Robin on today’s episode. This one’s for us the Light Sparkler, the strong ones. How are we getting through this time? How are we doing with honoring our needs and taking care of ourselves? You know, we don’t just exist to care for everyone else. Let’s come together today and remember we’re on our own journey and we’re here for ourselves. Our inspiration this week is beautiful poetry from the beloved john O’Donoghue. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag relationship goals. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here.

Well hello there beautiful friend. It is me Robin. Welcome back to the podcast Tea with Robin This is Episode 85. And if you’re here for the first time, Hello, it’s me, Robin. Welcome aboard and Please say a big hello to whoever or however and might I offer my gratitude for however you came to be here today. Thanks for joining us. And welcome to our love policy. You are now part of a special, amazing circle. So my friend, how are you today? How are you doing? I’m recording this on the weekend the day before this air so it’s April 17. How are you coming along in this time? Always my prayer that the weather in your heart is sunny and you’re practicing aligning to that practicing choosing with that Fighting for or fighting against anything else, you know? Just my prayer for you. Over here, the weather in my heart is good. It’s a sunny day in my heart, I have been feeling a little bit tired and wanting to take things a bit more easy. So I’ve been finding ways to allow that to happen and honoring how that is for me. That’s part of what we’re going to talk about coming up just learning how to honor what is here for us as Light Sparkler in our families as Light Sparkler in the world. That’s what you are. That’s what I am learning how to honor us. And so yeah, I’m I’m doing pretty good. Other than feeling a wee bit tired and wanting to Take a little more care of myself today. A little more rusty rest, as I sometimes call it. I’m happy to be here with you. Happy to be here with you. Did you bring a cup of yum yum with you today, I have three things going. I’ve got some Irish breakfast tea. A big one, the big 120 ounce bendy size, mug and sea salt, stevia. The usual it’s just delicious. And then I have this morning’s leftover coffee cold, which I love sometimes when it gets cold and chilly and it tastes extra extra good then. So I’m raising my cup to you. I am choosing us both we are doing amazing things with our hearts with our minds with our intentions. We’re really doing our best and then Celebrate us for that. Cheers.

That is really good. Before I dive into today’s message, I wanted to let you know that every day for the foreseeable future while we’re going through this time, I am gathering with our love posse live on Instagram at 9am Chicago time that central Daylight Time and we meet for about a half hour light, inspiration, love sharing our hearts joining together in the healing and it’s been a very beautiful experience. Those replays go up on YouTube every single day. So if you if it’s easier to catch it there, you can and I also make those available as audio downloads on the website. All the links for that are below in the show notes or you can go to Robin Hallett comm slash 85. Okay. So today, today today today, you know, I want to talk about you being on this journey and this experience that we’re all living through now. I want to talk about how you’re doing and how you’re choosing to honor what you need in this time. I look at us in our policy as the strong ones, the strong ones in our family, the strong ones in our circles, we’re the ones that offer light and healing and inspiration. Everywhere we go. And, you know, one of the byproducts of that, oftentimes is that we forget to love and care for ourselves as tenderly As we would as lovingly as we would for anyone else in our in our circle in our family for if you if you see people in session like I do, you know, there’s just a way we sometimes are guilty of not honoring ourselves as much as everybody else. And personally, I’m finding this is a busier time for me than before our new normal became a thing. I’m doing more, I’m offering more, I’m cooking more, you know, also just that I’m not, I’m not going out. There’s no ordering in for us right now. And there’s just more happening, more conversations, more texts. So in all honesty, I find myself a little bit tired Sometimes, and also at the same time, pushing myself to keep going. And, you know, I don’t like to come here and tell them myself, but the reason I’m doing it is I’m wondering if you are feeling any of the same. And I want to remind us both that we don’t just exist for what we give to other people. We don’t just live to be the cruise director, the cosmic cruise director for everyone else. We don’t just cook and clean and make things nice for our families. We’re on our own journey. We’re on our own journey, and we’re here for ourselves. And it’s very important that we are here for ourselves. First and foremost, as hard as that might be. So today I thought, you know, I would, I would come and talk to us about that a little bit as sometimes I feel worried about talking about stuff like this. You know, I know I bet you can relate to that. It’s like you don’t want to sound like a downer. But it’s not. It’s not a downer. It’s realizing that we’re not here just to be the superhero to everyone else. And doing that comes at a cost. So I support us choosing a vibe for this day and I’m going days every day I pick a word of the day and I follow that energy and today my word is lush, and love that word lush. Sometimes my word is thrive. Sometimes my word is easy. It just depends.

So sometimes it’s it’s been sweet to have a word that really helps me remember, I matter. It’s okay. I can rest, you know. I can enjoy things like taking an Epsom salt bath and Epsom salts soak and, or going for a walk or puttering in the garden and still enjoy doing the things I love to do, which is I do, you know, for me healing, offering healing offering inspiration is pretty integral in my creative system. So, I love to offer light and inspiration. It’s something that makes me really happy and when I know that it’s helping you the key me going in such a powerful way. And you know, that’s an edge. I think for a lot of us, I feel it for a lot of us. It is definitely an edge for me is that I can’t just give the gas out of my own tank without allowing the replenishment to happen as well. So I encourage us to sit with, you know, where do I feel like I might be pushing myself? Where do I feel like I might be overriding my own needs? Where does it seem like, I’m not giving myself enough leeway? Or I just feel like I have no leeway. You know. It’s really important. It’s really important to sit with that and don’t be afraid of the answers. Do you ever find this where it’s like you don’t even want to ask the question because you don’t know how you would live with the answers of what you built what you’re afraid of needing to do as a result. I, I feel it I feel it we are strong enough to sit with the answers that come and learn to love them. There’s a great book by Matt Khan is his name and it’s whatever arises love that. I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to have something arise in you when you sit with how am I doing? And the answer comes, I need some rest. I would like a break. I’m overwhelmed whatever. I tired of this situation, you know, I want this to end whatever it is. I can really understand the field. Have I don’t want to I don’t want to hear it because I don’t know what to do with it. And so, just as a gentle practice, we can learn to love what arises and practice compassion. You don’t have to have an answer today. In fact, if we’re just relying on our own puny little minds, that answer is gonna suck anyway. It’s gonna suck, it’s going to involve some guy, shave your head, quit your job, you know, let everybody down. It’s going to be full of fear. That’s what that’s why we’re afraid to ask because we’ve already heard what the crazy corner in our own heads has to say about it. But learning to be compassionate, learning to be kind, learning to be loving. With that one in us, who is feeling like There are some needs happening that we don’t know how to acknowledge how to honor. That’s the beautiful first step. And that’s really the only step. The loving awareness arises through the process of being willing just to sit with what’s really here for you. When I sit with you, right now, just in this space right now we’re here together listening. I feel truly that there’s nothing you could feel or think, or say that I would feel anything other than loving, kind, encouraging support for you around. And I feel that’s the way spirit looks at us. God looks at us, the Holy Spirit, your angels, your guides, your grandma who passed away, however you want to think of the great beyond, let’s say, and I think we should say goodbye Be like that.

However, that energy looks at you, however, that you know what you consider that to be called. That’s the way that energy looks at you. It just loves and adores you and cherishes you and there’s absolutely nothing you could think or feel or say that would be bad, or unlovable or cause for any kind of upset. That energy just wants to love you and hold you and care for you and help you assist you. And, you know, this is why we need people in our lives, mentors, teachers, people to receive from who are doing their own practice and really in a place of centered centeredness and can witness you from that place of clarity Well, so, you know, this is that time for our own, we need to receive and allow ourselves to be held in whatever ways feel supportive and kind to us. The other day a friend was asking me, how do I make space? I really feel it, you know, I need space, I need space. I have my kids are at home, my husband is at home, you know, there’s a lot going on. And I don’t have my space. There’s this time where normally the kids would go off to school, my husband would go off to work, that kind of thing and you need your space. The answer is you must acknowledge that it’s still a need to have and stay true to that. It’s not about big chunks of time alone on your own anymore, is it but maybe there is a way to weave in some time for yourself. You know, this is, this is the time where you must take that bath by yourself, lock the door, you know you must create that space for yourself. I was telling my friend who was asking me about it, clean out the shoes in the bottom of your closet and put a pillow in there and a blanket and close yourself in or crack the door a little and make that your quiet space. That’s a possibility. But the biggest thing is there’s a need inside being asked for your attendance. And for me, the most important thing is we can’t blow that need off. I feel it too. You know, I’m not really here taking care of my kids or my husband is not now staying home when he wants wasn’t in a lot of ways Things have not shifted very much for us because we both worked from home before and our kids are grown and out of the house. But tell me how this has been for you as a Light Sparkler. I have found that I’ve stepped in more to sharing online doing this live every day and you know, I really I love doing the podcast and keeping things up but also a lot of extra conversations and a day now, sessions and things and I find that I need to do the same thing with myself is I need to build in time where I’m doing nothing time where I’m I literally have to either turn my phone off or tuck it under the couch somewhere, which is sometimes challenging because some of my closest friends are really just just, we’re all virtual now. I have don’t even need to discern them anymore do I? None of us are really together in face to face way. So but you know what I’m saying like you have to make space for you and it’s really good to allow your needs to be known. Without fear. We can do so much more good for ourselves if we can allow our knowing to speak to us. And if your knowing is saying you’re overwhelmed or you need space or whatever it is, you know that your knowing is saying to you some of you have been telling me you just have a lot of second guessing energy going on because this just been a really beautiful time for you and your family so many gifts in this time. And there’s an awareness of guilt around that because or financially you’re fine or and you know, people who aren’t all that stuff. But I tell you what,

None of them carrying those things that obligation or that stress or that worry or the concern or the comparison stuff or the guilty stuff, none of that is serving you. And none of that serves the world. The only energy we can really offer in the world that is of support is love. is light is remembrance of that truest energy. Love. So, taking good care of you, and allowing yourself to be alive, to feel vibrant to feel to feel okay. is really, of service to you and to the world. It really really is so do not miss this today. Don’t miss it today. And if you’re like me and you really enjoy serving you enjoy inspiring you enjoy helping others. I suggest that you I lovingly suggest that you really sit with how much are you doing? And can that be enough? Is that will that and I’m not saying you should be doing more I’m saying a lot of us probably shouldn’t be doing as much as mayor. You know, it needs to be in balance. So are you keeping your eye on that? gas tank gauge and making sure that you’re receiving what you’re giving out? Are we receiving what we’re giving out? I give myself a 80% on that and it’s getting higher all the time. I need to I feel the need to really work on this some more. And I’m really grateful for the awareness that I need to do better with that. So I want to tell you that because I’m wondering if you are having that as well. I notice it in my friends, I’m noticing it with number one husband, we’re all sort of in need of a little bit more care right now. And even if it’s just a these micro awarenesses, that we can soften our shoulders. We can take a breath. And we can allow what wants to be here. What wants to come to our awareness to occur to us. We don’t have to be afraid to know that we are feeling overwhelmed. That’s such a kindness to acknowledge To allow to, to care about doing something for ourselves so that it doesn’t feel that way. And it’s so nice. You know what’s coming to mind for me right now is this feeling like when you think it’s Sunday and you realize it’s actually Saturday and you still have one more day. There’s a feeling like you still have one more day. On your weekend back when we had Aquino. You still have one more day. One more day, that feeling of expansive ease. That’s what we’re looking for. And you know, it’s a kindness to you. And also, let me just say the people in our lives because you are the Light Sparkler usually in your family or to or in your circles, the people in our lives that aren’t quite as clear about what’s going on, you can lovingly encourage them to remind check in on them and remind them in a gentle way, if they seem stressed that it’s okay to take a break. I am so glad for friends who will tell me that who will just check in on me insane thinking about you and they’re genuinely wanting, wanting to add some light and sparkle. You know? It’s a wonderful thing. So if you get the impulse to remind someone that they’re doing a lot and it’s okay to take a break, do it. Just know it’s not your job to police them afterwards. Yeah. not our job to police people. So this time, you know, I know it’s a lot of things for a lot of people and I don’t want to tell you, it’s a wonderful time. If it’s not for you. I definitely don’t want to do that. But one thing I am aware of around this time is,

you know how I say a lot here now is always new. Well, this is a time of new. If there’s ever a time of new, it’s now and you don’t have to, it’s okay. If you want to reevaluate how you do things. It’s okay, if you want to ask some deeper questions. It’s okay. And I encourage you to do that. And even if it’s hard or it’s scary, you can do it. You can do it. And I’m always here to assist you with that, you know, I’m always here and that’s something I would be happy to talk talk with you about, either on our morning live sessions, which are free or a session with me. You know, some of this stuff is just like when have we been here before? I don’t know if I really ever have if some of us have had really traumatic experiences in life, then we have a taste of what this is of what it’s been like on us. Now you could say on a smaller scale, believe it or not, but this is a new time and none of us really has the perfect script for how it’s going to go. So let’s write them for ourselves and be very gentle and loving about how we are and what we need. And again, like I said, you know, when spirit looks at you, there is zero judgment and only love. So if you’re overwhelmed, if you’re feeling like you can’t sustain the pace you’ve been going. It’s okay to let go a little bit. It’s okay to offer that up. I told you last week I started what I’m calling the love jar where I write stuff down and crumble it up and sometimes I put prayers in there. Sometimes I, you know, just offer up my fear or my upset or my overwhelm. And it’s been enormously helpful. So let yourself really receive what you know you need in this time and it’s good. And it’s right and it matters. So that’s the message today for you, my strong friend for you my light sparkling friend. And for me to Robin as well, just reminding myself that it’s so good to love being of service. It’s so good to love being there for everyone else, and we need to know how precious we are. And that’s a constant daily reminder. It’s okay if it is, but let’s do it. Let’s do it. You matter the most, I matter the most that needs to be The truth because it is the truth. So, hope that serves you today. And you know, if you know somebody who could hear this message, I hope you will share this podcast on. We’ve got some great inspiration coming up and a really sweet letter. So stick around for that. But I wanted to say you know if you know somebody that needs this message now, send it along, because I most definitely recognize especially for the women that I I hang with and support. I see it. And I’m just saying we don’t have to be as strong as we think it’s okay to have needs. All right. Cheers.

Thought for today’s inspiration I would read you some poetry. It’s been a while since we’ve shared some poetry together. And this is one that dear friend sent to me a while back and now I want to share it with you. This is from john O’Donoghue and it’s called for courage. When the light around you lessons and your thoughts dark and until your body feels fear, turn cold as a stone inside. When you find yourself bereft of any belief in yourself, and all you unknowingly has fallen. When one voice commands your whole heart, and it is Raven dark, steady yourself and see that it is your own thinking that darkens your world search and you will find a diamond of life Know that you are not alone, and that this darkness has purpose. Gradually it will school your eyes to find the one gift your life requires hidden within this night corner. invoke the learning of every suffering you have suffered. Close your eyes. Gather all the kindling about your heart to create one Spark. That is all you need to nourish the flame that will cleanse the dark of its weight of festered fear. A new confidence will come alive, to urge you towards higher ground where your imagination will learn to engage difficulty as its most rewarding threshold. You know, what can we do about this time We can be with it. We can grieve it, we can be easy about it. But we’re going through it. There’s really no choice about that. And so we owe it to ourselves to work with the thoughts that that are coming in our own hands. And we and to really practice to really be kind and practice receiving, what feels loving what feels supportive, what feels helpful. And to really know like it says we are not alone. And this darkness has a purpose and gradually we will find the gifts hidden within these night corners. We will we will we will

Let us both invoke the learning of every suffering we’ve suffered. There’s we’ve gained so much, we’ve learned so much we’ve gained so much. And

that is for me the spark that he’s talking about, you know, just to know with gratitude and awareness and appreciation that we are going through, and this is going to be okay. And that is the cleanser of this heavy time. It’s just something we’re going to keep practicing so may that serve you, beloved. Here’s to the new Here’s to the threshold yourself. Making our way and we are making our way are we tears?

Today’s letter is such a goodie. It’s such a good one for us now. I don’t know anybody who isn’t feeling some enhanced energy around the relationships they’re in. There are things that are coming up for us, aren’t they? stuff we’re facing stuff we’re dealing with and there’s just more. I feel like there’s more emphasis on intimacy and it also brings forth or highlights, highlights some already their issues. It’s it’s really shining a light on them. So this letter came from a friend in our posse, and I really hate your letters I need I need to say thank you because I feel the vulnerability and the courage it takes to write and send it in and I thank you so much and friends if I can answer a letter for you use the form below this podcast or if this wherever you’re seeing this episode air or right on my website, Robin Hallett calm or you can email me Hello at Robin Hallett calm I am the only one who read your mail. I promise you that is the truth. And I care very much about honoring your feelings and this is a way to provide help and sustenance not only for you, but to everybody here in our policy. So I thank you ahead of time for being willing to share what’s on your heart with all of us. So this letter goes out to you, Magdalena and I thank you. Hello, Robin. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for being such a gift in challenging times. And I mean, not only now in the corona time, but more generally, in times of our own stuff. In times, our heart is heavy, when we’re overwhelmed, or struggling with our feelings. I’m coming then to listen to your podcast, and it’s like a friend’s voice. I call you my spiritual comforter. So you often encourage us to bring our own specific issues if we I think there’s a ghost in the studio today, you guys. So often you encouraged to bring our own specific issues if we’d like to get healing or comfort or more wisdom. Have a topic. I would appreciate to be a podcast episodes topic, maybe someday if you choose. And the topic is being in a tough relationship. And I mean, a marriage, something not quite easily to just let go of when it doesn’t serve you. There are divorces but not for every person. Is that an option? anyway? I mean, maybe you could share some insight here. How could I be with myself in a problematic marriage? How can I take care of myself in the situation where I often feel alone and misunderstood and without connection with the other person? And when that is my dailiness, how can I practice and what can I do being in a draining environment of it all? How to find and keep spark Among this I know now that the corona topics are more current, but maybe you could consider what I brought for some other time. Just an idea in any ways I come listening to you my spiritual comforter every episode. Thank you, Magdalena.

This is a beautiful letter. And if there was ever a relevant time, it’s now and it’s always my friend. I really appreciate you taking the time to send this in. So

I really feel deeply that you are beginning to heal this pattern. You are already In a process of healing, and isn’t it so interesting because sometimes when we’re in this relationship where clearly the other person is problematic to us, they become such a focus for us. They’re on our minds. They’re in our hearts where we’re almost in that moment by moment, recitation of what they’re doing and what is wrong and what the problem is. It’s just such a, it’s consuming so much of our awareness. I look at the two of you as an infinity symbol. So there is most definitely energy feeding in the your partner’s curve and your partner’s curve feeds into yours. So if you just picture this sideways figure eight, there’s energy flowing and rolling and it is in constant motion circ circulating. What you think your partner receives what your partner does you feel you know how this is, you live it, you’re loving it. So, what is so beautiful is that when one person begins to awaken to there has to be a better way, there must be another way there is something I desire and, and courageously acknowledges that in her own heart, and that’s you, my friends, that’s you. You can trust them know that the shift is beginning to happen, truly.

So, I’d love to offer a little support and solace for your heart right now. And you may hear some birdies have just come to the window. They’re looking in on you You know, often I know that birds are God’s Harbinger’s, you know, they’re bringing love. They’re bringing a message of hope and cheerfulness. And just now comes this yellow Finch. Second only the second one I’ve seen this year, just for you, my dear just for you. So I offer this gentle healing, nothing you need to do. anybody listening is free to receive this. Just let your body be easy. Like your belly be soft. Like the cheeks in your face, be relaxed, the nape of your neck, smooth out and we’ll take a deep breath together

in this moment, now Ask for light and healing for Magdalena and her marriage. It’s like the whole neighborhood just began to sing to you. It’s kind of amazing. It’s been so quiet here. The crows are calling it’s all come to life. The dogs are barking. And you know sometimes I think that is the miracle is just let it be. Let it be. So I asked for light and healing for my friends here. Please advance the situation. bring forward what can be addressed for healing for cleansing guide and protect my friends and ask that a new light of awareness dawn even in the darkest coldest corners of the heart, and I thank you. Amen. And the home in Hawaii. Now the practical pieces here

the practical pieces of how do we be with ourselves in a problematic marriage? How do we take care of ourselves in a situation where the awareness is I feel alone and misunderstood and I do not have a connection on the daily that is the suffering mind of the ego is that not that is really what drove me to my knees to bring me to studying the Course in Miracles to try all the things I’ve tried to develop my own practice so many things. So I encourage you To know that this is a party of one, you are a Magdalena party of one and you begin a journey now, today. Go ahead, raise your hands in the air. If you’re willing to accept this mission. anybody listening you can do this with us. I accept. I am on a mission party one, to love, cherish, understand and be connected with myself. I am learning and I’m here to learn how to make this environment. I am in nourishing, enlivening, encouraging, loving for me. I choose now to find and keep my sparkles growing and glowing If you’re up for this challenge, I invite you to take up a practice of art journaling with me. I invite you to take up a practice of the love jar. 84 That was last week’s episode. Listen back to that and take that up with me. I am somebody you know a lot of my life people call me a weirdo. Sometimes you guys call me quirky. Now I’m the spiritual comforter. I love that. Let us then practice together, what works, what heals what helps our hearts? Do the moves that set you free? And these are often the moves that those very ones in our family will make fun of us for. They’ll give us grief. They’ll give us a hard time. But the truth is, what’s truer I wonder who’s already guessed what I’m about to say? Did you guess? They know and admire love what you’re doing. And they wish they had the balls. I said it. I said it, they wish they did to move freely like you do. So in that way, you’re an example you’re a shining light and help her, you’re the Comforter to the very person who’s been so difficult for you. And that is the miracle. That is the miracle. We give it first to ourselves. And then we offer it out to others without really intending to work on anybody because that’s really not our business. That’s God’s business. That’s the other person’s business. But this is what you can do. And in the mornings, look at this episodes aren’t on my website, you can just go to Robin slash 85. I make an episode art image in this This one is a hand drawing of my art journaling this morning and read what the message says there. I write these things to myself. I write these letters to myself, I do the love jar for me. I have a feeling that is wildly awesome, creative, beautiful light sparklers. This is part of the daily experience. And if you really look at the teachers you admire the most, the ones you love, they’re alive, which means they probably have to have a range of emotions they experience. So if that’s you to welcome that as a badge of honor, and wear it proudly and then help yourself. So I love to write art journaling. I love to put lately I’ve been putting my messages in the jar. And I feel free. So that’s one piece. The other piece is possibly to keep studying. If you have things that are helping you keep studying those but often I find we try things that are

not helpful in this time like meditating, long periods of meditation learning to try to somehow check out from how it’s feeling for you. I would suggest a radically different approach like learning to say, fork it to your partner’s behavior, and you know what I mean? When I say fork, right? fork it. I’m gonna think about me, and I’m gonna let them be. I often remind myself that the courtesy extends both ways. The other person is free to be how they are But I am too. And I know that often when somebody is not trained with me, it’s disrespectful. If they tease me, if they’re selfish with me if there can be somewhat abusive with me, I am not honoring myself there. I am often caught in the pattern from my childhood. And I’m not awake to it quite yet. But when you go, you go through enough of the suffering upset, hopefully it wakes you up and you realize the courtesy extends both ways. And you’re free to be however you choose to be, but so am I. And I choose a different way of being from here on out. So I choose to leave the room I choose to hang up the phone it, obviously you’re together, but I’m just giving lots of examples for all of us here. I choose to not return the call. I choose to say no to invitations. I choose to not respond. I choose to choose to stand up. I choose to say, Why are you talking to me like that? Don’t talk to me like that, you know, so I’m inviting you to make some new moves. And at the at the very core of it all you matter the most and this episode was dedicated to honoring us the strong ones, the light sparklers. And that’s you to the day begins now, for you on this new path. We can learn to turn the other cheek and the new way as Jesus taught, you know, turn the other cheek. We can do that in a new way and start to move away from what is not in alignment with what we want to be Create. I have seen the most recalcitrant heart, I have seen the most calloused hearts come to heal. I have seen miracle after miracle after miracle through this practice. So, again, it’s not about working on getting the other person to stop being such a jerk because it’s that direct approach will only make things worse. It’s not about trying to get them to see how they’re hurting you which only heaps more hurt on yourself. It’s about setting yourself free. It’s about deciding from here on out my sparkles on my own. My day is my own. My happiness is my responsibility. And I am up for the challenge. So you know, today, tonight, tomorrow morning, get up with me. Let’s have some tea. Let’s Let’s art journal together, come to the daily lives or come to the replays on YouTube and let’s do this and, you know, if anything, learning to face your fear, learning to push the envelope in a new direction, will bring something to ahead. And I understand if that’s been a scary point, but I promise most of the time 98.76875% of the time. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle what happens because, really, there is a light in every person, even the most difficult challenging one. There’s a light there. There’s a light there, and it wants to be seen. So that’s me, you know when somebody in my life I can’t get away from is in a challenging way. And I’m in a good space I’m practicing. Often it’s about, I’ll just keep being myself, be the light. And you know, sometimes I’ll give a wide berth to the one you know, give them a wide berth, I’ll go off

and do my own thing. I’ll put my headphones on and put my music on. So I hope something in here has been helpful for you today. And I know, for a lot of us listening, this has been helpful. You are not alone in this issue. I am willing to see this differently from the Course in Miracles, pray for a miracle ask for a miracle. In fact, I asked right now for a miracle for these two here, and I thank you so much So friends, now we’ve got airplanes and all kinds of noises The world has really been lively since I started reading this letter. I hope it hasn’t been too much of a distraction for you. And that means another beautiful Episode Episode 85 is in the can. I hope whatever you’re off to do next is filled with joy and light and remembrance of all that we talked about here today. Know that you are held and loved in the most perfect light and that there is always a spiritual comforter around us all. I don’t just mean your friend Robin. I mean the true spiritual comforter. You’re always held, always loved. always surrounded This has been me Robin and I wish you a beautiful week. I’ll see you here again next week, or in a few minutes or on the lives in the mornings. Big Love to You. Bye bye. Life is very short. Let’s make the very most of you are precious. Doo doo doo

doo doo doo doo. We are here to shine and shine bright

you are.

Life is precious

and you

shine like you know.

Really, really. And name and name and name amen

The two words for

you are you are

Thank you

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