Your Healing Journey Is Happening in This Time // Tea With Robin Episode 84

Your Healing Journey Is Happening in This Time

Hello, beautiful friend!

Welcome to another wild and wooly week of our experience. It’s my deepest knowing that this time is a gift for us all. This is the truest time of our healing. Let’s step into that place together and celebrate the metamorphosis happening now.

My choice is to know this is not a punishment time or a bad time, but a time where we’re doing the inner work we’ve always intended to do at the speed of light. A great awakening is happening, and everything in me knows this is the purpose of this time.

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Your Healing Journey Is Happening in This Time

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A Course in Miracles Quotes:

“…let us devote the remainder of the extended practice periods to asking God to reveal His plan to us.

Ask Him very specifically:

What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?” — ACIM Workbook Lesson 71

“Truth has rushed to meet you since you called upon it. If you knew Who walks beside you on the path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” ACIM Text chapter 18.III.3:2

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Your Healing Journey Is Happening in This Time

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Tea with Robin Episode Unedited Transcript

Hello Beloved, it’s me Robin. Robin Hallett intuitive healer and light sparkler at Robin Hallett calm and this is tea with Robin. On today’s episode, this is the truest time of your healing. Now, let’s step into that place together and celebrate the metamorphosis happening now, plus some inspiration from a love jar. I introduce my special guest, mR Barry bear. And we’ll have a letter from hashtag fifth chakra healing. All this and more come grab a cup of yum yum and meet me here. Well Hello beautiful friend, guess who it is. It’s your friend on the journey your pal, and loving guide, it’s me Rob and welcome to tea with Robin. Welcome back to the podcast, tea with Robin. Hello. Hello. And if it’s your first time here Welcome aboard. I hope you love the snacks and please say hi to the friend who told you about this show. So my friend. Hello. Hello. Hello. How are you today. How are you doing and how is the weather in your heart. Are you being gentle and loving with yourself, these days. No, it’s just a question. It’s my prayer that you are practicing. These are wild and wooly times, wild and wooly times, and it is so important that you be kind and gentle with yourself, be so tough on yourself. Now, not tough for how you’re feeling or how you’re doing, you know, just really being sweet. That’s what I, that’s my wish for you today. Over here, I am doing really well. I actually am doing really well, I just finished a, what I’m calling morning magic with Robin live on Instagram. hello to our policy our love posse who’ve been gathering me gathering with me there. I’m there every morning at 9am Chicago time that central Daylight Time. And there’s always a beautiful alchemy happening so I feel healed by those morning sessions, and you are wholeheartedly invited. I’m on Instagram that’s where I am, and I put all the replays up on YouTube every day by 2pm. So, there’s another way for you to receive. Anyway, today was a powerful session. And I’m gonna talk about that share a bit of the magic with you too. And so, yeah, doing doing really well doing in some ways it feels like I am busier now than I was before. Our global experience began more connected, more activity, more offerings more things more healings more going on. So it’s been doubly important that I practice, letting go of what does not serve. What I really don’t want to be doing anyway, that’s what we’re going to talk about today, by the way. So good times. And did you. But before we get into that, did you bring a cup of yummy I’m with you today. I have a delicious cup of coffee, friend of mine sent me some coffee in the mail. Thank you, Tanya, I was running out, and you know how it happens, if you’re open to receiving miracles, they come. So this is a copy from the coolest company called, I have a beam. I love it. It reminds me of the Abba song, I have a dream. Some to see. Boy, that’s a beautiful song, we should listen to that today. Anyway, I digress. It’s a really cool company that supports people who are out of prison and need to find, you know it’s hard to find

work. When you have a record, you know, and so this is an amazing company that puts people to work who really are in the healing process and I am so happy to know that they’re there. No, it’s amazing. Such such a blessing. So that’s what I’ve got little coffee, little hot water and sea salt. Cheers to you. Cheers to your beauty, tears to your light tears to your metamorphosis. In this time there’s a lot, you’re evolving or you feel it Don’t you you’re expanding you’re changing, you’re growing into somebody. This time has been a game changer hasn’t it. So cheers to you. Cheers to me. Cheers.

Delicious. I, I brought a friend to the podcast today, and no it’s not another human being. And it’s not a furry four legged or Well, actually it is. I brought my teddy bear to this episode. Berry bear is his name. I have a habit of naming things very simply, so the bears name is bear, but I call him berry bear. I brought my teddy bear with me to this episode. And I’m laughing because of course I know I feel shy about it, but you know what, who needs a hug. Today, that’s how I’m feeling like we all need to be hugged and share some hugs around and if you’re alone today if you’re, you don’t have anybody with you today and you just want to feel connected. Take out your teddy bear. Take out your stuffed animal. And just keep it with you. The coolest people know how to do this. They’re not embarrassed or apologetic the coolest amazing is people on nights you and that’s me. So, hi from Barry bear he says hello he’s, he’s sitting right here and he is the coolest teddy bear. Ever. The very first time I traveled anywhere with number one husband This is when we were dating before. Yeah, really early in our relationship. We went to Canada, we went to Montreal, and we had such a beautiful time, boy, talk about another world another time. We went to. Gosh. The name of the hotel is escaping me right now, but they had live swans in the pool in the courtyard, and I gotta look this up. Hang on. I’ll be right back. Okay I’m back. Well, that was not very fruitful after a number of searches I cannot remember the name of the hotel, is anybody listening now shouting it out me was a beautiful, a beautiful time we spent together just you know when you’re new, in a relationship you’re newly in love that kind of thing and you’re just hanging out and everything is wonderful and. So the point. The point of this was to tell you about Barry bear, who we got on a trip. And so we went to a bunch of museums a bunch of crafty places you know all the stuff and beautiful restaurants and one night we were walking along downtown and came into the store and there was one teddy bear on the shelf, amidst all these really fancy trinkets actually really high end like hand blown glass things and jewelry and there was one teddy bear on the shelf, sitting there and he’s a pretty majestic bear. So, I don’t mean to say, you know, he’s not special, but I saw him, and my eyes began to water. Have you ever had a connection like that where all of a sudden, you’re just like, Oh my god, I have to have this thing whatever it was, I felt this instant connection, and I took him off the shelf and I hugged him to my hugged him to my heart. And I just fell in love. So, that’s so I got him, and even at that time, he was. He’s handmade. He’s made from recycled old fur coats, believe it or not, so he’s got real fur. And I still have the hand hand written tag with the hand stamped logo on it and it’s all handwritten from the, from the, the maker and. Wow, I’m just reading it. He has a birthday, his date of birth is may 29 of 1994, and the first wolf. How amazing is that I’m sure I’ve read all of this but you know you forget and then it’s suddenly super significant again. Wolf, and it says it, he Bruce bear is 100% unique and one of a kind, he’s fully articulated and completely handmade from vintage for by AB Falconer, and I have

I ever really and Bruce Falconer bear maker, that’s her title bear maker. Over the years, I have tried to look her up online, there is an address here, but isn’t it magnificent. Then it’s all handwritten in French to, you know, the other side is all French but I have loved this bear. For. Since 1996, that’s when he came into my life and how amazing. So, it’s amazing to me anyway. I don’t know if anyone’s out there scratching their head right now. But the point of the story is, you deserve something special for yourself now. Especially now, and even if it’s just a pillow. Even if it’s just a pillow. Get something for yourself to hold and you will see what I’m talking about, you know, there’s a lot of science behind hugs and comfort and closeness. There’s a lot that happens in the body and the brain and your spirit is always telling you what it needs just like my spirit is telling me to tell you this today. So, even though I feel a little shy about it, it’s really really cool to share things like this, I’m already looking forward to hearing what sparks for you from now. So, and many many friends I’ve clients for Healing Sessions, over the years, decades. I have said, Get yourself a bear. I’ve shown this bear I’ve brought it to healing circles, I’ve brought him on retreats. I’ve led classes I’ve taught, I have taken him with me, and there is something even for the most hardened person you don’t I’m saying the closed hardest person there is, you will see it in their eyes. So give yourself that give yourself that hug today find what’s in your home already. Now, and give yourself that hug today. It’s so beautiful. Yeah, it is. It makes me so happy I’m just gonna hope he’s just right here my arm. He’s right here on my arm, giving me the best hugs there. So I jotted a few notes here today. This is some time now isn’t it. If there was ever a gift in this time and there are so many gifts I really hope you are somebody who not only is acknowledging and acknowledging the gifts of this time but really allowing yourself to celebrate the goodness, that is here. There is certainly a lot of things to be afraid, or sad about if you choose. And I’m not here to talk anyone out of their experience. I’m voting for balance in all things and that means the good is there as well. And I’m choosing to speak to us about that today. One of the many goods, I feel is the ability to rise above what used to hold you back to rise like picture yourself on the most amazing floaty, and you’re the water level is rising and you’re going right over the wall that used to hold you back. So whatever your stories are, you know, this is that gift of now is somehow you find it easier to say the things you’ve always wanted to say, to let go of things you just, you know, haven’t known how to but suddenly now it’s very effortless. Right, are you finding this too. I definitely am things that used to hold me back. I just feel almost like there’s no time for that anymore and I’m not saying that in a fearful urgently I’m just saying, This is such a magical special time, I don’t want to spill anything into my day that it’s not absolutely intentional now. So, you know, I love it, I love this time. And I’m appreciating, our policy, our connection, our love policy. More than ever. In many ways, I have felt like an orphan, in my life in many, many ways, I have felt like an orphan, and it has been such a

gift to realize that feeling to acknowledge that feeling, and to allow myself to do something about it. And this is why I’m telling you, you know, I never want my podcast to sound like it’s a one woman. You know, self love fest or something. I’m telling you this for a reason. So I always felt like an orphan, and because I could allow myself to acknowledge how it was feeling for me. A lot of us might be feeling lonely right now. Tomorrow is Easter here in the States, and I think, in other parts of the world too I’m just saying for us it’s Easter and that is my favorite holiday to spend with family, honestly don’t care much about Christmas, don’t care much about New Year don’t care much about I can’t even think of what the other ones are, to be honest, but I love Easter. And so yeah, I’m feeling a little bit of that too so the beauty of this time is you can acknowledge how it feels for you today. You can invite this energy in. You can welcome it. You can welcome it. You can give it some space. And then you have the possibility, the possibility to fly with this energy that wants to be healed and wants to be revealed to you and wants to be transformed to undergo the metamorphosis to become the thing you’ve always, always wanted. This is the gift of that time, the time now. So, my story of being an orphan, my story of feeling like nobody loved me growing up that I was always left out, and I had a big family but because my parents split up. It’s like I in that split up. I lost the family to, you know how that goes. So, it’s 1111 right now. This is a time to decide, even bigger, that we can be a family together, you and I are a family. This love posse is a family. All of us listening now, all of us in this moment now listening, we are connected with one heart and one. One love, and it’s really really true, all around the world right now. So, whatever you’re needing whatever you’re feeling today whatever you’re needing today. Let’s take a deep breath together, let’s acknowledge how you’re feeling today. Go ahead and acknowledge your feelings, right now, and ask for the transformation for that. Some of these stories like my story of not being loved. That’s a perfect example feeling like an orphan feeling like a motherless child before she even past. Some of us just put up with that story, and forever. And I’m not saying indulge it or feel sorry for ourselves, it’s just like it never occurs to us that we can change the narrative is what I need. I can change the narrative, and I still celebrate the day that the awareness came to me almost unbidden almost, almost out of the woodwork I hadn’t, I have no idea how that happened, other than to say, I allowed myself to own it. I allowed myself to admit it. I allowed myself to welcome in to say this has been my experience. So whatever your experience has been now. This is a time where you can really go to new heights, with your own journey by welcoming in all of how you’re feeling, seeking the balance, meaning you’re not resisting one part of what’s going on for you while you allow the other part. You know, you’re allowing all of it to be here. All of it to be here. That is the purpose of this time, I do believe is a great awakening and, you know, my choice is to know this is not

a punishment time or a bad time, you know, my choice is to know that we’re doing work at the speed of light that we’ve always intended to do as spirits, as souls on a journey was always intended to come for this experience. I’m embracing that, and I’m inviting you to do the same. So receive that love today, receive that love, and I tell you anything you’re seeking right now if you’re worried about abundance. If you’re feeling feelings about anything at all. First welcome in make some space, spacious presence with how you’re feeling. Take some deep breaths. Maybe light a candle looks like let’s do it. Let’s do it right now. I’ve got some ages right here. What do you say Barry there we go, beautiful little crystal. Like a lotus crystal flower. Somebody made. They glued lots of little crystals together in the shape of a flower. Beautiful. So maybe you light a candle, make it a special thing, and then you can just say something like this here, I’ll go. I’ll say it for us. I welcome you in loneliness. Come sit down, pretend we’re joining each other at a big round table, we’re all sitting together just see me here with my bear across from you. Come sit down. Welcome in the loneliness. Welcome in the sadness. Welcome in the. If you’re feeling any guilt. You’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re feeling busier than ever before. That’s totally my experience, by the way, welcome that part of you in Welcome, welcome. You are welcome here. And now, just with a blink of a magic switch right here with my I’m gonna turn flip the magic switch. You’ll see a gorgeous place setting before you. Your favorite China or your favorite your favorite things are before you in celebration of you and your perfect experience, and all of your feelings and all of your okayness. This is a celebration, because in this moment you’re coming into balance. In this moment you are receiving. So see you’re not resisting now you’re receiving. So, we don’t need to do anything more than that my friend, just a nice deep breath, maybe share another couple young young and enjoy this time. So, welcome them in, you’re scared one if there’s a scary one if there’s a tired one know if this is going on too long, if you’re tired, welcome it all in. All of it is welcome all of your experience is welcome. Yeah,

and never forget that there are so many of us here I just call us light sparklers that’s our shorthand. That’s our handle so many of us light sparkler is here. This is a time, and many of us are saying this. Now, this is a time for us to share the love. We’ve always been wanting to give. This is a time to share the love we’ve always wanted to give. We’re all here. Wanting to say more be more, do more. This is the time to share that love. So what do you want to share. This is the time. And I was saying this before it’s also about balance. So, it’s also the time to stop the things that are not essential that are draining that are obligatory. This is also that you know that one relationship that is just been really challenging and difficult, this is the time to to let it go. This is such a great time of understanding, everybody gets it on a deep level that we all need to attend to what really really matters now. It’s so beautiful. So, yeah, so that, that was my love BAM for today. We’ve got some great inspiration coming up and a beautiful letter. Another beautiful letter. I hope you enjoy the letters here. And I can always use a few more. I was saying this. Today, on the live I on the life today, I could use a few more letters related to this time now. I would really like to stay in that place together, and so I’ve been looking through ones I’ve had, but I really would love some now so if you’ve got something on your heart, you would like me to talk about or you want a special request or you want me to speak to something, or you’d like some healing. This is a nice opportunity to receive a gift my gift to you, please write to me at hello at Robin And, you know, especially if you’re a loyal listener and you support this podcast I kind of feel like it’s your right to turn mom the chips in now and ask for something special Just for you. So I hope you feel welcome to. To do that you can always message me on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to offer something special for this time. Yeah, so good. So let’s talk a little inspiration today. What do you say Barry bear. He doesn’t talk, you know, But he does have, he does have, it’s just like the card said he does have fully operational appendages, I don’t know, arms and legs sounds a lot better to me his head turns his arm so you can actually, he’s hugging me right now you can lift the arms and they stay. I love it, I love it. So we wanted to share with you something that I have been making my personal practice these days and it was born out of a necessity. Has this happened to yet I mean I don’t even know how long we’re into this now around the world, let’s say mid January, you know, here we are, mid April hasn’t happened to you yet that you’ve hit on one of those old familiar things in your, in your growth edges in your relationship conflicts in your problem areas, let’s say, edges, your contrast, have you discovered that it doesn’t go away just because there’s a global event happening. You know, that is the gift of this global love apocalypse is we are all moving into a greater space of love and healing and there’s really we’re on the ride whether we opted in or not. So, there are things for me that are springing up that are really really difficult I don’t know what to do, and I decided I’m going to really start letting spirit take the lead. Letting spirit guide me. In, especially in these areas and instead of planning, instead of strategizing instead of thinking it through, or writing it out. I’m going to recognize where I’m having some glitchy thoughts and glitches in my matrix and say, take it spirit, you know.

Take it, take the wheel. Do you know that song Jesus take the wheel. I love that song, Carrie Underwood, I think. Take it. And let me know what I should do and the Holy Spirit in the Course of Miracles that’s the creative essence that connects us with God. No, no Catholic, anything for me over here just portion miracles Holy Spirit, creativity, that can do it. I say, Holy Spirit Please take this and let me know what I should do and there’s a powerful prayer the healers prayer in the Course of Miracles. Where should I go, you know, what should I do What do you want me to say who should I say it to. So more and more I’m turning things over. And this was such a vivid experience the other day, it was almost comical because I’ve been thinking about this situation. And I’m sorry if I’m sounding coated in how I’m saying it but I am feeling sensitive to his receiving today and it’s never my intention to make anyone feel bad or, or, you know what I mean, or pointed out so I’m just saying, I’m sharing my example that I want to heal so I’ve got this situation, and it’s really been hard it’s really been difficult for me it’s really been even just saying that I feel it rising in my throat again, the dungeon and my throat. So that’s the one I offered up to the Holy Spirit, I was in the midst of making an altar, and putting some trinkets down that represented this issue for me and pulled some cards from a few different decks and kind of put a candle there and lit the candle on going through all my. The things I normally do to ask for healing and pray for guidance and it just came to me so clear my dad. Daddy Oh, I call them. And he called me sugar, a lot of times he called me sugar. You know, he came to me very clearly. Since then, and it somehow reminded me. I wasn’t turning this over to God, I was struggling, I was challenging, I was doing the challenge on my own. Even though I had just said I was gonna turn everything over this was me taking it back taking the wheel back from Jesus saying. Nope, I got this I’m doing it and, you know, of myself, I can do nothing really spiritually speaking, if I believe it’s all on me then I what I’ve really done is locked myself in the dark disco and I’m not going to do anything other than continue to spin in the dark looking for the exit. And it really is how it is. So when we decide to release the story of separation then it’s all on me and I don’t have connection. We, we invite the light, and then we can see again so that’s what happened. My dad came to me. I started seeing these funny little things that he would do at his house he’d make these little altars out of old refrigerators for drawers, I think maybe my dad had a few refrigerators, that went out and what before he donated them to the junk, man. He kept the drawers, and he filled them with dirt and all around his house, I kid you not, he had these refrigerator drawers filled with soil, he was growing plants in them. Aloe Vera, and I think that was all it was with aloe vera but then he had all these beautiful little statues in the dirt, I’ve got one in my hand right now. It’s a little brass Buddha, smiling Buddha. He had made himself these little altars. We rented a van after he died, and I drove it back from Buffalo, with all the stuff that we could fit into the van and the rest we had to donate. I couldn’t bring all the refrigerator trays, you know, but I brought a few so in the unearthing of those drawers repotting the aloe vera into one. I noticed all these crumpled bits of paper. And I saw that they had writing on them, and I did not want to invade my dad’s privacy, you know, I wanted to honor that I think he was burying his little things in the dirt in, in a beautiful way to grow something to manifest something to release something that’s that’s what came to me anyway in the moment and

he’s very pleased with the telling of this story now and I felt this again I told this story on the live a few days ago and could feel it then to that he’s very pleased with how I’m sharing this story he likes to be acknowledged and that’s just another nod back to you with your ancestors. How are you, acknowledging them, Especially now, it matters. So, the crumpled paper visual came back to me while I was standing there at that altar I was pushing myself to make. Remembering I wasn’t, I was editing God out, you know I wasn’t inviting. Did you hear the psychic thing there. Exactly. Huh. So, you know, I said, Take it. Take it. I tell me what you want me to do about this issue I’m having and I recognize my controlling nature here. My fearful way I’m trying to do something to get rid of it, instead of inviting it in and acknowledging it, so I heard in my mind, two o’clock, and to me that men do nothing until 2pm, which is so odd but I’m following. I like a good interesting paper. What about you, so I’m like okay two o’clock two o’clock. We’ll do by, I went off to play, you know, now okay I don’t have to struggle for the next 500 hours. All by myself with this problem. So I went off to play and talk to friends who love me and you know just kibitz, with with people are just doing all those little things that I love to do planting some seeds in the garden puttering. It’s so fun. And right before two o’clock. It’s almost like my mind, tried to do a trick on me and I started thinking about this situation again. And the upset again and I started struggling again was really interesting. Like I’d forgotten. I remember two o’clock I remembered I remembered, and then suddenly I was holding on to the worry, holding on to the fear. I have lost the flashlight. And I am back in the dark disco fumbling for the door, you know, I don’t mean, I think there’s like a social way we look at ego like, I think I’m so great. And so, you know, all puffed up, but I’m talking about I forget that I have, um, you know, I never, ever. Am without support, but we forget. So right before to then have. I’m laughing along because I realized that again, and I’m laughing at how it’s so tricky these big ticket issues that we have, they put you to sleep in such an interesting way that you cannot recall what you were doing, you know, that happen to you. Oh man. So I said okay it’s two o’clock. I’m here. Hmm. Does anybody here. Does anybody there. And I saw in my mind, a jar, my old, I used to brew kombucha last year or the year before, before I realized kombucha gives me migraines pretty intensely. So, you know, that’s two bags I really liked making it and I loved the taste, but I had this amazing kombucha jar Saba jar, I was like, Okay, this is really an interesting paper. So I went and got the kombucha jar. It was under 800 inches of dust. By then, down in the basement, and I gave it a good scrubbing cleansing, and it just was very. It felt very mysterious and fun, and I started noticing this is really fun I still, you know, there’s this thing here that’s upsetting, but I don’t really know. And I’m kind of curious and what an interesting paper, again, an interesting paper, you could choose to see your problems this way, and bring some light hearted energy to it it’s such a healer. So, eventually, this kind of went on for a while but eventually when I was ready. I just said, I’m ready. Come on, let’s go. Tell me, and I heard the words love jar love jar. And I saw my dad’s crumbled bits of paper that he was burying in planting in the dirt, not burying probably planting

might have been buried, you know, getting rid of. And that was the guidance was write it down and give it to me. So this jar represented this.

The universal energy field of God, spirit of your angel, whatever you want to call that for you. For me, I’ll just say, like, it really was such a direct Jesus thing that I’m not even. I don’t want to change the wording because I don’t want to sound weird to you, you know, it was such a from like from my brother. Telling me just do this, you know, and so I did, I started writing this stuff down. What is bugging me what is bugging you now, you write that stuff down on a piece of paper, you just write it out in bullet points you write single words, you don’t have to be like Dear Diary, today, then. No, you don’t have to date it, write out your words, write out things. If you feel sick and tired of the way somebody’s been write that down. If you feel overwhelmed write that down. Give it some good juice, you know, put the juiciest words that really, that really resemble how it is feeling for you, you know, then you crumble I crumpled that paper up as tight as it will go in my hand I squeeze it as hard as I can. And I say, thank you. I’m like, the process of making a diamond is a lot of pressure. That’s what I’m trying to say. And then you put it in the love jar. If you want to bury it, you can. I have no further instructions on what happens once the jar is full right now I it’s just an it’s like an active prayer. I’m in the process with that so the only thing I’m doing is gathering up more paper and flyers in the mail, all those value coupons, I’m sorry about the coupon people, I never read those things but I am writing my love jar messages on them, and crumpling them up because really, you don’t even need to be able to read it while you’re writing Do you so you can write on magazines, you can do make this your own take it and make it your own. What are you needing. What are you afraid of what are you holding. Is there anything, is there some, you know, this can even be a prayer jar for the world. Take. That’s my offering to you today, take it and make it your own. For now I’m just in the process of writing. And if something new evolves from here I’m going to let you know. I started to think, oh, when this is done and the weather is nicer. We’ll burn these in the yard and I heard a very loud. No, in my, in my, my psychic hearing. You know, in the way that I received guidance, absolutely no. So I understand this is being led, I am being led and I am really learning how to follow, which I guess is not the easiest thing in the world for me sometimes, you know. So whoever this touched today. Thank you so much. I hope it that I hope it did a lot of times, all the while I’m feeling a bit out there myself a bit concerned that I really sound weird and when you guys write me and say you love my quirky ways. Aye. Aye. Aye, it’s still an egg for me, you know, but I’m going with it because every one of you that I have met through doing these episodes, when you compliment me for those things. And you tell me how it set you free to be the same, it really heals me back. So, I am the faithful servant to the light. No, and I hope you love this and you’ll try it. And let me know I always love to hear how it’s going for you or if you share a post about this process for you. Please tag me so I can come see to. Yeah. Okay. I’m back. I just paused to get some more water and come back and I was looking at the letter for today. You guys are not going to believe this you’re going to believe this. During the time that I’ve been talking to you about this stuff this very issue, what’s going into the love jar, do you know, I just looked at my phone for the letter I wanted to read today. I have a message here. It’s like, something has advanced in my process of sharing with you a miracle has happened for me, and that is amazing.

Again, I’m sorry I don’t want to say the specifics because it just is not right. This is really about us trusting in this process of our own journey and understanding, we’re ready for a miracle. So we’re going to be wildly open to that, and it’s perfect. It’s perfect. It’s perfect. It’s perfect. Wow. Wow. I’m just here going wow, wow. Say it with me ready, 123. Wow. I hope we stay open to the Wow. What about you. Wow. So now, let’s read the letter today. Good evening Robin. I’m so thankful to know you, and for all the light and love and wisdom that you share. I’m so grateful. You’ve really helped me these last few days, it is so wonderful to connect. Makes me tear up thinking about it. I’d like to request some healing, if I may, I kind of had some moments of freakout anxiety. This evening, as I have a mild fever. Two evenings, in a row, you know, a few months ago I wouldn’t have had such strong feelings of fear, but you know why I do now. There’s so many ups and downs, the last couple of weeks, as you’ve said, many of us are having this this experience now. I can’t believe how scared I’ve been at times like the last two evenings. Okay, well, I’m going to go take some supplements to boost my immune system. Take a salt bath and do some wind down yoga now. Maybe I’ll listen to a video of yours again. I’m so grateful for all the videos and podcasts and check ins you do love you. Thank you. Now, well, my friend. You know I could have written this too. I want you to know that I know you do know that there are many many many many many of us who could have written that letter tonight today could have written that too. And that’s the first thing I want to share is that you are not alone. This is such a unifier, this is experience we’re having, which means to me, if we really step into that place of love and unification. If we really step into that place, then maybe the love that’s floating in the same space. The ease that’s floating in the same space, the miracles, the miracles that are floating. The sense of always Wow, the healing the cooling receding, we can draw on that now. We can allow that to come to us as well, because truly we are connected. Truly, we are one heart, and the blessing of our posse is. We are not all in the exact same space at the exact same time, so maybe when I’m in the middle you’re on the right, when I’m on the right, you’re in the middle, and they’re somehow in that where there’s love and healing that’s always going around. It’s not necessary to be disconnected from that flow, but sometimes I know our fear just makes it happen, or fear makes it so you know. So that’s the first thing is just remember who you’re riding with. And the Course in Miracles says, If you knew who was riding with you right now, if you really understood, who was flowing with you on the paths you’ve chosen steak. You just be going, you’d be forging your path, you know going your way, you would know that the fear is not as mighty as the love, as the healing. So that’s the first thing. I will tell you, I will share that there, and because you asked for healing. I’m offering that now, just so you know, there’s really nothing you need to do to receive other than to take a deep breath and for anybody interested in receiving this healing as well. Just say I’m willing to receive wherever you are now, listening to this in your mind out loud. I always like to say things out loud but sometimes we can’t. I would like to receive to raise your hand. And it’s coming your way. So just sending lots of beautiful earth energy dense

earth energy grounding energy. And my favorite things to think about when I think about the earth, besides the molten core the mangoma, you know, and the way gravity is generated from that core is all the gemstones that lie in the mantle of the earth that come up out of the earth. And the brilliance and beauty of that. So I’m sending this this earthy energy this grounded Mama, energy from me, and from Barry bear. So, you can just receive this gently through each of your chakras, each of your energy centers all along the spinal column. And then let’s come to your throat chakra. You know, Friends, sometimes you get a sore throat, but it’s not from an illness. It’s not because you’ve contracted anything. Your throat is an intuitive center. Your throat has a chakra, the fifth chakra. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t do chakras, and we don’t really need to know anything more than to say it’s an intuitive center it governs. It’s kind of in charge of your energy of what you’re observing and assimilating what you’re taking in and receiving and how you’re feeling and what you’re expressing energetically. It holds your truth, you know, speak your truth. This is the chakra of that too, but the truth. It’s when it’s tight when it’s scratchy when it’s what it’s expressing is, I’m afraid. You know, or I’m I’m tired or I’m overwhelmed, or I’m going against my. I’m resisting my what I need to be doing what I need to say right now or what I need to do. It’s tight for that reason. So sometimes a sore throat means that, and I would love to invite us all to keep this perspective, it gets tight. This morning I got choked up doing the live I was telling a really sweet story there. And I’ll link this up in the show notes the specific one I’m talking about seeing if you want to come here. You just go to Robin Hallett calm slash 84 for Episode 84 and you can watch. Listen to the replay of that story. But my throat got tight, you don’t ever get tight cuts off your, your vocal cords feel tight suddenly. So keep that in mind, and sometimes we’re super empathetic beings. So sometimes our throat gets sore. Or we have a very touch of a fever and it we’re not anything other than empathetic and intuitive, and we’re tuned to a frequency right there. So, just another perspective to consider. You’re doing a beautiful job, all of those self care practices you need are exactly what you need. If they’re really speaking to you. There’s no need. But just to say there’s no need at this time to do anything in order to be something, you know, so do the salt bath, if it’s feel soothing and healing. Do the yoga moves, if it feels soothing and supportive, you know, take your immune supplements. If it makes you feel protected, and like you’re doing the right things for you. That’s always my suggestion, do these things because they feel good. The inspiration is sparking to do them. So, and good job. I you know I want to say good job I’m really proud of you. It’s, it takes a lot of courage to ask for help, and you did that you owned a, you know, you came and you ask for help. So good job. And now you’re receiving this beautiful healing and you’re helping so many other people in the process. Do you know that, how many people today, listening now are able to receive something that they’ve needed to because of you. So I thank you, I thank you I bow to you about the lighting you beautiful beautiful beautiful. Well friends,

tomorrow is Easter. And what I want to celebrate is our holiness, our light, and our rebirth. If whether you look at Easter as the celebration of spring. What it really began Easter began as a celebration for the springtime. Are you want to consider the story of Jesus and His resurrection. No, just you are that you are a miracle. You are Holy you’re beautiful inside and outside, and full of potential and sparkle, and so tomorrow. I am thinking of you. I’m thinking of you know, sending so much love and I asked for your support on this podcast, if there is somebody who comes to mind that you can share this with, please share it along, if you see me share about it. Give that post a like, click the Share button if you feel called to do that, say a few words if that feels right do you help people find this who could be really using the support at this time. And I’m still offering Healing Sessions, you know, abundance is something that I feel very committed to reminding us all of now there are so many mentions around the field poverty conscious that I really feel dedicated to answering that with the call of abundance wild abundance, I want you to remember the flow in the world now. It hasn’t gone anywhere. So do not OPT yourself out of that by believing in the story of poverty now. You are rich beyond money and you are wealthy in health and love and miracles. So, and I am still offering Healing Sessions, if this is their right time for you, and I always welcome a donation to support the work I do and I thank you for that. I love it. And the other day I got seeds in the mail from Miss Debbie. Thank you. I will gladly accept seeds in the mail for my beautiful garden that felt like such a miraculous gift to me was so special. So thank you. All right. Well, there we go. Episode 84 in the can. Sending you all my love, I’m going to see you here next time. Do not forget about the lives if that’s speaking to come hang out with us. It’s a beautiful group there every single morning 9am Chicago time. Watch the love, it’s me Robin. Bye bye.

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