You Help by Adding Light

You Help by Adding Light




Hello, sweet friend,

I am sending love and sparkles from my heart to yours. How is the weather in your heart today?

I am noticing that there are a lot of us who feel a mix of joyful, happy, peaceful, easy and even delighted in this time and I can tell that it sometimes causes hiccups for us to be feeling this way.

If it doesn’t feel right to be feeling happy and well just now, I promise it is.

I encourage you to please keep going with your sparkles. Your heart is a healer and you are helping by adding light.

It’s true even if.

Even if there are friends around you who do not feel the same. Even though people are sick and some are dying. Even though life is busy and hectic and we aren’t exactly sure what will happen a month from now. Even though so many of us are working round the clock to save lives and heal hearts and you feel you aren’t doing enough.

All of that may be true and still, you are helping by adding your light.

You are helping by not adding more fear and despair to the energy that’s already swirling out there.

You help by keeping your own energy clear and sparkling in all the ways you can.

You help by shining your light.

You help by saying a prayer.

Your light is infectious in the best possible way.

We are able to help so many by contributing our own sparkle to the mix.

Never apologize for this. You are a Light Sparkler. And we are often the ones lighting the way – so if there aren’t tonnes of people standing with you now, it’s alright. Keep going.

Trust and know you’re helping.

A simple question you can ask yourself if you do have guilt or fear about being in a state of positivity is this, when I am low or down or sad… do I enjoy it when people heap additional sadness, worry, fear, angst, pity, or some other upset on me?

You might realize that it’s another’s light that helps you the most!

We are in such a powerful time, let’s continue to spend our moments intentionally.

We are mighty!

Your friends need your light. They need your joy. They need your PROUD vibes now. So stay with it. We have got this!

(LOL, I do believe I win the award for exclamation points in this!!)

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Trust in this time. Beautiful shifts are happening at a light-speed we may never have imagined. Keep that close to your heart.


You Help by Adding Light

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You Help by Adding Light

P.S. A lot of friends say they feel guilty about feeling happy. If they’re having fun, they worry they’re doing something bad. Remember that only LOVE is real. Only Light can travel. Do we want to be of help? Of service? Then you know what to do 😉

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